Fashion is extremely personal to its wearer and comes in all shapes, colors and sizes. While it’s super fun to be daring and rock the most avant-garde styles of the season, sometimes the classic looks really are just perfectly irresistible. This true Fashionista likes to combine her naturally preppy style with some edgy pieces that give her look a whole new twist. She pulls off the cool and collected look beautifully for class in a striped pristinely pressed polo, a green high-waisted skirt and brown leather sandals.

Name: Mimi Fisher

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Mimi Fisher: Preppy. I love bright colors and outfits that look clean. Not many people know this, but I really like edgy things as well.

CF: What inspires your look from day to day?

MF: I’m on Pinterest all the time and it’s where I get a lot of my fashion inspiration. I like to see what my friends repin! I also look to YouTube for great tutorials. My favorite YouTube channel is sarahbelle93x.

CF: Do you have any trends or specific pieces you’re just dying to try this season?

MF: Yes! I am determined to rock a furry vest. I loved seeing other people wear them last year but never mustered up the courage to buy one myself. I don’t think I will be able to pull off the look, but it’s something I really want to try.

How To: To me, a preppy outfit is the ultimate back-to-school look. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be “preppy,” the individual pieces of her overall look can work for multiple styles. High-waisted skirts, pants and shorts are popular among Fashionista/os everywhere even transitioning into the fall season. Button-down collared shirts can be worn casually with a pair of boyfriend jeans or dressed up as this Fashionista shows us. Her love of bright colors is universal to any style you may identify with. You never know, you may have an inner prep within dying to be let out!


My name is Kelsy Ralph, and I am a junior at Butler University in Indianapolis. I am studying Journalism in hopes of pursuing a fashion journalism career in New York City one day. My ultimate dream job is to write for Vogue or Glamour, but in the meantime I enjoy writing about anything and everything as long as my stories and writing style are getting out there for other people to read. I am beyond thankful to be returning to the CollegeFashionsta team for the second time as a Style Guru this fall. This season I will be writing for the FASHIONISTA/O SPOTLIGHT column where readers can pinpoint a specific look they like and learn about what inspires that particular Fashionista/o. My column will also highlight other inside information about the student’s outfit and overall fashion preferences. Every Fashionista/o gains inspiration for his or her personal look differently, and this column will celebrate just that.

My love of fashion started at a young age with matching Gymboree outfits and colorful jelly shoes. I attended a Catholic school all throughout my elementary and middle school years, but I never let the boring Lands’ End uniform keep me from being the Fashionista I knew I was. Whether it was a sparkly pink stretchy belt from Limited Too or funky knee socks with big bows at the top, I was determined to stand out from everyone else’s plain khakis and tucked-in collared shirts in any way possible.

I always knew I wanted to do something with fashion when I grew up, but my dream has taken me in so many different directions. Playing dress-up as a little girl started as a hobby and took me all the way to the first time I was allowed to put together my own outfit. I originally saw myself as a fashion designer with my own line of clothing like my idol, Lauren Conrad. I finally realized that my creative mind does not work together with my creative abilities. I struggled to sew even the simplest ribbons on my pointe shoes for ballet class, and that’s when I knew fashion design was out of the question. After taking some Apparel Merchandising courses in college and attending fashion camps in Chicago during the summer, I couldn’t find a strong connection to the business side of fashion, either. After some soul searching I finally found my love and passion for fashion in writing, and it’s where my heart has stayed ever since.

Since this is my first time as a Style Guru in Indianapolis, I’m most excited to study and learn the style of the city and students at Butler. I hope my column inspires readers to take these Fashionista/os’ looks and dig deep to find inspiration for their wardrobes in even the smallest places!


Summer is quickly winding down and before we know it fall will be here to take its place. Back-to-school shopping is inevitably on every Fashionista/o’s to-do list for these next few weeks and it is important to make sure we all ring in the new school year in style! The runway is continuing to show a lot of gold accessories for fall complementing warm-colored fabrics. This Fashionista is donning an amazing back-to-school-appropriate outfit accessorized beautifully with several gold pieces.

Her look is very chic, yet rides on more of a casual side making it suitable for a coffee date with friends or even sitting in on the first lecture of the school year. Her hunter green skinny jeans add comfort and complement her ivory blouse that is a little dressier and more detailed. She tops off her outfit with a beautiful brown Italian leather jacket. A leather jacket is a fall essential and can be paired with almost any get-up.

This Fashionista is a true pro when it comes to accessorizing. Gold accessories, like the ones she chose, are perfect for fall color combinations and warmer tones both in nature and clothing. She dons gold from head to toe from her earrings to her bracelets to the metal accents on her ostrich leather purse. Her gold earrings portray a chandelier silhouette and peek through her brown medium-length hair. Dangly earrings are a great way to switch up your everyday look, especially if your hair length is medium to long. They draw attention to not only your hair, but your face as well.

Her wrists are adorned with a variety of gold bangles and a gold watch. Stacking an assortment of arm candy is a quick and easy way to accessorize an outfit. She wears a pearl ring with a gold band on one hand and a dark vintage ring accented with gold trim on the other. Gold rings look amazing against fall-colored manicures! Her ostrich leather purse is made even more visually appealing with a gold emphasis. Ostrich leather is another alternative to traditional cattle leather that is very popular among fall accessories.

As we make the transition from summer to fall fashion, find your favorite gold pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe. From jewelry to handbags, belts and shoes, gold is prevalent this season and comes in all sheens from super glossy to dull and rustic. Fall into the new school year shining like gold!

Spotted: Beautiful gold headpieces, earrings and rings can be spotted on the runway this fall in Ulyana Sergeenko’s fall 2013 couture collection. How will you make a statement in gold this season?


As Fashionistas/os and Style Gurus on college campuses nationwide, we tend to lean on the latest trends for inspiration and mix these looks with our own personal flair. In watching my personal style evolve over the years, there are some key pieces that have stuck around through it all. I am a firm believer in re-wearing that one amazing pair of jeans until you literally cannot wear them anymore or splurging on a timeless handbag that you will have and use forever. This Fashionista’s look is especially inspiring because she takes classic boyfriend-fitted denim and plays it up with an incredible pair of heels that have proven to be very versatile for her.

She begins accessorizing from head to toe with an intricate silver necklace. This piece of jewelry adds a gypsy/festival vibe to her black lace top and cuffed jeans. She pairs this necklace with a vintage silver cuff bracelet. The mix of flowers and antique stones looks very elegant. It’s important to remember not to overdo it on the accessories. This Fashionista accessorizes just right in choosing a bold necklace and a chunky bracelet while leaving the earrings and rings behind.

Her fabulous heels were a definite splurge (a birthday gift to herself), but who could deny them? The black and ivory color blocking makes these the perfect heels to wear with just about anything. From day to night, they can be worn to dress up a pair of casual jeans, as displayed by this Fashionista, or as a flawless addition to your favorite little black dress. The pointed toe and ankle strap make these the most chic must-haves for any closet. Best of all? They’re comfortable, too! This Fashionista struts around New York City’s miles of sidewalk in these shoes. Who says fashion has to be painful?

Spotted: Giambattista Valli’s fall 2013 couture collection is a great example of what an “it” pair of shoes can do for a variety of different looks. Each of the models wears the exact pair of heels with different ensembles.


One of my favorite movies of all time is Grease. That unforgettable story of Danny and Sandy falling in love with the support of the popular T-Birds and Pink Ladies is a feel-good classic that truly never goes out of style. This week’s Fashionista reminded me of a modern-day Sandy. Though she may not be wearing a black leather jumpsuit or red stilettos, her girly black romper and pink wedges are just the right combination of good girl and femme fatale.

Neutral colors like black act as the perfect slate when it comes to accenting with bright accessories. This Fashionista chose pink as her accent color and incorporates it into her shoes, wristlet and ring. She keeps things simple with a silver plate necklace that lies perfectly in the midst of her bouncy blonde curls. A necklace like this one is a great addition to any outfit and especially to tops with a deeper neckline like hers. The fun, however, begins with her super fun pink wedges. Both comfortable and fashionable, wedges are an easy go-to if you are looking to amp up your outfit in seconds. I especially fell in love with the color of this Fashionista’s wedges and the way they flawlessly accessorize her look. These shoes can take her appearance from day to night and are appropriate in both cases. Every Fashionista should invest in an amazing pair of wedges to live and breathe in during the summer months.

Her oversized wristlet also combines a neutral brown with bright pink and red. Again, this Fashionista ties the pink leather of her wristlet to the pink in her wedges. Color-blocks make it easier than ever to make a statement and make your ensemble stand out from the rest. Cross-body bags are a popular choice among Fashionistas in the summer, but wristlets are just as functional and sometimes more practical. They are perfect for toting around the necessities like your cell phone, lip gloss, credit card and car keys and don’t get in the way out on the dance floor or at lunch with friends.

This Fashionista’s Pink Lady-inspired look can also inspire your summer and even back-to-school wardrobe. Pair striking neutrals with a pop of color and experiment with wedges both during the day and at night. Curl your hair to create voluminous curls and you’re ready to take on any situation in style!

Spotted: Even though alice + olivia‘s resort 2014 collection features clothing that is much more outlandish than the average Fashionista/o’s wardrobe consists of, the collection offers a variety of incredible handbags and shoes to complete any and every outfit! I love the color combinations and patterns of the handbags!


Summer is a popular time for cramming as many concerts and music festivals into one’s schedule as possible. Trendy festival-goers often rock the casual and free-spirited flower child and boho looks. Whether this is how you typically dress or not, these styles can be a comfortable yet fashionable alternative to your summer wardrobe that nearly everyone can pull off. This Fashionista takes boho to the streets of downtown and turns it into the perfect daytime look.

Her flowy black maxi skirt adds just the right amount of femininity to her outfit and is the ultimate go-to for comfort. Maxi skirts are perfect in any situation and can be an easy transition piece from day to night. The black makes the colors in her beautiful bohemian top pop even more. Her loose-fit top is accented with henna-like designs and long drawstrings that all tie in with her boho style. The relaxed shapes of her maxi skirt and purple top cinch around her waist, giving her the perfect summer vibe without taking away her feminine figure.

This boho fab Fashionista accessorized her look with a matching necklace and earrings set. This jewelry is the epitome of “hippie meets Fashionista” and is the perfect addition to her ensemble. The silver chain is adorned with jewels that resemble broken glass and tribal brass beads. Her dangling earrings match the necklace and complete the accessories pair. Oftentimes Fashionistas/os are hesitant to wear matching jewelry sets in fear that it will look too distracting, but this Fashionista inspires us all to take the risk with more subtle accessories and neutral colors. If you are experimenting with bold accessories for the first time, focusing on neutral colors in the accessories and brighter colors in your clothing is a safe bet.

Reach outside your comfort zone this summer and find the inner boho Fashionista/o within your closet. Don’t be afraid to take it as far as floral headbands or stacked friendship bracelets, too! Look to this Fashionista for motivation and inspiration and fall in love with the comfort and beauty of bohemian fashion!

Spotted: Badgley Mischka’s resort 2014 collection is composed of beautiful psychedelic clothing that often incorporates bohemian vibes mixed with high fashion. Accessories are minimal, yet crucial in achieving the perfect overall look.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Bold and Beautiful

Indiana summers are notoriously hot and humid, which often discourages Hoosiers from dressing up on a daily basis. Good news: keeping cool and looking stylish is both attainable and reasonable! On one of the hottest days this summer, I immediately fell in love with this Fashionista’s look. She was not going to let the draining heat ruin her mood or effortlessly chic outfit. If her clothes and accessories weren’t perfect enough, the cupcake she was enjoying was just as pretty with light pink icing and pink glitter on top!

This Fashionista’s accessories are either completely gold or have gold accents. Gold is making more and more of a comeback in current summer and awaiting fall fashions and is just as popular, if not more, than silver. I love gold accessories in the summer especially because they look radiant against naturally tan skin.

Her necklace perfectly combines stones of blue, gold and pearl. It adds bold Grecian beauty to her white summer knit and makes her blue eyes pop dramatically. The blue hues offer a nautical ambiance, as well, which is popular every summer. Her arm candy consists of four thin gold bangles. These are lightweight and fun to mix and match. One of her bracelets is monogrammed with an M and the other symbolizes the path of life. They work well with her necklace and are dainty enough to not be too overbearing. Bangles are such an easy way to personalize any look, and the different symbols and styles make great conversation starters! Finally, this Fashionista topped off her lovely summer look with a simple gold and opal ring. Her ring glistened in the sun and her bangles gently clanked as she unwrapped her pink cupcake. She could not have looked more fabulous! Rings have been an accessories staple for me this summer, and I simply can’t get enough. The more, the merrier!

As the summer months continue on, don’t let the heat or humidity dictate your style. Let this Fashionista’s cool and effortless look inspire you for the weeks to come!

Spotted: I absolutely love the looks created in Iceberg’s resort 2014 collection. Each style has a casual high-fashion feel and is minimally accessorized with a simple handbag or bangle.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Earning Your Stripes

The stripes trend has been a favorite among Fashionista/os this summer. It all started with Miley Cyrus’ iconic striped jumpsuits all over Instagram, but now stripes have completely taken over. From pants and crop tops to handbags and even sunglasses, stripes are abundant and waiting to spruce up your look in a matter of seconds!

The main focus of this Fashionista’s amazing outfit is her oversized black and white striped handbag. The stripes are wide and create and bold, yet classy addition to her neutral ensemble. The handbag is even accessorized with a large black and white polka-dotted bow. Mixing prints is a fun way to venture outside the box this summer, and staying within the same color scheme doesn’t cause the look to become too busy. This handbag is perfect for everyday use as well as a stylish backpack alternative to keep your books and school supplies with you on campus.

This Fashionista continues to push the limits and experiment with different colors and patterns in the rest of her outfit as well. Her wedges add an amazing pop of color to her look and offer a contrasting pattern to the stripes on her handbag. She further accessorized with a chunky coral necklace and a gold watch. The necklace not only draws attention on its own, but also to the beautiful neckline of her black crop top. Coral is a great summer color that is often seen as nautical. Her gold watch is timeless and chic, taking her look to the next level.

Spotted: Alexis Mabille’s 2014 resort collection highlights accessories in a never-before-seen manner. Focusing on bows, the designer incorporates them into headbands, handbags and even bracelets. The bolder, the better! Get inspired by this designer and the accessories featured above!


As college students, it’s often times a little too easy to roll out of bed (after pressing the snooze button multiple times), throw on a sweatshirt and yoga pants and run out the door to wherever the day may lead us. While this might seem like the easy thing to do, what many people don’t realize is that looking like you “tried” to look presentable is easier than one may think. Having a few key accessories or a signature lip color can turn an outfit from blah to fabulous in seconds. Though this Fashionista’s ensemble is quite a few steps up from a sweatshirt and yoga pants, her ability to accessorize a simple color palette with bright accents makes all the difference.

This Fashionista not only had the perfect fun, girly outfit for summer, she had a personality to match! Her flowy cream top and purple cut-offs look beyond adorable together, but she doesn’t stop there! She completes her look with a pair of colorful summer wedges, matching necklace and bracelet set and bold lip color. Her platform wedges incorporate the purple from her shorts along with other essential summer colors like pink, orange and yellow. They look great with her coral pedicure and are the perfect height to appropriately dress up a pair of shorts. Wedges are a perfect shoe choice for summer because they are comfortable to walk in, come in all sorts of colors and patterns and look great with basically any outfit.

An intermixing of color continues with this Fashionista’s matching mint green necklace and bracelet. We are seeing a lot of bold jewelry, similar to what she is wearing, on the runway and in the magazines this summer. Mint green is a popular color for the season and looks fresh and dainty surrounded by gold trimming. The bracelet is adorned with mint green circles that are then surrounded by strings of larger gold balls. She even takes it a step further by mixing the mint green and gold with one silver ring and one rose gold ring. It’s summer! Push the rules about mixing metals aside, because anything goes. Follow her lead by topping things off with a bold lip. She selected a deep summer berry hue, what will you choose?

Spotted: Tracy Reese’s resort 2014 collection features a lot of color paired with some fun wedges and bold accessories like round sunglasses. Check it out and be inspired!


In my opinion, there are few things greater than Chicago in the summer. The hustle and bustle of Fashionistas/os everywhere keeps me entertained for hours and gives me a tremendous amount of inspiration for my own summer wardrobe. The Windy City is home to some of the most trendy college students out there who aren’t afraid to experiment when it comes to creating their personal styles. This Fashionista lives minutes away from Michigan Avenue, also known as the Magnificent Mile, and takes full advantage of the fabulous shopping offered in this area. As a fashion journalist, she already has a keen eye for trends. Her look is perfect for the casual workplace, a dinner date or a day of shopping!

This Fashionista chose to accessorize her striped crop top and black maxi skirt with minimal jewelry, a fun cross-body bag and some amazing black wedges. She stuck with dainty silver necklaces that overlap each other and look great together. The bottom necklace is initialed in a beautiful cursive font and the top necklace is a silver circle symbolizing the idea of karma. Both necklaces express this Fashionista’s personality, representing her name and a principle she believes in. Necklaces are a great way to personalize your look and allow people to get to know you a little bit more without you having to say anything. I love how this Fashionista wore multiple necklaces at once.

Her cross-body bag adds the perfect pop of color to her otherwise black and white ensemble. This sea foam green suede is even detailed with rows of lighter colored studs. Cross-body bags are convenient for the Fashionista with her hands full, leaving her one less thing to worry about carrying among all of her shopping and grocery bags. Her watermelon-shaded nail polish looks stunning on both her finger and toenails and is a flawless color for the summer months! She chose to go along with the black and white color scheme when picking out her wedges. These wedges can be worn casually, as they are in this outfit, or with a more formal dress to add a spunky feel with their leather laces and strappy details. This Fashionista used these wedges to give her more height in her maxi skirt and add visual appeal to a simple outfit. She looks fabulously chic and confident!

Get this Fashionista’s look and make it your own by adding a stunning pair of sunglasses and some dramatic arm candy! Not into wearing heels? Finish this outfit off with a pretty pair of flats or strappy sandals. Don’t forget to keep your nails perfectly manicured and try different summer colors and trends. Turn heads with this Fashionista’s effortlessly stylish look this summer!

Spotted: See how you can look chic in the city this summer in Sea’s 2014 resort collection. This collection features minimal jewelry and accessories and incorporates both casual and professional looks with heels and tennis shoes.