30 Days of Denim Day 19

Whether part of a casual campus collection or a posh party piece, designer denim is in the fashion forefront for tireless and trendy day-to-night transitions. And that’s just what I was looking for as I browsed Amazon Fashion – denim I could cursively convert within five minutes. In haute heaven, my cursor suddenly stopped its scroll for 7 For All Mankind’s Duchess Garden jean. 24 hours later I tore through the plastic packaging to get to the florally goodness inside. My first-ever designer jeans fit like a glittery glove. I was in love, I was in love and I didn’t care who knew it.

My denim debut was lecture hall suitable. The chambray complemented the denim’s dominant hue while my white t-shirt was a basic backdrop for any pant pattern. Cropped to capris and paired with flats, these jeans couldn’t get any more casually chic for fashionably fulfilling any campus commitment.

Now, for the real mod magic. A simple switch in soles and a shirt swap was all it took to transform from campus cutie to downtown deity. The high waist nearly met the sequined seam of my crop top, which made for elegant exposure every Fashionista’s confidence craves on a night out. Additionally, the tan tint of my wedges, top and bag deemed the decorative denim nothing short of a stylishly strong statement.

Fashionistas know there’s a time and place for every ensemble and denim is the single staple that’s stylishly sufficient for both on-campus obligations and evening engagements.

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STYLE GURU STYLE: Flirtatious Flare

The most recent alice + olivia collection showcased coming of age designs for Fashionistas and, in case you were wondering, yes that’s a real thing. Girlish gradients and coquettish cuts flounced about on the rose petaled resort 2014 runway. The alice + olivia collection illustrates an adolescent transcendence beginning with a fashionable fusion of girly glam and sophisticated style and ending with a polished product that has enough flirtatious flare to put Marilyn Monroe to shame.

Bubble gum pink and melt in your mouth mint ice cream cones decorated the dress I chose to reimagine the collection with. The pretty pattern fabricated the kind of girlish greed that only develops in a slow moving ice cream truck line with a sweaty handful of quarters. Without the cosmopolitan cuts that confessed a little cleavage, showed off some shoulder and barely bared a bit of back, this dress could have transformed me into that brace-faced girl with tangled tresses.

The popsicled pattern and grown-up grooves weren’t the only combination in my runway rendition. For example, my sparkle heels had height that young girls timelessly trip over in their mother’s closets during daily dress up games. Additionally, my heart shaped shades and powerful pink pout contrasted with my pearly piercing that replaced a stick on jewel we ’90s girls couldn’t get enough of.

This whimsy wardrobe is as refreshing as it is to remember all the lyrics to that old Britney Spears ballad “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman.” Like Britney Spears and colorful cones, alice + olivia’s resort 2014 collection is one of those girly guilty pleasures that a Fashionista won’t ever grow out of.

Get My Look: 1. An adolescently adorned dress. 2. Beautifully bowed and suitably sparkled heels. 3. Silly sunglasses.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Cuisine Couture

Before you rule out the Moschino fall 2014 ready-to-wear fashion and food fusion, gather ‘round for Style Guru story time. Italian designer Franco Moschino set stage for satirical style that jabbed, rather than poked, fun at the industry which he contributed to. Using each garment as a propaganda placard, Moschino’s mission was to question, rather than follow, the fashion industry. Embroidered embellishments like “Waist of Money” replaced belts, and Prada handbags were exchanged for pasta purses. Today, 10 years since Moschino’s death, Jeremy Scott stayed true to tradition with his fast food fashion display. Scott’s showcase was a panorama of all-American, junk garb that featured a Popeye’s poncho, Budweiser ball gown and even a happy meal handbag.

My hungry heart immediately fell for the entire Moschino brand after browsing the collection. Choosing between my donut-decorated leggings, a Chinese food takeout T-shirt and my greasy, graphic cut-off tank top turned into a daylong debate. In the end, I chose the fries and burgers mostly because Scott’s “McMockery” reserved the collection’s first 10 looks. Although I couldn’t find any cow-printed pieces, I did pair the tank top with all-American denim shorts. I also incorporated a bold red lip, new Nikes and a bright bandeau to for the sake of cohesiveness.

Like I mentioned, this ready-to-wear collection had me at first fashionable fry. And, after doing some runway research, I found that Moschino goes far beyond cuisine couture and into a decorative demonstration of a cultural cause that’s often overlooked. If there’s anything to be learned from this collection it’s that we, as Fashionistas/os, have a duty to push runway restrictions into aesthetic avenues that we personally prefer.

Get My Look: 1. An actually tasteful top. 2. Some true blue denim shorts. 3. A pair of flashy Nikes.


Elie Tahari’s recent runway reveal was everything a resort collection should be. When I say that, I mean that all of the clothing was wearable—as in actually wearable. Only once in the bluest of moons am I able to find a collection that is entirely realistic in terms of each ensemble being college campus-friendly. Let’s face it, some fashion is strictly art that belongs to a well-lit runway and not a cracked concrete street. This is where Elie Tahari comes in.

As I browsed through the Elie Tahari resort 2015 collection, I was able to envision each and every ensemble of the collection for various on-campus occasions. For example, I could practically hear my coworker’s compliments as I strutted into the office wearing the collection’s clean-cut, look number 13. The collection’s coral cardigan was just waiting to warm me up in class building’s ever-freezing lecture halls. Needless to say, the Elie Tahari resort 2015 collection is a wearable wardrobe for every Fashionista on any occasion.

Ever since I regrettably found out the hard way about the infamous navy-black chromatic clash, I’ve feared pairing black and blue altogether. Many years after said incident, I finally found a black and blue outfit that didn’t transform me into a walking contusion—Elie Tahari’s look number 16. I started with the core of the ensemble; blue and breezy mid-thigh shorts. From there, I incorporated the black velvet and leather. For the sake of a mid-summer forecast, I replaced the heavy cardigan with a sheer, sleeveless top. The velvet cardigan might as well have been begging for sweaty sleeves this season, so I swapped leather heels for a velveteen pair to incorporate the matte material. Finally, my black backpack and crisscrossed collar created a “laced with leather” look. My runway reimagining had a considerable cool factor about it that contrasted well with Indiana University’s cream and crimson campus.

Perhaps Vogue defines the categorical collection best. “Some designers take advantage of the [resort] season to reinterpret their creative vision in a more wearable way,” described Vogue India. That’s exactly what Elie Tahari did. Black and blue isn’t new for the designer as the chromatic couple has been featured in many of his collections, but this year’s resort make the daring duo officially cooperative with campus.

Get My Look: 1. Some true blue shorts. 2. A black leather top. 3. A pair of matte black heels.


Scott Studenberg and John Targon’s mailboxes should be stuffed to the brim daily with thank you cards from Fashionistas/os all over the globe. Why? Well, brace yourselves. The designing duo’s latest Baja East resort 2015 collection is the chicest defense against an ever too familiar case of the Mondays. “Loose luxury” is what these designers called it. Sweatpants, hoodies and Nike sneakers made up the majority of the collection, but fear not—“slouchy” replaced “sloppy” in all casual cases. Additionally, animal printed and Aztec patterned fabrics created a wanderlust wardrobe that could take any landlocked Fashionista to paradise.

For me, the Baja East collection was love at first drawstring. I couldn’t wait to add 15 more minutes to my alarm clock as I finally had a legitimately fashionable route toward the “I woke up like this” look. Although I couldn’t find sweatpants as stylish as Baja East’s, I did find some slouchy slacks that resembled the collection’s black and blue print to a trendy tee. I also preferred a sheer, button-up and knotted tank to a cardigan for this sultry summer season. The leopard graphics on my white tank top created a cool, comfortable and cohesive cardigan replacement. I kept all of this in mind when it came to the black bandeau and Nike sneakers I used, which can be found in most modeled looks of Baja East. Finally, I accessorized naturally with some crazy curly bed head hair.

If there’s one thing I learned from Scott Studenberg and John Targon, it’s that there is no excuse for style to slack—even on laundry days. Whether it’s a hurried morning that leaves you latte-less or a day that just begs for bed and ice cream, Baja East will rest all your wardrobe worries with its casual collection.

Get My Look: 1. Cool, printed pants. 2. A solid black bandeau. 3. A pair of your comfiest Nike sneakers.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Happily Hyperborean

Christopher Peters and Shane Gabier designed, dubbed and delivered “Hail Hyperborea,” a Greek-inspired spring ready-to-wear collection. The foremen Fashionistos of Creatures of the Wind illustrated the mythological paradise through a chromatically cheerful caboodle, modernizing metallic accents and fancy-free floral embellishments. With dominating hues like mustard yellow, powder blue and don’t-make-me-blush pink, this spring collection reminded me of a serene sunset on sandy shores with an umbrella-topped cocktail. Silver and gold worked in very different design directions that created an interesting juxtaposition. Gold pieces illustratively invited a sense of sun and wardrobe warmth. Meanwhile, bringing Fashionistas back from Hyperborea to the 21st century, silver skirts and shorts modernized the mythological motif with an industrial infusion. Lastly, some floral fix-ins romanticized rather than formalized the collection.

Combining the fifth look and ensemble number 17, I came up with an outfit that entirely encompassed the collection. Offering a stylish switch to the fifth look, I chose a bashful pink top and coral-meets-cranberry shorts. My shorts were also fabricated with a laced floral, which satisfied another Creatures of the Wind standard. Since I hadn’t yet been presented with an occasion to break in my gold and teal jacket, I practically panicked with excitement when I browsed to the collection’s 17th look. Next, I tangled my toes in some strappy sandals that had a golden glisten. Additionally, I used jewelry and cosmetics to connect the two looks. My gold and teal earrings matched my jacket to a tee while my bronze and navy blue eye makeup created a considerable yet cohesive contrast.

Modernizing mythology is no easy task, but Peters and Gabier proved to be true myth busters as they produced and propagated paradise in the fashion sphere. Thanks to the designing duo, the fashionable fable is taking any and all Fashionistas to a closet-sized paradise. All you need is a cheerful color or two, some shiny accents and a flower here or there – the rest is Hyperborean history.

Get My Look: 1. A pale pink top. 2. Coral and floral shorts. 3. Some gold and teal accents.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Striped ‘n’ Sneakered

I was pleasantly thrown back to my runway roots with Cut25 by Yigal Azrouël’s recent resort collection. Yigal Azrouël stylishly showcased “less is more” as he modernized minimization. This type of ’90s minimization meant that there was a strict “two to three garment” rule in the Cut25 by Yigal Azrouël collection that would prompt panic for any accessory adorer. Not to worry, though. Below you’ll find my guide to glamming up each look without jewelry or hair accessories.

Fortunately, I dug deep and found a closeted clothing couple comparative to the fifth look of Cut25 by Yigal Azrouël. A striped dress and a pair of white sneakers met minimal measures made by Yigal Azrouël. Like every other ensemble in the collection, the modeled dress included a touch of lace above each sleeve, which romanticized an otherwise laid back look. Because my dress was less formfitting than the collection’s in addition to having an absence of lace, I found it even more difficult to resist the temptation of adding a belt or some sort of statement jewelry. I managed to persevere accessory-less with some cosmetic competence. A romantic rouge lip added a touch of color to the black and white wardrobe. Additionally, winged eyeliner decoratively dramatized the casual outfit. I also chose to include my quirky, black eyeglasses for a pop of personality.

There’s no doubt about it. Cut25 by Yigal Azrouël’s resort 2015 collection challenges Fashionistas in terms of minimization. Throwing on a casual dress and knotting up a pair of sneakers makes for an effortless ensemble, which can make Fashionistas feel like they’re missing something. Truth is, they’re not, and Yigal Azrouël has proven it. Next time you start layering bangles and fastening belts, try to think outside the jewelry box. Instead, explore other avenues of accessorizing through colorful cosmetics or new hairstyles.

Get My Look: 1. A black and white striped dress. 2. Simple sneakers. 3. A vibrant pucker.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Pretty in Pink

There’s a lot to say about the Collette Dinnigan resort 2014 collection, starting with colorful and ending with class. The collection could transform any Fashionista into a country clubber with its clean cuts, vibrant chromatic scale with pale accents and feminine fabrics. From straight skirts to sleeved dresses, hemlines were seamlessly (pun intended) polished. Flare was confined to fabrics and attached accessories, like petal patterns and bow-tied belts. Additionally, Collette Dinnigan remembered the rainbow with a palette of mostly lemonade yellow, rose petal pink, true blue and not-your-self-tanner orange. Beige and white accents watered down each ensemble, which helped the collection go from nearly neon to color-me-cute. And while there wasn’t an outfit I didn’t like, the collection’s fourth look had me instantly reaching for a dress I reserve for sundress occasions – like Sunday brunch and family reunions – only.

The pink added a powerful pop that made me look as bronze as I wish I actually was, which validates this strategic hue for the summer season. Besides being complementary to a tan, the dress’s combination of mesh and polyester patterns created the illusion of laced floral, similar to the collection’s. And although my dress had a high-low hemline while Collette Dinnigan’s look had some layered lace to breakdown an otherwise straight seam, both had the same embellished effect. Additionally, the sleeveless straps and the open back created clean cuts that contrasted the feminine flare.

While the dress was unmistakably the focal point of the look, there were a couple of noteworthy accents. To begin with, I swapped the off-white hat for an eggshell headband. With a beautiful bow and laced floral material, I found the replacement accessory to be just as flattering to the dress with its girlish impression and matching fabric. I did, however, stay true to the collection’s soul with beige wedges, which heightened the entire ensemble both fashionably and literally. And while the collection showcased extremely limited accessories, I couldn’t resist adding a few of my own, mostly because my dress had a scoop neckline and my hair was pulled back, but also because I have an accessory obsession. To fill in the look, I incorporated a subtle gold necklace and petite gold earrings with pale pink pearls.

If there’s one thing I learned from the Collette Dinnigan resort 2014 collection, it was how to neutralize an otherwise obnoxious outfit. Adding a beige bag or pale pedicure can do wonders for a loud look. I’m also going to start matching fabrics for more cohesive closet creations. Overall, Collette Dinnigan is the Crayola of collections and can teach Fashionistas how to revisit Roy G. Biv without overdoing it. What more could a Fashionista ask for?

Get My Look: 1. A pretty pink dress made of feminine fabric. 2. Sand-shade soles. 3. An eggshell hair accessory.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Classic Metallic

You can find Wren’s resort ’15 collection at the chic crossroads of classic and metallic. Black filled and formed slack silhouettes while burnt gold prints added decorative dimension. The polished palette also fused fashionable formality to the loose, lounge-like fit. Velvet and elastic materialized the relaxed line with the occasional silk set (like the second look’s sheer sleeved dress). Together, the glamour-me-gold oriental ornaments and the classic black base created a Hollywood Regency style that no true Fashionista could ignore.

One of my favorites was the collection’s 12th look. I began with a style staple I use often as a base for patterned and printed outfits – a silk, black tank. Although the line’s look paired its spaghetti-strapped top with a velvet skirt, my reimagining was slightly, yet still stylishly, different. I incorporated shorts instead of a skirt with polyester prints rather than velvet patterns. I did follow suit, however, with the textured tresses and black, open toe heels.

Although Wren modeled an accessory-free collection, I couldn’t resist. A gold, stopwatch trendily ticked and tocked around my neck and decoratively disrupted its black backdrop. Additionally, my favorite Betsey Johnson watch wrung my wrist with golden links and a timelessly tied black bow. Finally, my manicure was lacquered boldly by black polish.

Black is the new black, as worn by Wren. Of course, its metallic gold embellishments offered a refreshing remix to the perpetual palette. The collection’s fabric and fit is casual enough for a Fashionista’s daytime duties while its sleek and shiny scheme adds formality for a day-to-night step-free transformation that’ll have you going from work straight to happy hour.

Get My Look: 1. A basic black tank. 2. Metallically adorned shorts. 3. Black heels that’ll show off your pedicure.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Preppy Patriot

The Sass & Bide resort 2015 collection had some extra prep in its step this year. With a patriotic palette of red, white and blue (not to forget the classic black accents), Sass & Bide has refreshed an all-American look for Fashionistas. From pantsuits to maxi dresses, the line serves style for any and all occasions. And although the collection was positively preppy, each frill was boldly striped, and every flare was casually paired with sneakers to create chic contradictions that watered down the prep level from Upper East Side to glamour girl next door.

These complementary combinations caught my eye and had me instantly jotting down notes for my next thrift shop haul. Coincidentally, I found a dress that encompassed the entire collection. The color compilation matched the collection’s chromatic scale to a tee. Red, white and blue floral crisscrossed black and white stripes, creating a chic contraction in itself. Additionally, the solid sleeves decoratively diverged the high-low hem. Finally, I laced up the icing on the contradictory cake and voila – instant satis-fashion.

This look is particularly perfect for this season in a very Fourth of July sense. And because the dress is already considerably complex with chic contradictions, a Fashionista doesn’t have to fuss with more than a single statement accessory and courageous cosmetics. For example, I chose a baby blue ring and a red lip.

This resort 2015 show highlighted a stylish spin on patriotic prints with its combinatory collection. Thanks to Sass & Bide, I’m finally warming up a bit to sneakers and I’ve officially fallen fashionably in love with striped floral anything.

Get My Look: 1. A patriotic patterned dress. 2.  A pair of simple sneakers. 3. A bold red lip.