Summer is the best season to play catch-up with your family and friends and going out for brunch is a great way to do so. I spotted this Fashionista during an early afternoon bite to eat with her girlfriends and couldn’t help but give her kudos for her stylish yet simple outfit. This Fashionista highlights how layers and simple accessories can go a long way.

Because the weather and even restaurant thermostats can play tricks on us, layers give Fashionistas/os stylish convertibility. This Fashionista paired a light scarf and denim jacket with her T-shirt and shorts. Whether you’re dining inside a chilly booth or out with the summer breeze, a jacket or cardigan will always have your back — literally. The best part of incorporating layers into your outfit is the ability to go from cozy to cool simply and fashionably.

Brunch is a casual occasion, so be cautious not to go overboard with the glitz and glam. This Fashionista’s simple accessories act as the cherry on top of her casual outfit. Her light scarf, chunky ring and flashy nail polish are great examples of simple accessories that could make your outfit go from ordinary to trendy. Note: this Fashionista’s color scheme is also exemplary of maintaining a chic status. Her hot pink nail polish and cream scarf contrasts her earthy-toned outfit perfectly.

One Simple Change: Add a pair of small wedges and transform this outfit from friendly to flirty. Whether it’s dinner for two or a trip to the drive-in, take this layered, simple look on any casual date night.

WHAT TO WEAR: Girl’s Night Out

Between working the nine to five every day and studying for your summer course exams, a night on the town with the girls may be exactly what you need to break out of your summertime slump. Whether you’re catching a chick flick with your best friend or skipping dinner and heading straight for drinks with your roommates, girl’s night out is the perfect excuse to get out of those yoga pants and slip into something a little more chic. As she lets down her hair for the night with the girls, this Fashionista shows how to transform a classic black and white dress to an edgy, flirty look.

As the legendary costume designer Edith Head once wrote in her book The Dress Doctor, “A dress should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to prove you’re a lady.” It’s important to remember this classy advice when dressing for a girl’s night out that often calls for you to strut your stuff confidently and perhaps a little flirtatiously.  This Fashionista chose a high-low black and white dress. A high-low hem allows you to maintain your classy appearance while still showing some skin and there’s not a more timeless duo than black and white. By incorporating these two elements, this Fashionista created a classic yet flirty look.

A Fashionista/o can never go wrong with the classic touch of black and white. As simple and elegant as the pair is, this timeless combination can be accessorized to create an edgier look. Adding statement jewelry is one way of doing so. By balancing a gold Aztec-esque chunky necklace with several smaller gold bracelets, this Fashionista’s black and white dress goes from elegant to edgy in no time.

Complement edgy jewelry with some flirty sparkle. Maintaining a feminine look can be achieved with accessories such as your clutch, or in this Fashionista’s case, your shoes. This Fashionista chose flat sandals covered in golden gems. These shoes are great for a girl’s night out because not only could you spot this Fashionista from a mile away, they are easy to walk and dance in, which are key elements to having a successful, blister-free girl’s night out.

One Simple Change: Transform this look from a girl’s night out to a fancy date night by adding a clutch and a pair of heels. Remember to stick to your color scheme to maintain a cohesive look, however you can always find an accessorized clutch or a pair of heels with a touch of sparkle to reflect your personality.

WHAT TO WEAR: Graduation

Whether we are still waiting our turn or we have already strutted our way to a diploma, graduation is a summertime event that nearly all Fashionistas/os are familiar with. Many of us will be supporting our family members and/or friends as they graduate this summer. Remaining attentive through such a long ceremony might be difficult, but dressing for the occasion should be a piece of cake. This Fashionista showcases a formal outfit, which complements the graduate(s) she is supporting and is appropriate for the ceremony’s location.

Graduation is a formal event, therefore it calls for formal attire. Your slacks, skirts and dresses should take priority over the denim in your closet for said occasion. This Fashionista chose a strapless polka-dot dress, which subtly reflects her personality without rebelling against the polished protocol. Remember, you can dress formally without neglecting your fashion signature.

Styling to complement the graduate will make you that much more supportive of them. You’ll be taking a lot of photos with the graduate on their big day and you don’t want your outfit to steal the show. Keep in mind what the graduate will be wearing: a cap and gown decorated with their college or university’s colors. For example, this Fashionista matched the graduate’s insignia, as she dressed in red, black and white, thus coordinating to a T. If you don’t know what color the graduate will be wearing, it’s always safe to stick with neutrals, black and/or white.

Thee location of the graduation is a factor that greatly deserves your consideration. Graduation can take place in a variety of locations under many weather conditions. For instance, this Fashionista chose red crochet shoes, which were kind to her pedicured toes as she climbed the many stairs of a plaza. Staying tuned into the forecast and bringing a cardigan to accompany you in an air-conditioned auditorium are well worth your preparation.

One Simple Change: Girl’s night out after the ceremony? No problem. Change this formal look into an ensemble made for a night on the town with your graduates by swapping your flats for heels, grabbing your clutch and making your makeup a bit bolder.


Although we wish our summer break consisted of pure relaxation, it is unfortunately common for us to break our summer plans (or lack thereof) for running errands. Between grabbing groceries for your parents and picking up your younger siblings from their summer sports and activities, you’ll inevitably become a very busy Fashionista/o. This Fashionista showcases the three Cs of what to wear while running errands: cool, comfortable and chic.

With the summer heat rising, staying cool is imperative. The increasing temperature nearly begs you to wear your bikini and a cover-up around town. However, such an outfit is unfortunately not fitting for running errands. For example, you’ll quickly become cooler than you’d hope for as you stroll the produce and frozen food aisles of your grocery store. This Fashionista found a happy medium on the coolness spectrum as she tucked in a tank to a pair of high-waisted denim shorts. Said mix is a perfect harmony for running errands as it provides you coverage while still giving you breathing room to cool off.

Because you’ll be going from point A to point B, and maybe even C to D, you’ll want to incorporate comfortable pieces into your outfit when running errands. Wearing flip flops may grow uncomfortable between your toes and choosing a clutch over a larger purse or bag may result in you having your hands full (literally). This Fashionista highlights comfort in both her shoes and her choice of bag. Sporting thin moccasins and a medium-sized backpack, this Fashionista will have neither troubles being on her feet all day nor worries about having a free hand.

Remember that a Fashionista is always chic. Although running errands may make you want to just throw random articles of clothing on and call it an outfit, it’s worth your while to remain chic. Piecing together complementary colors or patterns will help you keep a chic status while choosing a very casual outfit. A couple accessories could also do the trick. This Fashionista displays both. She creates an organic look by matching earthy tones such as red and brown while also accessorizing with a bracelet and a few rings.

One Simple Change: Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t always agree with our plans. In case it begins to rain while you are running errands, simply pack a cardigan and add an umbrella. You’ll still have the option to remove your cardigan and throw your umbrella in your backpack or bag after the rain ends.

WHAT TO WEAR: Out With Friends

Whether it’s love at first scoop or a cone to cool off, going out for ice cream is a familiar summertime treat. As the ice cream parlor can host an exciting day out with friends, it can be just as fun to find an outfit to match your sprinkled dessert. This Fashionista showcases mixing lengths and patterns while keeping it casual as a universal look for any occasion that might bring you to the ice cream shop.

Because the parlor tends to be a very refrigerated locale, mixing lengths is a great way to balance the chilly atmosphere. Although a tank top and Daisy Dukes might be what the summer heat prescribes, after you spend more than five minutes inside the ice cream shop you’ll be uncomfortably decorated with goose bumps. This Fashionista resisted her summertime impulses and paired a long sleeve blouse with high-waisted shorts. Said mix will give you the best of both worlds as you can comfortably chill out without feeling as frozen as your popsicle.

In addition to mixing lengths, integrating more than one pattern will be the cherry on top when it comes to choosing an outfit. Just like your favorite flavor of ice cream, your outfit can say a lot about you. As Fashionistas/os , this is important to remember but easy to forget, especially when it comes to typical activities such as grabbing a sundae to-go. Mixing patterns can be a simple way to reflect your personality through your wardrobe. This Fashionista mixed polka-dots, solids and zigzags. We can see she’s more than just a “plain Jane” as she takes fashionable risks and experiments with combinations. Mixing colors can also have the same effect on an outfit. This Fashionista highlights both options in one outfit as she not only mixed patterns, but also matched cream and tan with black and blue.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when it comes to dressing for a trip to the ice cream parlor is to keep it casual. Even if you’re on a first date, you don’t want to over do it as it may suggest that you’re trying too hard. This Fashionista complements her casual shorts and blouse with small heels and a bit of jewelry. Accessories and shoes are great avenues to dress up your casual choices.

One Simple Change: To take this outfit from day to night, quickly and simply change this outfit from sundaes with the girls to dinner with the boy by swapping the shorts for a pair of colored or patterned skinny jeans. You’ll still be reflecting your inner-Fashionista with your color blocking or pattern combinations, while remaining cute yet casual.

STYLE GURU BIO: Kelsey Roadruck

My name is Kelsey Roadruck and I have just finished my first year at Indiana University where I am studying journalism and informatics. I am very excited to be a contributing Style Guru for CollegeFashionista this summer. Every Thursday you will find my suggestions on WHAT TO WEAR, in which I will be reporting advice on fashion choices for each and every occasion.

Although we all wish it did, fashion isn’t a concept that comes easy to everyone. I surely didn’t develop my fashion signature until my senior year of high school. It was then that I discovered the art of thrift shopping. In the last couple of years, thrift shopping has become a highly significant part of my life. Now, I love bringing retired items back to life. I see thrift shopping, and fashion in its entirety, as a major creative outlet and a way to express myself. Creating a reflection of yourself through your fashion choices can be difficult but rewarding and all it takes is a little exploration. You’ll find that becoming a Fashionista/o is all about trial and error, proof of which you’ll find in your junior high yearbook.

As for my personal style, it changes more than Indiana weather (which is more often than you would believe). I love trying new trends and styles. From edgy to feminine, my closet has a little bit of every look. Despite my ever-changing wardrobe, I do have a few staples in my closet. Some of these include button-down blouses, collared tank tops, rompers and high-waisted shorts. I also believe accessories are always a must. I love wearing gold and pearl jewelry as well as decorative headbands.

I can’t wait to see what CollegeFashionista brings to my fashion perspective and writing. I think being a Style Guru will allow me to reach out of my comfort zone, as I have never pursued fashion reporting before.