My 5 Essential Carry-On Items for Traveling

Traveling is one of my favorite things—the food, culture, and the adventure of discovering something new always leaves me with a bad case of wanderlust.  Long flights can be a killer, so here are my five carry-on essentials that help me survive any plane ride.

Water Bottle and Snack

A water bottle is a definite essential carry-on item for me. Hydrating during those long flights will help your skin stay hydrated and healthy. Also, I always make sure to bring a snack, whether it’s a granola bar, nuts, or an apple. It is so important to keep a snack in your carry on because you never know when you’ll be hungry, and a person can only eat so many peanuts.


Sometimes it may feel like you are never going to get to your destination, and you keep asking yourself, “Are we there yet?” To help conquer this in-flight boredom, try picking up an interesting book, downloading some movies, or listening to some tunes.

Sweatshirt or Light Jacket

If you are like me, then you understand the struggle of never feeling warm on the plane. This is why I always bring some sort of jacket in my carry-on. Plus, this denim jacket is one of my favorites and it goes flawlessly with any outfit.


I wish I could be one of those girls who could fit all of my stuff into a cute tote, but unfortunately, I will always need a backpack as my carry-on. Backpacks may not be the cutest, but they definitely hold a bunch of stuff.


When your travel you can’t forget the little things like your passport! I absolutely love all the cute covers you can get for passports to make traveling even more fun.

What are your carry-on essentials? Leave a comment below!

How to Beat the Heat With These Hot Summer Looks

It seems that I switch from one extreme climate to the next. I went from the cold rainy days in Pullman, straight into a California heat wave. When temperatures are shifting between 90 degrees and 110 degrees, sometimes it feels impossible to come up with a cute outfit. With summer temperatures on the rise, here are a few simple, trendy, and fun looks to rock this season, and still stay cool.

Denim skirts are huge this year, they are chic, comfy, and, of course, a closet staple. This first outfit is perfect for summer because it pairs an adorable striped crop top with a high-waisted jean skirt. I love the vintage look of the buttons going all the way up the skirt—little details like this really make an outfit. Plus I love how this Fashionista decided to dress down the outfit with Birkenstocks. They definitely make this outfit more casual, and perfect for an everyday look. Also, these signatures Ray-Ban sunglasses are a classic for any summer style.

Another genius way to stay cool this summer is sun dresses. Dresses are a great way to beat the heat because they are loose, and most often sleeveless so you don’t have to worry about those embarrassing sweat stains. Plus they are super easy! All you have to do is pick your dress, some cute sandals or maybe even booties like this Fashionista, and you have a perfect look for all your summer plans. I love this Fashionista’s dress because it is a unique and bold pattern that will surely catch other’s attention.

What are you wearing to beat this summer heat? Leave a comment below.

How to Rock Your Summer Internship

You have submitted your carefully crafted resume and cover letter, aced your interview, and landed that killer summer internship… but what do you do now? Summer internships are an amazing way to test the waters in a certain field, learn, and network with possible employers. Here are a few ways to truly get the most out of your internship:

Be Professional

Like most college students, my closet severely lacked any professional pieces other than the blazer and chiffon tank top that I had pushed to the back. However, once I landed my internship I knew I needed more than just one nice top that could be professional and stylish at the same time. Professional attire does not have to look like something your grandma would wear; there are a ton of adorable blouses like the one below! Once you have a few cute tops, you can pair them with simple black pants, a skirt, or even jeans depending on how casual your internship is.

Be Confident

The most important thing to remember is to be confident. How are employers going to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself? For many, a summer internship is a way to learn, to work, and to network. You will be meeting so many new people it is important to come off as confident, brave, and determined. Wearing heels definitely helps me to feel more empowered and brave. Plus, heels are a great way to amp up your outfit. These black lace-up block heels are super comfortable and edgy.

Be Organized

Being on time, organized, and on top of your work is vital to a successful internship. In my opinion, the best way to stay organized is to have a planner and some kind of tote. Planners are amazing and I don’t think I would be able to survive without mine. Also, planners are excellent for keeping track of meetings, projects, and contacts for your internship. Totes are great because they have a ton of room for your planner, laptop, and more!

What are some of your tips for killing your internship this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

STYLE GURU STYLE: The Little Black Dress

I am a firm believer that every girl needs to have that one go-to little black dress. There are so many different types, also! My favorite kind of dresses are sundresses because you can, of course, wear them in the summer, but also layer up and wear them during spring or fall.

Just because the little black dress is simple, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Because it’s still a bit chilly out here in Pullman, I paired my black dress with my favorite army green coat, which I feel will never go out of style. It is definitely my go-to spring jacket; this is mainly because it’s lightweight, but I also absolutely love this color, and I think that it adds a bit of fun detail to the outfit with the studs on the back. I also could never live without layers because in Pullman, you never know what the weather will do. That’s why under the jacket I added the denim shirt. Layers are a smart way to add a bit of extra detail or warmth to an outfit.

Lastly, you cannot forget about some accessories. Chokers are definitely in this year, and I have too many to count. This is one of my simpler ones, but I feel like it dresses up the casual outfit just a bit. These riding boots are also one of my staples because they are perfect for rain and you don’t have to worry about clunky and uncomfortable rain boots.

STYLE ADVICE: A Pop of Color

Even though it feels like Washington State University will remain a “Winter Wonderland” until May, these past couple of weeks the snow has been melting, and it is time for a change! Away with the snow boots, heavy jackets, and beanies, and hello to booties, layers, and adorable jackets.

This Fashionista looks stunning in a black and white cable knit sweater, a black leather jacket, black jeans, a simple black choker, and you cannot forget those super adorable wine colored booties. Color is a huge part of an outfit. Should I wear neutrals? Be bold? Or maybe go for a classic black and white look? Personally, I always like to incorporate small bits of color into my ensembles to brighten up my outfits and make them more interesting. Whether it is simply adding a statement necklace, a bralette, or even a scarf, there are many different ways to incorporate color into an outfit, and this Fashionista did just that.

The color wine has been all the rage this year and has shown up in many places, such as Fashion Week, in magazines, and, of course, on Pinterest! I think that this is a beautiful color that also adds a bit of drama to a neutral outfit like this one. By pairing the neutral colors of her top and jeans, this Fashionista’s booties really stand out! These booties are a perfect way to incorporate a pop of color into an outfit. They make the look a bit more bold, edgy, and fun.

Ultimately, this Fashionista looks chic head to toe. It’s an outfit that can flawlessly transition from a day look for class to a night out on the town.

WHAT TO WEAR: Warm and Comfy

Now that it is starting to warm up here in Pullman, people are beginning to leave their sweatshirts and leggings in their drawers. But it has been cold for so long, some of you might need some new style inspiration to kick off the new season. Now it is time to bring out the cute booties, scarves, and light sweaters. This Fashionista did just that and put together the perfect outfit for class. It’s the right combination of comfy, warm, and cute.

This Fashionista is wearing a simple pair of black leggings along with a cute knit sweater from Nordstrom Rack paired with this gray vest and taupe booties. In my opinion, black leggings are a staple for any season because they are so comfy. Also, vests are an excellent way to stay warm and beat the cold. They are super trendy and all the rage here in Pullman. Plus, they are a wonderful way to layer up! You never know what the weather will be like in Pullman, it is so unpredictable. This gray vest is also just the right amount of puffy to provide enough warmth to get her through the day.

Ultimately, I love this Fashionista’s outfit because of the calm neutrals of her boots and sweater which slightly contrast with the dark colors of the vest and leggings. One little detail that I love about this outfit is the little gold necklace that has the coordinates of her hometown in New York. I think this piece adds a lot of personality to the outfit.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Denim Jackets and Vegan Leather

There are millions of ways to make a statement and some might even say it’s what you buy. This Fashionista is making a statement against animal cruelty and environment protection with her black “leather” bag.  However, this simple black “leather” bag is more elaborate than it seems…it is 100 percent vegan. Vegan leather is an amazing alternative to real leather and can be used to make an assortment of accessories such as shoes, purses, and jewelry. This vegan bag is part of a new trend that has been becoming increasingly popular, on college campuses. This trend is social responsibility. Fashionistas/os are beginning to pay extra attention to what they are wearing and what they are supporting.

In this particular look, this Fashionista is wearing a floral top, a faded denim jacket, black jeans, and adorable booties. This look is simple, yet sophisticated. By adding the denim jacket this Fashionista ties the outfit together and this look is the perfect combination of chic. I think that adding a denim jacket to an outfit dresses the outfit down, so it’s not too fancy for classes or just a day out. But what really ties this outfit together is the black tote.

By pairing the outfit with the black vegan tote, this she turned this look from fashion to function. This bag is perfect for carrying books, a laptop, and all the other fun things found in purses. The bag is even reversible to a tan shade if you were wearing lighter colors.


Hey Fashionistas/os! My name is Kendall Hoy and I am a freshman, studying strategic communication at Washington State University. I am originally from Northern California and decided to make a change and move up to Washington. This will be my first semester with CollegeFashionista and I am extremely excited to be a part of the spring 2017 Style Guru team. I can’t wait to work on my writing, photography, and discover new trends.

I would describe my style as relaxed and effortless. I think that it is important to feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. A few of my favorite outfits include chunky sweaters and leggings. However, I love to experiment with different pieces like necklaces, scarves, and shoes to add extra little details to my outfits. The majority of my fashion inspiration comes from different Pinterest boards.

For this look, I choose to wear my big winter coat, cream top, ripped jeans, and my Kodiak snow boots. I immediately fell in love with this coat because of the color and the warm interior. One of my favorite color combinations is cream, a darker yellow, and denim. I think these three colors look amazing and adorable when worn together. Plus, this jacket is perfect for keeping warm during the Pullman winters. Also, I love these snow boots they are fashionable and keep me from sliding around in the snow. Lastly, I decided to add a bit of sparkle with a simple gold necklace.

To stay updated on my latest post and adventures be sure to go and follow me on social media. I cannot wait to start this new experience!