FIT FOR STYLE: Allison Gair

Rain or shine, the weather sometimes deters what little motivation you might have to work out. Naturally, the weather also can dictate what you wear. A good rule of thumb is to not let inclement conditions negatively affect your workout or your outfit.

This Fashionista is aptly prepared for both her workout and the rainy day. Her black Hunter wellies are a staple item and keep both her gym shoes and feet warm and dry. Wearing a separate set of shoes to the gym is a smart way to preserve the quality of both your shoes and the gym itself. Throw on a lightweight, moisture-wicking jacket to keep you dry and comfortable pre and post-workout.

Name: Allison Gair

Favorite Type of Workout: Zumba classes.

Favorite Food: Italian, but I have a huge sweet tooth!

CollegeFashionista: Where do you usually go to buy workout clothes?

Allison Gair: I love going to a place back home in Georgia called All Sports. They really know what they are talking about and are extremely helpful, plus it’s always great to support local businesses.

CF: What is your go-to workout look?

AG: Whether it’s my sports bras or my sneakers, I love to work out in bright colors.

CF: How many times per week do you go to the gym?

AG: I attempt to go about four times a week.

CF: Do you have a set workout routine or does it vary day to day?

AG: It usually varies. When I’m in the gym I like to run and lift weights, but I also like to go to the pool because swimming is both fun and good exercise.

CF: How do you reward yourself after a long workout?

AG: Right after my workout, I love to drink a large, lime Gatorade. Sometimes after an extremely hard workout I'll reward myself with sweets later in the day.

FIT FOR STYLE: Catherine Sirna

Cropped yoga pants are an essential to any workout wardrobe, but can be intimidating because of the tighter fit. The simple solution to any pair of skin-hugging pants is to pair them with a longer, flowy top. This Fashionista nails it with her long, neon racerback and charcoal leggings. She also keeps her color coordination interesting by incorporating a berry purple sports bra, which makes the neon yellow in her tank pop. She adds edginess to the look with a funky geometric necklace — she is ready to sweat in style.

Name: Catherine Sirna

Favorite Type of Workout: Pilates   

Favorite Food: Grilled Chicken

CollegeFashionista: Where do you usually go to buy workout clothes?

Catherine Sirna: I like Nike's Dri-FIT collection and Under Armour leggings.

CF: What is your go-to workout look? 

Catherine Sirna: Leggings and a flowy tank top.

CF: How many times per week do you go to the gym?

Catherine Sirna: I usually try and work out at least twice a week.

CF: Do you have a set workout routine or does it vary day to day?

Catherine Sirna: It usually varies, but I like to run on the treadmill and do some form of weight training every time I workout.

CF: How do you reward yourself after a long workout?

Catherine Sirna: A peach smoothie from Tropical Smoothie!

FIT FOR STYLE: Melody Kitchens

Science meeting style reflects mankind’s need for progress. Fashion in the 1960s was iconic as the space race — when there was a national infatuation with all things futuristic because of space’s progressive connotation.

This Fashionista puts a futuristic spin on her workout with her galaxy print tank. She let's the tank do the talking by pairing it with simple black leggings and peach sandals. Space-inspired workout gear is a fun and funky way to switch up your look, but make sure you go for intergalactic chic and not intergalactic geek. Add leggings with galaxy graphics or a sleek silver pair to a simple top to achieve intergalactic chic. Incorporate futuristic fashion when swimming laps in this swimsuit — the suit's digital print is from a photo NASA took of an actual galaxy!  

Whether it’s a fear or a fascination of the unknown, futuristic fashion is a part of human nature.   

Name: Melody Kitchens

Favorite Type of Workout: Yoga

Favorite Food: After working out, smoothies!

CollegeFashionista: Where do you usually go to buy workout clothes?

Melody Kitchens: I love Gap's workout clothes, as well as Nike's Dri-fit leggings.

CF: What is your go-to workout look? 

Melody Kitchens: Leggings with a cute tank.

CF: How many times per week do you go to the gym?

Melody Kitchens: I try to work out as much as I can, usually around 3 times a week.

CF: Do you have a set workout routine or does it vary day to day?

Melody Kitchens: I like to switch it up so I don't get bored with it. Switching up cardio between running and swimming helps, too.

CF: How do you reward yourself after a long workout?

Melody Kitchens: Angel Food from Smoothie King.

FIT FOR STYLE: Suzanne Jernigan

Having fun with your fitness routine and style makes staying in shape less daunting. Mixing things up and adding a dash of fun distracts your mind from the actual “work” part of the workout and you can apply that same concept to your outfit.

Although this Fit Fashionista openly admits to quitting tennis camp in the fourth grade, Suzanne Jernigan enjoys playing recreational tennis. Even though her tennis training was cut short, Suzanne still has fun hitting the ball with friends, and even more fun putting together a cool tennis outfit. Unconventionality is a great way to spice things up, so Suzanne paired her chic tennis shirt with a funky, tie-dye headband to make her look Boho-prep. Suzanne's bright teal tank and orange tennis skirt unexpectedly work as great color combination and she completes her look with a green tennis racket. The berry-colored detailing in this orange tank makes for another interesting color combination. So next time you workout nix the hour-long treadmill run, have some fun, and sweat in style.
Name: Suzanne Jernigan

Favorite Type of Workout: Cardio

Favorite Food: Ribs.

CollegeFashionista: Where do you usually go to buy workout clothes?

Suzanne Jernigan: I live in the Nike section at Academy or Dicks.

CF: How would you describe your workout look?

SJ: Sporty but girly.

CF: How many times per week do you go to the gym?

SJ: Anywhere from three to four times.

CF: Do you have a set workout routine or does it vary day to day?

SJ: I usually stick to the same routine, but switch things up when I start to get bored.

CF: How do you reward yourself after a long workout?

SJ: My weakness is Dove dark chocolate, so I'll occasionally indulge after a good workout.

FIT FOR STYLE: Summer Petro

With spring break fast approaching, college students are flocking to the gym to shed those few extra pounds. Despite frantically putting together a last-minute workout schedule, you don’t have to frantically put together a bad workout outfit. Luckily, fitness attire allots more creativity and spontaneity, especially when it comes to mixing and matching.

Although print mixing is a prevalent trend, there is a method to the mixing madness, so don’t go and throw on a cheetah print leotard with zebra striped leggings. There has to be some element of continuity within the two statement patterns or colors you mix.

Fit Fashionista Summer Petro takes a different approach to the mixing trend and exemplifies ideal statement color mixology. Although she’s not mixing two patterns, the bold lettering on her tank makes a huge statement alone, as do her patterned shorts. The bright blue, gold, white and magenta in her tank all complement the colors of the geometric print on her shorts. Summer throws in one more statement piece with a vibrant gym bag. The key to a successful mix and match is hearing yourself or someone else say, “I never thought those would go together, but I love that combination!” — or at least something along those lines. So take inspiration from Summer's Nike tank and “Just do it.”  

Name: Summer Petro

Favorite Type of Workout: Going to the gym or doing a great plyometric workout

Favorite Food: I try to be pretty healthy, but my weakness is definitely bacon

CollegeFashionista: Where do you usually buy your workout clothes?

Summer Petro: When shopping online I prefer Lululemon or Nike, but when shopping in stores I prefer Lady's Footlocker (which has surprisingly unique and sassy clothing you rarely find online), Dick's Sporting Goods or women's clothing boutiques.

CF: What is your go-to workout look? 

Summer Petro: I prefer spandex shorts or spandex pants with a Nike DRI-fit racerback or tee. It’s so light and the most comfortable; I never have to worry about showing sweat through the material.

CF: How many times per week do you go to the gym?

Summer Petro: Four to Six.

CF: Do you have a set workout routine or does it vary day to day?

Summer Petro: I stick to a basic workout regimen that consists of specific exercises for each body part and I usually never train every body part in one gym session. Each day my work out is different and I use a technique called “muscle confusion,” which is the principle of changing your routines to keep your body guessing. For example, I would never do lunges and squats on Tuesday and then again on Wednesday. Instead, on Wednesday I would focus on upper body or abs and cardio. My workouts vary depending on how my body feels from previous workouts.

CF: How do you reward yourself after a long workout?

Summer Petro: I don’t always reward myself, but when I do its usually with a cheat meal. Instead of eating an ideal protein for dinner like grilled chicken I will often substitute it for something tastier like chicken fingers.

FIT FOR STYLE: Cari Glennon

A great workout outfit requires the obvious essentials: sneakers, a top and pants. But to take your workout and your outfit to the next level entails a little more creativity. It’s beneficial to mix up your routine and combine two different types of physical exercises. For instance, counter a long run with a restorative yoga session or take a bike ride after strength conditioning with weights. As for your outfit, you may need a look that can take you from cardio to stretching, or whatever it may be, if you’re crunched for time. This fit Fashionista is ready for a long run in her periwinkle racerback and black crops, but can easily kick off her shoes and roll out a yoga mat immediately after she finishes hitting the pavement. It’s important to remain conscious with your two-a-day attire, after all a baggy top may look great in Zumba class but will definitely reveal your stomach when you’re upside down in downward dog in yoga class (which for some of us isn’t always flattering). Wherever your workout may take you, your outfit should cater to both function and fashion.

Name: Cari Glennon

Favorite Type of Workout: Definitely yoga, especially Baptiste and Bikram.

Favorite Food: All types of breakfast food! Oatmeal, egg whites, sprouted grain toast and cereal with almond milk

CollegeFashionista: Where do you usually go to buy workout clothes?

Cari Glennon: I am obsessed with Lululemon! They have the best tops that can be worn for any type of workout, but because Lululemon is pretty expensive I also find cheaper clothes at Nordstrom Rack and Target.

CF: What is your go-to workout look? 

Cari Glennon: If I'm going to yoga, I like to wear a tighter tank and black pants/leggings. Its important that they're form-fitting so they don't move around throughout the class. If I'm running or at the gym, I like to wear a workout tank top or a T-shirt and Nike shorts. I always buy Nike gym shoes because they're so light and don't weigh my feet down when I run. No matter what kind of workout I'm doing, I always wear a stretchy headband to keep my hair out of my way.

CF: How many times per week do you go to the gym?

Cari Glennon: I aim to workout about five to six times a week. My day just feels more complete when I workout. I find that if I workout in the morning I have more energy for the day.

CF: Do you have a set workout routine or does it vary day to day?

Cari Glennon: I try to make each workout different so I don't get bored. If I do a lot of cardio one day, I'll make sure to do some weights or yoga the next day.

CF: How do you reward yourself after a long workout?

Cari Glennon: I love drinking coconut water after I workout. Its super hydrating, boosts my energy and is great for my skin. I also feel free to indulge in chocolate or something sweet later that day because I know I got a great workout in!

FIT FOR STYLE: Meghan Medford

Great hair is an effortless way to look chic going to the gym. Now when I say great hair, I don’t mean waking up two hours before your yoga class to “wand” beachy waves in your hair, nor do I think a professional blowout is appropriate for the gym. The key word here is effortless.

This fit Fashionista’s ombré locks add a trendy touch to her workout look. Ombré is a French adjetive for “shaded” or “graduated in tone.” The hairstyle incorporates darker, chocolate hues at the roots that gradually fade into a lighter color toward the ends. Good ombré hair entails fading closer to the jaw line so as not to be mistaken for bad roots. Also, the longer the hair, the better the ombré because it gives you more room to subtly fade the coloring. So throw that ombré hair into a ponytail and get ready to crunch some calories!  

Name: Meghan Medford

Favorite Type of Workout: Pure Barre

Favorite Food: Mexican food. All of it.

CollegeFashionista: Where do you usually go to buy workout clothes?

Meghan Medford: I am a big fan of Lululemon — especially their leggings. They have great products and last forever, but I've also found some great tops at GapBody.

CF: What is your go-to workout look? 

Meghan Medford: I still like looking put together when I go workout, but I still need to be comfortable. I always wear some sort of legging and tank or a loose-fitting top.

CF: How many times per week do you go to the gym?

Meghan Medford: I go to Pure Barre at least 5 times a week. If I am able to go more during the week, I do.

CF: Do you have a set workout routine or does it vary day to day?

Meghan Medford: I try to mix in some cardio, but mostly I take classes at Pure Barre.

CF: How do you reward yourself after a long workout?

Meghan Medford: A smoothie — with lots of raspberries!

FIT FOR STYLE: Annie Jackson

Flashback to a Bikram yoga class I attended two summers ago: the studio was a brutal 103 degrees and full of people — sweaty, flabby women in sports bras, to be exact. Now I am all for embracing all shapes and sizes, but unless you’re Miranda Kerr or you have a rocking six-pack (not of soda), solely wearing a sports bra to the gym is not always appropriate, let alone flattering. So how on earth are you supposed to show off all of your colorful and cute sports bras?

The open-back top is your sports bra solution.

This fit Fashionista’s burnout tee is seemingly a normal top when looking from the front, but when she turns around, a bright lime sports bra is tastefully exposed. The burnout fabric also reveals a hint of the bra’s lime color. Play with different fabrics, cutouts and sides of your top to smartly show your sports bra.

Name: Annie Jackson

Favorite Type of Workout: Running, Insanity workout DVD and dance.

Favorite Food: Candy!

CollegeFashionista: What is your go-to workout look? 

Annie Jackson: I love bright sports bras and baggy tops or racerback tanks.

CF: Where do you usually buy your sports bras?

Annie Jackson: Target always has a great selection with a ton of different colors. I even found a cool, tie-dyed sports bra there.    

CF: How many times per week do you workout?

Annie Jackson: I attempt to run at least 15 minutes every day because I am training for a half marathon. I also am doing the Color Run next month. I also like to do the Insanity workout DVD around two to three times a week.

CF: What’s the Color Run?

Annie Jackson: It’s a nation-wide 5k run where you start out with a white shirt and throughout the run you’re splattered with colorful paint “dust” that is 100% natural and safe. Each kilometer of the run is associated with a designated color. 1k is yellow, 2k is blue, 3k is green, 4k is pink, and the 5k finish is a “Color Extravaganza.” Basically it’s a really fun way to run a 5k!  

CF: How do you reward yourself after a long workout?

Annie Jackson: Occasionally eating some fro-yo. 

FIT FOR STYLE: Kelly Treater Shuman

Believe it or not, bracelets and working out go hand-in-hand (pun-intended). Adding some bling to your fitness gear allows you to subtly express your style while you workout. This fit Fashionista’s jewelry not only makes her sporty style sophisticated, but her bracelets mean something more.

Name:  Kelly Treater Shuman

Occupation: Pure Barre fitness instructor

CollegeFashionista: What exactly are Lily and Laura Nepal bracelets?

Kelly Treater Shuman: The Lily and Laura Nepal bracelets provide jobs to Nepalese women. It’s really cool because all of the beading is done in the comfort of their homes or on rooftop decks when it’s nice outside, and they have the freedom to work when they feel inspired.

CF:  What is your go-to look for work?

KTS: Of course my staple jewelry — rings, gold bracelets and Lily and Laura Nepal bracelets. For clothes, I’ll wear a slouchy pullover during the winter and I like an open back top for the summer.

CF:  How do you transition your workout look after work?

KTS: I’ll throw on a pair of leg warmers and riding boots.

CF:  How many times a week do you workout?

KTS: Considering my job is working out, so I am fortunate enough to get in some exercise pretty much every day.

CF:  How do you reward yourself after a long workout?

KTS: Definitely relaxing at home watching TV with my dogs!

FIT FOR STYLE: Courtney Treater

It seems as though the style of the 1980s is perpetually revived in the fitness world. From Fonda-fabulous leg warmers to revealing a lot of hip in a high-cut leotard, the ‘80s sure took workout clothing to the next level. Although I give kudos to some of the fitness gurus of the ‘80s, I would strongly advise not using Richard Simmons as inspiration for what you should wear to your next aerobics class (I don't think a high-cut leotard is flattering on anyone, really).

Despite some outrageous fitness trends and some even more outrageous fitness instructors, the ‘80s still embodied fashionable fitness wear. Take this fit Fashionista, a Pure Barre fitness instructor, for example: her off the shoulder top is the ideal way to make an iconic ‘80s trend modern. I am a huge fan of exposing some shoulder, especially when it comes to comfy clothing, so a slouchy top is ideal for both class and working out.

Name:  Courtney Treater

Occupation: Pure Barre fitness instructor

CollegeFashionista:  What is your go-to look for work?

Courtney Treater: I am always in black leggings and I love the racerback tanks from Lucy because they have a built-in bra, which is great for both working out and to wear all day long.

CF: In terms of fitness wear, how do you think it has evolved?

Courtney Treater: I think workout clothes have definitely changed in that it is more specific to individual lifestyles. The brands are trying to accommodate a busier lifestyle that transitions from working out in the morning, to running errands and so forth.

CF: How do you transition your workout look after work?

Courtney Treater: Whether it’s a nice watch or a cute slouchy top, I try to have at least one element of fashion in my look because I wear fitness clothing pretty much everyday.

CF:  How do you reward yourself after a long workout?

Courtney Treater: I love to come home and have a nice, well-prepared dinner. I am at Pure Barre all day where I snack on yogurt, almonds and pretty much only have small meals, so I’m not trying to worry about eating a salad for dinner.