STYLE GURU STYLE: Spring Simplicity

March’s winter storm has finally brought us April’s sunshine. After months of treacherous wind and freezing temperatures, it is finally time to soak up some sun. Spring is probably my favorite season not only because it is leading into summer, but also I can finally show off my style without being covered up in heavy coats and scarves.

Personally, I like to keep my style relatively casual but also featuring some of my staple clothing items. During the spring, everyone breaks out their favorite sundresses and rompers, but as a college student, it can be difficult going in between the warmth of outside and the frigidness of the classrooms. This is where the signature jean jacket comes into play. Jean jackets are definitely a staple item this season because it can pull together a whole outfit and keep us college students warm when we are in class. As for my personal touch, I am a huge Birkenstock fan. I know people either love or hate these controversial sandals, but I definitely am a supporter. They come in such a wide variety of styles and colors that they can keep an outfit casual while also keeping your feet comfy.

In this look, I tie together popular spring trends and my own personal touches. By sticking to my casually simple style, I wear a pair of plain black jeans along with a white top. To give a little color, and to keep me warm during class, I rock a semi-distressed jean jacket. To finish off the look, I rock my black leather Birkenstock sandals, a Kate Spade tote, and a pair of sunglasses.

I am slowly transitioning into the more vibrant spring-like colors, but I like to stick to my roots with my black jeans because they can make any outfit. As a college student, it can be difficult to find the time to put together a fashionable look, but with a few staple items such as black jeans and simple tops, you can pull together a great outfit. You can also flare up your look with a light jacket or cardigan that are pastel to incorporate some springtime vibes.

WHAT TO WEAR: In Between Seasons

This year’s weather is one for the books. One week it can be sunny and 60, and then the following week can be a snow storm. Because of this unpredictable change, it can be difficult to decide what to wear. Is it still necessary to layer up or can we start breaking out some lighter pieces of clothing? One way to balance this imbalance is to incorporate both. Don’t completely get rid of all your winter clothes just yet, but trade a few items off with a few light spring items instead. During one of the warmer days on campus, I spotted this Fashionisto who perfectly incorporated this in between seasons look.

One article of clothing that I find versatile in all seasons are flannels. This Fashionisto is wearing a warm-colored flannel which ties in the coziness of winter but is also light and appropriate for the warmer weather. Another staple item that most guys wear are khakis. He is rocking a pair of light wash khakis which again are versatile in all seasons. Now for the most important part of an outfit for guys, their shoes. A recent trend in men’s shoe fashion is wearing leather boots. They give off a sense of style while also looking professional. This Fashionisto is wearing a pair of light brown leather boots. As for accessories, guys don’t go too overboard like us girls, but a simple watch can really pull a whole outfit together.

Dressing during the transition between seasons can be difficult but is still manageable. It is important to stay warm during the colder days by wearing a sweater or a jacket, but be sure to have a lighter layer on underneath, just in case the sun decides to come out. I find wearing the cozy colors of winter but in clothing articles that are lighter perfectly balances the in between seasons look.

STYLE ADVICE: Sweater Weather in Style

Unfortunately, it’s not always sunny here in Philadelphia. During these winter months we trade the warmth of the sun for the brisk cold and occasional gusts of wind. Most people would argue that it is hard to look fashionable during the winter because you have to bundle up in heavy coats, scarves, and gloves just to bear the cold. I would disagree though. There are plenty of winter trends happening right now that allows you to avoid looking like a marshmallow waddling around all bundled up.

Here in Philly we have been lucky enough to not have an awful snow storm (unlike the blizzard we had last year). However, our worst enemy during these cold months is the wind, it is absolutely unbearable. Luckily, there are ways to brave the cold and the wind while still looking fashionable. One trend that I am loving are blanket scarves. These scarves are huge, super soft, and are so versatile you can wear them so many different ways. Another trend that is making a come back are turtlenecks. People might have laughed about them back then, but now they are back and keeping our necks warm in style. Ultimately, winter coats are the hardest to make fashionable, which I disagree with. There are so many styles out there such as long trench coats, peacoats, ones with fur lined hoods all of which come in different colors and patterns. This Fashionista was embracing one of the warmer days we occasionally get in Philly while still incorporating some winter trends.

The staple idea of this Fashionista’s look is none other than a nicely knit and super chunky turtleneck. I can feel how warm that turtleneck is just looking at it. Another up-and-coming trend are over the knee boots which this Fashionista ties in nicely with a pair of plain black leggings. To accessories the look she wears a crossbody purse and a fun pair of sunnies.

During the winter you can go crazy by layering with different colors and patterns or keep it simple, like this Fashionista does, by simply wearing cozy sweaters.

STYLE GURU BIO: Kija Chronister

Hello everybody! My name is Kija Chronister and I am a returning Style Guru for the third semester now. I’m currently a sophomore communication studies major at Temple University in the City of Brotherly Love and home of the most amazing cheesesteaks, Philadelphia. I grew up in a small rural town so living the city life is very different, but also extremely exciting and I love exploring Philadelphia one street at a time.

Personally, my style is quite simplistic with subtle pops of color through accessories or stable clothing articles. My color palette consists of mostly neutral colors, and I can almost guarantee I always have something black on. Another way I like to spice up my style is through layering. This allows me to bundle up because I’m always cold, but also gives me the freedom to play around with different colors, patterns, and clothing pieces. This outfit I am wearing perfectly represents my simplistic style with a little spice.

My black jeans are my go-to piece because they are a great base to any outfit. Staying with my neutral colors I take a simple white top and throw on a dainty necklace to add a little pop to the outfit. One of my favorite colors to wear is olive green so of course I top this outfit off with an olive green bomber jacket. My lace-up flats spice up the look along with the red velvet crossbody bag. You can catch me wearing this outfit in Center City trying to find some of the best cafés.

Outside of fashion, I enjoy writing and am very passionate about music. I have been to over 30 concerts and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Like how music gives you the freedom of expression, I believe fashion gives you that freedom as well and you can really learn about a person just by their style.

I am super excited to be back with CollegeFashionista and I cannot wait to see what is in store!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Keeping Warm This Winter

It’s the most wonderful (and coldest) time of the year! Winter is finally here and so is the dreaded cold. The real struggle of this season is finding a way to look fashionable while also keeping warm. As a college student you want to buddle up walking to class, but then the heat is blasting inside. This is where the power of layering comes to play. Layering allows you to brace the cold weather while also playing with different colors and incorporating different articles of clothing like this Fashionisto did.

One of the biggest staple items this season are scarves. There are countless options from infinity scarves to big blanket scarves, all of which come in fun colors and patterns. This minor detail can really spice up and bring together a whole outfit while keeping you extra warm. This Fashionisto does a great job of incorporating layering and the liveliness of a scarf.

Keeping warm in the winter is everyone’s main priority and this Fashionisto is bundled up while looking stylish. His first layer of clothes consists of a plain black long sleeve and he tops it off with a long hooded black cardigan. Winter jackets are not always the most fashionable, but trench coats are a great balance of warmth and fashion. This Fashionisto finished off his look with a tan trench coat, a black and gray plaid scarf, and a stunning pair of dark leather boots.

Whoever said you have to give up fashion to keep warm is wrong. Layering is essential during these cold months and allows you to adjust to temperature change while also playing around with fun colors and patterns to create the ultimate look.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Thrifty Fall Finds

Being a college student can be rough financially, especially when you are a shopping addict. One of the most important skills I have learned is to shop on a budget. I don’t need to have my whole wardrobe from high-end stores. My go-to places to shops are thrift shops or consignment shops along with discount places such as Ross and T.J.Maxx. In these stores you are able to score a lot of bang for your buck. Now that my favorite season is here I get to break out some of my greatest finds.

I love when people compliment my outfit and ask where I got my shirt or something and I say the thrift shop. Their faces are shocked because they would never expect to find something so fashionable there. At the numerous thrift shops I go to I find the staple item of fall—cardigans. Cardigans are a simple yet effective way to spice up any outfit. They can be short, long, patterned, plain fall colors, knitted and so many other options. They also come in so many fun fall colors and I truly believe they can pull any outfit together.

In this look every item is under $20 which is amazing for college students like me, who try to spend their money wisely. The beige cardigan was a thrift shop find, but can easily be found in any store for a relatively cheap price. Another popular trend happening are criss-cross tops and bodysuits. This piece incorporates both and features a simple flower detail with beautiful fall colors. Black jeans are my go-to because they can go with just about any outfit. The look is finished off with a simple crossbody purse and chelsea booties.

WHAT TO WEAR: Fall Edition

The wait is finally over! With fall quickly approaching us here in Philadelphia, we are starting to switch our wardrobes from tank tops and shorts to jeans and cozy sweaters.

Since the weather can be so unpredictable it is all about layering, which is one of my favorite parts about the fall. When I am getting ready in the morning the weather can say that it is going to be cold and windy, but half way through the day the sun decides to make an appearance. Luckily by layering up I am able to quickly adjust my outfit accordingly. This also allows me to play with all of the fun fall colors like maroon, dark green, burnt orange and throw in some patterns as well.

This Fashionista created her own twist on the typical fall fashion by incorporating fall colors while wearing some warmer weather pieces. Button-up denim skirts have been raving all summer long and has become an iconic piece to many peoples’ wardrobes. A new trend is the turtleneck which are making a strong come-back this fall. This Fashionista is keeping hers simple with black and white stripes. Another popular item on the rise this season are bomber jackets. They work double duty by keeping you warm from the fall breeze, but also keeping you stylish as well. This Fashionista chose one of my favorite fall colors, olive green, for her bomber jacket which pulls the whole outfit together. To top off the look she pairs her Chelsea boots with black knee-high socks.

Fall is all about feeling cozy and looking fashionable while sipping on some coffee either while you are studying or heading to class. There are endless colors to play with and pieces to pair. So have fun with your wardrobe, layer up and prepare yourself for the incoming cold weather.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Simplicity with a Spark

Now that classes are in full swing some people’s motivation levels are slowly diminishing, especially when it comes to their outfits. Your fashion doesn’t have to suffer, there are so many easy ways to look good that aren’t time consuming or uncomfortable.

If you are anything like me, sleeping through your alarm happens a little too often so you are rushing to get ready in the morning. Just because you are in a time crunch doesn’t mean you have to throw on leggings and a T-shirt. A shift dress is easy to slip on and super cute. They are simple which leaves room to spark up the look with lots of accessories.

The weather here in Philadelphia is still pretty warm with the occasional fall breeze, so we still have wiggle room with our wardrobe choices. This week I spotted this Fashionista rocking the perfect pre-fall outfit, even her choice of colors gives off an autumn vibe. Olive green is such a trendy color right now so she is wearing this simplistic shift dress. To give the outfit a little bit of spark she pairs it with a chunky necklace and a pair of super rad gladiator sandals, which are also another popular trend happening right now. Shift dresses allow ultimate comfort and are perfect for us college students who are constantly on the move. Also, gladiator sandals are making a huge hit in the fashion scene so pairing them with a simple shift dress like this Fashionista is, gives off an edgy vibe.

This Fashionista advises, “I might roll out of bed 15 minutes before class, but I know that if I throw on something simple and add a few accessories it already looks 10 times better than wearing sweats.”

STYLE GURU BIO: Kija Chronister

Hello and welcome all my Fashionista/os! I am excited to be back again for another great semester with CollegeFashionista. I’m Kija Chronister and I currently attend Temple University majoring in communication studies. I grew up in a small farm town, so being able to go to school in the beautiful city of Philadelphia is a great change for me. I like to explore the city with my friends finding cute coffee shops and restaurants. I have a slight concert addiction being that I’ve seen over 30 artists. That being said, music is a huge part of my life; you can always catch my listening to my Spotify playlists. I am also a huge coffee lover. I will drink iced coffee year round no matter how cold it is. Also, I love dogs and always try to pet every one that walks by me.

As for my fashion sense, I tend to keep it casual yet cute. I am all about being comfortable, but like to spice up my outfits with accessories. Some of my staple items are shift dresses and Birkenstocks. Dresses are so simple to slip on in the morning, yet super cute at the same time. As for Birkenstocks, I’m not going to lie, I’m addicted to them. I have four pairs now and they are super comfy and go with tons of outfits!

In this look I decided to keep it simple, but also accessorize a little. Olive green is one of my favorite fall colors, so I am wearing olive green cropped pants and paired it with a simple white T-shirt. Keeping with the comfort I am, of course, wearing my brown Birkenstocks. Now to spice up the look a little I layered some necklaces and added some fun rings as well.

I can’t wait to see what this semester brings! I am honored and excited to be back with the amazing CollegeFashionista!

WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

It’s that time of year again—time to head back to school! Whether it’s your first year hitting a college campus or returning for another year, you have to make sure to kick it off with a great first impression. What better way to set a great first impression than with a totally rad outfit!

Trust me, I know you want to wear leggings and an oversized t-shirt to your classes, especially your 8:00 a.m., but it’s time to step up your fashion game. However, just because you want to look good doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. There are simple outfits that you can slip into in the morning and rock it all day long. Since it’s still going to be nice and warm during the beginning of the school year, you will definitely want to be wearing something light and free so you aren’t completely dying from the heat.

This Fashionista is rocking the comfortable, yet casual look. She is wearing distressed jean shorts with detailed pockets along with a light, open back flowy top. These are going to keep her cool while walking in between classes, but is also making a fashion statement while doing so. Now one fashion piece that is making a comeback are Birkenstocks. This Fashionista is wearing the classic and popular Arizona style in taupe suede. Birkenstocks are super comfy due to their footbeds that shape to each individuals foot, making it extremely comfortable when you are walking around campus all day.

One Simple Change: Finals week is finally coming. Have you have dedicated all your motivation into studying instead of your outfits? No worries, the shorts and Birkenstocks can be paired with anything. So, instead of wearing a nice top, you can simply throw on a college T-shirt. That way you have school spirit while testing.