When it comes to personal style, one of the best ways to differentiate yourself is to bring a bit of your personality in to your outfit. Adding in a few pieces that show off who you are and your style can bring your look from blah to ooh-la-la! I spotted a Fashionisto that did this perfectly. As you can see, from a distance it appears that he is dressed in a wonderful casual yet chic ensemble. There is a ton of layering, a cool plaid pattern and an overall great fit. However, after a double take, you notice the little additions like the lace on his tie and the pop of color on his socks. These extra pieces truly create an unforgettable and interesting look. 

When creating your cool rendition of a classic look, remember to keep your accessorizing true to you. For example, this Fashionisto used his British background for inspiration on his colorful socks. Another useful tip is to get ideas from this season's trends. A good example of this adding in some neon with a belt or throwing on some tribal print shoes. Focusing your pop of personality in your outfit on the little additions will keep your outfit simple whether you're going for a classic look or suitiable from an upcoming internship. For all of the men reading, take cue from this Fashionisto and mix up your outfit with a trendy tie and stand out socks. These pieces can still remain work appropriate if needed, but will keep you looking unique and completely you. 


Inspired from the 70s and 80s, this is a trend your mom may have sported back in the day is back to stay! Spotted on our favorite celebs like Rihanna, Rachel Bilson and Nicole Richie this trend seems like it is everywhere these days. High-waisted denim shorts are not only summer's new must have, but can even be transferred into your fall wardrobe as well. On a warm and sunny day, in particular, I found this Fashionista channeling her inner retro-style during a celebrity meet and greet at a local hip-hop store in Bloomington. Like a true Fashionista, she was wearing more than just one amazing trend. Everything from her cute sheer button up (in our favorite, Tangerine Tango), brown oxfords and a hint of cheetah, she pulled off a perfect spring look.  However, the piece that caught my eye the most were her retro-inspired shorts. You can find this amazing trend anywhere, but a few of my favorites are Nasty Gal (where you can find cool pairs with studs and prints) and Levi's (for the classic girl).

When wearing this trend, may seem tricky, but the main thing you have to keep in mind is the way they fit. While trying on different pairs, rely more on your hip size than your waist size for the perfect fit. You want to make sure that the shorts are comfortable and not too tight, as well. After you get the fit right, if you want a cool variation, don't be afraid to find pairs with cool prints, colors or even studs. The best part of your new retro shorts is that they are very transitional. Match them with a tee or crop top for a casual chic look or with a silk button up, blazer, and booties for a more classic look. As previously mentioned, the shorts can be brought into your fall wardrobe, just remember to add some tights underneath and a cute cardigan!

One more usual hint for my money conscious readers, if you don't want to spend the bucks to get the trend, DIY! Search for a pair of older jeans from either your closet or a close by vintage store and cut the shorts where they would touch your mid-thigh.  Once both sides are cut, roll your new shorts a few times, and WA-LA– you're trendy in minutes!


The great thing about men’s fashions is that it stays pretty consistent. There are minor changes that happen every other year or so, but usually the major looks and trends last for years. The other great thing about men’s fashion is that there are only a handful of trendy looks, compared to the many that women can find in their latest Vogue.  With this in mind, keeping those pieces that will always be in style stocked in your closet is the smartest idea. However, to differenciate your look a bit, take cue from this Fashionisto. Pulling off an ensemble that is simple, sleek and even has a bit of edge. When looking for ways to take your classic look up a notch, focus in on the details. Especially when it comes to men's fashion, having the slightest pinstrip, pocket or layer can bring your from Urkel to Stefan in a matter of seconds.  

Keeping a focus on detail, look for settle details on your next shopping trips. For men's woven shirts, check out ones like the one this Fashionistos is wearing. A slimmer fit, epaulette tabs on shoulders, roll-tab sleeves, and pleated pockets can go a long way and can be used on numerous occasions. Another way to incorporate the classic button up is to layer it with other classics in your closet. Pulling together a striped V-neck underneath to create a dimensional casual look. Or for dressier times, layer a cardigan on top. Outside of the go-to classic woven, adding in accessories like an exclusive pair of sneakers or sunglasses can also amplify your style. For all my ladies reading, sport the same look by wearing a boyfriend shirt.


Once reserved for only wedding dresses, formal wear and who can forget Madonna's infamous gloves; lace is popping up again in the world of fashion. Also, if you can think back to a little event called the Royal Wedding, you might remember the beautifully constructed lace bodice that Kate wore to exchange her vows. Taking note, numerous designers showcased everything from dresses to pumps on the New York and Paris runways. Whether you decide to continue the formal theme, keep it casual or flaunt some skin, you are sure to turn some heads with your pretty patterned pieces.

As shown on this Fashionista, her flowy, zipper detailed tank, peeks perfectly under her structured jacket which a sleek spring look. However, it’s not one of the best things about this trend is that it can be found in many forms this spring and summer. Either take cue from this week's Fashionista or just from lace dresses in general, which are all the rage at the moment. Everyday items such as blouses and skirts have also had a sprinkling of lace. You will also notice that handbags as well as women’s lace shoes will be a big hit this spring/summer.


“Where's the flood?”

While we were all growing up, this was the usual comment regarding what use to be known as high-waters and is now surprisingly a popular trend across the globe. The even more surprising fact is that the trend is occuring more in men's fashion than ever before. Men baring their ankles and showing off a cool pair of kicks was the key thing seen on many streets and even from the front row of the runways. It's a cool and chic way to make your old favorite jeans look brand new. This trend, with a lightly pinched cuff that should fall about an inch or two above the ankle, was found on this Fashionisto. He perfected a modern preppy look, complete with a Polo Ralph Lauren button-up, chinos, chukkas and a pair of the always popular Ray-Bans. The best thing to keep in mind when pulling off this look is that it is meant to look casual, nothing about the outfit should be dressy. If you're looking for a unique twist from the knee down, swap the bare ankle idea for a pair of cool socks. Companies like Happy Socks and J.Crew can help you bring out your fun personality.

For the ladies, keep the casual rule in mind as well. The look has been coordinated with boyfriend jeans in the past and is now found on a trimmer cut look. Either way you decide to go, the trend is a great way to bring attention your new favorite pair of shoes. 


The '80s rock 'n' roll, and maybe even Billy Rae Cyrus might come to mind when the “business in the front, party in the back” hairstyle is brought up in conversation. Fortunately however, the style has gone from hair to fashion across the globe. This phenomeon known as the “high-low” trend has been noted by fashion bloggers, street chic Fashionistas and celebrities alike. Featured mainly on skirts, I was pleasantly surprised when I found this Fashionista wearing a flow-y rendition of the trend on her dress.  High-low and asymmetrical hemlines are the perfect way to not only give your outfit a twist but also make it easy to show off a fun pair of shoes. The featured Fashionista mixed girly and edgy by incorporating a unique pair of lace-up gladiator sandals and a black leather clutch.

Although asymmetrical hemlines are ideal to your spring wardrobe, the trend is still very versatile. If your campus is still in the process of warming up, team up your skirt or dress with opaque tights, a cute pair of boots and a colored cardigan. Also, if you want to bring the trend into a more dressy setting, switch your flats for a great pair of heels, throw on a belt and add some sparkling jewelry. When hunting for this trend, keep proportion and length in mind. Various hemlines can be found at places like Forever 21 ASOS or Zara depending on your preference.

Not interested in a skirt of dress? The best part of this trend is that is also featured on shirts and jackets. For those being loyal to their college budget, a cool way to mimic the trend is by tucking a longer tunic into your favorite pair of jeans or shorts.


How quick has this semester gone? Doesn't it feel like the first day back from classes was just yesterday? And now, students and Fashionistas alike are coming back from fabulous Spring Break trips to beautiful beaches, bustling cities or their relaxing homes. Now that spring has offically sprung, questions on dressing appropriately for the season arise as well. Here in Bloomington, Indiana, we experience the craziest of all weather from rain, snow and sunshine with in a week (if you can believe it). Therefore, the idea of bringing your winter favorites into play for the spring season is almost essential. So it's time, ladies and gents, to get creative and blend your new and old seasonal favorites for your latest look. 

On a day full of spring showers, I found this Fashionista who perfected this. Thinking back to November, fur vests were the usual occurance on campus. Paired up with slouchy sweaters, skinnies and over the knee boots, the vest was part of the casual fall uniform. During the spring season, although it might seem impractical for the warmer weather, a faux fur vest is a chic and unexpected layering option for those damp, cooler days. Another piece to dust off and pull out of the back of your closet is your classic black tights. On those days that are too chilly to show off your tan legs, match them with a brightly colored pair of shorts, a flowing skirt or black bottoms like this Fashionista for a more edgy look. One last piece for those rainy days are your shoes. If you want a change from your go-to rainboots, try a mens-inspired flat


After sighting numerous bright pants around Bloomington over the past semester, my excitement for colored pants has hit an all-time high! This excitement grew even larger on my most recent sighting of colored jeans, this time with one color in particular. According to the Pantone Color Institute, the new red and orange mix named Tangerine Tango is now considered to be the color of 2012. It's a sure thing that campuses around the world will be looking a lot more vivid. With a brighter and more cheerful shade of orange as the “it” color, Fashionistas/tos alike will feel energized and content in their bold hue. This Fashionista dresses down her fruit-inspired pants to create an ensemble perfect for the classroom. She complements the jeans with toned down, neutral pieces like her Longchamp bag, chocolate Michael by Michael Kors watch and cotton scarf. 

To achieve a similar look to this Fashionista, match a tangerine piece with casual pieces. One of my favorite ways to keep my colored pants outfit chic is to pair them with a chambray button up. The contrast with blue and orange adds a cool pop, and still keeps your casual enough for the classroom. For a dressier rendition of the tangerine trend, find a fun, flowy and flirty dress in the bright color. This look is perfect for a night out on the town or a special dinner date. You can also get creative by incorporating this fun hue into your make-up and accessories. Tangerine is flattering on a larger variety of skin-tones and also serves as a great transitional shade from the vibrant reds or pinks that have been so popular recently. Try out the Tangerine color on your lips, cheeks and nails for a look perfect for the warm spring semester. Focusing on your accessories, check out your favorite stores for statement jewelry, shoes and handbags, if you only want an unexpected hint of color in your outfit.


Fall fashion has caught attention once again, with the return of New York Fashion Week. Everything from haute hats, bold brocades, flirty feathers, and lots of leather were layered on the models while they strutted down the long runways. One trend in particular, which I found on this Fashionista, are bold prints. There's something about the combination of pretty patterns and colors that bring out the beauty of an outift. What's even better is incorporating two unique patterns together and collaborating them to make a chic ensemble. The former StyleGuru yet current Fashionista, combined a hint of floral with a neutral cheetah print scarve to add a pop. Apart from her eye-catching talent of mixing patterns, this Fashionista was basically a walking billboard for the NYFW fall collections– colored tights, mix of short and long hemlines, utility boots and layering in every aspect of the word (this gal definitely knows her trends!). 

With spring fast approaching, wild, colorful prints, can be found on every corner of shopping malls. So if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to mix multiple prints into one outfit, now is the time! The trend may seem hard to pull off, but follow these three simple rules to help you become successful mixers before the flowers bloom! For starters, rule one is to keep a consistent color scheme. This could mean using prints the same tones or even just having one color present in both pieces.  Rule number two is use the same pattern in different scales.  For example, try out a fun skinny striped tank with a cardigan with thicker stripes. The contrast will add great dimension to your outfit and while maintaining a chic understated combination. For all of my risk taking Fashionistas, try incorporting your accessories into the mixing for rule number three.  An easy way to accomplish this is to unite a simple pattern in neutral colors with bolder prints. Accessories like shoes and handbags are staple items that can help balance your outfit but can also bring in cool textures. If you do decide to incorporate an accessory into the mix, try keeping one of your pieces a solid color. One last tip is to keep your sense of style in mind. Everyone has a their own interpretion of what colors, patterns and silhouettes look best on their bodies. Always remember to embrace your personality and bring it into your wardrobe.


For a while I've been under the impression that guys have it way easier in the morning in regards to getting ready. Especially compared to me (and I'm sure, other Fashionistas). I'm that girl who debates for at least 20 minutes on which combination of pieces will make that perfect Monday ensemble. Shortly after realizing that my bed and floor are completely covered with the rejected items. Previously in my mind I figured guys just hop out of bed, grab the first clean tee and jeans they see, then head to class. Well, turns out I'm wrong– completely wrong. This Fashionisto spotting will forever change my impression toward the campus style of the college male.

This week the majority of my attention has been toward the stunning designs for New York Fashion Week. Although, envious of the recent Twitter, Facebook and Fashion Blog posts that I have witnessed, the sighting of a look good enough for a spot on the runway, has officially made up for my NYC absence. This guy definitely knows how to stand out and not in a bad way! Everything is perfect from his bold coral infinity scarf and tribal print laptop case to his sky blue beanie and brown military boots creating the crème de la crème of all campus style. Where can I get this in my size? During the winter and fall seasons, be sure to keep your attention on the details because a huge yet toasty coat usually covers the majority of your outfit. This Fashionisto exhibited this idea by using simple yet stand out pieces to bring his casual look to the GQ level. Keep cool colors and bold prints in mind when picking out your unique accessories. Also, for all of my aspiring Fashionistos out there, remember to channel your inner Kanye or Pharrell for inspiration!