STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Luxury And Utility Collide

I love seeing the converging of different styles into one wonderful outfit. This week’s Fashionista definitely has some layers to her style and does a good job mixing the practical with the lavish look. I love the seafoam green top she is wearing because it complements her fair skin beautifully, while also giving her outfit a nice shape. Her fitted black skinnies are well-suited for a looser fitting top. She definitely attained he ultimate combination of comfort and style.

I am a huge lover of gold, so this week’s Fashionista wowed me with her gold details, seen both on her blouse and her chained necklace. The gold stud buttons on her top gives a regal touch to her outfit without causing too much attention. The gold chain necklace is also incredibly in style right now, as it has been in the past. The chain adds touch of sophistication without looking too bulky or complicated. We've seen may different variations of this style, which can go with an array of different outfits. The bottom line is that gold and seafoam are a great color combination. I highly recommend this combination if you're looking for a feminine flare.

Her black combat boots are a bit different than what we’re used to seeing. I like that they have a slightly more feminine look with their slicker lines and longer shape. Our Fashionista looks ready to take on the day in this stylish look, while making some heads turn along the way.

I’m sure you couldn’t help but notice her thick, long locks…neither could I. Her dark hair, light complexion and dark eyes give her look the posh effect many of us try to attain. While we can try and pinpoint exactly she did to get the “it” look, I would prefer to take the easier route and say that this girl simply knows how to mix and match concepts into one strong outfit.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Leather Sleeved, Please!

The leather-sleeved jacket has officially blown the minds of Fashionistas all over the nation. Stylish celebrities such as Olivia Palermo, Emma Watson and Rihanna love this style and so does this week's Fashionista! This jacket is the perfect urban mix of utilitarian and chic. No matter what gender, age or body type, you cannot go wrong with this style. The jacket can complement almost any kind of outfit for the on-the-go college student. I don't know about you, but to me that's the sign of a true fashion staple we must all have.

This jacket comes in other styles besides the army jacket look. Everything today from plaid, to tweed, to blazers has taken advantage of this style. What I like about the style of jacket she has chosen is its versatility. I love the way she paired the jacket because there was not much thought put into it. I love an effortless flow in an outfit that can also draw attention to the details. Her black skinny jeans are super chic and definitely fall season appropriate. Her knitted sweater gives her a little bit of softness against the black, beige and leather we predominantly see.

Her boots enhance her look through their warm brown tone and the lace up style that makes us think she looks really comfortable and warm. Given Fullerton California's sudden cool down, some Fashionistas like this one were ready to wear the cutest pieces while still staying warm. Her casual hairstyle and subtle makeup are great because she lets the outfit take over the show.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Magnetizing Metallics

On a rather gloomy day, students huddled into classrooms wearing nothing all too impressive: UGG boots, sweatpants and hoodies dominated the campus scene. Amongst the crowd, I spotted a Fashionista whose sense of style knew no weather limitations. The Fashionista of the week wore a gorgeous, loose metallic top, blue jeans and vintage black leather boots. This outfit is stylish, practical and obviously very magnetizing.

I am a huge fan of the metallic trend that has taken over the fall season. One aspect of this top I love is that is has great versatility. It can be worn during the day at school and again at night when you and friends hit the town. This Fashionista clearly has no problem with eyes being on her. My advice to anyone who is going to attempt this style is be the same way: don this great fashion statement with pride. Of course, there should be a limit to the glitz and glamour of your outfit when in school. She tops off her top with another brilliant mirrored necklace. The flowers on her necklace add a hint of delicacy to her style.

This Fashionista knew to tone down her outfit with two pairs of classic items. Her blue jeans fit perfectly on her curves and her leather boots from Lucky Brand are incredibly chic. The boots bring the outfit full circle; overall, we get the sense that the girl that stands before us knows how to have fun while staying warm and comfortable.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Chiaroscuro Effect

In Italian, the term chiaroscuro refers to the perfect harmony of darkness and light. Like a painting, this Fashionista stuck out to me for the fact that she perfectly blended her dark pieces with her bright pieces. The first thing that you notice when seeing her outfit is the bright loosely knit sweater. Its color lifts the outfit out of a potentially drab look. The all-black statement makers will always have a place in my heart, but I think this Fashionista's outfit makes us appreciate her darker pieces by wearing this sweater on top.

If she were to wear black from head to toe, she may have very well have gone unnoticed. It's the way she uses her black pieces with her sweater that makes us appreciate the outfit. For example, I love her lush, black scarf. Sitting on her neck against the sweater, the scarf takes a life of its own. A simple black fabric now is an eye-popping accessory. Her studded combat boots, though seen on many students around campus, offer something unique here as well. We can appreciate her boots' color and style because of the use of contrasts.

The wonderfully feminine use of hair accessories, such as turbans and beaded headbands, are a total must-have. I love the grayish silver tone of today's Fashionista's headband because it stands out so well on her chocolate brown tresses. Speaking of standing out, did you see her studded phone cover? It's quite the work of art. The gold studs are a huge trend — what better place to showcase your love for studs than on the one device that's always in full view? Her look reminds me a lot of the cold weather that has yet to come our way.

She looks warm and comfy without sacrificing her chic appeal. To replicate her look, pick out one piece either in material or color (or both) to make your focal point; let everything else you piece with it be the support characters to this one piece. The beauty of doing this is that with minimal effort, none of your pieces will go unnoticed.


Right away, this Fashionista gives students at the school café something intriguing to look at with her eclectic style and statement pieces. The first thing that popped into my mind when I spotted this week’s fashion starlet was “I never thought of wearing it like that.”

The Fashionista has a knack for mixing and matching pieces uniquely and still managing to look comfortable and confident. What makes her stand apart from the rest is that she brings a hint of urban flavor to our suburban, picket-fence lifestyle here in Orange County. Her glasses, thick gold necklace, zipper details on her top and bright orange Marc Jacobs tote make bold and unapologetic statements. If one thing is clear, this Fashionista has no fear in being a trendsetter.

Pairing her baby blue shorts with suede ankle boots allows her to show off her great stems and balance this skin exposure with an oversized top and leopard kimono jacket. I am currently obsessed with the kimono jacket in all different patterns and colors because it is the easiest accessory to add to an outfit without adding bulk.

I especially like that she has chosen leopard. Leopard throughout the history of fabulous Fashionistas has always been the go-to pattern to enhance an outfit. It is one of those patterns that seem to always adjust it's vibe according to the outfit one wears. Leopard can sometimes add a bit of funk, other times class, maybe even mystery. It may be bold to say, but I believe a piece of leopard print in almost any outfit can work.

Going back to the sheer kimono itself, it is the perfect accessory for every California girl. The sheer kimono jacket can give us that fall look without us needing to sacrifice our warm weather. We can perfectly layer our outfits with these fun jackets and enhance any outfit. Overall, our Fashionista’s outfit has great harmony and keeps our eyes engaged.


Ripped shorts, lipstick, studs and leather: the bad girl alarms all went off when I spotted this Fashionista looking dangerously stylish. Rocking signature femme fatale pieces in her look, she embodied strength with a touch of femininity. Overall, I like that her look is simple and straightforward. Her high-waisted shorts tucking in her graphic tee give her slender physique the perfect silhouette. Her nude-studded loafers added more length to her legs with just the right amount of sparkle. Not a whole lot of effort was placed in making this outfit stand out and that is why we can’t help but admire it. This Fashionista's hair is pulled back and her face is bare; instead of downplaying the look, it added a chic and fresh feel to an outfit that could have easily been taken over the edge.

Her love for studs is apparent and who can blame her? Studs have made a grand appearance in the fashion world in recent times. Everything from backpacks to shoes to clothing to jewelry has embraced the appeal of the stud. This Fashionista carried her load with style in a leather-studded backpack that I adore. The studs are muted grey, which makes them neutral enough to wear with other metals — they are practical while also being eye-catching. Speaking of eye-catching, the white MICHELE “Jelly Beans” watch she sported represents her style. It stood out with simple details and remained sensible.

I love that she can wear such daring pieces, yet her look does not offend or intimidate. She mixed in just the right amount of softness with her simple hair and makeup and let the studs do all the tough girl talking. My advice is to find out what style you like. Once that is established, shop for staple pieces that represent that style. Sunglasses, handbags, shoes and jewels could be considered staples since you wear them on a consistent basis. From there, your outfits can take on the persona you desire. If all of that just sounded too abstract, the shortcut would be to take notes from this week's Fashionista!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bringing Mod In Motion

We all love the chic look of bombshells like Twiggy and Peggy Moffitt who were the faces of the mod fashion movement of the 1960s. Today's Fashionista is bringing back this nostalgic style with a fresh twist. The Fashionista is wearing Prada 'Baroque' Round Sunglasses, a black and white striped cropped top, crimson maxi skirt and combat boots with bright and bold jewels.

Round-framed sunglasses have fortunately emerged back into the fashion scene and have all who don them looking unique. The Fashionista opts for black frames that look oh-so-retro with her short, blonde bob cut. She wears the cropped top very well, not overdoing it with too much midriff exposure but shows just enough to get the intended attention. The top has a feminine cutout in the back, which flatters her well.

As you may have seen, many have unsuccessfully worn cropped tops and I believe it’s because proportions were not accounted for. Since the Fashionista’s top is short and tight; she pairs it with a loosely draped maxi skirt that hits her waist perfectly without looking too short or dragging on the floor. Her silhouette looks long; overall, we can tell she’s comfortable. Need I mention the color or was that the first thing you noticed as I did? This rich, red tone is powerful, deep and a perfect color for fall. The combination of red, black and white is so prominent in the daring styles of the ‘60s mod girl.

As a much needed contemporary trade out, I'm glad she switched out the white, patent leather go-go boots for black combat boots to bring this ensemble back to this decade. Her jewels were unexpected to the outfit itself and that’s what I love to see. As mentioned in previous articles, I love when a Fashionista has a signature jewelry package. No matter what clothing she wears, the jewels take a life of their own and become tied to her, not her outfit.

Turquoise, the color representing communication, brightens up her bad girl outfit. There is a flowing theme of turquoise as we trace down to her bracelets as well. It’s clear that turning mod into a thing of modern day fashion came easily for this week’s Fashionista as she effortlessly brought back this iconic style.


The weather in Fullerton, California shows no signs of a severe cool down anytime soon, which leaves Fashionistas/Fashionistos with little access to sporting the great trends of fall. One way this week’s Fashionista managed to bring a taste of fall into her outfit was with the colors of her pieces. I have always have been a fan of red. No matter what the season, reds carry a lot of depth and sensuality. The week’s Fashionista’s red shorts are the main focus of the outfit.

You might be out shopping and notice a pair of red shorts and be intimidated to pick them up and try them on. As demonstrated here, the Fashionista’s blouse with vertical stripes is incredibly slimming and the colors of the blouse are perfect for fall and a great complement to her shorts. I also love the delicate details on the black flats the Fashionista paired the outfit with. The golden spun threads framing her flats add a more luxurious spin to the ordinary pair of flats.

The very statement red shorts make is bold, risqué and so strong that makes creating an outfit around them quite simple. The number of possible outfits that can come out of a nice pair of red shorts seems endless to me; that is why I appreciate seeing a student on campus donning them to begin with. Believe it or not, these shorts are actually very versatile.

For a light and airy look in the spring and summertime, red shorts could be paired with a white tank top, stonewash denim jacket and a pair of sandals. Look to this Fashionista for inspiration for how to wear them in the fall, as she is a great model for the ideal look. In the winters of California, red shorts don’t have to be stored away for months and can be paired with a thick sweater, belt and combat boots. The possibilities are endless! If you are feeling bold and need to add a charming staple piece to your wardrobe then look no further than the queen of the color wheel: red.


STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Beauty In Bohemian

Looking clean-cut and polished has often been the way society identifies what a stylish person is; having a bohemian look often gives people the impression of looking like a bum. However, a new definition for stylish has made an entrance — thank heavens we have Fashionistas at CSUF who pull it off so beautifully! The bohemian look that this week's Fashionista presents is the perfect example of how effortlessly cool the bohemian style really is.

It’s partially about the clothing but, more than anything else, it’s a kind of character that is raw, expressive and eye-catching because of its originality. Today's Fashionista is wearing a floral print dress, topped off with a denim shirt, knee-high combat boots and charming jewels.

The floral print dress gives her a bit of baby doll femininity, but what I love about her look is that she contradicts the dress with pieces that tell us there is more to her character. She wears an unbuttoned, stonewashed denim shirt over her dress, which automatically gives her look an edge — but she doesn't stop there. Her tall, black combat boots add to the drama of her outfit. Though the boots are tall, her dress’s length allows her to show off just the right amount of skin.

Besides the clothing and the shoes, the jewels are the best part of this ensemble! I love seeing Fashionista’s who can layer their accessories. This way, the jewels become more than individual pieces, but rather blend into one, individual look. One cannot help but be curious about this Fashionista when we see her multicolor, beaded bracelets, stacked high with messages, and her gold necklace with Arabic script. When a Fashionista strikes curiosity in people who see her outfit, she has created the perfect bohemian look.

Today's Fashionista's natural, full-of-body curls, bright smile, topped with a bold, red lipstick, and dark eye makeup adds a perfect contradiction between femininity with rock-and-roll. This girl is a natural at this style. 

The bohemian style takes courage, character and the ability to expression oneself through fashion. If you’ve got what it takes, then you can turn the old definition of bohemian into the definition of beauty, just like this Fashionista.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: A Novel Approach To Daisy Dukes

The sight of Daisy Dukes surrounds you at California State University Fullerton with people of all ages, sizes and body shapes embracing this returning style. Amongst the flock of females who chose to wear them in the same fashion — daisy dukes, sandals and tank top — this Fashionista models these shorts differently. Her overall look exudes a rustic, countryside feel with a simple charm. She paired her shorts with neutral-toned coordinates and I love the fact that she’s letting her long stems take center stage in her outfit. Often exposing too much skin detracts from one's look and people see nothing but a barely-there outfit, rather than as a fashion-forward ensemble. My rule of thumb: if you are showing a lot of leg, do not show too much of anything else.

Her woven crème sweater with the shoulder cutouts is a great transition into the fall season without looking too bulky, while her peek-a-boo shoulders attract attention. The sweater is so versatile she could probably wear it all year round. Her buttoned, dusty brown combat boots are paired beautifully with crème colored socks. Her outfit is topped off with a light beige canvas backpack with subtle horizontal stripes.

I believe the colors and materials in this outfit are ideal for the coming of fall. Colors like brown can be used often in the fall because it’s a color that carries weight without being too strict, like the stark blacks and grays worn in the winter. I love how nicely this Fashionista implemented the crème colors in her outfit. Along with this color, another option is warm camel and caramel tones that serve most outfits very well without much fuss. This Fashionista’s makeup and hairstyle were simple and chic. She kept her long locks down, which only accentuated the warm feel of her look.

The route most females on campus took to wearing their Daisy Dukes is typical, but this Fashionista “…took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”