As Melbourne weather becomes increasingly cooler and the throws of winter are well and truly here, warmer clothing and winter basics are beginning to reappear on the streets. In typical Melbourne style, Fashionistas/os are well aware of the dramatic temperature changes that can take place during the day, where layering is as prominent as ever.

Today's Fashionisto has gone all out in a vintage, Mexican-inspired poncho, cowboy boots and a quiffed updo. Ponchos are a perfect winter staple for both Fashionistas and Fashionistos, as their versatility allows them to be thrown on over anything and with anything. A fantastic alternative to the regular jacket or coat, they are great on-campus pieces with an edgier statement.

Similarly, vintage cowboy boots are a warm, comfortable form of footwear that are great when paired with jeans or shorts, and add a funky element to your outfit.

Not every Fashionista/o will be comfortable in a poncho, however an alternative such as a cape is also a great option. I love this one from ASOS, worn over jeans with military boots.


As winter draws nearer and the weather becomes increasing cooler, investing in warmer clothing is a solitary must for Melbourne Fashionistas/os. As scarves and trench coats begin to make an appearance on the street, so too do boots and darker colors.

Today's Fashionisto has paired a snow leopard-print coat with a denim button-down shirt, acid wash jeans, black boots and a black leather briefcase. His overall appearance is eclectic, noticeable and can be deemed worthy of a Fashionisto status.

The mixing of loud prints with simple, contrasting undertones forces the viewer to take in the entire outfit at once in what is a visual shock to the senses. The appreciation for detail as seen in this Fashionisto's outfit is evident in his use of circular accessories and his ability to pull off such incredible styling.

The John Lennon-esque sunglasses add an element of swagger to his overall appearance, tieing in with the shape of his necklace and contrasting the straight lines of his coat.

A look such as this isn't for every Fashionisto – to tone it down a level try pairing skinny black jeans with a denim button-down shirt, a black trench coat, boots and similar accessories.


As seen on various runways throughout Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, exposed midriffs and matching printed suits are going to be on-trend for the upcoming spring/summer season.

Today's Fashionista has tapped into both runway trends, adding an overcoat to comply with winter standards. She has paired a matching wide-leg pant and cropped long sleeve shirt combination with an oversized tote and oversized sunnies (try these pants and this blazer together for maximum effect).

The outfit is tied together with her ability to match the lilac hues of her suit with her bag and the black of her coat with her shoes and sunglasses.

Wearing matching prints on both halves of your body is harder than it looks, so to avoid looking over the top make sure you stick to a color palette that is limited to that of the suit.

Exposed midriffs will not necessarily be accessible to every Fashionista. Try mixing your prints like seen in last week's STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK on the likes of L.A. stylist Sophia Banks-Coloma.

The best way to ensure you pull of the printed trend is to keep your color pallette limited and to tie it together with other elements of your outfit.


Having been at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia all last week, I was lucky enough to have the privelege of meeting renowned LA stylist, Sophia Banks-Coloma.

Having styled the likes of Michelle Rodrigues, Jessica Gomes, Christian Chenoweth, Maggie Grace, Brooke Burns, Jennifer Stone, Ali Cobrin and Willow Shields to name a few, who better to photograph for a Style Advice of the Week post?

Sophia wears contrasting prints perfectly. Donning a Prabal Gurung shirt, she ties her outfit together with bright splashes of turquoise. Matching her shoes and nails to the tones in her shirt, the finished look is a balance of fashion forward and incredibly eye catching.

By placing two contrasting prints alongside each other, the best way to avoid looking over the top is to channel Sophia's style and tie it together with one key splash of color.

A huge success both on and off the runway, contrasting prints will be a staple this coming Spring Summer in Australia, so start getting creative.


These two Fashionistas couldn't be more different, although they do have one thing in common: they both look great.

The Fashionista on the left has gone all out and all over. With a trend that was seen on the Gorman and Arabella Ramsay runways, she has paired lavender stockings with brightly contrasting orange platforms (try pairing open-toed heels with these socks from Gorman). These two colours are played with throughout her entire ensemble, drawing together a dramatic and eye-catching outfit that is easy to replicate.

She has worked the bright orange as a contrast throughout the entire outfit, where the matching headband draws out the orange in her vintage floral dress. In doing so, she creates a unified look rather than appearing too thrown together.

The Fashionista on the right has gone for black on black with bright blue highlights. If simple is more your style, then a look such as this is perfect for a night out. Sheer lace tops are perfect for dressing up any outfit, adding an element of understated class to any appearance. This girly material is great all year round as it can be worn in many colours and styles.

Both Fashionistas have dressed for comfort and class, two very important variables to consider when choosing your outfit. If you aren't comfortable and confident, then you most likely won't look it!


The laid back apparel donned by La Trobe University's male population is catching on. Fashionistos all over campus are approaching the casual trend with all guns blazing, each adding their own sparks of individuality in order to create a look that is on-trend yet unique at the same time.

Today's Fashionisto paired navy chinos with a statement T-shirt, leather shoes and simple accessories. He manages to look stylish and relaxed, but still comfortable and ready to take on Uni tasks for the day. Chinos are the ultimate pant for around campus as they are inexpensive, come in a huge range of colors and can be worn many different ways.

To transcend this look to night time, today's Fashionisto would simply have to roll up the bottom of his pants, swap casual shoes for dress shoes and throw a blazer over his low-cut T-shirt.

Of course, when wearing such a low-cut T-shirt, a physique similar to this Fashionisto helps. If you are uncomfortable with showing that much skin around campus however, the buttoned-to-the-top shirt is a perfect alternative and will carry through to weekends and night time perfectly.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Two-Toned And Terrific

La Trobe University's Melbourne campus is the biggest in the southern hemisphere. This being said, it is understandable that comfort is a key motivator when its students dress for the day. The casual, laid back appearance adorned by a large majority of the male student population is a constant winner, and the trendy status of chinos has only greatened that appearance.

Today's subject is an aficionado of the laid back look. His loosely fitted heavyweight chinos are rolled up to show off black Vans that tie in perfectly with his plain, off-black T-shirt. Thrown over the top with sophisticated ease is a two-toned jumper that combines the simplicity of a grey tracksuit with an edgier checkered shirt.

A look such as this can not be beaten in terms of suitability for around campus. Comfort, style and swagger thrown into one, today's Fashionisto is the epitome of college guy class.

The best news of all is how easy (and inexpensive) this look is to achieve. Try these chinos from ASOS, and this two-toned jumper from Simply add your own Vans and a plain T-shirt and you're set to study. A great autumn alternative to the jumper is the baseball top, perfect for the in-between weather conditions.


Melbourne Fashionistas/os have adopted the denim-on-denim trend and modernised it, adding button-down shirts, bags and denim-inspired chinos to the mix. When worn at its full potential, the look can be incredibly unique and unforgettably memorable.

Today's Fashionisto has taken the denim-on-denim trend to the next level, simply by adding more denim. His denim jeans, rolled up to ankle-grazing length, are paired with a button-down denim shirt and a denim over the shoulder bag. The overall impression is fantastic — mixing three differently textured and colored materials of the same form forces you to take in his entire appearance at all once.

Paired with a beanie and some of the coolest vintage lace-ups I have seen, his look is definitely one to replicate.

This trend is easy to put together, perfect for around campus and inexpensive. Online stores such as General Pants have a great (and affordable) supply of denim shirts, jeans and bags suited to the male student.

To transcend the denim-on-denim look to evening, simply add a tailored blazer, dress shoes and a bow tie.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: From Runway To Walkway

As L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival has ignited fashion fever amongst Melbourne Fashionistas/os in the past week, this season's autumn/winter trends have surfaced and are taking their rightful place on the streets of the city.

Where detailed embellishment and sequins were a highlight on the Alex Perry runway, these Fashionistas managed to beautifully transcend the trend to street attire, perfect for the festivals opening Block Party.

As embellishment is both costly and time consuming, purchasing this trend may take quite the toll on your bank account. These Fashionistas have opted for embellished detail along the hemline, in a cropped vest or (if you feel like a splurge) an entirely embellished blazer like this one from Thurley.

Also a huge hit on the runways were digital prints from the likes of Jolet and White Suede, metallic finishes and jewel tone color palettes. Camilla and Marc's botanical print was a hands down favourite, as were the leather and leopard print combinations of Ksubi.

Today's Fashionistas have incorporated a deep jewel green in to both of their outfits, highlighting the metallic embellishment and creating an overall glamorous appearance that is guaranteed to turn heads.

When getting dressed this week, use Australian designers as your inspiration and add in a little glamour and sparkle to your outfit.


The model off duty look was spotted by Style Guru Calvin Chong in this post a couple of weeks back. As the fashion-forward fresh face trend continues at a fast pace, more and more Melbourne Fashionistas are opting for the natural appearance.

Today's Fashionista is flawless — not only in her complexion, but in her choice of outfit also. She has paired vintage boots with a knee-length Gorman skirt, a loose fitting long sleeved T-shirt and an over the shoulder bag. The placement of a brightly printed skirt on a black background forces the eye to first recognise the feature piece, then appreciate her entire ensemble.

Keeping hair and makeup simple is imperative when attempting this look. If you are lucky enough to have a complexion as superior as this Fashionista's then avoid makeup as much as possible. By leaving her hair to fall naturally around her shoulders, she looks relaxed, off duty and ready for anything. 

The knee-length skirt is a perfect item for every Fashionista's wardrobe as autumn arrives, and will transcend beautifully throughout the summer months as well. A skirt with this much coverage is also a perfect option for around campus — comfortable and modest, it is wearable for many occassions.