4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Retail Job

This summer I took on the challenge of working in retail, as most of us lovers of fashion and style chose to do at one point or another. Not far into the season, I came to the realization that this was my first college summer and I should be making the most of it. To get more than a paycheck out of my summer gig, I found a few small ways to broaden my horizons and add some sparkles to my resume.

Disclaimer: I worked at a small boutique. Some of these tips may be less applicable if you are working for a large chain retailer.

Build a social media presence. The job I worked was at a locally-owned specialty store in a beach town. I noticed that the owners had created an online sales presence and a popular Facebook page, but were not utilizing any other social media channels. I asked permission to take over a forgotten store Instagram account for the summer. Using my coworkers as models, and the scenery around the store as a set, I photographed new merchandise and advertised sale items to a growing number of followers. This experience not only made my job more exciting, ut also allowed me to add several new skills to my resume.

Design a display. Visual merchandising is an important part of marketing. Displays draw customers in and show off new products in their best light. I had the opportunity to use my creativity and design knowledge to put together complete looks for mannequins and arrange products on tabletop displays.

Become an expert. Many brands offer online training videos that teach sales associates how to pitch their product to a customer. The more you learn about a product, the more you will be able to talk to customers about it, and the more likely they will be to buy it. Some brands even offer a rewards program and if you sell a certain number of their products, you might get something free. This is a terrific way to strengthen your marketing skills and possibly score some freebies.

Share your ideas. If you think those cute new skirts should be up front where customers can admire them more easily, tell someone! If you think there is a more efficient way to put price tags on a new shipment, let yourself be heard! Keep a stylish notebook on hand to jot down your thoughts. If you think every business has it all figured out, you’re wrong. Your idea could create positive changes that are needed for a business to grow. Tell your boss about a new brand you found that you believe would do well in your store. Brief your coworkers on the best questions to ask customers in order to figure out what they’re looking for. The possibilities are endless.

These ideas helped me get through some rather dull days on the sales floor. If you have any other tips please share them in the comments below!

Playing With Pops of Color

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to say goodbye to bland and hello to interesting. This season is for spicing up your wardrobe and testing out new outfits before you head back to campus to show them off this fall. One way to change it up is to add some bright pops of color to your look, whether it’s with a bold accessory or a bright statement piece.

This first look features a bright red maxi skirt paired with a simple cropped halter top. The key to rocking a bold color is balancing it out with a neutral. To keep a look like this casual, accessorize minimally and throw on some simple sandals. Trade out the maxi skirt for a funky pair of palazzo pants on cooler summer nights, or add some simple wedges to dress it up for a night out.

Half-up hairstyles are ideal ways to stay cool and show off every inch of your ensemble. Summer is also a good time to go minimal with your makeup to combat the heat. Sit back and let your brightly colored threads do the talking.

This second look is for the neutral lovers out there. If your closet is full of simple staples and you can’t bring yourself to spend your ice cream money on a new wardrobe, don’t sweat it. Try adding a pop of color through your accessories. Some bold bracelets or a sunshine-colored bag can bring a surprising twist to your everyday looks. Try out the fruit trend with some pineapple-shaped bling, or throw it back to the ’80s and rock a psychedelic fanny pack. The possibilities are endless!

Summer won’t last forever so take advantage of the freedom of summer fashion while you can! Venture out of your fashion comfort zone and test the waters of bold style. Let me know how it goes and comment below!

The ’90s Trend That Will Complete Any Outfit

Welcome to the ’90s! Or, I guess, welcome back to the ’90s if you already lived and thrived in those groovy years of denim and plastic hair accessories.  If you’re like me, however, you were born near the back end of the decade and never got the chance to appreciate the fashion or any other sign of the time.  Luckily for us, lately ’90s trends are back and better than ever. So, reach to the back of your closet (and your parents’/older siblings’ closets), and prepare to dig through for gems from the past.

The oversize jacket is one of my favorite additions to give a simple outfit a bit of the cool factor. The oversize jacket trend happened to be a huge hit in the ’90s as well. Above, I styled a simple black skirt and plain white T-shirt with a Nike windbreaker that gives off some casual but edgy streetwear vibes. The baggy windbreaker brings back the ’90s feels, but the simple sophistication of the rest of the outfit makes it perfect for strutting down the streets in this decade.

An oversize jacket can either accent a fantastic outfit, or become the center of attention itself. For a second rad look with this trend, I utilized a different jumbo jacket as more of a statement piece. This one came with an additional blast from the past: the camo trend.

Pairing an old military jacket with a graphic T-shirt and black leggings will keep things casual but maintain your cool girl style. The best part is, we didn’t spend a dime on these new fits! Both of these spunky jackets were lying around, just waiting to be found and flaunted by a Fashionista like yourself.

Looking at trends form the past is a fun way to enlighten your style and change up your look. Comment below to share your thoughts on threads inspired by a decade not so long ago!