My name is Kristen Morado and I’m a former Style Guru for the University of Texas at Austin. It was fun and interesting to take on this role considering that Austin is widely known for its “Keep Austin Weird” persona, however, the university’s intellectual student body was not only book smart, but is also extremely fashion forward.

Interning for CollegeFashionista was the perfect match to correlate with my dedication to pursue a magazine journalism degree. Fashion has always been an extreme interest of mine, and CollegeFashionista made me realize how it is indeed possible to have fun at work.

So where did I go after CollegeFashionista? Well I was introduced to the Founder and Director of LUXE PR & PROMOTIONS, David Anthony Martinez. Based in Austin, Texas, this team’s mission is to bring a larger fashion market to Austin. I loved the idea and was offered a spring/summer internship. I have had the opportunity to meet amazing individuals involved within the fashion spectrum, assist with fashion events, and network with local professionals. I get a firsthand insight with all clients such as Ana Reign, who is a local jewelry designer who has received great press and nationwide attention as celebrities such as Joan Rivers, Shakira, and Paris Hilton have worn her jewelry. We hosted Fashion Talks Austin, an event where we flew in Austin native, Sergio Guadarrama, designer of Celestino Couture, to mingle with Austin guests and to tell his success story.

After putting in my internship time I am now the Administrative Assistant for LUXE PR & PROMOTIONS. I assist with all projects and am still able to sustain my love for writing. With Austin and New York Fashion Week in the near future, we are striving to continue making that relationship between the two fashion markets. Our team is usually on the go, networking and promoting the work of our clients from day to day. Business attire usually isn’t our preference, however, we do dress dressy casual and in correlation with the weather.

My advice to all CollegeFashionistas who plan to stay in the fashion industry after college is to network with as many professionals as soon as possible. Your hard work and creativity that is produced becomes easily noticed! 

TREND: Retro with Stripes

For the holidays, many of us travel to a holiday vacation spot or to a relative’s residence out of town. No matter where the wheels run to, every Fashionista must be fashionably prepared and most of all, comfortable for the ride.

This Fashionista is done with fall semester and is ready for the ride along with the enervating Christmas shopping that is to come. Her ready to go look is casual yet attractive to catch eyes during her fast paced schedule. She has paired a regular basic black tee with a gray high-waisted skirt. Underneath, she is wearing black transparent tights that are perfect to wear underneath any skirt, short, or dress. Her two tone striped cardigan fits well with her outfit and covers her up to breeze amongst the cold wind. The cross body bag is simple, compact, and lightweight to suit her as she travels. Finally, the Ray Ban aviators give the overall appearance a finishing touch to keep a cool and sophisticated look.

Hint: As you hit the malls and find yourself traveling often, try a cross body bag from your local Macy’s store. Also, you can find yourself a simple pair of tights to keep the body from being bare at almost any department store.

Remember; keep casual and cute as you make your way to your holiday destination!

TREND: The Little Black Dress

With finals coming to an end, there is nothing more that a Fashionista wants to do than attend parties. The holidays call for events that finally enable Fashionistas to get a little glitz and dress to impress. Although as simple as it can be, the little black dress will never do you wrong. Sophisticated, posh, and chic, this black dress makes any body frame look absolutely splendid.

This Fashionista was spotted with a short black dress with long transparent sleeves. The transparency of the sleeves makes the dress out to be a little more seductive without showing completely bare skin. In addition, she played with her outfit by adding big, bold, jewelry. It makes the outfit intertwine between cosmopolitan and fun. Finally, her red lipstick has finalized her outfit and she has accomplished a fierce Hepburn look. Make a party entrance by portraying a fashion icon with your own little twist!

Hint: You can find a similar black dress at Austin’s boutique, Duo, or the White House Black Market. Like this Fashionista, try to add more sparkle and color by adding some striking jewelry from your local Bebe store. Also, once the weather has transitioned, simply throw on a blazer or fur coat  to keep dressy and your ready to start the party.


TREND: Aim High for Dress and Tests

Finals call for long hours at the insanely freezing library, sitting on an uncomfortable wooden chair with a mess of books and papers spread out in front of you. Though stressful, there is no better way to boosten up your energy by simply feeling good about yourself.

For finals, dress comfortably but fashionably. This Fashionista was successful at making basics look flattering and comfortable enough to spend her whole day at campus. She has paired up a striped tank with black tights that are perfect for an active long day due to their flexibility. The boots have a gathering that makes them a little more distinctive to the eye. Finally, her gray knit cardigan is casual but sophisticated, and can be worn with almost any color.

Hint: Bebe offers a wide selection of cardigans and sweaters that can be worn on top of any basics. A skinny jean will also establish a similar look. In addition, you can find trendy boots that contain a gathering at your local Steve Madden. For something a little more different, try pairing a sweater tunic with lace tights.

Dig into your closets, pull out your basics, and cover yourself with an exclusive sweater!

TREND: Relate to Your Favorite Past Time

Many of us receive inspiration from our favorable decades. Maybe it’s the music scene, Hollywood glamour, or art from that time, but many of its features are represented throughout our dress.

I caught a glimpse of this Fashionista and I was taken back to the 70s intertwined with present day fashion. Back to Marsha Brady from the Brady Bunch, the high-waisted jean comes back to make its appearance. These are the perfect bottoms to compliment your body figure even if it is paired up with a loose fitting top. Designer Oscar de la Renta featured a high-waisted black pant paired up with a white loose silk blouse for his fall 2010 collection.

Comparable to de la Renta’s look, this Fashionista is wearing a high-waisted short paired up with a long sleeve vintage blouse due to the fluctuating temperatures in Austin, Texas. The blouse ties into a bow at the top making it a distinctive piece. Finally, the cognac- colored boots are the perfect choice to correlate with the black shorts and the coral hue from her blouse.

Hint: You can find high-waisted shorts at your local American Apparel. Roam through your closet and try pairing these shorts or pants up with a basic tee along with a blazer on top.


TREND: Fall into Fierceness

Fall is the perfect time to challenge yourself to attain a fierce look no matter how much material you have bundled up in order to keep your body insulated.

Dark hues, especially the dark cognac color, has caught my attention this fall. It has been popular amongst Fall 2010 collections and it has become evident why. The color stands out tremendously alongside black. Doo. Ri immensely inspired me with her look on the runway and I was immediately sidetracked once I spotted a Fashionista exhibiting a similar look.

Underneath the eye-catching jacket, this Fashionista is wearing a gray knit knee length sweater paired up with black patterned tights. I love the popped up collar as it makes her jacket out to be sophisticated and cool. The colors make it more accessible to play with different shades of scarves and eye makeup. Her outfit is complete with the final piece swung around her shoulder.

Hint: Nordstrom carries a similar jacket with an edgy collar. Try wearing a nude tone underneath to obtain Doo. Ri’s look. Lastly, nude, black, brown heels/boots will conclude the overall fierce appearance!

TREND: Hungry for Denim

This Thanksgiving, give thanks for the four F’s: food, family, friends, and fashion. Holidays call for family portraits and with portraits comes the need to look suitable for the season. Use Thanksgiving trimmings as your props and look stylish for those photos around the dinner table!

This Fashionista is ready for the break and has embraced the famous 80s blue jean jacket trend. Back to the necessity of basics, she has worn it on top of a simple white long sleeve. I love the elegance of the black panty hose worn underneath the black skirt. She upholds a flirty look without showing too much skin. Furthermore, she conquers a biker image with the black boots and blue jean jacket, yet, is girly and sophisticated with the charm of the green scarf.

Hint: Believe it or not, but denim jackets have made a statement. Victoria’s Secret models have got them on and so should you! Guess can provide you with a slim cut fitted denim jacket that is a little more flirty and fun than the usual.

The holidays are here and its time for Fashionistas get a little more creative for the glitz and extravagant parties to come!

TREND: Patterned Prints

The only bearable thing about math is the algebraic inspiration that it has amongst plaid. The four dimension figures are a trend that doesn’t cease to leave the fashion world. From the Burberry print that we all know and love, plaid suits male and females. A plaid garment is one of those things that everybody must own at least one of.

This Fashionista ignored boring and innovated patterns. She accomplished a preppy school girl look with some edge sparked by the dusky magenta colored patterned tights. It’s such a craze that Christian Dior featured plaid as his primary look for his Fall 2010 collection. Plaid blazers, blouses, coats, and scarves are the necessities to obtain an fall/winter editorial look as you make your way onto class.

Hint: For other looks, try draping a long sleeve button up on top of a basic tee, paired up with dark skinny jeans or torn denim. Marc by Marc Jacobs has plaid scarves that will keep you fashionable and warm in the winter season. Lastly, never be afraid to dress your casual look up with heels or knee high boots.

Next time your doodling in your math class, let yourself be creative and figure out symmetric ways to play with your wardrobe!

TREND: Black and White Glamour

There’s something about black and white that immediately reminds me of the 1942 classic film, Casablanca, or the prominent Miss Audrey Hepburn. The combination of black and white is so classy, elegant, and chic, I can easily envision this Fashionista doing an ad for Tiffany’s.

Her pin striped, buttoned down, dress is sophisticated, yet casual enough to hit the books with. While temperatures are still amongst the midst of changing, her light striped cardigan is just about perfect to suit her attire. Her white oxfords are rounded with a light brown and are comfortable enough to get her around campus. This Fashionista earns herself an A+ with her choice of colors and style.

Lastly, the original black Ray Ban wayfarers are the finishing touch to her outfit on this sunny day. Polished and cool, this Fashionista makes me want to go on an old hollywood glam craze.

Hint: Black and white is such a contemporary trend, that it is featured in Chanel’s A/W 2011 collection. Black and white has always been nothing but satisfactory. Ann Taylor can provide you with the original little black dress and have you looking like the modern day Hepburn.

TREND: A Salute to Jackets

Know any veterans? Borrow their jackets.

Fashionistas around campus don’t need basic training to defeat obstacles. They have pronounced that statement by their superb expertise in dress. This Fashionista was spotted in a French military jacket making her way to conquer her school test. Je l'aime!

This lightweight jacket is perfect for a long day at school. It’s always a fashion plus when you can multitask by both looking good and feeling comfortable. She paired it up with a basic black tank and tights. Her cheetah print shades symbolize her animalistic instincts that are beneficial in overcoming her battles. Her oxford shoes were perfect for their simplicity and color.

Hint: These oxfords from Urban Outfitters can add extra enthusiasm for their shine and will overall add a little sparkle to your attire. Celebrities have been frequently spotted with these attention grabber garments and can be worn with anything from shorts to dresses.

For the fall, try adding a belt to your jacket at the waistline or pair it up with a scarf. For a casual look, wear it with torn denim jeans and knee-high boots.

Serve your country by giving other Fashionistas something else adorable to look at!