With finals rolling around, who says you can’t look nice at the same time? Finals don’t mean putting on your sweats and calling it a day. You can look stylish while being comfortable too.

One easy way to keep your outfit quick and accessible is to throw on a fun printed skirt with a plain tee. Neutral colors like white, gray and black match and are easy to match with everything. Choosing a color for your outfit will be one less thing to worry about when the morning of your final comes. Like I've mentioned in my earlier posts, don't be afraid to go for a black and white outfit—you can't go wrong. Fall tends to be too cold for just a skirt, so grab your warmest pair of tights, which are a much better choice than those sweats I know you were so tempted to put on. 

Today’s Fashionista sports a houndstooth-patterned skirt with her plain gray tee. Despite the weather and the fact that winter break is just around the corner, this Fashionista donned a smile that only made her outfit that much cuter. She wore her wool peacoat over her ensemble with a chunky green scarf and her studded ankle booties. I have been obsessing over ankle boots this season, which I believe are a staple for any Fashionista’s wardrobe. You can grab these exact pair here! The small gold studding brings the neutral colored boot to the next level. In addition to combating the wind she wore a knit headwrap, which makes for a great accessory as well as keeping your hair in place. The wind and hair never really did go together. The best way to add to an all neutral outfit is to play around with the accessories. From head to toe, accessories can be the missing pieces that bring an outfit together. Her chunky, green scarf adds that pop of color while her headwrap balances the heaviness of the layers.  

Don't let finals bring your spirit down. Put on your cutest outfit and there won't be anything you can't do, including acing your finals.  


With the hustle and bustle of city life you are always surrounded by Fashionistas and Fashionistos who all have their own story. I can only wonder and imagine what it could be. I spotted this Fashionista sitting outside our school’s main building and I was curious to know her story. To sum it up in a few short words, this Fashionista is studying journalism and interested in working in the music industry. I think this Fashionista definitely expresses herself throughout her outfit.

Being in New York City, there is no need for playing it safe. This cool and confident Fashionista got it right when it comes to mixing and matching. She pairs her intricate black and white bottoms with a red polka-dot cardigan over a band tee. Check your local thrift store or eBay for your favorite band tees! The red cardigan makes this black and white ensemble pop. Red will always do the trick. She gives her outfit some edge by topping it off with a cropped leather jacket customized with her own collection of button pins.

The cold weather makes it almost necessary to throw on some hand warmers like these thick knitted gloves. Have some fun with prints and don’t be afraid of being a little out there—not everything always has to match. On one hand she has a plain black hand warmer and on the other she wears a simple striped one. The colors still go together and the pattern is also not too complicated. When mixing and matching, it's important to not go too overboard with many complex prints. Give yourself some extra height with these platform sneakers and throw on a chunky knit scarf for comfort.


Now that the colder months are coming up ahead, it's all about fun layering and the time for fur (faux of course) has come again. Spotted on the New York runway this fall by designers like Altuzarra and Michael Kors, fur is definitely in. I have been noticing quite a lot of fur vests and coats this fall and the more I see it the more I want it.

What is the point of dressing up when it’ll only be covered by your coat? Make your outerwear shine too by wearing a fur coat instead of your everyday peacoat, or layer a fur vest on top of your leather jacket. When I spotted this Fashionista just about to leave school I knew I had to catch a quick snapshot. She convinced me that I need fur in my wardrobe. There are just so many options to choose from! You can go for a leopard fur coat, a plain brown fur vest or a fur coat with color.

What better way to make a girl feel glamorous then adding a little bit of fur? If you feel like fur is just way too luxurious for you in general, try toning it down by wearing your favorite pair of jeans and your everyday booties. Add a thick knitted scarf or beanie to finish up the look. However, if you really want to incorporate fur into your outfit, try starting off small by getting a detachable fur lapel. You can never go wrong with that.


Leather has always been major—whether in clothes, shoes, bags or accessories. Leather everything can sometimes be amazing but sometimes overwhelming. You may buy a leather dress and find yourself only wearing it once in a blue moon. Instead, why not go for items with leather accents? They make a piece more casual and wearable for your everyday outfits. 

On my search for the perfect leather jacket, I’ve noticed that I can’t seem to keep my eyes away from anything with leather accents. Something about them just seems super cool and chic. There are leather-sleeved jackets like these, which remind me of varsity jackets. This is like a different version of the varsity jacket that makes you look cool and sporty at the same time. I spotted this Fashionisto rocking his black varsity jacket with faux leather sleeves. Not only do I love the contrast between the leather sleeves and the wool, but I also love the small leather detail on the pockets. He added his adidas sneakers to create a sportier look and he balances out the darker tones with his light grey speckled hoodie.

For the ladies out there who aren’t into the whole varsity jacket look, there are tons of other styles of leather-sleeved jackets like this one. This jacket is more feminine by combining a textured bodice and quilted leather sleeves instead of a smooth leather. Even jackets with leather lapels make it interesting and unique. If you want something other than black, go for this burgundy one with leather sleeves. For both ladies and gentlemen, incorporate faux leather like this top in replace of your everyday simple T-shirt. 


Going to college means a time for freedom and exploring your inner Fashionista. Being surrounded by hundreds of other students gives us the inspiration to figure out our own personal style. One thing that has been trending for awhile now is thrifting. Thrifting has become a hot topic these days with YouTubers, like Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters and the twins from The Fashion Citizen, who present their style by mixing and matching thrifted pieces. Finding a one-of-a-kind item at a low price — who wouldn’t want that? However, there’s also the problem of going into the thrift store itself. Some people may be too shy to go in alone, while others just can’t stand the smell of all the secondhand clothing. 

A lot of thrifted clothes are from years ago — they are probably even as old as our parents are. Ding, ding! Can we say light bulb? If thrifting isn’t for you, here’s an alternative solution: go raid your parent’s closet. Yes, right now! You just might find something that is trendy, fashionable and ultra-chic. I noticed this Fashionista because of her super cute jacket. The little detailed stitching and big buttons definitely caught my eye. They reminded me of tweed jackets (that are currently trending, by the way) that are unique in their own way. After finding out that she got it from her mother’s closet, I was inspired to raid my own mother’s closet. I found a couple of tops; with a tweak here and there, they will be the perfect incorporation into my outfits. 

Throw on this cute little jacket over a minimal outfit to make it really pop. Instead of wearing a midi-maxi skirt, I love how this Fashionista wore a fuller, longer skirt that reached right above her ankle, letting us all see her cute black flats. To all the shoe-a-holics out there: is there anything better than showing your shoes off? Put on a pair of round sunnies and sophisticate your look with a top knot bun. Here is a great tutorial. Check out your aunt’s closet, or go even further back in time and raid your grandma’s closet! You never know what treasures you just might find.


As said by creative director, Joe Zee, this is the season to start with a clean slate and go back to the basics — I couldn’t agree more. Florals and neon have been big trends these past seasons; so much so that everyone has forgotten about a simple black and white ensemble. As a lover of all things black and white, I couldn’t let this Fashionista remain unnoticed.  

A white blouse and a black skirt may seem boring to some, and maybe even too formal, but a white chiffon blouse with a black high-low skirt is casual and chic. It is never a bad decision to invest in a cute high-low skirt. I caught this Fashionista outside school rocking her sunglasses and super cute bowler hat, which definitely adds major style points to her already chic outfit. All the way from top to bottom, she keeps it simple. With her night planned to go to a friend’s art gallery, a simple change from flats to wedges can instantly make this outfit go from day to night. For us Fashionistas in the city who don’t have dorm rooms to run back to, carrying around a big tote to school is a must. Who knows when we’ll need a quick change for a spontaneous night out with some friends? And if you’re dying for some color, just add a berry lip to finish the look. 

If you’ve hidden away your blacks and whites, now is the time to go dig into your closet and fetch them out. See what black and white pieces you can mix together to make your most stylish outfit. Even in black and white, I guarantee you’ll have all eyes on you.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Perfect Combination

When you think of a chunky oversized sweater, do you think of combat boots? If you put these two together, you will have the perfect combination. An oversized sweater is a versatile piece that can be styled in so many different ways. It is easy to say that this combination can be every Fashionista's uniform.

Today, this Fashionista made her outfit pop by wearing this detailed, chunky cardigan. While the intricate design on this cardigan is the star of the outfit, the story behind it is a great conversation starter. I learned that this Fashionista got her cardigan during the Occupy Wall Street movement. How could you not want to know more about that? If the cardigan isn't oversized enough for your taste, try going one size up to get that loose, fitted look. For those of you that are more feminine, put on some simple tights and switch out your shorts for a skirt instead. Or for a more laidback look, go for a boyfriend fitted short and basic tee.

To top it off, complete your outfit with combat boots — the perfect shoe to complement any outfit. Combat boots work for all styles. When I know I have to walk around a lot throughout the day, I go for my combat boots. I don't have to worry about getting blisters or worry about whether they match or not. Steve Madden's Troopa boots are comfortable and stylish. With such a minimal outfit, it's almost necessary to pile on the accessories. The gold chains around her neck and wrists gives her an edge, along with the various rings that adorn her fingers. It used to be you either wear just gold or just silver, but fashion is a way to express who you are — don't be afraid to be different from others and wear what you like.


With the weather getting colder there are only so many options you can do to stay warm while looking absolutely fabulous. It has always been a ritual for me to check the weather before I style my outfits. Having a nine-to-nine day at school means not only cold mornings, but cold nights too. Getting sick during the school semester is certainly not my number one goal and I’m sure it isn't for you either.

Jeans are a good source of warmth during the winter and are a staple piece in everyone’s wardrobe. But what if you go into that favorite store of yours and you see the cutest knit shorts on display? Well, my advice to you is to grab it! One of my favorite things about fall and winter is that I get to show off my legs… and wear cute shorts! Tights are comfortable and can appear to make your legs look longer (perfect for girls like us who wish we were a few inches taller). Put your knit shorts on over your tights to keep you warm. Cable knit is always on the runways from designers like Prada and Alexander Wang, and basically everywhere during the fall. Switch up the usual cable knit sweaters and stand out from the crowd with cable knit shorts. You can totally make this your fall DIY by knitting your own!

To recreate this outfit, pair your knit shorts with a chambray button-down or add an extra punch to your outfit with a studded denim button-down. For shoes go for velvet loafers like this Fashionista did. However, putting on black tights with black wedges will further elongate your legs and make you that height you always wish you were. You'll feel and look like a model. Top it off by wearing it with your coolest leather or military jacket.


The weather has been cooling down, but not cool enough for putting on all those fall layers just yet (bummer, right?). As much as I want to pile on those layers and participate in new trends theres always that moment in the beginning for fall where its just not time yet. Right now its all about taking your time transitioning from summer to fall. 

While it is not time for coats just yet a light sweater couldn’t be a better fit for the beginning of fall. I spotted this Fashionista taking a break outside school with a few of her friends. She was simply dressed in military green  pants, lace up boots, and a light sweater. However, it wasn’t just any plain sweater. It was shredded and definitely full of details. Whoever designed it definitely left no mercy on that sweater. I found it interesting to look at and surprisingly, it also looked very comfortable. During the summer you probably could’ve worn that sweater by itself with a bright colored bandeau underneath. Instead of showing so much skin, which screams summer, this Fashionista layered it with a shirt underneath that still gave the cutout details some contrast, making it noticeable for sure. 

My suggestion for you guys this week would be to pull out a favorite cutout or shredded piece of yours and layer it with a blouse or a t-shirt. Pair it with a some simple open-toed wedges if you’re not ready to break out those booties so soon. Not only is it reminiscent of summer but its the best way to transition into fall. I’m always about being stylish but sticking with comfort.  How can you not? It’s a win win situation.


This has been the second week back at school and it has been fun looking at back-to-school outfits — I was excited to see what would be in store for this week. As I was heading into class, I couldn’t help but stop to admire this Fashionista’s unique ensemble. This cool, minty color always catches my eye; naturally, I spotted her sitting outside the school right away. At first I thought she was dressed from head to toe in this color, but then I took a closer look and noticed a hint of blue. I immediately fell in love with her trousers. They reminded me of a pair of dip-dyed jeans from Zara I have been eyeing. Try this pair of Rag & Bone leggings and pair it with a white blouse or, to save some money, find a pair of trousers at your local thrift store and experiment with it by doing a dip-dye DIY! 

This Fashionista’s outfit reminded me of matching print suits that were frequently seen for fall 2012’s ready-to-wear. Though a more toned down version, the dip-dyed effect is what makes it a visually intriguing outfit. Black is the only color I would ever dress head-to-toe in, but this Fashionista proves me wrong. Why not wear as much of your favorite color or pattern as possible? Her mint pastel chiffon top and bottom are easy on the eyes and not over-the-top. Chiffon button-downs are perfect pieces for transitioning into fall. They are lightweight but, when paired with a cardigan, you can combat your school’s blasting air conditioning as well as the hot weather outdoors. Perfect for school with the right amount of comfort and just enough flair, this Kansas City girl knows how to rock it. 

Guys and gals, no more flip-flops or sandals! It’s time to get your boots ready as fall quickly approaches; purchase a pair of neutral-colored booties to add into your wardrobe this season (black never fails). Keep them near the door so when you’re running late to class you can just grab them and go. So for this week's challenge, try incorporating your favorite color or pattern from head to toe with your own twist!