4 Reasons Why One-Piece Swimsuits Are the Best

It seems like everywhere you look this summer, one-piece swimsuits are taking over. But, who can blame them? Cut-outs, loud patterns, and simple designs make these swimsuits flattering for every shape and size. There was a time where I refused to be caught dead in something other than a strappy, ill-fitting bikini. Now, this hot “old” trend has every college girl hurting their bank account just to have one or two. Plus, it is a nice break from having to be “bikini body ready” by the time summer rolls around. Here are four reasons why one-piece swimsuits are simply the best thing ever!

1—Simple yet stylish. This one-piece black swimsuit is so simple it almost does not even look something you could possibly swim in! It is simple in the mesh material design but the black top underneath it makes very fashion-forward. This mesh material look is also another trend that has been seen everywhere this year.


2—Body flattering. Rather you are size 10 or size 00, one-pieces are made to look flattering for every shape and size. They can accentuate the parts of your body that you love, (i.e cut-outs) or hide parts that you are not overly confident with, especially with a bold pattern to show off your personality!

3—Swimsuit or bodysuit? Going back to the first reason why these swimsuits are the best. Brands are very good at making these suits so nicely made and very on-trend that it looks like your average college girl bodysuit. These light wash jean shorts really bring this look from lakeside to dinner time in no time at all.

4—They actually never left. Yes, the one-piece suit is definitely high up on the list of latest trends this summer. However, they have been around longer than when we know. Of course, the different modifications from the 1800s until now are prominent, we can conclude that this trend is something that will never go out of fashion!

Never feel like you have to show some skin to look and feel your best, that is why the one-piece swimsuit is here for you!

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Why the Size of Your Jeans Shouldn’t Matter

This past summer, I had to do the difficult task of trying on all my shorts from the previous summer and finding that none of them fit. For any young girl in today’s society, this is a huge blow to an already sensitive self-esteem. For me, it really hit deep because I have always struggled with what I see in the mirror.

All my life I have been an athlete so my legs and arms were always more muscular than most girls. Bigger legs equal bigger sizes. This concept did not really hit me until about the end of sophomore year of high school. Society paints a picture of what the perfect girl looks like everywhere we look. Long legs, thigh gap, no acne, and definitely no imperfections what so ever. I always hated the way my bottom half of my body looked. My legs were bigger than most boys in my high school. I knew my love of sports, especially basketball, but there was nothing I could do about it. I remember going shopping for back to school clothes and convincing my mom that the size 4 and 5 jeans were not too tight and that I could sit down without losing the feeling in my legs.

Flash forward, my freshman year of college has ended, and I am not the same girl I was last fall. I did gain weight. Maybe not the dreaded freshman 15, but my clothes were tighter by the time move out time came around. It boggled my mind looking back because I did not eat pizza or greasy food every single day. I ate a ton of salads and fruit and always had my water bottle filled where ever I went. I even went the gym multiple times a week.  So why do none of my clothes fit? Sadly, I do not think I will ever have the answer to that question.

However, what I do have now is more body confidence than ever. A couple weeks ago, I was on the hunt for new shorts and jeans while with my mom. I was trying a pair of black jeans that I have been looking for forever. And to my demise, they were not the size 5 I was used to. I looked into the mirror and actually enjoyed the way I look. It hit me right there, the size of jeans does not matter. I am 19 years old, my body is still changing. What should matter is what kind of ice cream I am going to get with my friends tomorrow night.

I may never have a thigh gap or a size 2, but size should not matter; the confidence you have in yourself is what matters.

What are you most confident about yourself? Leave a comment below!

The Color White is Back and Brighter Than Ever

God bless Memorial Day Weekend for bringing back the color white for another five months. Even though summer is not quite here yet, it is never too early to start shopping for basic pieces that will last throughout the season. Many people feel like white is a hard color to pull off, especially for girls with fair skin. Fear not, there is a shade of white for everyone!

Off-the-shoulder tops have been a constant staple in many college girls closet recently.  They expose the right amount of skin appropriate enough for a classroom and come in very stylish colors and patterns, perfect enough for any upcoming summer barbecue. This Fashionista is sporting a simple white off-the-shoulder with a lace detail on the edges. This shade of white matches her skin tone perfectly without having to worry about washing her out.

After finding the perfect top, this Fashionista picked out a dark wash denim skirt that gives this look a more casual feel. Denim skirts have made a huge comeback this past year. The variety of washes and lengths make it easy to pick up two or three to add to your closet. The contrast of the white and dark blue really gives off the Memorial Day vibe.

This Fashionista is not a huge fan of accessories. However, the addition of oversize sunglasses is an easy way to spice up this casual outfit. Many girls can relate to having a pair of sunglasses for every occasion that comes their way. They are the best accessory for a fun, sporty, or even classy look. One of the perks of it being summertime is the chance to wear them 24/7 while also protecting the eyes from the bright sun.

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