Pin Game Strong

Lapel pins have made a huge comeback in the past few years. Buttons and pins have always been a thing among the punk crowd, but now even major fashion brands are hopping on the trend. Now, you can find a pin for almost everything from cartoons, musicians, cute animals, or your favorite witty slogan.

Pins can be styled in a variety of ways, but one thing is for certain—denim is a perfect backdrop, whether it’s a cap, vest, jacket, or jeans.

For the denim cap, I chose two larger pins. The crown states “queen of procrastination,” which describes me perfectly. There is also a hand “hang ten” pin, which is not only fun but represents an activity I like to do in my free time.

For the vest, I went all out. In addition to pins, I also decorated it with patches. For the front of the vest, several of the pins and patches represent places I’ve been or were purchased on a trip I’ve been on. They also show off some things I’m into like Sailor Moon, makeup, my favorite band, and activism with a Rosa Parks mugshot pin.

For the jacket, not only did I use pins, but I also decorated with mermaid shell studs and long spikes. Jackets have so much room to decorate, I can’t wait to get more pins and patches to fill it up. I hope this gave you some inspiration to spice up your life with the help of pins.

What pins are you guys adding to your denim pieces? Show us on social media by tagging @Cfashionista!

BEAUTY BAR: Serving Lavendar Face with Dark Streetwear

This Fashionista has the sporty street look down. Thanks to the long length of her jacket, she appears to glide across the ground as she moves. This all-black ensemble is giving me some serious goth girl vibes. But her makeup is the icing on the cake.

She accessorizes her dark garments with lavender eyebrows and a matte lipstick. It pops! Matte lip color is everywhere, thanks to it’s long lasting capabilities and variety of color. Before matte was invented, I was constantly reapplying throughout the day, no matter what the brand promised. The velvety finish it gives goes with almost everything.

Gone are the days when your eyebrows have to match your hair. Colored eyebrows are a simple way to create an original, new beauty look and add some contrast. Her eyebrows are blonde so she didn’t need to use a base, but if yours are darker it’s recommended to achieve this look. They can then be filled in with powder eyeshadow or a eyeshadow pencil. You can even use a couple colors for an ombre look, and add a finishing touch with some colored mascara. The lavender tones also make her iridescent choker stand out more. Chokers are an easy way to add some color to your outfit.

Her sleek, longline jacket came from the menswear section. Don’t be afraid to cross over to the other side of the store—you may find some key pieces with a comfortable fit! I’ve loved longline jackets this season because I think they spice up any outfit underneath and give you a more official look. They can also add a bit of class, especially when worn draped over the shoulders. Underneath the jacket she is wearing a simple, two-stripe jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are versatile, with the ability to be dressed up or down. They also work well on many body types. This athletic look screams woman on a mission to me.

Atop her head, this Fashionista’s plush, black fur cap adds some softness to this solid outfit. Fur has been everywhere from coats to purses and shoes, but this is the first I’ve seen it on a hat. For her feet, the classic Superstars added some contrast, yet continued on the stripe trend. All black is an easy way to always look on point.

STYLE ADVICE: Spring Prints

I love spring because it’s finally nice out and you can see all the cute things people have been hiding under their big, puffy coats all these winter months. I was so excited to see this Fashionista channeling spring with her floral, one piece romper. The contrasting beige and black on this timeless piece really make this outfit pop. I love the intricate, detailed drawings. Rompers are super comfortable and great for being active, yet stylish, at the same time.

Instead of opting for flats, this Fashionista chose a sporty monochrome sneaker to pull this outfit together. All black goes perfectly with almost anything, and this is no exception. I would have never guessed sneakers and rompers went so well together. She accessorized her look with some chic black shades as well.

She added some layer to the outfit with a versatile cropped, sleeveless vest. Her ensemble looks great with or without it, but I prefer the break it gives to the dark romper. When I asked this Fashionista where her outfit was from, she surprised me when she said thrifting! As we all know, college can be super expensive and we need to conserve money as much as possible. Thrifting is an awesome way to do that and build your wardrobe on a budget. It’s also better for the environment! I also spend a lot of time thrifting—you can score some great items. There was a point in my life where that’s where the majority of my wardrobe came from.

WHAT TO WEAR: Back From Break

We are just returning from a much-needed spring break, and this Fashionisto is giving off strong Chicago vibes. It seems like spring break comes at the perfect time. You just finished midterms, you’re starting to get unmotivated and stressed, and just when you feel like you’ve reached a breaking point it’s here, and you get a chance to catch up and recharge.

This Fashionisto is inspired by music and traveling, gaining inspiration from wherever adventure takes him. In this casual streetwear look, he is rocking an overall neutral color scheme with just a bit of bold red. His long sleeve, Chicago Bulls T-shirt gives me a Kanye/ I Feel Like Pablo feel, who also happens to reign from Chicago. The weather here has been all over the place, with one day feeling like summer and the next feeling like winter again, so a long sleeve paired with a light jacket is a safe bet for warmth. The dark coach jacket contrasts against the white T-shirt and brings the outfit together.

The black, dad cap helped keep the light snow at bay while showing off his musical taste for the positive Chi-town artist, Chance The Rapper. Dad caps have started to become a staple to some of my outfits this season as well. He kept his look classy and grown up with khakis cuffed just enough to get a view of his argyle print socks and suede brown sneakers. Socks can make or break an outfit, and he got it right.


In Ohio, the weather can go from 66 degrees one day to zero the next, so people here have gotten really good at having a versatile, warm wardrobe that can easily be switched up. We also have this amazing ability of actually getting used to this frigid weather and being able to somehow tolerate it after a while. This Fashionista has mastered both of these and I was so excited to see her walking around campus.

For her makeup, she did a soft, natural look. This season lip gloss has made a huge comeback, with people opting for a glossy finish instead of a matte color. This white, plush fur jacket helps keep the chill at bay while contrasting against her black high-waisted skirt. Graphic tops are always in, and this powder blue sparrow top adds some variety to her solid colored outfit. The coordinating buckle heels were super cute, bringing this outfit together into a chic, cool look. The heels are the perfect height for walking and still being comfortable. I absolutely adored the fun, semi-transparent Chanel inspired purse, adding another pop of blue accent to her ensemble. It’s the first day of the semester, which usually means carry light, and this bag has just the essentials.

This is an outfit that could easily transfer from a class look to a classy after school activity or get together. With most of the pieces being purchased from Forever 21, this outfit is easy on the wallet as well. Regardless of the weather, this outfit is sure to stun.

STYLE GURU BIO: Latosha Stone

Hey Fashionista/os! I’m Latosha, and I’m a sophomore at Sinclair studying fine arts and majoring in illustration, but I create in various mediums such as photography, graphic design, painting, and sculpture. When I’m finished with my associates, I plan on transferring for a degree in fashion merchandising and design. One of the perks of being a designer and stylist is you get to be the person to set the trend, instead of being a follower.

I live in Ohio, but I travel as much as I can! This past summer I finally accomplished my lifelong goal of a cross-country road trip and back. I design and sell T-shirts for a living, and it has taken me to countless interesting places and new people. I can’t wait to graduate and see more of the world. Some of my favorite places are New York City and LA. I love all of the movement of a big city and the creativity and opportunity that flows through them.

Styling and taking street photos are some of my favorite hobbies, so this internship will help me grow and bring out my personal style. My style changes all the time, often blending different styles together to create a look all my own. I would describe this look as kawaii-street. For this outfit, I’m wearing a velvet babydoll dress from Kokopie Coco, a coordinating lavender moon choker, a cropped leather motorcycle jacket, Converse platforms, and space buns. I may or may not have been inspired by one of my favorite anime’s Sailor Moon! Velvet is also one of my favorite fabrics. I fall in love with anything made from it.

I’m super excited and grateful to have been chosen for this opportunity. Feel free to follow me on social media and subscribe to updates on my posts. I can’t wait to show more of the unique fashion around campus!