How to Enjoy the Luxury of Minimalism in Travel

For most fashion girls, traveling is kind of a big deal. It’s a chance to live glamorously, packing only your best outfits and posing with foreign monuments. However, it feels impossible to stuff your entire wardrobe into a suitcase, let alone a carry-on. So don’t! Traveling with some minimalist inspiration can be so liberating once you let go of your fears, unknowns, and fashion compulsions. Here are some tips on how to achieve a carefree vacation:

1—Plan versatile outfits. Sure, you may want to wear a standout look each day, but you can save your space and sanity by creating several mix and match looks. Try dressing your outfits up or down by using a few accessories. A single sundress can transform from day to night with a touch of some statement jewelry.

2—Limit your options. No matter how hard I try, I tend to always have no less than five lipsticks or lip balms in the bottom of my bag somehow. Needless to say, I don’t even begin to use most of those regularly. If you limit yourself to only pack two shades of lipstick (one for the day and one for the night), you won’t feel blinded by indecision. Really, how many shades can you use in one day? Is there something you constantly over-pack but could do without? This simplifies your bag and frees up mental capacity to focus on what’s important; which museum will you check out next?

3—Be realistic. Do you notice any trends in your packing habits that just aren’t working? Maybe you’re the kind of person who packs three books for a road trip and ends up touching none of them. Despite your dreams of being engrossed in a novel on a beach, it may be time to set realistic expectations for yourself. You’re off exploring somewhere new! No one expects you to stay put and read if you’d rather try out surfing. By ditching the book, or any other unrealistic ambition, you’re freeing yourself from the guilt of ignoring your unneeded baggage (physical or not).

Another thing about minimalism—don’t get weighed down trying to comply with a long list of rules! Live the way that makes the most sense for you, and enjoy your travels.

Do you have any special packing tips to lighten up your load? Let me know in the comments!

9 Reasons Why Short Hair Will Be the Best Thing You Do All Summer

Summertime can be filled with adventures, beach trips, and endless relaxation. Or, it may include starting an internship in a new city. No matter what, summer is always an exciting time, filled with heat. Shouldn’t your hair be as adventurous and carefree as the summer? I’d say so. As someone with thick, plentiful wavy hair, I have spent years searching for the ideal hairstyle, and I think I have figured it out: pixie cuts.

I’ve compiled a list of reasons why short hair is the way to go for summer, and honestly for all seasons of the year.

1—The freedom. There is nothing as liberating as letting go of the hair on your head. Short hair feels lighter and simpler. You’re also freeing yourself from stagnation and beauty standards.

2—Natural hair. Depending on your hair type, you may be able to air dry your hair and go completely natural. This saves time styling, reduces heat damage, and hair product costs.

3—The options. There are countless ways you can style your hair even though you have less of it. Some think less hair equals fewer hair styles, but the flexibility in styling comes in a different way. Instead of buns and braids, there are tons of different accessories, such as hats and headbands to change up your look. Not to mention gels, pomades, and serums provide different textures and amounts of volume.

4—The showers. If you have long, thick hair, you know that showering can be a chore, taking forever for hair to dry or to get the shampoo out. Also, with shorter showers, you can have more free time (to play around with styling!) and a lower water bill isn’t bad either.

5—Less hair product. Less hair means you need less hair product on a daily basis. Suddenly trial size products feel huge. This makes traveling easier and lightweight.

6—The confidence. You can’t hide behind your hair, allowing you to feel bold and independent by selecting a style that so few people dare to try.

7—Repairing. You can get a fresh start and repair hair damage from dyes or heat. This is also a great opportunity to try out new hair colors because you will be able to cut damaged hair off sooner.

8—The gym. Having to do your hair for the gym is a thing of the past. You may still want to use a headband or bobby pin to push some bangs away from your face but the bulk of your hair can stay put.

9—Emphasizes your face. Now that most of your hair is gone, your face is no longer covered by it. That means your hair accessories will be highlighted. Also, your makeup and jewelry are brought to a focus, making the perfect opportunity to try some bold looks.

I hope that all of my trials and tribulations will come as a benefit to you. Have you ever considered a major chop? Let me know. Short hair has definitely won my heart (and head).

ALL IN THE DETAILS: More Groundbreaking Than Florals

Want to try something a little groundbreaking for spring? Well, maybe florals won’t be your best bet. If you’re looking for something that has the same spring/summer feel with a little less of a cliché, I have a suggestion for you.

Now, before I continue on, I want to clarify that I am not denouncing florals! They are absolutely a spring and summer staple and will likely never go out of style. Even if they were truly deemed démodé, you would hardly notice. Florals will probably be omnipresent, whether you love them or not. Personally, I will always be a fan of any vintage floral pattern, so this is good news.

Anyway, now that we’ve established that this isn’t really about hating florals. Instead, I’m talking about trying something new and changing up the spring staples. Here it is, plaid and gingham dresses. The new florals. Bright and simplistic, these dresses have a light and airy look to them. The prints are reminiscent of summer picnics and look so carefree on this Fashionista. It’s also great that dresses like this one are available in several styles so you can find one that fits your personal aesthetic. I’ve seen several beautiful dresses that have more of a bohemian style. I love that the details of this look are subdued, but they are what defines this outfit.

You can definitely see a bit of vintage inspiration with the lightly worn denim jacket and the lace-up sandals. Lace-ups are a big trend for this time of year whether it be sandals, espadrilles, or flats. Finally, the necklace is a basic way to customize the look and add your own personal touch.


When it comes down to it, I am rarely a fan of trends. I don’t mean to say that I dislike trying out new styles, but I have never really understood fleeting fashion. I generally only introduce styles into my wardrobe if I intend to be wearing them long term. However, I have decided that one recent trend will become a timeless piece in my closet. That trend is the neck scarf. I think it’s the new, more sophisticated version of a choker this spring, and it’s here to stay.

My obsession with these scarves began last summer when my grandmother gave me some of her old scarf collection from the 1960-1980s. Some she had clearly worn countless times, and others looked as if they were purchased yesterday. Deciding she would not be wearing them in the future, she figured I could put them to good use. She certainly was right. It was a style I had always wanted to try, and given that I had recently chopped my hair a fair bit above my shoulders, I thought it was the perfect way to emphasize the scarf.

So here’s why I think the silk scarf is the great new accessory for spring, and perhaps forever. First of all, they’re such a fun way to mix up a look! If you’re considering this trend, I recommend trying to find vintage neck scarves to create a truly unique style. I love that it’s nearly impossible to find identical prints today because the vintage patterns are just so distinctive.

Secondly, the scarves are so versatile! They can be tied in several different ways around your neck, as well as on your head as a headband or bow. Some even leave them attached to the straps of a tote bag which works as a bag accessory. Scarves can be used whenever you want to add a little something to your outfit.

I like to style these with a basic T-shirt and jeans for an easy look with a bit of sophistication. One of my “lazy day” tricks is to dress in all black (usually a black T-shirt and leggings) with a cardigan on top to have a sleek and comfy outfit. Then, I’ll toss a scarf on top to dress it up a bit.

As for the other features of this look, I chose to wear a pastel, textured coat to mix up the standard springtime jacket. It seems like a minimal take on Hollywood glamour fur coats. I wore my suede booties, which are stylish, neutral, and comfortable enough that I can wear them all day with no problem. Finally, I added a few simple romantic features with my side braid and dangle earrings.

This look is all about the little details, and how they go together to create something special. I am now forever converted to the silk scarf club. Are you?

WHAT TO WEAR: Polished for Class

If you have read my last article, you might be noticing a trend. I am becoming increasingly interested in men’s fashion. Here’s why: men’s fashion is mainly based on comfort and simplicity. It’s something I could use more of in my life, so I like to see how I could borrow from the guys to make my outfits more chic, simple, and comfortable.

This Fashionisto’s look stood out to me because it was so polished and put together yet laid-back. It’s the perfect look for class to maintain comfort and style. Here’s a bit of why this outfit is so wearable on campus for both men and women.

To start, this embroidered logo beanie is not only a fun way to add color and character to a look but also reasonable while the weather is still a bit too cool. It helps to change the vibes of the outfit from looking too preppy and gives it a more skater/urban style.

Next is the pale blue oxford shirt. Women can easily replicate this look with any oxford. I’d recommend a white and pink striped top or any other pastels for spring. There are so many ways to mix it up between colors and patterns!

I love the contrast of the oxford peeking out at the collar, cuffs, and hemline of the sweater on top. Not only does this highlight the button-down underneath, but it’s a chic way to deal with the pesky weather. If you’re getting tired of jackets you can throw an oversize sweater on top of your shirt, and you can always remove the sweater as the day gets warmer.

Also, an oversize sweater is a closet staple. It is great to wear alone with a large, statement necklace or a scarf in the winter. For the spring and fall, you can play around with layering it over different tops or even dresses.

The pants are simple and cuffed. This Fashionisto explained that he prefers to cuff his pants to achieve a structured and slimmer fit instead of wearing skinny jeans. Ladies can try this look by turning up the cuffs of their boyfriend jeans for the ultimate “boyfriend” look when paired with an oxford and large sweater.

Finally, this Fashionisto stayed on-trend with the urban style by wearing some New Balance sneakers with this look. These shoes provide the right amount of casual to create a look that is ready for any street style setting. For women, I’d recommend trying to accentuate some bold shoes with the cuffed pants. Textured booties or some brogues would be fun to try out here.

As I mentioned before, this is not my first article featuring men’s fashion, and I highly doubt this will be my last. I have become obsessed with the simplicity and comfort that comes with these looks. I have found they are truly so versatile for both men and women, and I am anxious to try them out myself. What do you think?

STYLE ADVICE: Be Cool, Revamp the Basics

This Fashionisto’s look initially caught my attention because of its inherent cool vibes. It seems nearly effortless because it is made up of basics that are reworked in a new way. The jacket is great because it is warm enough for winter days but the interesting color block really revamps the classic black leather jacket look. I also love that the turtleneck fits the same palette but has a whole new tone itself. It can easily change the style of the whole outfit by changing the color of the top. It seems very circa 1980s but with a new-age feel by tucking it into the cropped jeans.

Speaking of the crops, they are super functional during this time of year. Given that it is rather cold, they provide the perfect opportunity to show off some funky wool socks, all while still looking quite clean and simple. These shoes are simply a practical option but could also be swapped out for some lower cut winter boots, which would still allow for the socks to be seen. Finally, I love the sunglasses that provide a “too cool for you” style while shielding away the sun’s rays.

This look is a perfect example of taking some pieces that are typically closet staples and completely revamping them in an exciting way. I find the color blocking, tucked in top, cropped pants, and exposed socks are great ways to create a whole new level of attire from basics. All together, they seamlessly create a relaxed look that is just inevitably too cool.

Also, a final detail that I love is that this look is totally unisex. Ladies can easily replicate this look and feel just as chic. The shoes can be mixed up as the weather changes, maybe even daring to combine socks and Birkenstocks, or you could forgo the socks as well. In addition, I think a pretty pastel color blocked jacket would be great for spring. I am definitely anxious to try this look out. Time to start looking for some cropped jeans…


Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to read a bit about me. I’m Laura Kerns, a sophomore at Penn State University. I am intending to major in corporate innovation and entrepreneurship. My passion for this subject stems from a business that I created the summer before I started college. I design and craft handmade bags and other accessories that I sell both online and at local festivals. I spend the majority of my free time designing new products and working to improve my business. It’s the best of both worlds: a hobby and a job.

Fashion has always been an interest of mine in one way or another. Ever since I was little, I would reach for pretty dresses in stores or draw outfits I wish I had. Although I am unsure of exactly what sort of career I am aiming to have, I imagine that fashion will remain a large part of my life. I hope that someday I can combine my love for fashion and entrepreneurship by contributing to a fashion startup.

I am also involved with the Fashion Society of Penn State, where I currently serve as the Vice President. I help with the general organization of the club and manage details for major events. I have learned so much about the fashion industry and met so many incredible people through this club. My other hobbies include speaking and learning French, designing and sewing just about anything, going to the gym, and watching my latest Netflix obsession.

In addition to all of that, I write for CollegeFashionista once a month to share some pretty rad looks around campus. This semester will be my second writing for CollegeFashionista and I have loved the experience so far. I have been so inspired by the boldness and creativity of other students, and I appreciate that they allow me to share their personal style with the world.

For my look today, I went with what mostly epitomizes my daily style. I tend to wear monochrome pieces with some neutral “accents”. I would bet that over half of my wardrobe is black, white, or gray, accompanied by some dusty roses and navy blues. I wore one of my favorite blouses, that features a pussy-bow and flowing sleeves, on top of a classic pair of black skinny jeans. I wore some wedge mules to add some color and make the outfit more polished, while still keeping it casual. In the details, I have a simple white faux leather cuff and celestial earrings. Naturally, I have my satchel in hand because it contains my life.

Thanks again for stopping by! I hope you enjoy my articles this semester.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Toss a Scarf on Top

The fall semester is winding down, which means the cold weather is merely gearing up for those of us in northern states. Like most outfits during the colder months, this look is all about comfort and staying warm.

The simple key to this outfit is layering various basics and then adding some bold accessories. For this look, I decided to stay dark and monochrome for the most, which is something I tend to do often because of the versatility. In this case, the monochrome allows me to toss any scarf of my choosing on top and that will be the focus of the look.

Of course, it is important to choose warm basics. I wore a Uniqlo sweater made of merino wool with a high neck. It is lightweight, but incredibly soft and warm. I wore my standard black leggings, but you could replace these with a pair that has heat gear to stay extra cozy if the weather is especially cold. I then threw on some Steve Madden leather boots with some cozy boot socks and the scarf, of course, on top.

I could easily say scarves are my favorite winter accessories because nothing compares to that extra bit of warmth around your neck. If nothing else, they are perfect for throwing on before going out the door with a coat on a blustery day, but they can also add a new touch to other outfits. For traditional scarves, there are about a million different ways you can tie them so they are super easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. Especially now, blanket scarves are trending allowing you to really mix up your options. Blanket scarves also tend to be made of heavier material so you can replace a lightweight coat or sweater with one.

Some of the smaller details of this look are my rings. I really like these ones because they are so dark and stand out from traditional gold or silver rings, especially against my skin tone. At the same time, they completely match the palette of the outfit. I would love to see more jewelry with a similar dark sheen in the future. As a final touch, I had my sunglasses with me because although it is no longer sunny and warm, the sun is still bright in the winter, and reflections off of the snow, that is now covering campus, can be blinding! Happy end of semester, friends. We made it!

WHAT TO WEAR: Friday Shenanigans

One of my favorite parts of the week is on Friday, when you have either just finished classes, or when you only have a few left to attend and all the big assignments and exams of the week are off your plate. You are ready to enjoy the weekend, but it has not quite arrived yet. There is a bit of time to relax and enjoy your day, the weather, a comfy outfit and partake in some Friday shenanigans. Whether it’s treating yourself to a smoothie, catching up on some Netflix or simply hanging out with some friends, there is a blissful period on Fridays where you can take a moment to have fun! Here is a look I found on campus that is the perfect fit for this kind of day.

I love that this look is warm and cozy without piling on huge coats and especially if you are not a fan of living in a sweatshirt for casual days, this look is the perfect alternative. I like that she even experimented layering denim with her chunky sweater, which added a trendier look and more warmth! It was particularly cute with the sweater cuffs sticking out of the jacket. If you are looking to get even further with the fall trends, you can try adding iron-on patches, or using fun pins so you can mix it up.

This look is definitely all about comfort, but that does not mean accessorizing was forgotten. She dressed the look up with some large studs featuring black stones. These are my personal favorite details of the look because they are laid-back but also elegant. As a natural necessity of chilly fall days, these stylish rain booties provide the right amount of pop with a fun pattern, while still maintaining her subdued monochromatic look. Finally, she added just a touch of lipstick, a girl’s favorite accessory. As my Fashionista said, “It’s all about comfort, but I wanted to add a few extra accessories to dress it up. Lipstick is all you need, it does the work itself,” and I have to agree.


I love the look this Fashionista is wearing today because it is functional on several levels and ready to be switched around into different styles. First of all, this Fashionista is wearing a textured charcoal jersey bodycon dress. These features make the dress super soft, comfortable and flattering on her body. By adding the long button-up overtop, she was able to maintain some warmth as we head into the cooler months, while adding a relaxed feel. Also, the ruby jewel tone is naturally a perfect choice for fall! Her adidas sneakers are very on trend right now, but instead of solely relying on what is most popular, she is sticking with the trend in a general sense and opted for less common characteristics, such as the raspberry colored accents and a high-top shoe style.

Featuring another jewel tone, these shoes are yet again a perfect selection for fall. The sneakers are both casual and trendy, especially by touching on the athleisure style by matching up athletic shoes seamlessly with the dress. Nevertheless, they are a realistic choice for trekking all over campus as busy girls such as herself are required to do on a daily basis. Finally, she maintained the effortlessly casual but put together look by wearing a small enamel pendant necklace, which also features the raspberry hue.

All of the pieces are tied together perfectly through common hues and similar styles. However, the thing I appreciate most about this outfit is the flexibility. The look is built around the dress, which could be dressed up with some wedge sandals and chunkier jewelry for a night out look, but it works just as well with the sneakers. All in all, this Fashionista combines several diverse pieces creating a look in which nothing appears out of place and it can transform as needed. There are no limitations of what can be dressed up or down. The sneakers were elevated by the dress, and the shirt showed a laid-back side all while the necklace maintained the style. It is an ever-changing aesthetic that is so easy to adapt to fit every situation flawlessly, and this Fashionista masters that level of functionality with her look today.