Black is a magical shade in the fashion world. It creates the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. It’s also typically the shade of choice when opting for an effortless way to look chic. As Coco Chanel once said, “Women think about all colors except the absence of color. I have already said that black has it all.” Today’s Fashionista shows us that black truly does have it all and then some. She mixes up her not-so-basic blacks with a long sleeve henley, black distressed skinny jeans, and black boots. However, what really adds a twist to her outfit is her jacket – it not only has a vibrant pink lining on the inside but also has a muted pink and orange pattern on the outside. This Fashionista manages to bring her all-black outfit together with her shirt, jeans, and boots, while still standing out through the subdued colors in her dark coat. Her jacket proves that black still has it all, despite a little bit of competition.

Name: Angeli de Leon?

Year: Sophomore at New York University

?Major: Economics

CollegeFashionista: What designer is your coat?

?Angeli de Leon: Marc by Marc Jacobs. ?

CF: What fashion blogs or magazines do you read?

?AD: Cosmo, BagSnob, Man Repeller, Refinery 29, and Racked NY are my favorites.

CF: And where do you like to shop??

AD: The Row, Barneys and Buffalo Exchange. 

How To: For a similar style, try Juicy Couture’s “Alice Plaid Coat.” Although the coat isn’t black, it has an idea similar to today’s example. The light blue on the plaid is low-key against a neutral color, and this coat also has a fun pink lining that peeks out near the hood. If you’re feeling super creative, try adding your own lining to your favorite jacket. Remember, you don’t necessarily have to stick with black coats or pink linings – style is all about working with or challenging trends and making something your own.


Winter is definitely a time when neutral colors dominate our wardrobes. Blacks, grays and browns seem to have total control of our attire until spring arrives to bring a little more color back into our lives. However, today’s Fashionisto proves that you can still have fun with neutral colors, as long as you’re playing with the right accessories. For example, this Fashionisto’s plaid brown fur trapper hat is still neutral enough to complement the rest of his outfit, but the unexpected pattern makes this accessory fun and stand out. Today’s example proves that neutrals don’t have to be boring, especially with a bold pattern in a key accessory.

Name: Ivan Francisco

Year: First Year Graduate at Dominican College

Major: Occupational Therapy

CollegeFashionista: What’s your essential winter accessory?

Ivan Francisco: My hat – I get a lot of compliments on it, and it keeps me really warm. I give it an A+ for its function and fashion.

CF: What’s your favorite trend this season?

IF: Anything with a rugged feel.

CF: And what’s your favorite store right now?

IF: H&M – they have a lot of cool things for everyone.

How To: For a similar look, the “Check Borg Trapper Hat” from Topshop is perfect for Fashionistas – the pattern is neutral, but the pompom detail adds more fun to this accessory. For Fashionistos, the “Heritage Winter Hat” from Abercrombie is an easy, casual way to stay warm and add more a bit more color to your attire. So don't let winter force you into staying in neutral – have more fun with your winter wardrobe by playing with your favorite patterns.


With the winter weather getting more and more unforgiving as days pass, it’s easy to feel like a marshmallow while you’re wearing a puffy jacket, especially with all the extra layering underneath it. Let’s face it – it can be hard to feel chic during winter, and we often compromise style for a better chance at warmth. However, today’s Fashionista proves that you don’t always have to compromise warmth for style or vice versa. I spotted this Fashionista getting ready to take on the cold, and I was immediately drawn to one specific detail in her coat – the shearling-lined hood. Not only did it make her coat stand out, but it also kept her nice and warm. (Not to mention that the shape of her jacket complimented her frame, and the color of her jacket also made her brown accessories stand out.) It’s no wonder that shearling is becoming more popular this season. This Fashionista’s shearling hood was definitely a refreshing and slimmer alternative to the typical puffy, faux fur trimmed ones that are ubiquitous during winter. Today’s example proves that it is possible to show your personal style, even with several layers hiding underneath a coat.

Name: Emily Garbato

Year: Senior at SUNY Purchase

Major: Arts Management

CollegeFashionista: So what made you choose this coat?

Emily Garbato: I thought it was a nice everyday coat that could be casual and kind of dressy. I like the details – like the leather trimmings at the elbow and of course, the hood.

CF: What’s your favorite cold weather essential this season?

EG: A scarf that I got from Oak.

CF: And what are your favorite labels right now?

EG: Rag and Bone – I really like their stuff a lot.

How To: To get a similar look, try the “Premium Shearling Duffle Coat” from ASOS. You can also add shearling details to your look if you already have a favorite/reliable winter coat. For example, these UGG “Fashion Shearling Shorty” gloves are a simple and warm accessory. So experiment with shearling details this winter – you’ll be sure to stay warm and cozy minus the bulk.

Style Guru Bio: Laura Zaharia

Hi fellow fashion lovers! My name is Laura, and I’m a senior majoring in Communications/Media Studies at Fordham University. I’ve spent my whole college life working at my favorite stores, like Juicy Couture, Barney’s, and Vince. These stores definitely fostered my love for fashion, but I decided to take things a step further last semester. I spent the first half of my semester interning at Harper’s Bazaar, and then I switched over to an internship doing PR for a known shoe designer (which I’m also continuing this semester). My experience with shoes and with working in retail has definitely taught me to invest in key pieces that will last a long time, like a classic pair of black pumps or a leather jacket, and to save on basic layering pieces. This experience has also taught me that you can always make anything in your closet work for any occasion, with the right accessories.

When I’m not interning, working or writing for CollegeFashionista, I’m reading my favorite fashion blogs (like Who What Wear and FabSugar) or stalking sites like RueLaLa and Gilt Groupe for new additions to my wardrobe. I also love exploring what New York City has to offer, whether it’s trying a belly dancing class, checking out a new restaurant, or even finding a Fashionista or Fashionisto to photograph. I look forward to another semester writing for CollegeFashionista!

WEEKEND FORECAST: Fight Off the Winter Blues in Denim Blue

Regardless of how you feel about the denim on denim trend, denim blue is one of the hottest colors of 2010. It’s no surprise that this color was not only popular in beauty trends but in fashion as well. It's increasing popularity is shown through the rise of denim jeans, jackets, skirts, and shirts. Although this trend was really popular during spring and summer, denim blue can easily transition to fall and winter as well because of its various shades. For example, this Fashionista paired a denim blue button down with a black blazer, black skinny jeans and black ankle boots. The vibrant shade of blue made her outfit really pop and gave attention to the other aspects of her attire, such as the buckles on her boots and the buttons on her blazer. Today's Fashionista proves that you can always transition trends from other seasons, as long as you use the right accessories and the right amount of layering.

For some great denim shirt options, check out this light wash denim shirt by Blank and this distressed denim top by Levi’s, both at Free People. In addition, byCorpus also has some lighter options, such as this chambray button down and the epaulette button down shirt – the colors and the material have a true resort feel to them. And, finally, if you’re feeling really trendy, try on the Urban Renewal “Cold Shoulder" denim shirt – the cut-out shoulders are another popular trend but the exposed shoulders are perfect for a weekend look.

Hint: As this Fashionista illustrates, trends from previous seasons can definitely transition well with the right layering and pieces. So, pair a denim shirt with a motorcycle jacket or a lace shirt underneath. As long as you're working with the trends you love most, you're sure to create your own signature look.


As we all know, leopard print is an easy way to add edge to any outfit but this fall, especially, leopard print is more popular than ever. This trend has been appearing on dresses, tops, leggings and accessories of all kinds. Not only is this pattern trendy but it’s also the perfect print for a chic weekend look and today’s Fashionista definitely knows it.

This Fashionista looked ready for the weekend, effortlessly pairing her draped leather jacket and leopard print top with dark skinny jeans. However, her furry boots are not only comfortable enough for class but also easy enough to take off and switch out for a pair of pumps or ankle boots. This simple switch in shoes makes her outfit even more ready for some Friday night fun and she can pretty much wear any colored shoe since leopard print is so versatile.

To get this Fashionista’s look, check out this top by MICHAEL Michael Kors. For a flirtier (and more budget-friendly) option, try this Mink Pink tee – the subtle jewel tones are a fun, feminine detail that works well with the leopard print.

Hint: Don’t be afraid to add leopard print to other aspects of your wardrobe, such as flats scarves, and even coats for the fearless Fashionistas. Pieces such as these in leopard print are all great ways to add more flair to your outfit, no matter how basic it is. So, don’t be afraid to use this Fashionista as inspiration for your personal style and get wild this weekend.

WEEKEND FORECAST: Black, White and Anything but Boring

With so many jacket styles popping up this season, there are so many options for a classic fall/winter coat, especially in a variety of cuts and patterns. As most of you know, I definitely have respect for any fashion lover that has been challenging the traditional peacoat this season. Today’s Fashionista is the perfect example – although she’s sticking with a classic fall staple, the style of her jacket is anything but traditional. She’s able to stick to a neutral color with the black and white tweed pattern of her coat and the trendy, military-style buttons of her jacket give her outwear extra edge. In addition, the unique cut of her jacket is not only flattering on this Fashionista’s frame but is also another detail that adds flair. She manages to look classy and trendy through these simple details.

Today’s example proves that black and white doesn’t have to be so boring or basic. Just by simply experimenting with different cuts and patterns you can create a classic yet different look. For example, this tweed pleated jacket from Forever 21 has a ruffled border for a feminine chic design. Although the cut of this jacket is pretty basic, the pattern gives it a feminine twist. The drop-waist belt wool coat in metallic tweed from Victoria’s Secret is another great fashionable option. The drop-waist belt is a subtle detail that makes the jacket seem slightly less structured, which gives it a more laid-back vibe. For a fun splurge, check out Smythe’s box jacket – the oversized fit has a comfortable “boyfriend” feel to it and I love the fact that it’s a little bit longer in the back. So, find a cut that you think is flattering or find a pattern that you absolutely love. Updating details like these will help you find a timeless yet chic fall jacket that you’ll be able to carry into the next year.


As the weather keeps getting colder, it gets easier for us to put creativity aside and simply stick to basics, especially ones that keep us warm and cozy. It seems that leggings and UGGs are cold-weather favorites for Fashionistas, while hoodies and sneakers are the preference for Fashionistos, which is why I was so intrigued by this particular Fashionisto. Although he stuck with a basic thermal and jeans, his dressy shoes added a touch of sophistication to his easy and casual attire. This simple detail truly transformed his entire look, which just goes to show that shoes can really make or break your outfit.

Fashionistos – take a hint from today's example and put away your sneakers this weekend. Pair your jeans with these Bass “Alberta” loafers and you’ll be sure to add a touch of class to your attire. Or better yet, invest in these John Varvatos “Norwegian Heritage slip-ons” – the stitching gives the shoe a bit of extra edge without taking away from its refinement.

Fashionistas – you can definitely pull off loafers as well. Steve Madden’s “Judde” loafers add sparkle to any outfit and are easy to dress up and down because of their metallic color. For something a little more low-key, the Alexander Wang “Ranya” loafers are a smart splurge that look great with boyfriend jeans and are perfect for job interviews. So give your UGGs a break this weekend and try on a pair of loafers. It’s amazing how one simple detail, such as a great shoe, can create a whole new look.


This morning, I took a stroll around Central Park before heading over to class at Lincoln Center. I was admiring how nice the weather was for this time of year (almost 60 degrees) when I spotted this Fashionista.

There were so many things that I loved about this Fashionista’s outfit – the way she layered her pieces for the weather, the way she balanced her blacks and taupes and the way she softened her tough biker chic look with a delicate, skinny belt. But my favorite part of her outfit was her leather jacket because it framed her so well and was absolutely perfect for the weather today. Her jacket was also a truly timeless piece and there are so many ways to wear a leather jacket this season. For example, “dressy” leather is in, as well as shearling leather. The leather jacket isn’t just reserved for the biker look anymore. But, nevertheless, it still adds edge to any outfit.

To follow this Fashionista’s example, try pairing this Vince leather biker jacket with a pair of dark skinny jeans. This jacket has a classic shape and the color is a pretty gray that stands out from typical black biker leathers. For a softer, more romantic look, this MICHAEL by Michael Kors jacket looks great paired with ruffled tops. Plus, olive green is a great pseudo-neutral color that’s also popular this season. Leather jackets are also great for weekend looks and can easily be paired with cocktail dresses and stockings. Your options are limitless. As long as you work with pieces that frame your figure, you’ll definitely be able to incorporate a leather jacket into your closet.


I’ve always admired the guys who can rock skinny jeans. But today’s Fashionisto not only rocked them, he also took the skinny jean a step further – skinny cargo pants. These or skinny jeans in cargo colors (think green, gray, and brown) are really big this season. This Fashionisto kept the focus on the color of his jeans by pairing them with a black V-neck tee and black sneakers. His casual, laidback style is comfortable enough for class yet relaxed enough for a weekend look.

Fashionistos, you can easily imitate today’s example by making a stop at Urban Outfitters. Their Levis 510 "Dark Moss" jean and their Salt Valley "Overdyed Carpenter" jean are great starts, but don’t be afraid to experiment with the shirts as well. These kinds of pants look great with graphic T-shirts or a flannel shirt in neutral colors.

Fashionistas, it’s no secret that the J Brand "Houlihans" are the ultimate fall must-have. Celebrities have been spotted wearing these in several different colors, and you can pick up your very own pair at Nordstrom or Bloomingdales. Blank Denim also has some slightly cheaper alternatives, such as their zippered cargo skinny and their skinny in moose jaw. So, have some fun with the new skinny. To soften the look pair them with lacy tops and peep-toe pumps or toughen it up with a leather jacket and boots. It’s so easy to incorporate the skinny cargo into your wardrobe and find a look that fits your own style.