STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Dress Fresh, Stay Cool And Have A Nice Day

I’m pretty sure that an OBEY flat brim, high-top Supras, insanely patterned pants and a H.A.N.D. bandana are exactly the formula you need to be considered “fresh to death”. This Fashionista’s way of putting together so many different styles of clothing into one extreme outfit was very impressive to me. Also, not many chicks can rock a flat brim like that!

First, I want you to just take a look at those pants. According to this Fashionista, the boy’s sale section at H&M has some wildly patterned pants for only $10. More than anything else, they remind me of snowboarding pants, especially the Tourist Ins Snowboard Pant by Volcom. I really like how our Fashionista pulled together a winter pattern on lightweight capris to transition her style and love of color into the summertime. This Fashionista also played by the one of the oldest rules in the book when dressing yourself- one pattern at a time. Yes there are always exceptions, but not when it comes to these pants. A plain black beater is the prime selection for the shirt to complement her capris.

Now for the shoes. To say the least, Supra has some absurd sneaker styles, and I particularly love our Fashionista’s pair, the Skytop II in grey-grey, because they have a great design and multiple textures but they’re just one color and can be paired with so many outfits. Some of my favorite Supras are the Pilot in white-gum, the Women’s Skytop III in pink-pink, and the Passion in black/tan-white. I love Supra shoes because they have so many style and colors available, are well made, and their men’s shoes still look fly on us girls, as our Fashionista clearly proves!

Now I won’t go on and on about my love for flat brims again, but I will say I love her OBEY hat and how she paired it with her grey Supras. I Also love how she complemented them with a H.A.N.D. Clothing bandana, my new favorite up and coming company. So my style advice of the week is to dress fresh, stay cool and HAVE A NICE DAY! 



STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Girls, Pearls and Peter Pan

On a rainy day, this Fashionista was a breath of fresh air. Her pretty teal shirt was tucked into her high-waisted dress shorts, a head of Blake Anderson hair to die for, her Peter Pan collar crisp and embellished with pearls. I’m a big advocate of Peter Pan collars because they highlight your pretty face and can make a classy girl out of any of us. Also, they are just down right adorable.

Peter Pan collars are pretty popular this season; I own a bunch of tops and dresses in this style myself. I found a few tops with embellished Peter Pan collars that are perfect for this summer and that I want to purchase immediately. The Pins and Needles Jeweled-Collar Blouse from Urban Outfitters stands out because the metallic tones in the collar contrast with the shirt itself; this top would be great for going out at night.

A more daytime top would be the Pins and Needles Crochet Collar Chiffon Blouse, also from Urban Outfitters. The design of this garment is so girly and delicate it would be a great top to wear on a date or anywhere in the sun. Another piece with a collar that I came across actually took my breath away. The Sister Jane Faux Leather Collar Blouse with Studs and Chain from ASOS is probably the most tough button up I’ve ever seen. It is definitely a splurge but I say it’s worth it! I would wear this top all over town, day or night. A+, I love it.

This Fashionista matched her top with a pair of high-wait dress shorts and embellished ballet flats to complete her sweetheart look. This pair of shorts from H&M is so versatile and would be great for so many different looks. There are so many shorts that I like this season, including the High-Rise Lace shorts in Burgundy and the Cuffed Paper Bag Waist Shorts in Cocoa, both from Forever 21.

Another aspect of this Fashionista’s outfit that I loved was her 90’s bag complete with exterior cell phone pouch and build in wallet. I love neutral colors, extreme organization, and the 90’s, so I fell for this bag at once. She bought it at the local Salvation Army for only $5, and it seems to be a worthwhile purchase. “It has room for everything,” she said, “and everyone looks good with a purse with a cell phone pouch. Duh.”

Overall, if one day you feel like you’re going to try to make it to class without wearing that pair of dirty sweatpants from your senior year of high school like you always do and want to class it up a bit, I say go for a top with a girly collar and tuck it into some dress shorts. Chances are you’ll look good, feel good about yourself, and probably be the cutest girl in your lecture.


When I came across this Fashionista, I almost thought it was Marylin Monroe. She wore short platinum blonde hair, a red dress, big dazzling earrings and cherry red lipstick. It turns out it wasn’t Marylin after all, and in fact she didn’t even realize how much she resembled the starlet until I pointed it out.

I love this Fashionista’s look because she is sporting a classic style that I haven’t seen from someone in my generation in a long time. I love matching colors, as I have mentioned a million times before, and her dress and lipstick looked fantastic together. She used Hey, Sailor! Lipstick by MAC; I love MAC’s lipsticks because they’re smooth, reliable and don’t wear heavy on your face. Her red dress is from Marshall’s, and she said it was a steal at only $12.99! To read up more on maxi dresses, you can see my article from a few weeks ago here.

I love this Fashionista’s choice of earrings, too. Her earrings from H&M really turn her outfit from cute and simple to classy and bold! H&M has more stunning pairs like this available, including these earrings at only $7.95. I cannot get enough of these loud accessories! The Rhinestoned Chandelier Earrings and the Draped Fringe Earrings from Forever 21, and the Fan Spike Earrings from Topshop are more standout accessories that will make your ears sparkle in that 40’s fashion.

Her White Fringe Flap Over Handbag from Target added a more modern twist to her outfit, but it pulled it together nicely, adding a cool, white accent color to her loud red dress. And last but not least, this Fashionista had a hairstyle that blew me away. By twisting a few pieces on each side and gathering them in the back with bobby pins, she created a pin-up hairstyle in about 5 minutes. I really think this Fashionista is a class act and a classic beauty!


STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Romping Around Campus

A lot of this summer has been pretty hot. Personally I feel that it’s hard to look cute when it’s 95 degrees outside and you’re sweating so profusely that it’s like you never had makeup on in the first place and your hair is 3 times the size it was before you left the house. That’s why I’m a firm believer in the romper.
A romper is like a jumpsuit, a beautiful mixture of a shirt (often strapless or a tank top) and a pair of shorts. It’s like a skort attached to a shirt, or a dress that has leg holes. Rompers are great when it’s hot out because you are wearing minimal clothing, like a mini dress, but it’s not as risky or risqué since it can't blow up in the wind when you walk around campus and it can’t get caught in your underwear and expose you without your notice.
I like this Fashionista’s romper because it is a simple look that clearly shows how comfortable she despite the unbearable heat. A nice cool gray with a bright pink bathing suit underneath keeps a low profile but also send a message that says something about her spontaneous summer spirit. What is especially unique about this Fashionista’s look is her hair. Interwoven with different colors of yarn, she adds a huge splash of color to spice up her simple outfit and give her an all around awesome look. I must have touched her hair 20 times as I was shooting her.

Rompers are all over the place in stores like Forever 21, Free People and Urban Outfitters and I have chosen my favorites from each of these places to share with you. My top pick from Forever 21 is the Crisscross Romper in wine because it is a simple design in a solid color and is definitely an outfit fit for the daytime as well as going out at night. It also doesn’t hurt that this entire outfit only costs $13.50. From Free People, I really love the Pillow Talk Romper. It definitely is designed for a person with a certain body type to wear since it’s super tight fitting and delicate, but nevertheless its Victorian themed top and knit bottoms make it one of the more original rompers I have seen in a while. From Urban Outfitters I’m a big fan of the Staring at Stars Crepe Open-Back Romper because of its pretty pattern and it’s unique cut. The cutout back and loose-fitting design and cinch at the waistline also make this romper great for any body type. Last but not least, I feel compelled to once again shout out to NASTY GAL and just say that they have a TON of wild and adorable rompers on their website. Seriously, like a million (45 search results).


I ran into this Fashionista outside of the Campus Center. I noticed her as she made a perfect example of my favorite color that didn’t make the color wheel. Black on black on black. I loved it. She added a bright blue lightweight scarf to an adorable black dress with white polka dots, a black hobo bag, little black flats, and you guessed it, black Ray-Ban wayfarers.

I love black. Seriously, it’s the best. I unapologetically wear black almost every single day. It slims your body, matches everything, makes your eyes and hair pop, you can add an accessory or shoe of any color or pattern to it, and you can find something cute and black at almost any store. Also, it’s a great color for funerals.

Immediately inspired to do some hardcore shopping for little black dresses, I went to and found what I was looking for. I could cry there are so many unique black dresses in one place and I didn’t even have to get up.

I came across the Neon Dot Dress, the Spiked Corset Dress, the Shadow Crochet Dress, the Drifted Love Dress, and the Crossed Chiffon Dress all in black and all in about under two minutes. And I hadn’t even realized yet that they already had a category for “little black dresses” on their website. At this point, I’m very excited. I hope you’re sharing my enthusiasm.

Besides just loving this shade for what it is, I love what I can do with it. I can add to my outfit any crazy, brightly colored shoe, hat, necklace, or nail polish that I find. As far as fashion goes, “the black rule” is like magic. If you don’t know how to dress yourself or put outfits together successfully, this is the first thing you should learn. Everything goes with black and there are very few exceptions to this. Calcagni Wedges in medium purple from Aldo go with it, Jadynn High Heel Sandals from Guess go with it, and the Aztec Woven Sandal by Marc by Marc Jacobs goes with it, too. Magic.

I will now stop ranting about my love for something that isn’t even a real color and I hope that I have encouraged you to buy a little black dress, some colorful shoes, and maybe go Goth and practice witchcraft or something.



As a girl of a mere 5 feet tall, when maxi dresses first became popular I felt like they were forbidden fruit. However, I grew accustomed to letting the bottom of my dress drag on the ground because I can’t help but to indulge in this trend (wearing heels helps, too). Maxi dresses are one of my favorite pieces to wear in the summertime because they keep you cool, you don’t have to worry about them blowing up in the wind and exposing you to everyone around like you do when you wear a mini dress, and you have the potential to make a statement with a brave pattern and/or color.

That’s exactly what this Fashionista was doing when I ran into her outside the Student Union on campus. Her maxi dress stood out to me with its bright pink and dark purple printed lace tie-dye pattern. The spaghetti straps are a great wear for a sunny day to avoid obnoxious tan lines, and the empire waist with a surplice neckline is always a great way to shape your body. Mostly, I just love maxi dresses because they are one-step outfit; there’s nothing worse for me than fiddling with something tight, with a highwaist, belted or bunching during a heat wave.

There are so many options for maxi dresses, and you can probably find them in your favorite store. For a splurge, I love the Dawn Dress and the Marlisa Dress by Lilly Pulitzer. They are both on the expensive side, but they’re very classy and come in great colors and shapes for summer. The Semi-Sheer Maxi Tube Dress from Forever 21 is a more practical purchase (I just bought one a few weeks ago and love it) and the Side Slit Blouson Dress is its bright blue counterpart. Topshop has great maxis too, my favorite being the Bright Blossom Dip Hem Dress. It has a great floral pattern that isn’t too overwhelming and a mullet skirt hemline which I absolutely love. Mullet skirts are another great trend this summer, a fun combination of a mini and maxi style hemline.

Coloring is a huge component of matching when it comes to wearing maxi dresses because there is so much of it on you at once, thus choosing accessories is tricky. I liked how this Fashionista paired a floral, cool-colored Kindle case (at first I thought it was a clutch) with her warm dress because it made them both stand out tremendously. If you have a Kindle, Cole Haan has a bunch of high quality cases. If you have another type of electronic reading device, Vera Bradley has come really great girly options, too. As far as regular purses go, the Rose Beaded Clutch from Topshop is a pretty way to compliment your maxi dress and carry your things this summer.


Girls love shiny things; it’s not really complicated. This being said, when metallic accents on clothing are presented appropriately it can be beautiful and hypnotizing. This Fashionista definitely knows how to pull this off. I spotted her in a black top with silver beads and sequins in a trickle-down pattern coming down from the neckline, simple black leggings, and a black imitation leather bag with silver studs and a gold chain that she added from a different bag. She completed her look with a BUNCH of silver earrings, a pretty silver and black necklace and gorgeous ombre hair.

I love this outfit because this Fashionista stands out, but doesn’t overdo it to the point where it’s distracting. The necklace and top designate one part of her body where there is flair, attracting attention up to her pretty face. If she had worn, let’s say, metallic silver leggings with this outfit it wouldn’t be flattering because there would simply be too much going on. This outfit looks great on her especially because it brings out her long, ombre hair, completed with a French braid in the front for texture.

This look is easy to mimic, as well as transform from a daytime outfit to nightwear. Forever 21 has a lot of great flashy tops, such as the Studded Trapeze Top, which like our Fashionista’s top, is black with silver accents that draw attention to your face. This can definitely be worn with black leggings during the day and I would suggest the Everyday Knit Legging from Banana Republic, which is my favorite pair of leggings. Come nighttime, pair the top with a Turquoise Skirt from H&M (only $5.95!) and you have an outfit to go out in! Add the Turquoise Drop Disk Earrings from Lucky Brand and swap the flip-flops for Melter Flats in black and gold by Steve Madden and smoky eyes to complete your look for the night. By combining all of these elements (metal-related pun intended) you have a bright and shining outfit for an entire 24 hours!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Festival Fashion 101

Most people love summer because the weather is warm, classes are over, there are new summer fashions, family vacations, whatever. I love summer because summer is festival season, or as some of us like to call it, “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” One of my favorite things in the entire world is attending music festivals, like Bonnaroo, Camp Bisco and Starscape. You meet so many strange and incredible people who all share the interests of camping, listening to great live music, staying up all night and forgetting that the rest of the world exists for a few days with you. A very important part of music festival culture for me, however, is the fashion. When you’re at a festival you want to piece together outfits like you normally would, but it gets tough. It’s hot, it’s sunny and you’re running around trying to find friends and deciding which act you’re going to see next. Not to mention you don’t shower for 3 days, which makes looking cute a slight challenge.

This Fashionisto accepted this challenge; I ran into him on campus as he was wearing his very carefree Bonnaroo outfit. On top, he has a very lightweight button-down shirt in a cotton-denim blend. This type of shirt is perfect for a festival because of its versatility. You never know where you’re going to end up each day or when you’ll be able to make it back to your campsite to change, so a button down gives you the freedom to tie it around your waist when you’re hot and dancing and put it on when it gets dark and chilly. The Bast Faith Shirt in geranium from Original Penguin is perfect for festivals because its light color doesn’t attract sun and it’s 100% cotton so it’s super soft, comfortable and easy to tie around your waist or head.

The vintage 1980s Jams shorts that this Fashionisto was sporting really impressed me. They are great for spending hours outdoors in the summertime because of their durability and their fun, bright pattern. Also, they look really fly and are pretty rare nowadays. This Fashionisto said he got them at Sid Vintage, a vintage clothing boutique in Northampton, MA. To mimic this look, I would suggest the Tropicalia Amoeba Short from Urban Outfitters. Boardshorts are also great for festivals since they can get wet and are almost impossible to destroy. The Fun Da Mental Boardshorts by Volcom are a well-made and good-looking choice for boardshorts this season, and not too expensive.

Another important tip for outdoor festival wear is the bandana, which is totally underrated. I would suggest this Grateful Dead — Purple Dancing Bear Bandana since I love purple and the Dead. If it doesn't rain during the festival, there's a good chance that dirt and dust is going to be flying into your face for the whole weekend. Make sure to bring a bandana to cover up your nose and mouth when the dusty winds blow, or wear it on your head if the air is clear. If you want to go the extra mile to pull your look together at a festival this summer, simply add a couple rope and wooden bead bracelets. This Fashionisto said he kept the same few bracelets on that he always wears, but that doesn’t mean they don’t compliment this outfit perfectly! You can replicate this yourself by layering bracelets that you already have or going to shakedown street at the festival and treating yourself to some one-of-a-kind accessories that will remind you of one of the best experiences of your life! Happy and safe festing to everyone!


Everyone likes a nice pattern, but depending on what that pattern is, it might be hard to combine it with other garments and accessories. I spotted this Fashionista on her way to the library wearing a lightweight deep navy drawstring-synched vest with red leaves. She paired that with a black tank top underneath, white shorts and matched her belt to her brown leather bag and shoes perfectly.

What stood out to me the most about the vest was the pattern on the back (picture included above).  The way the leaves move up her back mimic the way her spine moves which I think is a very unique concept. I love vests for so many reasons, one of which is that they are so versatile, which is a necessity for me. You can pretty much wear a vest over anything- dresses, t-shirts, tank tops, tube-tops, whatever. Especially a vest like this because it is extremely lightweight and can work for any season. An inexpensive vest idea is the Cropped Rose Denim Vest from Forever 21. It’s a pretty simple pattern and could be paired nicely with white shorts. Another reason I like this Fashionosta's vest is that I think the flower buds look just like Poké balls, and I find it hilarious and pretty cool. She mentioned that this thought also occurred to her when she was buying the vest at The Salvation Army in Amherst, which I will mention once again as one of the best places to shop here at UMass. It’s so cheap and there are so many crazy garments! 

White shorts are key for summer when you are a pattern-lover. They pop because they are so pure and bright, especially when out in the sun. They also really allow your patterned piece to stand out. White shorts are also great for girls like me that can’t get tan because they make your skin look darker in comparison. I love J Brand jeans, and these Low-Rise Cut-Off Shorts are a simple summer staple.

This Fashionista completed her look by wearing a belt with a flower pattern that she got as a gift from her mom (picture included above). Usually I would NEVER advocate two patterns at once, but this is an exception. You can always get away with a patterned accessory as long as the pattern is vague enough that you can’t see it from a distance. In this case, the brown leather belt (that perfectly matches this Fashionista’s bag AND shoes, might I add) has a subtle flower print in primary colors, and is hardly noticeable. The Braided Hammock Belt from Madewell is a great addition to the formula of this outfit because the texture acts as a pattern. It’s also a classic brown, and goes with almost anything.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bold Patterns For Bold Girls

When it comes to fashion, I am all about versatility and comfort. The more uses you can get out of a garment the better! This Fashionista combines those two elements in this outfit as she sports a primarily orange, teal, and grey jungle-patterned cover-up from H&M that she also uses as a dress. In doing this, she has an outfit that she can be worn to the pool as well as to go out to lunch or to the park. Cover-ups are usually a little bit see-through, which is why a simple pair of spandex underneath prevents your outfit from being too revealing. I love wearing B-Skinz athletic spandex shorts under dresses (they also come in patterns) especially if they’re short and flowy, because you don’t have to worry if it blows up in the wind! This rings particularly true for the UMass girls because our campus is terribly windy year-round.

Another admirable aspect of this Fashionista’s outfit is how she pairs her Purple Passion Hi-Top Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers with the strongly pattered dress. The dark purple of her shoes is in powerful contrast with the orange in her dress, and makes for a very flamboyant summer palette. Her red-orange nails also add to the flair of her summer color scheme. Fifth Avenue nail polish by Essie is a great red-orange color to look out for.

As far as accessories go, her simple white Buxton clutch acts as an accent color, a solid contrasted against all of the other patterns and color present in her outfit. Besides it being super cute, the best part about this clutch is that she was able to score it at a Salvation Army for only $2! Salvation Army is my #1 favourite place to suggest college Fashionistas/os to shop at, as we are all typically broke. I have gotten so many of my favorite pieces from there! Her earrings (hand-made, all the way from Spain!) do the same, as they are simple silver but have been finely twisted into swirling triangle shapes. 

This look is an easy one to replicate, and anyone can pull it off. Pull out your favorite patterned dress from your closet, and contrast it’s most prominent color with your shoes. In this case it’s orange vs. purple. This dress is another great summer pattern from H&M that you could pair with a bold shoe. Next, make sure that your handbag is a solid color (preferably a neutral), and stands out as a breath of fresh air against your busy outfit. The Cooperative Large Leather Pouch in nude from Urban Outiftters is a practical and inexpensive neutral bag that would go perfectly with almost any strongly patterned dress. To top this look off, remember it never hurts to match your nails!