CollegeFashionista X JOE’S Jeans: Spring Time Fashion

Jeans. They seem like the simplest of fashion concepts; the ultimate staple in literally every single person’s wardrobe. For years, denim meant nothing to me other than a last-minute buy or something that needed to be replaced every so often. My poor selections were limited to the brand and fit of whatever the popular girl was wearing, even when countless yearbook photos and Facebook tags provided strong evidence that fit was not fitting for this girl.

It wasn’t until a while ago when a college roommate introduced to me the idea of investment denim: the art of seriously taking into consideration your body type, complexion and personal style to buy body-specific jeans that last…and actually look good.

But let’s be real. Any phrase we Fashionistas preface with the word “investment” or “timeless” is pretty much a red flag for “I just said that to convince myself to buy these even if they do last me until the end of time.” Translation: we always want something new and modern, it’s just a super perk if it’s enduring.

Enter the denim mecca, the ideal choice for any jean connoisseur and the only option when looking to update your look this season: Joe’s Jeans. For the past decade, Joe’s has made jeans that complement your body and style (not to mention save me incalculable “untag” clicks) and this season, they’ve continued to expand their hugely popular Vintage Reserve 1971 line. From a skinny ankle to a low-waisted baggy fit and everywhere in-between, the line offers a sophisticated and easy way to wear jeans however your heart desires.

If you’re looking for a brighter bottom to pair with the sunshine-to-come, Joe’s Jeans spring styles feature innovative prints and brilliant colors in countless styles. Match it with any of their relaxingly chic ready-to-wear for an effortless look that will last you all spring long.

CollegeFashionista X ASOS Spring Break in Florence

This Spring Break I’m headed to Florence with best friends for a week of sipping vinoriding Vespa’s & breaking my “no carb” statute for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Even though SB is associated with crazy brights & flourishes, I like to incorporate my staple blacks & leathers into my luggage. They’re more “me” & conveniently right on spring trend.

CollegeFashionista has teamed up with ASOS, for the next 48 hours, offering 25 percent off full price and just in time to pick out your Spring Break wardrobe. Below are my top 10 must have ASOS items for Spring Break!

1. For me, leather jackets transcend seasons so opting for a beige one or softer color is the perfect piece to add a little intensity to spring trends.

2. Everyone should have a 90s Claudia Schiffer moment, why not have it on Spring Break?

3. I’ll take leather anyway I can get it. This baseball cap fuels my leather collection in a way I didn’t think was possible – I’m pairing it with a floral top & military jacket.

4. Because packing space is limited for your Spring Break rendezvous, it’s imperative that your pieces are versatile. I love this blazer because it’s easy to dress up or down. 

5. Having a blouse that can take you from the beach to the bar is a SB must. Opt for lighter colors with an easy pattern – that way your swimwear can stand out during the day & your shoes can be the main event come dusk.

6. Harping about skin care while in the sun seems cliché, but a good, light SPF face cream should be your ultimate Spring Break hookup.

7. Spring Break nights usually still bring in a breeze, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice sexy to stay warm.

8. Denim shorts have been a Spring Break staple since Spring Break was a thing. A dark denim hot pant should be warn everyday, no questions asked.

9. Sunglasses seem like an obvious “duh” for vacationing, but a inconspicuous black pair can be worn with any & every bright bikini or patterned look.

10. I only wear structured bikinis & this red the anthem color for sunshine. Double yes.


This season, my everyday go-to jacket has been a military number I got in the summertime. I’ve quite literally worn it every day since it’s purchase, so much so that my roommate hid it for a short while so I was forced to dip into my other jackets before fall was over. To me, army green is as versatile as a black piece when it comes to wintertime dressing. You can pair it with grays or match it with brights, and it’ll always mesh seamlessly. It’s the most comfortable that cool can get, so it’s an important staple to have it your closet as the weather gets colder.

Girls love a man in uniform, so match your military jacket with a simple V-neck like the Fashionisto above. Pair it with no-nonsense dark denim for a crisp look envious by all. Polo Ralph Lauren does incredible men’s military jacket that are both warm and wearable. My favorite for guys this season is Combat Jacket in Canadian. For the ladies, a lighter option matched with a scarf is always tres chic. This fitted military jacket from Lucky Brand is the perfect option for winter days.


STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Giddy Up, Lightening Rod

During my senior year of high school I had the distinct honor of playing Sally Cato in the spring show, Mame. The role came with the pivotal and plot-twisting musical number in which I sang the line “Giddy-up, Lightening Rod” to my invisible horse for two whole minutes, in about a dozen different octaves, while a crowd of 300 wondered why I didn’t wear nude undergarments and why I was holding my whip upside-down. I still pray to this day no one has footage of that scene to hold over my head when E! News profiles my True Hollywood Story in ten years, but one plus that Sally Cato brought to my dignity was an edge-up on the current equestrian trend taking this fall season by storm.

Everything from riding helmets to horse patterned sweaters made their way down the catwalk this past season making it evident that equestrian was being translated into pieces from head-to-toe. Yet, since a stallion graphic knit can seem a little My Little Pony-ish and a riding helmet will probably get some “Halloween was last month” reactions, a riding boot is the perfect compromise to stay on trend.

Frye boots are notorious for being the best in the industry. My favorites this season are the Jet Boot Riding and the lace-up Melissa Riding Tall. Both can be worn for everyday classes paired with a dark jean or legging for days you need an added stretch. If you’re looking for a more price-friendly option that’s still an investment for seasons to comes, I’ve been wildly impressed by Madewell's Archive Boot in English Saddle. 

Although I’m sure my “Lightening Rod” experience will come back in the form of blackmail at some point in my life, at least I will have my equestrian-themed pieces from this season to console me through the humiliation.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Function Over Fashion

Let’s face it: Mondays are hard enough without feeling the pressure to combat the weekend’s restlessness by wiggling into jeans and attempting to look any level of presentable. Sometimes we have to accept that not every day is a chiffon blouse day and just reach for the inevitable: a sweatshirt and leggings.

Before I forgive the casual Monday look all together; however, I must harp that this isn't an excuse to look as if you’re headed to the gym’s weight room.  As this week's Fashionista has demonstrated, there’s a technique to sneaking in comfort without looking anything less than chic. Enter, the Victoria’s Secret crewneck and a pair of sweet ballet flats.

By matching your cozy top with a pair of thick, clean black leggings and a standout pair of shoes, your look transforms from drab to fab in one seamless step. A tip to keep in mind when picking out what sweatshirt to wear for the day is to gravitate toward bright colors or patterns. When your crewneck can stand on it’s own and isn’t a darker shade, people automatically assume more effort was put into the outfit than what actually was, and who doesn’t love extra credit? Another tip for your comfy day out is to swap in your backpack for an oversized traveler bag like this one from ASOS. By omitting the standard backpack, you’re taking the look one step away from traditional collegiate and veering more towards effortlessly stylish.

To steal this Fashionista’s look, head over to Victoria’s Secret and check out their hoodies and pullovers sections. There’s a fit and style for every one and a VS Pink piece is a college staple. No one does ballet flats better than Steve Madden and these black Kadiee’s will get you through multiple seasons of chic.


As the days get colder and colder, layering your outfit becomes an intuitive necessity. It’s human instinct to want to wear more clothing when we’re chilly but we all have been in the uncomfortable situation where with a jacket it's too hot and without a jacket it's too cold. How to solve this problem? Enter, the chambray shirt.

Chambray is one of the most traditional members of the denim family. It’s tightly woven threads give the piece a more polished look while still being relaxed. It's material is soft and lightweight, so you can wear it on top of a tank top or a white V-neck like this Fashionista. Pair it with black leggings or skinny dark denim for a class look that will last all day.

To pick up a look similar to the one this Fashionista is sporting, try Madewell for a variety of chambray options in different washes and fit. Match it with James Perse black leggings from ASOS for a soft and comfortable finish.


Once again, burgundy is the champion color for fall. Why it's reining supreme is understandable when we break it down: not only does a wine piece here and there do wonders for your autumn complexion, but what better color goes with the orange hues of the leaves this time of year? However, as we creep into November, it’s saddening to say that our days with such crisp colors are limited as we gear-up for bear limbs and snowy streets.

However, this Fashionista I spotted on Indiana Avenue has brilliantly found a way to immortalize my favorite color combination for autumn. Mixing burgundy and an orange-heavy pattern is one of the most fun ways to make fall last as long as possible this year. This Fashionista decided to pair a burgundy blazer with a tan-toned, whimsical pattern and faux-leather boots, not only looking fabulous but shielding her skin from the harsh cold that’s found its way into Bloomington.

To get this Fashionista's look in a similar way, try these staple-studded bottoms from ASOS. Match it with an Alexander McQueen-inspired leaves sweater like this one from Net-A-Porter and top of the look with a pair of Bertie Velvet heeled Chelsea boots and prepare to receive the ultimate fashion envy from all those around you.

This color combo is challenging, yet so much fun when you take it to heart. Elongate fall as much as possible, and jump in the leaves while you still can!


Since Jay-Z’s string of performances last month at the Barclay’s Center in NYC, I haven’t been able to remove his name from my Spotify interface and so, it’s only understandable that his lyrics have influenced my fashion choices the past four weeks. I don’t know if a sheer pussy-bow black blouse and a dark snakeskin weekender was what Hov had in mind when he rapped “All black everything/Black cards, black cars/All black everything” but alas, that's my interpretation as represented by the Fashionista I spotted on Third Street.

A monochromatic look, regardless of the color scheme, has its advantages both convenience-wise and technically. First and foremost, it’s more interesting to look at than one would imagine. An outfit consisting of one varied-hue is an easy way to pull off chic without putting much effort into the curating process. When that palette happens to be black, especially for petite girls, the darkness elongates the body, making you look taller, and pushes your sides in for a slimmer, more flattering look.

To mimic this Fashionista's outfit, try a cozy pair of Victoria’s Secret PINK leggings if you’re planning on spending a day in lecture, or a sleek pair of black skinny jeans from Gap. A Parisian-inspired top like this option from ASOS is versatile enough to be dressed up or down, making it a staple piece for every Fashionista’s closet.

Whether you’re headed to the classroom or a night on the town, head-to-toe black is the best option for muted elegance. Because black is undeniably the most timeless color of them all, you can’t go wrong with Hova’s advice.


There's one major question every Fashionista must ask themselves before leaving the house in the morning. Not, “Will I need an umbrella today?” or, “Did I forget my keys?” Not even, “Can you see my panty line through these leggings?” No, the one and only question that holds any importance before you start your day is, “Can anything on me be cuffed?”

The mastery of cuffing is something every serious Fashionista or Fashionisto has in his or her inventory. Whether it’s rolling the bottom of the leg to show off the ankle, folding the jacket to display an arm of watches, or even cinching the sleeve like this Fashionista above, a classic cuff amps the chic factor in a way no of-the-moment trend can do.

Cuffing the bottom of your denim pant is one of the more timeless trends in the history of fashion. From style icons like Pixie Geldof and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, a rolled-up leg gives you the opportunity to show off an amazing shoe in a casual setting. I’ve always stood by the idea that men cuffing denim is one of the best ways to up the ante on any outfit. It’s an added edge that definitely goes recognized. Pair a fitted pant with a pair of Clarks, which are perfect for any occasion.

However eternal the rolled-up leg may be, the cuff is now transcending to other areas of an outfit. Enter, the bishop sleeve. The bishop sleeve is one of fashion’s hidden secrets. It’s simply elegant and can be dressed up or down. Just recently in Saint Laurent’s spring/summer 2013 show in Paris, Hedi Slimane gave his pieces bishop sleeves with a cuff on both pussy bow tops and floor-length gowns, giving the collection a very Parisian meets westerner vibe.


STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Abolising White After Labor Day

Growing up, there were an array of rules my parents instructed me with, which I chose to ignore. Missing curfew, the absence of adequate vegetable intake and not looking both ways before crossing the street have all had their obvious consequences in teaching me life lessons in their favor. However, one has backfired and I finally have a point on the scoreboard. Enter, “You can’t wear white after Labor Day.”

This stipulation seems to be one of the oldest in the fashion guideline handbook. Its origin dates back to over one hundred years ago when day-to-day dressing was much more formal. Whites and lighter colors were worn in the summer to make the sun’s wrath less harsh and to keep you cool while spending all day outside. The rule have since evolved and unfortunately turned into a moratorium and unnecessary parent nag.

Not only does abolishing whites and ivories for autumn and winter slash my wardrobe in half, but I can’t think of anything much sexier than matching a morning of fresh snow. Rep the white like this Fashionista by sporting a pair of printed white jeans, a trend staple this season. If you’re afraid of getting your bottoms dirty after a day of classes, try a warm white leather jacket or keep it simple in a white V-neck like this one from Victoria’s Secret PINK.