The campus Starbucks is the place to be as we close in on fall term. It’s my favorite time of year – emotions running high with equal parts excitement, stress, and holiday cheer. The weather has been beautiful lately; chilly enough to sport winter gear, but warm enough that your nose doesn’t freeze the moment you step outside. However, as we near the holiday break and secure a sport in the BCS Championship (GO DUCKS!) campus fashion has moved more towards sweatpants and Oregon sweatshirts than ever before.

So, today’s Fashionista incorporated one of my favorite fashion accessories – hats – to take her outfit from av to fab. Berets, beanies, fedoras, newsboy caps…I could go on forever. Hats are such a simple way to completely transform a look. Even if you don’t entirely feel like dressing chic from head to toe, adding a cute scarf, hat or fabulous bag, will make a world of difference.

Hint: Channel the past with different hat styles. Try a cloche hat (popular in the 1920s – the era of Coco Chanel) for a classic, elegant look. The fedora (a back-and-forth women’s to men’s style) was especially popular through the 1960’s and now a chic accessory for everything from street to pool-wear. And, of course, the beret – a style made famous by the military in Paris, France in the 19th century. Now, berets are a classy, sophisticated element to many winter ensembles.


It’s that time again:  the days of procrastination and choosing a late night with friends over an evening with your books have caught up to you. Although many campuses aren’t quite as close to finals as the students here at the UO are, knowing how to stylishly dress for long days and nights in the library, coffee shop, or favorite study area is always a challenge.

The best advice I can offer for those endless days and nights of cramming is layering. You never know how the temperature will fluctuate (especially in the library), so it’s smart to be prepared. This Fashionista paired leggings (a stylish alternative to sweat pants), with an oversized sweater, scarf and faux leather jacket. Oversized sweaters are probably one of my favorite items because of easy breathability and movement, and scarves, well, you all know how I feel about scarves. Besides an incredibly versatile accessory, they are perfect for addition to an outfit with easy removal if necessary. I don’t know about you, but my feet are the first to get cold so boots are always the solution to this problem. Add a pair of over-the-knee socks to stay even warmer.

Hint: This look is not complicated and definitely does not have to be expensive. Add a pair of glasses, some red lipstick and a top knot (for dramatic effect), and you’ll be a chic library babe in no time. 


It’s one thing walking to class in 30 degree weather, but 30 degree weather paired with rain and 20 mph winds is a completely different (and miserable) story. So, it makes sense when campus fashion goes downhill with the weather. I’m guilty of it myself; puddles and wind chills don’t exactly make me want to slip on my suede boots and hit the town. That’s why I loved the comfy, snow-bunny look of this Fashionista. One of my favorite style elements this winter is fur—fur vests, ear muffs, hats and jackets, however; there’s nothing worse than wet fur. This Fashionista successfully incorporated fur into her ensemble minus the risk of looking and smelling like a wet dog. I also thought the embellishments on her long-sleeve top were a great addition to a somewhat simple concept.

Hint: Fur is extremely popular this year and can be found at a variety of retailers at all price levels. Kohl’s has a belted faux fur vest for only $60, and check out Topshop for adorable oversized earmuffs. Embellishments on bags, shoes, or tops are a fun way to take an outfit to the next level; just don’t embellish every items of clothing at the same time, you don’t want to look bejeweled. And of course, there’s no better way to warm up than with a hot, holiday beverage.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Stay Sane in the Rain

Right on cue, the wet, dreary days in Eugene, Oregon have arrived. It’s easy to get depressed and become less inclined to express your personal style when it’s 40 degrees and drizzly, but there are ways to dress stylishly despite poor conditions. This Fashionista stayed dry and adorable in her Hunter rain boots, knit scarf and patterned umbrella.

A. Rainboots
-When rain starts flooding the streets, there really is no other option. Luckily, there are thousands of adorable styles to fit any personality, mood, and budget. A favorite, of course, are Hunter rain boots, but Target also offers many varieties online for a more affordable option.

B. Scarves
-One of my favorite accessories. I love the versatility of scarves, especially in the winter; they're warm and cozy and can make or break an outfit. Infinity or circle scarves are popular this year for the layering effect, so take advantage and stock up! You can find my favorite picks at Banana Republic and B.P. at Nordstrom.

C. People always say that the true Oregonians are those making their way through the rain sans umbrella. Well, I’m a true Oregonian, and I have to completely disagree with that statement. It is accurate, many people do simply put on a Columbia Sportswear or North Face waterproof jacket and go about the day without a second thought, but I highly encourage carrying an umbrella—especially if they look like these.



We are in the peak of boot season here at the University of Oregon. Rain boots, cowboy boots, over-the-knee, heels and flats—they’re taking over campus! Boots can be an expensive collection to maintain, especially as a college student…unless you know how to track down alternative options.

This Fashionista looked remarkably stylish wearing a scarf from Forever 21 and boots from Target. Every year Target recreates a popular boot style from the Steve Madden collection.  These zipper boots, modeled after Steve Madden’s “Roady” style, look unbelievably similar and are literally 1/3 of the price (I know this because I bought a pair myself). Although they are made with synthetic material, and have extremely poor traction, they hold up surprisingly well and have become my go-to boot for walking to class.

The colorful, patterned scarf, breaking up her neutral palette, is another bargain find. Scarves are an easy, fun and inexpensive item to stock up on to accessorize an outfit.

Hint: Target and Forever 21 are known for their fashion-forward styles for college-budget prices. However, there are many other stores to check out. ASOS is probably one of my favorite online shopping destinations, and they recently announced free shipping on U.S. orders! Also, ModCloth has many adorable vintage-looking styles at amazing price points.


It’s an interesting time, the beginning of November, because the transition from pumpkins to Santa Claus is almost immediate. Working in retail, I know this; “Jingle Bells” and "Frosty the Snowman" are cute for about 10 days and then I want to bash my head against the wall. Luckily, my manager agreed to postpone the debut of our holiday CD until mid-November—hallelujah! OK, holiday spirit or not, the weather is getting colder and we must prepare! There are cozy elements in this Fashionista’s outfit that I suggest to have on standby, especially going into December and January.

1. Fingerless Gloves- The style of this glove is amazing for two reasons. A) The look is totally rocker status—a style I always gravitate towards, I love these studded ones by ASOS. B) You can stay warm and actually use your hands. We’re in a day and age where texting is a constant activity, hello? Why didn’t I invest in these years ago?

2. Chunky Scarves- A cozy classic. I especially love fairisle patterned scarves and oversized neutrals.

3. Long-sleeve layering- Adorable under a sweater or puffer vest.

4. Hat- This is also a favorite. Berets and beanies seem to be the most popular, but this year I’ve particularly loved beanies with ear flaps—specifically covered in fur (faux fur, of course, for my vegetarian self).

Hint:  The great thing about these must-have winter staples is the endless variety of styles and designs.  Anyone can find his or her own way to stay warm without sacrificing personal style.  Individuality is important, so make it your own!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Master the Art of Scarves

Now that the ghouls and goblins are behind us, so begins the transition into gobble gobble and holiday jingles; a time to layer on cozy accessories.

However, whether you're bundling up for the cooler temps, or simply adding a dramatic touch with a breathable fabric in the heated months, the scarf is a classic accessory that can be worn in any season. With so many different fabrics, patterns and styles to choose from, you can literally find one to spice up any outfit. This Fashionista rocks one all the way from South Africa, however there is a similar version on  Forever21 if you're not able to fly halfway accross the world.

Hint: Pair more sophisticated and busy scarves with a neutral, solid top to really highlight the beautiful fabric or pattern. For fall and winter months, try incorporating scarves with darker hues and toned-down patterns, like this circle scarf. For spring and summer–colorful and vibrant designs.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Feather Phenomenon

Although the weather has cooled down (a lot) in the last week, and getting out of bed in the mornings has become a chore, the very possibility of layering excites me every day! Layers, layers…you’ve heard it before; not only does it add creativity to an outfit, it comes in extremely handy when transitioning from the cold outdoors to a heated (and sometimes over-heated) college classroom. This Fashionista’s layers initially caught my eye (my favorite being the leather bomber), but in a hidden element of surprise I found the real treasure: hair feathers.

Hair feathers have become an increasingly popular trend on the UO campus, especially in just the first few weeks of school. Coming in all different colors, from turquoise to yellow, students all over Eugene are accessorizing with these babies. Costing from $2 to $4 each, the feathers last about a month and–get this–can even curl with the rest of your hair! I love how the Fashionista incorporated colors from the feathers in with her outfit and even lip color to dramatize the entire look.

Hint: If you’re living in the Eugene area, there are a variety of places offering the hair feather application. I would recommend Face It for a professional, yet cheap option. 

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Incorporate Fall Colors

Hello, orange: welcome back! The first day of crisp, cool weather has finally arrived and I can’t wait to start wearing all my scarves and jackets for the season. My favorite part about fall (besides apple cider and trick-or-treating, of course) is the amazing hues of deep oranges, reds and yellows the leaves take. Even more, I love when those colors are emanated through clothing. This Fashionista tastefully layered an oversized, knit sweater over a floral print dress with season-appropriate, knee-high boots. I though this look was fresh, feminine, and a move away from the neutral-on-neutral (and extremely chic, don’t get me wrong) ensembles I typically feature.

Hint: When incorporating oversized clothing, however, make sure to do so with care; you could very easily end up looking like a bag lady. To ensure this doesn’t happen, pair a loose-fitting top with a tight bottom like a cotton pencil skirt (w/ or w/out tights), leggings or skinny jeans. Also, try a cropped oversized tee over a tucked-in lace camisole. Lastly, the dress, with its understated floral pattern, serves as a great staple to transition between seasons by adding or removing layers.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Dressing like your Boyfriend

Old news? Maybe. The “boyfriend” phenomenon has been around for awhile now, but I can’t get enough of it. It’s simple, comfortable, and classy, plus many of the items are probably hanging out in your bf’s closet. These matching Fashionista/os show how looking the same as your significant other is creative and stylish.

Even though the weather here in Oregon doesn’t scream fall yet, I’ve already busted out my autumn colors and boots to go along with them. By now you I’m sure you know how committed to my neutral palette I am. Greys, blacks, navys, in all articles of (oversized) clothing are worn on a consistent basis. I know not everyone is obsessed with neutrals as I am, and I do add some splashes of color in occasionally, if you were wondering. But, in my defense, they are great to have in your wardrobe and I encourage everyone to have at least a few pieces available.

Hint: My favorite element of this outfit is the boots. While this outfit is extremely simplistic, you can always accessorize with a belt, headband, bangles, necklace, etc. to make it a little more exciting. But remember, sometimes less is more!