The most highly-anticipated film of the year, The Great Gatsby, starring the fabulous Carey Mulligan not only brings the '20s fab, but also the so-called “New Vintage” which is evident in Chanel’s 2012 couture show. Flairs, feathers and flappers may be things of the past, but a ladylike style is timeless. This Fashionista, whom I spotted around Soho, screams new vintage.

Nothing speaks more for the old time chic like a red lip, but the shimmer on her eyes also adds to a futuristic feel. There are more variations on the red lips look than ever before; from tangerine to rouge, from cherry to scarlet red, whether you are a red lip diva or a newbie, there will always be a color that inspires you. As Raf Simons' Dior Couture debut show set the tone for upcoming trends, the “New New Look” endorses minimalism. Instead of smoky eyes and bright lips, naked eyes as seen on supermodels such Wen Liu and Lindsay Wixson on and off duty will suffice when applying red lipsticks. One thing is a must: though, make sure it’s matte.

While wide leg pants are classic for a new vintage look, the maxi dress on this Fashionista speaks the same volume, and matching bright color on the lips, toes and dress unites the whole look and gives a strong visual impact.

And yet, surprise, surprise, this Fashionista has a different take on her nail polish. An Essie-lover, she surprised me with choosing a mixture of pink and gray coated with shimmers over a common red nail. This is the fun of incorporating the “New Vintage” into every day style. You can also be a '20s lady with a modern twist!


It’s always fun to think about going to the beach in the summer time, but the reality is we are more often trapped in heavy traffic covered with our own sweats. This Fashionisto has a fresh and chic style that shines through with his attention to detail, managing to not blur into the chaos of the city. What can you do with just a simple T-shirt and shorts? The color matters. Unlike women’s wear which offers a spectrum of bright hues and bedazzles people with 30 different kinds of pink or blue to choose from, men’s wear tends to be more toned down and dedicated to smaller details. Mint is my new favorite color for all the Fashionistos. A splash of mint on the shoe or collar can light up the whole outfit. It goes the same for girls, mint is the new pink, we love it and obviously have more choices including this mint Dior Saint-Tropez nail polish or this affordable and walkable DVF mint wedge

Aside from his awesome mint T-shirt which caught my eye in the crowd, this Fashionito knows how to beat the heat with style. With just a touch of mousse, he got all the hair out of the way. It’s important not to get the wrong mousse for your hair type — this might make your hair greasy instead of chic. A Fashionista shared with me that some “magical” Asian hair gel grants her all the rights to brag about her hair.

Accessorizing is important also, but when you are going for a simple and chic style, you don’t have to round up your neck with too many chains. Sometimes a good old vintage bag and the right sunglasses will do you justice. For Fashionistos on a budget, dig up your closet: true inspiration always lies in simplicity.

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Happy Braiding

In courtesy of the fifth season finale of Mad Men I set out to look for vintage styles, and New York does not disappoint. Although nothing is like going to a Jazz Age Lawn Party, which happens twice a summer on Governor’s Island gathering a mass of vintage-lovers, I found this Fashionista’s style both classic and work-appropriate. A double-layered floral chiffon dress with Peter Pan collar on itself is quite sufficient for a statement, with the right amount of accessories like her round-shaped vintage purse, oversized aviator sunglasses and an OPI Black Cherry Chutney nail polish, the look is accomplished.  

With New York heating up to almost 100 degrees, it is wise to get some hair out of the way. The way this Fashionista deals with the heat to do an easy braid in the back. First, tie up the front section and pin it back, then cross over three sections of hair to achieve this easy and laid back hairstyle. It’s the easiest way to get the hair off your face on a hot day, and it takes less than five minutes.

Although runway shows this season prefer more sophisticated twists and braids, a working summer intern may find many less time consuming ways to impress. One way to skip all the effort of braiding your hair and still look polished is use headband, you can use Sephora’s braided headband with different hair colors to whoop your hair around the head like a Valentino girl. For a more dressed-up style, weave accessories like ribbon, chain or even feathers into your hair.

One more thing I like about this Fashionista’s style is the balance. It’s a vintage-inspired dress without looking contrived matched with flats which are a comfortable choice for rushing through Manhattan. Plus, the hair also looks effortless. I think it’s one thing to keep in mind for all the summer Fashionistas at work: dress to impress, but be comfortable!

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Styles For Every Shape

It’s time to refresh your style for a summer of fun prints and color. Let’s start with your hairstyle. Sleek ponytails reigned the runways from Paris to New York. It is probably the easiest way to make you look like a chic Jil Sander or Ralph Lauren girl, but for a radical mood-changer, we can have more fun with the tresses other than just follow the timeless tradition.

Look at this Fashionista here, the structured style of her hair complements her profile and leaves space for accessories without looking stuffy. The standing middle balances the short jaw and makes a great length. The short sides slim down the overall style. The most important thing when choose the perfect hairstyle is to know your face shape. This Fashionista has an oval face shape that goes well with almost all hairstyles, so the only thing she needs to worry about is which part of her face to accentuate and get creative. With the just right sunglasses and big hoop earrings, she instantly makes her profile stronger and emphasizes the cheekbones.

There is a perfect hairstyle for every face shape. For round facers like Emma Stone, side-swept bangs and hard-line layers are your best friends. A pixie is also flattering. Soft-line hairstyles such as a thinned-out bob like Keira Natalie’s or a shag like Rachel McAdams’ work best for square faces as they soften the jawlines. A heart-shaped face like J-Lo or Reese Witherspoon will find chin-length style most complementing and a side-swept bang also helps bring the eyes out for this face shape. Straight bang across brows is a no-no for round faces and heart faces as it makes your face looks rounder and shorter.

Always keep in mind that your hairstyle is meant to minimize your non-pleasing attributes and enhances the positive ones. Cheekbones, eyes, and chins, pick your friends and foes, make them work the best for you!



Needless to say, we are all filling up our wardrobes with bright colors this summer. On an afternoon at Union Square I became mesmerized by the variety of New Yorkers’ summer palettes.  When I came across this Fashionisto, I loved so much about his effortless style. His washed blue jeans and pale pink shirt are easy-breezy in the color explosion. He looks fresh and neat even after an hour of yoga class. But what’s magical about his look is a touch of purple in his hair. The original dye is accordingly called purple rage, but this fading aftermath actually looks more suitable for a mid-summer afternoon.

The color purple is a tricky one. The result can be a stunning fit, as seen on Katy Perry, or a questionable dye job, like on Kelly Osbourne. On the runway, Thakoon girls got their hair painted blue, purple, pink or orange for the brand’s spring 2012 runway show to achieve an animated cowboy look. An easier way to achieve this fun look is to put streaks of colors in your hair. The best part is you don’t even have to dye it. Hair products like Manic Panic Dye Hard or Streekers Hair Color Shades ensure that you can experiment colors with temporary gels or shades before risking a radical change in hair color.

When highlighting, it’s all about layers and structures. You can easily experiment with multitudes of tones and see which goes with your skin tone and styles. Another thing I love about this Fashionisto is the structure of his hair. The short cut on the side with natural color makes the look cleaner and more focused. Another trend that is still sticking around is the gradient hair. For girls with long tresses, a profound shade of purple mixed with lighter lavender will give you a unique look and definitely pops out even in a huge crowd.

But one thing to keep in mind is that our hair is vulnerable in summer due to oxidization of water and sun. Colors fade faster in summer, so put on antioxidants to keep your hair shiny and healthy!

Style Guru Bio: Layla Li

My name is Layla Li and I am a junior at Boston University studying Public Relations and Psychology. I am really excited to be a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista because I now finally have a legitimate reason to stop all you Fashionistas/Fashionistos on the street and ask about your styles.

Fashion has always been a part of me. I got my first fashion job when I was seven when I started giving style advice to my mom, and it didn’t just end there. I have worked for many fashion companies in PR, retail, events and journalism functions, and every single one of my jobs inspire me to learn more!

I am not only inspired by big names in fashion such as Coco Chanel or Karl Lagerfeld, but I also find my passion in movies which are made better by costume designers like Colleen Atwood and Eiko Ishioka. Photographers like Annie Leibovitz, Chen Man and hair stylist like Vidal Sassoon are also a big part of my fascination.

The most exciting part about fashion and my style is change. Oscar Wlide said fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months. But that was a century ago, now everything moves much faster. I can be your bohemian sweetheart two springs ago, and I can also be a neon and cat-eye lover now. I have a strong appetite for bright color, print, asymmetrical design and a clean-cut look. However, I'm not a big fan of mesh, lace or bows if they are not properly handled. I basically fill my wardrobe with online shopping purchases and flash sales.

I am so excited to be in New York for the summer and intern at Vera Wang. I will be writing for the ALL ABOUT BEAUTY section every Thursday, so be prepared to be surprised by the beauty world of New York.