Unbeknownst to most, Fashionistas are a rare breed of mixologists. While typical mixologists excite your tastebuds with the pairing of unexpected flavors, Fashionistas apply a similar concept in mixing diverse patterns and hues to cultivate an ensemble that provides a unique flair. Take the featured Fashionista for example, the coupling of a striped crop T-shirt and a boldly-printed maxi skirt create an eclectic ensemble that allowed her to stand out from many of the students on campus. By taking two diverse prints from your wardrobe, you too can replicate the featured Fashionistas fashion-forward attire.

When pairing two prints together it is important to have one print be the focal point while the other print will act as an accent. The featured Fashionista accomplishes this by allowing her loud printed maxidresses to stand out from her quieter complementary striped T-shirt. In replicating this ensemble I would suggest this striped, cropped tank sold at Nordstrom BP to be the base of your outfit. This top would work well with this floral maxi skirt sold at Forever 21. Just add chunky gold jewelry, brown leather wedges and a turban headwrap for a world traveler-inspired ensemble. Another option would be to pair this abstract print tank top with this vibrant ikat skirt sold at Pacsun. This look works because the prints share the same color scheme, however one print is more saturated than the other which allows the print to be the center of attention. Complete the look with neutral colored shoes and turquoise jewelry.

While mixology is an art form, any Fashionista can cultivate an eclectic mix with the incorporation of a vibrant and subdued print into one ensemble. Together, the two work side-by-side to create one completely unique and aesthetically enticing look.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Borrowed from the Boys

There is nothing quite like the feel of the inside of a mens’ sweatshirt. The fleece feels a little softer, the sweatshirt hangs a little looser and for whatever reason it seems immensely cozier than any of the options females have to choose from. As we approach the middle of spring, reaching for a sweatshirt, no matter how cozy, seems as an impractical fashion choice. However, the featured Fashionista shows that a menswear-inspired button-down shirts acts as an appropriate layering piece for warm weather seasons.

The featured Fashionista’s ensemble experiments with adrogony by pairing the oversized button-down with a high-waisted pencil skirt and military combat boots; a look that screams excitement and risk. To achieve a look similar to the featured Fashionista, try this dip-dyed oversized button-down sold at Urban Outfitters. Pair this piece with a heather gray tank top and high waisted cut-offs to achieve an ensemble that is both playful and put together. Another option is this oversized chambray blouse sold at PacSun. Throw this topper over a floral-printed dress with ankle boots to achieve a bohemian-inspired outfit.

Oversized button-downs create a seamless way to incorporate layers into your day-to-day spring wardrobe, without the added heat. Try throwing on an oversized button-down shirt over classically feminine pieces in order to add an androgynous appeal to your ensembles. You will find that they have all of the comfort of a mens sweatshirt without the added bulk.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bloom Where You Are Planted

Stating florals will be in for spring is similar to saying, “the Earth is round” or “the Sun is hot.” These statements are pretty obvious and non-subjective. Fashion is continuously evolving and gives consumers few guarantees about what will be trendy each season. However, if fashion were to provide one promise it would be this: when the sun comes out, floral patterns come rushing in. But with all the peony, rose and daisy printed garments that flood retail stores during this time of year, a Fashionista may start to feel overwhelmed with the vast selection. The question transforms from “Will I be able to wear florals this season” to “How will I wear florals this season?” Take a cue from this featured Fashionista who sports florals on her silk camisole paired with studded black leggings and knee-high leather, brown boot this spring and find a way to add novelty to florals. Focus on wearing florals in an unexpected way so that the quintessential springtime print will appear fresh, rather than dated.

Warm-weathered seasons provided a time for Fashionistas to be bold. In result of no longer being burdened with layering clothes to keep warm, each of the pieces in our spring and summer ensembles must provide a punch. This tropical floral top sold at Forever 21 will provide the wearer with just that. Pair this cropped top with high waisted shorts in any of the bright colors incorporated in this vibrant top. Another option for you is to incorporate florals on a bottom garment instead of a top. These floral printed high-waisted shorts by Insight are pure perfection. Pair this piece with a cropped white bodice top and white Converse for a look that is both sweet and sassy.

While you can expect florals to continue to be on trend for the spring seasons to come you can add an element of surprise with how you wear these floral pieces. Whether it is rocking florals on the bottom for a novel way to upgrade your basic denim short shorts. Or, wearing a wearing a floral that is bolder in size and color. This spring bring something new to the table in how you incorporate florals.


In the past, wearing two denim pieces together was a look that was reserved solely for cowboys and ranch hands. If a person was not careful, wearing something like a chambray shirt and denim jeans could easily look dated and out of place in today’s modern world. However, thanks to the variety of washes, textures and prints that denim pieces now come in, wearing denim on denim has now become a look that is considered fashion forward.

The thing about spring is that it is a little two-faced. One day the light blue skies will be bountiful with angelic white clouds, and the next day the sky will be painted a dark gray, spewing aggressive showers on the unfortunate individuals who happen to be caught in the crossfire. For the days that require an umberella and a heavier jacket, choose denim separates in a darker hue. For example, pair these dark-wash skinny jeans sold at American Eagle with this studded, motorcycle vest from Forever 21. On a day where the sun is smiling upon you, wear these RVCA shorts embellished with white lace in combination with this chambray top. Denim is a versatile fabric; each of these pieces can be paired together in order to achieve an on-trend look. Or, pair them separately with other items in your wardrobe.

Wearing denim on denim is no longer a faux paus, but rather a way to utilize the denim separates that may already reside in your closet. Mix and match your denim pieces this spring in order to bring life to your every day staples.


It is official, Fashionistas. Spring is no longer near; it is finally here. What better way to celebrate the emergence of sunshine and fresh flowers than putting on the quintessential spring hue-coral. Coral is the ultimate color for Spring because it is a vivid hue that closely resembles  the flowers that will surely be seen this season. Coral is versatile and can be paired with any hue, from a bold fuchsia to a cool turquoise. Best of all, coral is a color that works on a variety of skin tones and will best complement your sun kissed complexion. Incorporate coral into your outfits this spring in order to properly reign in the new season.

If you are the girl looking forward to releasing your inner bohemian goddess this season, try sporting this off-the-shoulder dress that can be purchased at LuLu’s. The silhouette of the dress makes it the perfect cover-up for a swimsuit when heading out for a day at the beach. Another way to wear this dress is by pairing it with a brown belt placed at the waist, coupled with leather, gladiator sandals for an effortlessly chic look.

If you are the Fashionista who is more rock and roll than festival chic, wear this coral floral mesh top sold at Forever 21. While the baggy silhouette and mesh inset of the top is edgy, the color of the top allows it to be appropriate for spring. Pair this top with high-waisted cut-off shorts and high-top Chuck Taylors for a look that can easily transition from class to concert.

Are you a graduating college Fashionista in need of a look that is more polished? Pair this coral peplum skirt with a black blazer and oxfords in order to achieve a look that is professional without being too stuffy.

No matter what events this season has in store for you, you can rest assured that there is a coral piece that can add pizzazz to your spring attire. Be as bold and as bright as this color allows you to be and wear coral in order to welcome the spring and all that this season has to offer.


There was a time that fashion was limited to a set of rules that were dictated by society as to what was acceptable and unacceptable to wear. In present day, rules such as “black and brown should not be worn together” and “one print per ensemble” have been disregarded. The only fashion rule that is that there are no fashion rules. Fashionistas are now free to mix a variety of prints and colors in their ensembles and are able to achieve an outfit that is both chic and fashion forward.

Nadene, this featured Fashionista, perfects the art of mixing prints with her eclectic combination of camouflage and acid-wash dyes. A similar look can be achieved by wearing this camouflage army surplus jacket sold at Urban Outfitters with these acid-washed denim shorts sold at PacSun. For a more feminine take on mixing prints try pairing these floral printed denim shorts made by Billabong with this tie-dye printed top sold at Urban Outfitters. The combination of the floral graphics and tie-dye allows the wearer to achieve a look that is equal parts bohemian and girly. For those of you who walk on the wild side, look to this skull emblazoned vest sold by Tripp NYC with these Kendall and Kylie dip-dyed shorts. Complete this outfit with some lace-up combat boots and simplistic accessories.

With fashion, anything goes. There are no longer rules that restrict one’s creativity. Fashion is whatever the interpreter wants it to be. This spring, try mixing prints in order to bring life to pieces that already reside in your closet. Find creative ways to experiment with prints and colors that would have normally been considered “taboo.” You might find that your “taboo” is actually a do!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Smells Like Teen Spirit

As college students, when reflecting on the ’90s we feel a special kind of nostalgia. The ’90s were a time of youth. We fondly look back on the trends that we sported during this time period, from crimped hair to floral leggings to our clear jelly sandals. We remember our obsession with pop bands, namely ‘N Sync and the UK sensation group The Spice Girls. We also remember good old-fashioned Saturday morning cartoons. With so many good memories of the ’90s, it is no wonder that designers like Marc Jacobs have implemented ’90s grunge themes into their designs.

The featured Fashionista brings the ’90s decade into modern day with her floral print Doc Martens. If you are interested in adopting a similar aesthetic, look no further than to these rose-colored Dr. Marten boots sold at Free People. Carry these punk rock shoes into spring by pairing them with floaty dresses and mini skirts. Another way to embrace the grunge trend is by rocking a T-shirt with a graphic of a band from that era. This oversized Nirvana T-shirt sold at Forever 21 is perfection. The shirt can be paired with a variety of pieces from high waisted shorties to a black hi low skirt. Lastly what would a nineties throwback be without the quintessential plaid shirt. Throw this worn-in plaid shirt sold at PacSun over a classic little black dress or tie it around the waist when wearing one of your ensembles in order to achieve the grunge look.

The ’90 are an era that we college students would never “Nevermind.” It brings back memories of what it was like to be young, wild and carefree. Embracing the grunge trend allows us to attain a piece of our childhood in present day; putting a little teen spirit into our steps.


As children, February 2nd was a day of unique significance. This day, more commonly referred to as “Groundhog Day” was a day where we waited in earnest anticipation for the groundhog to determine whether spring was a short six weeks away or if it would be a long winter. What made this day special was that it had the potential to give the promise of spring. Groundhog Day provided an estimate of when to expect cherry blossoms, bright agriculture and a fresh new wardrobe. There is something about warm weather that gives us the feeling of a lifted spirit, which we naturally embody in the types of clothes we choose to wear. Embrace your inner free spirit by selecting bohemian pieces to guide you into spring.

The featured Fashionista does bohemian accents right with the incorporation of her suede chestnut purse down to the camel-hued strappy sandals. The addition of new footwear and accessories to a wardrobe is an easy way to update your closet without having to break the bank. If you are looking to add a new pair of sandals to your collection that look similar to the ones worn by the featured Fashionista try this two-tone pair by Report. Show off these sandals by pairing them with high low maxi dresses and swing skirts. Most importantly do not forget to paint your toes with an eye-catching color. Metallic polishes were seen on the runways of Nicole Miller and Monika Chiang and would work well with the neutral and coral colors in the sandal. If you are looking to add a new purse to your collection this season look no further than to this suede fringe bag sold at Brandy Melville. The neutral color of the bag ensures that it will get plenty of wear and the fringe details allow you to achieve a bohemian vibe.

Project your free spirit this spring with the incorporation of bohemian accents. Embrace suede handbags and strappy sandals in this transition into the warm weather because groundhog seeing his shadow or not, spring will soon be upon us.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Warning! This Post Contains Graphic Content

Nothing indicates the arrival of spring more than the vibrant citrus and candy-colored hues that confront us everywhere, from the produce provided at the local grocery stores to the appearance of the first bloom. However, this season, designers chose to break free from the norm and embrace a simpler palette of black and white. The two were last seen gracing the spring/summer 2013 runways at shows including Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney. Designers revamped the classic palette by using the colors to create geometrically graphic and optical prints.

This week’s Fashionista shows fashion enthusiasts one way in which black-and-white optical prints can be incorporated into a look that is stylish and campus-appropriate. The Fashionista’s bold harem pants can be found here online at Forever 21. For a look that is similar but offers a different print try these black and white tribal harem pants, also sold at Forever 21. When wearing these bold bottoms let the print be the focus of the outfit and pair it with solid colors coupled with boots or strappy sandals. For the ultimate spring day where the sun is radiant and abundant in its glow, try wearing a black and white dress. This Mimi Chica tie-dye dress is perfect for a day at the beach and can easily be taken into any nighttime events when paired with a structured denim or leather jacket. For a look that is more refined try this black and white chevron tank top sold at Urban Outfitters. This top incorporates the black and white graphic trend in a simplistic way, which makes it a great foundation for bolder pieces. Pair this piece with a pair of vibrant skinny jeans to achieve a casual look for the classroom.

Although our parents and professors would often advise against using graphic content in the classroom, you can be rest assured that the incorporation of black and white graphics in your spring wardrobe will not get you sent to the Deans. Experiment with black and white geometrical and graphical prints this spring to create optically appealing outfits.


A common saying goes, “If you want to understand a person, you must walk a mile in their shoes.” I could not think of a better piece of advice when trying to embody the style of a Fashionista, such as the one featured in this article. When strutting in these Dr. Marten inspired lace up boots the wearer instantly transforms herself into a fashion daredevil. No matter how frilly or girly the Fashionista’s outfit may be these boots are able to add a touch of edge to your look and may be even your personality. So be prepared to kick butt and take names while sporting these fashion-forward stompers.

For a classic pair of lace-up booties in the style of the featured Fashionista this pair of leather combat boots by Steve Madden have got you covered. For those experiencing cold weather this time of year pair these shoes with dark-wash skinny jeans, a chunky knit sweater and a printed scarf. If the sun is a little brighter where you reside, pair these boots with a printed A-line dress, a thin leather belt and unique accessories. For an edgier alternative to this style of boots look to this studded pair by Nasty Gal. Embrace the rocker vibe of these shoes by pairing it with leather pieces, band tees and piles of gold or silver jewelry. If you are enticed by items of the feminine persuasion try this girly take of the lace up boot sold at Urban Outfitters. The cream color of the boot makes this boot a great transition piece for the upcoming spring season. It will also work well with the bows, pastels and florals staples that you have in your wardrobe.

Who said getting to know a person was not easy? Walk a mile or two in a pair of lace up booties and gain perspective on what it is to embrace your inner Fashionista.