TREND: Hey Turbans

Baggy is back for the summer. Just last week I wrote about loose and flowing clothes for the summer and how during summer, you don’t want to be stuck in tight clothes; you want to feel free. Obviously today's Fashionista also got the memo. As the campus is slowly becoming a wasteland with everyone leaving for break, I found today’s Fashionista strolling the sidewalks looking fashionably fierce. Catching my attention in a turban and baggy clothes, she had a personal style that was a standout. Turbans are an item seen in African, Caribbean and Middle Eastern culture that have recently made a resurgence on the fashion scene. In addition to this headware craze, we are seeing silhouettes turn looser and more vintage-inspired. Today's Fashionista's high wasted shorts and a loose flowing shirt from Urban Outfitters helped complete her Fashionista-worthy look. 

Hint: If you are looking to imitate today's Fashionista's turban look, try watching this tutorial which will educate you on turban wearing and the various ways to twist this headwear. 

TREND: Let it Flow

This week's Fashionista was spotted at a model casting call looking effortlessly chic. In a tunic and some embellished gladiator sandals she stood out in all the right ways. She worked with proportions to make this long shirt work.

This summer, like every summer, loose and flowing tops are in. When it's hot out there is no need to slap on skin tight clothing. Opt for tunics and loose pieces to keep your fashionable and cool at once. Derek Lam, Osman and Simone Rocha all had bellowing tops on the runways and this look has trickled down to VCU's campus.

On to her shoes. Purchased form a boutique, Finch, the red color was the perfect addition to make her outfit pop. 

Finals the heat and attempting to have a great summer wardrobe make for a lethal combination, today's student didn't let any distractions get in her way of being Fashionista worthy!

TREND: London Meets South Beach

London meets South Beach; an unlikely combination right, yet I seemed to have spotted two Fashionistos who seem to bring these two styles of menswear together and come out with an outcome that just works.

The pair was outside of Shafer, VCU’s cafeteria catching some sun. They caught my attention with thrifted graphically printed button ups. One of the shirts was an ornate floral print and the other was a geometric sort of plaid that reminded me of the '70s. Denim and khaki shorts add to this Miami vacation look, yet with the classic leather loafers it brings sophistication that all London Fashionistos have. Making this look even more complete are their men’s handbags, a fad ever so popular in Europe that just hasn’t caught on as much in the US yet. 

This week take cue from these two Fashionistos and invest in a one of a kind vintage shirt or a handbag. 

TREND: To Lighten Up

On my stroll around campus this past week, a lack of color, has been the theme of many Fashionista's wardrobes. Wearing white is perfect for those warm, sunny days when you need something lightweight that will keep you cool. Leave it to white to accomplish this.

Today's Fashionista's look wasn't anything outrageous or hard to imitate. Her cotton, white shirt and distressed denim shorts were effortlessly thrown together. Finishing up her look she pranced around campus in cut out shoes, that have also been a major trend this season.

Her classic beach bum style has us all excited for summer and counting down until VCU goes on break. 

Hint: British Colony’s Rio-inspired runway was full of white silhouettes and the perfect place to gain inspiration on how to wear this neutral hue. 

TREND: Long Awaited Spring

Rolled up pants, flats, bright handbags, sunglasses: spring is finally here. It seemed like forever but for us here in Richmond, spring time has finally shown its true colors. With 75 degree weather, it was a perfect day for all the fashion students to present their tree skirts at the local Maymont Park. The project that took two weeks deserved to be presented in true spring fashion. Everyone was dressed to the nines in amazing spring trends. The two fashionable students spotted here are sporting similar trends that are sure to take the spring by storm.

The rolled up pant is a perfect way of taking a pair of pants and giving them a new look; it keeps you cool yet stays trendy with the cuff right under the calf. Canvas shoes without socks and light cotton shirts are also ways to stay cool out in the sun. I suggest everyone get a new, crisp white shirt; it’s a fashion must and is perfect for that day when you want to look effortlessly classy.

Finishing up the looks are some accessories. Both students are sporting shades and trendy bags from ALDO. The Fashionista is working a vintage teddy bear broach on her blazer. Accessorizing blazers is always a good idea, because it gives personality to your garment. This week, embrace spring and sport some of the trends you see here.

TREND: Patch Things Up

A few days ago, while strolling through the mall, I stumbled into Hot Topic. While not a regular place I shop, I remembered the days when everyone would buy patches and buttons to adorn to their jeans, books and bags. Recently, I spotted these two trendy Fashionistos sitting outside the library sporting wearing patches and buttons in their own stylish way.

In outerwear from Hot Topic and classic high top Vans they had a look that that caught my attention.

Patchwork, though sometimes cheesy, can be found in more mature and modern ways, as presented by today's stylish duo. Nordstrom carries a patchwork belt from WCM that is a must have accessory for those of you also addicted to this trend. 

This week, experiment with this old school way of expression, go thrifting for buttons or make a patchwork belt out of old shirts.

TREND: Fashion Week’s Finest

This past week was Richmond Fashion Week; everyday was another fashion show showcasing local designers, boutiques and the newest trends for this upcoming f/w 2011. In the midst of the week I spotted today’s Fashionista in a trendy ensemble that looked straight off the runways.

I have mentioned the ‘60s inspired look in a post before, but on this Fashionista it is worn in a completely different way. Sporting a periwinkle spring pea coat from Burlington Coat Factory, that looked like a piece from Alberta Ferretti 2011 collection is what originally caught my eye. The stand out color and minimalistic style is a must. Acid wash jeans and silver cowboy boots from Rumors paired with a bowlers hat finished up the look, making it equally modern as it is expressive. The clash of this sophisticated coat with pieces like the boots make this Fashionistas look a definite head turner.

Like today’s Fashionista take to totally adjacent pieces and make them work.

TREND: To Shield Yourself

Spring in Richmond is so unpredictable. With the range of temperatures reaching eighties and dropping to low forties, it's no wonder that most of us always have a never-ending cold. The best way to beat this is to get a perfect, light jacket. A spring jacket is usually made out of cotton, nylon, or another kind of light material that blocks the wind chill yet keeps you at a comfortable temperature. I spotted today's Fashionista looking super cool in her light weight jacket. Purchased from Urban Outfitters it was the ideal piece for this transitioning weather.

Making her look even more edgy she paired a dark printed floral dress (a trend mentioned last week by fellow VCU Style Guru Devon Savage) with Lurex stockings. The slighty glittered stockings gave her look a festive flair. Finishing up her ensemble were the ever popular Minnetonka moccasion boots.

Let today's Fashionista be a style inspiration for your week! 

TREND: Owning The Interview

A few nights ago the CF writers and readers got together for a #FashionTalk. The theme of the discussion was based on interviews in the fashion industry, what to wear, how to be prepared and what to expect. Everyone knows the fashion industry is a pretty much “look first talk later industry”, and many of the questions had to deal with attire. When choosing outfits for interviews you have to dress for the designer, you can’t wear khakis to Betsy Johnson and a neon green blazer to Michael Kors. It’s an unspoken rule to dress for them first, dress for you later. 

Today I spotted my Fashionista on her way to an interview. In classic interview wear she caught my attention, since just a few nights ago was the said #FashionTalk. In statement heels not to outrageous from Aldo and a trendy cardigan from Karmaloop, she looked fashionable and at the same time well qualified for whatever retail position she was aiming to get.

The key building to a good outfit is not to use every one of your best pieces in one outfit. Many stylists would tell you mixing and matching is the best way to have a look effortlessly trendy. Like today’s Fashionista, next time you have a big interview mix a trendy blazer or cardigan and a pair of nice heels with less bold items, remember less is more…in some cases.

TREND: Spring Time Riding

Spring has finally arrived at VCU campus! Light jackets and cardigans are making appearances everywhere, along with cyclists who can now ride to class because of the warmer weather.

I spotted today’s Fashionista looking fashionably chic while riding to class. Her hands full of art supplies this student was jotting off to her Art Foundations class. 

Her leather jacket from Richmond’s favorite thrift store Rumors is one of the main components of the edgy biker look. A navy tulip dress from Gap keeps the nature of her outfit feminine. Paired with mesh stockings and some patent black flats, the outfit achieves a tough yet thoughtfully sweet look.

For spring take inspiration from the runway trends like today’s Fashionista. Leather jackets, skinny pants and a little bit of shimmer is sure to make you a stand-out stylish student on campus.