STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Simply Pop that Color

Many times, the most effortless look is the most original. Color is huge this spring, but perhaps you aren't up for lots of color or you have a more professional appointment to make. First Lady Michelle Obama can be seen here wearing a littble black dress with a brilliant blue clutch. Also check out this Fashionsta from the Fashion Institute of Technology trying the same trend. 

I spotted this Fashionista's bright neon top first. I loved the way she wore an all black pants and cardigan, making it perfect for those summer internship interviews or, if you've got that landed, for the office. She paired it with some fun strappy sandals similar to these by Dolce Vita. She also wore a small basic pendant that color-blocked with her neon top. Always try opposite colors when doing a color block; check out this necklace from Shopbop

To get this look, try these amazing skinnies from Zara, complete with a zipper on the hem. For the pop of color try this bright yellow top from J. Crew or this one from H&M. Remember, pops of color can be done with any neutral so if black on black isn't your thing try gray or nude!

FIT FOR STYLE: Evy Camacho

Who wears short shorts? Texas girls wear short shorts! I spotted this Fashionista on campus and completely fell in love with her look. Since she had a possible run planned later, she wore this outfit around campus. I really liked how she took the blue pop of color from her shoes and made it a theme throughout her whole look by incorporating it into the top. The little black spandex shorts were perfect for a run around campus or Town Lake in the Texas heat. 

Name: Evy Camacho

Favorite Food: Lettuce Wraps

Favorite Workout: Squats

CollegeFashionista: Tell me about your look! 

Evy Camacho: I wear this all the time, I just make it different with the color combinations and shoes. 

CF: Tell me about your shoes, they have a really cool urban feel! 

Evy Camacho: The shoes are Air Max limited color edition. They're almost a year old; I like to be bright and different. 

CF: Where in Austin do you like to workout? 

Evy Camacho: Ballet Austin and Gregory Gym because it's convenient and I love to dance! 

CF: Where do you shop for workout clothes? 

Evy Camacho: Finish Line, Sports Authority and Gap. I like the variety and they're always coming out with new technology in clothes like the latest dry fit or dry fit plus. 

CF: What's your favorite way to de-stress?

Evy Camcho: I love to run because I think about keeping pace, concentrate on the running and it's worry free. 


There is a silence that has settled over campus as we all embark on the end of finals and the semester, and I spotted this spotted Fashionista walking near campus. Her top was the first thing that I noticed since the trend is very hot this spring. Check out these ideas from Refinery29

This Fashionista's top hit it right on the dot with the fun navy blue and white combo, giving it a nautical feel. Check out this similar dotted tank from Tobi. Since the Texas weather is deadly by now, she paired her tank with some denim shorts similar to these from Madewell. Her sandals were also a great statement, and if you're looking to dress up your look a bit for a night out for drinks try these fabulous Dolce Vita wedges for a similar inspiration. 

This Fashionista threw on her favorite mini-bag similar to this one by Rebekah Minkoff. Also, if you can't walk out of the door without some piece of jewelry like me, try these fun earrings to complete the darling dots! 

FIT FOR STYLE: Mallory Douthit

It's Finals week and most Fashionista's are walking zombies. I spotted this Fashionista in a very simple but cute, feminine workout look. My favorite part of the look was the great baseball cap trend that has been seen in many places, especially during New York Fashion Week. This Fashionista brought out her inner lady despite the oversized comfy shirt and threw on her pair of pearl studs and stayed within the pastel palette. 

Name: Mallory Douthit

Favorite Workout: Running and the Elliptical

Favorite Food: Spaghetti

CollegeFashionista: Where is your favorite place to run in Austin?

Mallory Douthit: Town Lake because everyone else runs there too and it makes me feel better when I start to get tired. 

CF: What's your favorite way to de-stress?

Mallory Douthit: I like lighting candles a lot because it smells good and the flickering light is relaxing. 

CF: Where is your favorite place to get workout clothes?

Mallory Douthit: Lululemon and Nike for thier shorts because they are super comfortable and Lulu's always has cute clothes. 

CF: What does your workout schedule look like during finals?

Mallory Douthit: I try to not study by working out about twice a week! It definitely takes my mind off school just temporarily. 


A big trend that has sprouted this spring are flowers. Some insiration has come from the whole Mad Men look that popped up after Banana Republic did a second collection that featured florals like this dress. Let's also not forget Blumarine's spring 2012 Ready to Wear collection that featured not only amazing floral prints, but also wonderful neon hues. 

I spotted this Fashionista's flowers walking on campus. This Fashionista took a more feminine print and gave it an edgy twist. The black in the top gave a less girly look, in addition to making the bright flower colors pop even more. She paired a vintage-washed black pant with it similar to these from Madewell

Lastly, this Fashionista accesorized with some amazing chandelier earrings like these filigree ones from Cusp or these with a pop of color from Kendra Scott. Throw on your favorite pair of gold sandals, just like these by Steve Madden to tie in all the accessories adn you're ready to go. 

FIT FOR STYLE: Raechel Sinuk

Black is the universal color for chic, sophisticated and most importantly for being slimming. What's more with the season's trend is the neon, and if you are getting sick of the brights, here is a perfect way to sprinkle it in without looking like your'e wearing a construction vest. Check out Jayma Mays flaunting a similar look to this Fashionista's. I spotted this Fashionista taking her look off the runway to the gym. Her looks revolve mostly around her career, Kineseology. Try this top and these shorts for a similar look. 

Name: Raechel Sinuk

Favorite Workout: Lifting Weights

Favorite Food: Grilled Chicken

CollegeFashionista: Where are you headed to today? 

Raechel Sinuk: Headed to my class, Theory and Strength Coaching. 

CF: Where is you favorite place to buy workout clothes? 

Raechel Sinuk: Sports Authority or Academy because they sell my favorite brands, Under Armour and Nike. 

CF: Where is your favorite place to workout in Austin? 

Raechel Sinuk: The Hyde Park Gym because I like the feel of the gym, the equipment they have and the people there. It's also not as crowded as the gym here on campus. 

CF: Tell me about your look! 

Raechel Sinuk: Really, I walk around a lot and when I sweat I dont want to wear the nicest clothes. This is just comfortable. 


Spring is in full swing and those neons and pastels are dominating the arena, but never forget the power fo a lady in red. Seen at the Tribeca Film Festival, Emily Blunt looked fabulous in red lace on the red carpet. On the other hand, Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere strikes a big statement in fabulous red pants. Whichever your choice, always remember a lady in red will always turn heads. 

I spotted this Fashionista taking a walk on campus and the first thing that caught my eye was the fabulous red hugh her dress flaunted. I completely fell in love with the intricate beading shown on the dress, very tribal inspired as seen here in Harper's Bazaar. For those cold classrooms, this Fashionista decided to throw on a black cardigan, similar to this one.

Lastly, I loved the shoes this Fashionista paired with her look. These statement sandals were a perfect addition to tie in the tribal theme. Check out these similar ones by Sam Edelman. Remember when pickout out looks, it's always a great idea to pick a theme and let it pop throughout your look. 


FIT FOR STYLE: Toussaint Biondi

When working out, sometimes the idea of comfort is all you can think of, after all, you are putting your body through some hard work. I spotted this Fashionista and completely fell in love with her idea of comfy and loved her off-the-shoulder top. You'll be surprised to know, this is a look this Fashionista lives for, litterally. 

Name: Toussaint Biondi

Favorite Workout: Barre Fitness

Favorite Food: These tofu tacos I make and love. 

CollegeFashionista: Tell me about your look, I love how it's so comfy looking yet still stylish. 

Toussaint Biondi: I wear this everyday! I teach barre, so I wear it for teaching, running earrands, after taking class, because you still look presentable. 

CF: Why barre fitness? 

Toussaint Biondi: It's a really efficient system. You're really getting all the trouble spots in a fast pace and it never gets boring! 

CF: Where can people take barre? 

Toussaint Biondi: At Dancer's Shape on Burnet Road. 

CF: Where is your favorite place to shop for workout clothes? 

Toussaint Biondi: I really like the Lucy brand, and we carry it at my studio. 

CF: Austin is all about the outdoors, where is your favorite spot to workout? 

Toussaint Biondi: I go kayaking with my boyfriend sometimes on Town Lake, it's really great. 

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Pleated Perfection

Pleats are one of, if not the biggest, trend of spring 2012. Most often we see them in the form of skirts whether way across the world in Paris or here back home with Jason Wu's infamous Target collection. Whatever your like, I'm crazy for pleats now and after spotting this Fashionista's lovely pleats blowing in the wind, I coulnd't help but take a quick snapshot.

This Fashionista works her pleats in the form of her top, taking that trend seen everywhere and giving it a taste of her own. Check out this similar blue one available online from This Fashionista's top had an asymmetrical hem, giving her nice slimming lines as well as giving a well tailored collar to legthen up top and give a more pollished look. Green is also a big hit this spring, check out this post from Syracuse's own guru. 

Lastly, this Fashionista completed her look by throwing on her favorite pair of black leggings giving this look a very comfy feel. She accessorized with a great vintage-inspired belt similar to this black one and a classic camel-colored bag. 

FIT FOR STYLE: Madeline Keulen

Midterms are just about over and then there's only about there weeks left in the entire semester! Many Fashionistas might be losing their spark, but I caught this Fashionista walking to class. I simply loved how she put a very classical, feminine twist to her workout look. She wore a cute pair of studs and a cardigan over a fabulous pink top and black-and-pink striped fitted pants. This Fashionista tells us why she decided to look cute despite working out.  

Name: Madeline Keulen

Favorite Workout: Ellipticals, Pilates, dance classes

Favorite Food: Fruit salads, especially in this Texas weather. 

CollegeFashionista: Tell me about your look. 

Madeline Keulen: Usually I have class and then I go workout straight after. It's always nice to look cute even if you're dressed to workout. 

CF: Where is your favorite place to shop? 

Madeline Keulen: I really like Under Armour and Nike. I get T-shirts from wherever.

CF: What is your favorite way to de-stress?

Madeline Keulen: Run or a dance class or anything social with friends. It's nice to get up and move around, especially with all this studying. 

CF: Where is your favorite place to wor kout in Austin?

Madeline Keulen: Running at Town Lake is gorgeous and the UT Gregory gym is always convenient.