All my life I have been given titles. While I had some power in the direction I was headed from grade school to college, I never realized until post graduation, that from the age of six to twenty-two student titles are pretty predictable. I went from eighth grade “class president” to sophomore in high school “junior varsity soccer player” to freshman year of college “member of Pi Beta Phi sorority.” After spending a couple days post graduation perusing through old high school yearbooks and composite pictures, however, I realized that no longer are my titles a result of the educational institutions from which I have commenced. Instead, the titles I acquire over the next chapter of my life will be solely determined by me.

With this being said, my next journey begins as the Visual Merchandising Intern for Bellevue Nordstrom in Washington—A title I fought hard for, and am very proud to identify with. Some of my duties include executing window displays, ensuring fixtures and lighting are on track, and styling mannequins. I work with incredible people who exemplify the meaning of teamwork on a daily basis and have welcomed me with open arms. CollegeFashionista helped prepare me for this endeavor as a visual merchandiser must stay up to date on current trends and fashions and present those in a visually pleasing manner. Graduation was undoubtedly daunting, but I couldn’t be happier with where I have ended up thus far.

While I cannot downplay the importance of the titles of the positions you will acquire after graduation, perhaps the more important titles are the ones completely in your power—ones that lead me to get my internship. Are you a team player? A hard worker? Are you motivated? Put your focus on these titles and the job titles will eventually follow.

Now as for my favorite title? “Best Dressed” my senior year of high school. Let’s hope that one sticks around…Good luck to all the new writers and I promise—the real world isn’t so bad!



It seems like every day is a celebration as graduation approaches for University of Washington seniors. Graduation party invites are in route, announcements have been sent, and commencement robes are awaiting their debut down the runway toward that much anticipated certificate of departure. What may be overshadowed in light of graduation festivities, however, is the party that has been stirring up on campus. It is a denim-clad party populated by jean jackets and jhorts—it is in fact, a jarty.
It is no coincidence that both my post last week, and this week, feature students outfitted in denim. While denim has always been a staple, it is surely becoming more of a trend piece. From light to acid to dark wash, this cotton textile is a focal point for many students’ wardrobes. This Fashionista’s choice of high waist, light wash, jean shorts is a denim option that has grown increasingly popular among students. I have seen this look, in particular, among many Seattlelites. She layered her rolled up shorts over opaque black tights and chose flat lace up boots to complete the lower part of her outfit. The light pink, flirty, tucked in shirt and vintage necklace finalize the upper half of her look.
Hint: If you have the time, venture into any vintage store and you are sure to find high waisted denim shorts. If you are on a time crunch, however, try these cutoff denim shorts from Urban Outfitters. NastyGal always has great options like these medium wash shorts. You can find shoes identical to this Fashionista’s at Nordstrom. It can take time to find a pair of denim shorts that fit your body type perfectly but once you do, celebrate with your own jarty!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Nothing Better “Den-him”

Most Fashionista’s probably feel that, at times, their significant other could use some style advice. If that’s the case, this featured Fashionisto has some very valuable, not to mention fashionable, recommendations for all you boys out there. I spotted this inspirational Fashionisto walking on University Avenue. He had a positive aura and a personal swagger worth photographing.
His outfit is the perfect prototype for male springtime-wear. It’s simple and carefree yet polished and put together. His denim jacket is what truly tips this student into the “Fashionisto” category. Jean jackets have made significant strides in recent months. From retail stores to campus hotspots, students are taking advantage of this versatile outerwear option. While females have a wider range of options conducive to a denim jacket, males can easily exercise this look. Denim on denim is a possibility if you can pull it off, but most students should utilize khaki and denim, as demonstrated by this Fashionisto. It is a safe alternative to denim on denim and provides for a balance between tough functionality and easygoing comfort. His stark white tennis shoes add an additional element to this student’s ambiance of fresh, clean and sophisticated.
Hint: What better place to pick up a clean and fresh look than Gap? Roll up these slim fit khaki pants for a more modern look. This Fashionisto found his denim jacket at a vintage store but if you don’t have the time to search, go to Urban Outfitter’s for an affordable but fashion forward denim jacket. Last, but not least, throw on a crisp v-neck and these all white Keds and you too can be the emphasis of “him” in denim…


The only thing allowed to cheat on you this season is your pants. You may have believed they were solely under your possession, but beware of the spread of cropped pants as the trend continually catches hold with the masses. It was originally very rare I would spot someone on campus talented enough to pull off this look as it can most often resemble the final product of a so called "nerd" who neglected to correctly measure the inseam of his pants. As you can see from the photographed duo, however, students are finally getting the picture. As more students catch hold, brace yourself for serial cheating from the cropped pants you once thought unique to you.
Paired together, this Fashionisto and Fashionista tell a story of acceptance. Probably the best solution is the one portrayed here: if you can't tame the beast, learn to live with it. This twosome made a fantastic decision to flaunt the trend together and did a perfect job rocking it. Cropped pants may be running rampant on campus but you can stand out of the crowd if you exercise your creative stylistic capabilities, similar to this duo. Although both looks revolve around the same trend, these two students look unique in their own way, and not because of their conflicting gender roles. While this Fashionista paired her pants with a vintage cropped denim jacket, our featured Fashionisto opted for a button up and boyfriend sweater. Both students chose complementary footwear: below the ankle in order to maintain some length and flattery.
Hint: As I mentioned from an earlier post, J.Crew has great cropped pant options for men. Affordable and of great quality, these slim fit chinos can be rolled up for a more dramatic effect. For a designer option these twill pants by Marc Jacobs provide a unique look. For our Fashionista's ASOS has some amazing options from these peg linen pants to these more interesting high waist crops. For a woman's designer option check out these cropped pants from Vince. Aside from the obvious high quality they are very versatile. Any of the above options are great utilizations of the cropped look. Just remember–while two timing is inevitable for this coveted and savvy pant, it is evitable for the partner you choose to wear them with!


There is one trend in particular this spring that I can’t live without: bell bottom jeans. I have made it known to most of my close friends how important it is they notify me at first sight of any high waisted bell bottom jeans available for purchase. They are simply a spring wardrobe must-have. Thankfully I spotted this Fashionista because she had just the answer I was looking for. Her high waisted flared pants were accompanied with a flirty blouse and vintage chunky belt along with hoop earrings and a middle part that added an extra flare to her '70s friendly look.
My initial envy only momentarily preceded my excitement of the possibility that this Fashionista might indulge me with directions to the retail home of her covetable bell bottom jeans. After all, it is hard to find the perfect pair, especially a pair long enough to cover sky-high wedges and still just conveniently graze the floor. High-waisted bell bottom jeans are an essential for many reasons. The most important being their ability to flatter any figure. Pants tight around the thigh and heavily flared at the bottom are slimming for any body type. Throw in a pair of high wedges or heels and these pants give anyone that extra element of length.
Hint: This Fashionista bought her featured Rich & Skinny jeans from Nordstrom. You can also head to their site and find a similar top and some chunky wedges that go perfectly with the look. Throw in a vintage waist belt and some gaudy jewelry to really get some extra “flare”!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Paint Yourself in Pastels

Eggs weren’t the only thing showing off pastel colors this Easter. I spotted this dapper Fashionisto perusing University Avenue on beautiful Easter Sunday afternoon. His watercolor-like palette brought me back to post morning thoughts of pastel colored eggs peeking out of conspicuous hiding places, vibrant bundles of jelly bellies, and other colorful Easter morning traditions. This Fashionisto’s outfit obviously fit with the holiday very appropriately.
While I am especially a fan of this Fashionisto’s tie, the pants drew my eye initially. Colored pants are trending for both men and women, as is apparent with celebrities such as John Legend, Scott Disick, Malin Akerman, and many more. Not only are colored pants big for spring, but the cropped look is huge. Check out the fall 2011 men’s collection by Marc Jacobs and you will find cropped or rolled pants on a majority of the models. Seeing that the forecast for fall consists of shorter and more tailored pants, it’s not a bad idea to get a head start on this trend for spring 2011.
Hint: J.Crew has great options for pants that are both cropped and colored. Check out these lightweight, slim fit pants in many different colors. I am especially a fan of the fountain color. Brian Dales also has great colored denim on Yoox. Pair some cropped pants with some Sperry Top-Sider’s from Nordstrom and you’ve got a perfect, trendy look for spring that’s wearable even after your Easter Sunday’s best.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Rain Boots and Sunglasses

When it is sunny in Seattle, Fashionista’s hit the streets. The University of Washington Quad, Red Square, and University Avenue become hotspots for trend setters and style mavens. I was more than happy to come across this Fashionista on my weekly hunt. Her outfit definitely kept me grounded in the Seattle mindset. After all, the rain never leaves us for good, so why should our rain boots? It’s a perspective I’ve never had before but with such an emphasis on contrast in the fashion world, why can’t rain boots be worn in the sun?
I understand they are called “rain” boots for a reason but nothing is wrong with a little juxtaposition. Tights and jean shorts have made quite the impression, so why can’t rain boots and sunglasses? I love every element of this Fashionista’s outfit. The mix of gray and white stripes from her shirt with the yellow and brown cheetah like print of her scarf struck my interest while her black blazer gave her look a final touch. The light wash jean shorts, sheer black tights, and black Hunter rain boots completed the lower part of her look. This Fashionista’s blazer, sweater, sunglasses, tights, and boots all came from Madewell (yes, they sell Hunter rain boots). This student friendly brand clearly gives college students amazing wardrobe pieces that allow individuals to uniquely mix and match.
Hint: If you are interested in channeling this look, head to Madewell’s online site. You can purchase jean shorts, a blazer, rain boots, and sunglasses all in one shopping bag. If I were you I would take this Fashionista’s style advice: rain or shine, it’s rain boot time!


The most popular fashion statement on campus right now is a statement of individuality. Style is no longer solely determined by fashion designers and celebrity trend setters, it is defined by the individual and it has reached a more dynamic level than ever before.
Until recently, the only skirt I would have ever suggested pairing with converse tennis shoes would have been the pleated uniform skirt I wore in grade school—and only because, at that age, a fashion faux pas is generally acceptable. This Fashionista’s successful mix of converse, silk, and leather, however, leads me to believe that individuality is indeed the most inspirational strategy to style. Clearly, if done right, converse can be paired with more than a uniform skirt. In fact, the unconventionality of this Fashionista’s converse with her silk skirt and opaque black tights is a fashion statement worth imitating.
The converse shoes ultimately work because of one crucial selling point: the high top. High tops scream punk while the silk skirt screams chic. The two together echo punk chic. The leather jacket pulls the look together, reinstating a harder element after the softer break up provided by this student’s romantic skirt. She definitely knew what she was doing with this one.
Hint: Mix harder and softer pieces together to imitate this Fashionistas outfit. Try this skirt by Alice + Olivia from Shopbop. The lace gives it a flirty feel. You can find high top black converse for a great price from Kohl’s. Throw some black opaque tights and a black leather jacket in the mix, such as this affordable faux leather jacket from Forever 21, and you’re all set!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Play with Polka Dots

This Fashionista provides cupid with quite the target. A montage of hearts plays imposter to the current polka dot trend, and does a pretty nice job playing the role. Polka dots were all over the runway for spring 2011. Emanuel Ungaro utilized a more traditional polka dot pattern while also incorporating a look similar to this Fashionista’s by playing with a mosaic of oversized white hearts on a twisted red mini skirt. Moschino was all about the polka dots for spring 2011 outfitting models in polka dot from head to toe.
I love this Fashionista’s play on polka dots. She isolated the pattern to one piece of clothing and made sure the other elements of her outfit complemented her dress. The pop of color provided by her scarf draws the perfect amount of attention. I love taking neutral colored patterns, primarily those involving shades of white and black, and throwing in something solid and bold to add some variation and excitement. This Fashionista’s crossbody bag, knee high socks and high waisted belt definitely add some stylish flare to her ensemble.
Hint: Anyone can easily incorporate polka dots into an outfit. I love this navy and white polka dot dress from Revolve Clothing, especially for spring and summer. If you are from Seattle (where rain and cold is inevitable throughout the entire year) and are feeling creative, invest in these sheer polka dot tights from Urban Outfitters. I’m even a fan of this polka dot Marc by Marc Jacobs ring. While I wouldn’t wear all three together, the point is that current trends can satisfy any individual’s preference for polka dots. And, if you decide on a montage of hearts, like this Fashionista, you too may draw cupid’s attention. Who knows? It’s worth a try!


The 70’s are back. Cross-body bags, wide brimmed hats, chunky accessories, bell bottom jeans and of course long flowing locks with a middle part accent are all indicators of the influential generation past. This Fashionista’s t-shirt with the patched “1979” print says it all. The 70’s was a time full of hippie kids advocating for world peace and environmentalism. Wardrobes followed this simplistic mindset with punk t-shirts and everything denim.
Although some critics knock seventies style, it is my absolute favorite era for fashion. I live in my huge bell bottom jeans, which I purchased two years ago to complement my middle part and chunky wedges. Catching this Fashionista’s seventies vibe on camera then, was a very exciting moment for me. I love her gold arm jewelry mixed with her vintage t-shirt. I especially love how she paired her mini shorts with an unexpected pair of rugged ankle boots. This Fashionista’s unique twist truly epitomizes the influential era of individualism.
Hint: Find your inner diva with some flare from the seventies. I love this Lauren Moshi t-shirt from Revolve Clothing; however, vintage t-shirts sell for close to $5 at any local secondhand store. You can also find a pair of denim mini shorts for a reasonable price, like these 501 shorts by Levi’s. Frye boots are the perfect contender for this Fashionista’s choice of footwear. I love the Billy ankle boot available at Nordstrom. Of course, don't forget to accessorize with a crossbody bag, retro shades and some chunky bangles. I am more than excited to see the reenactment of 70’s fashion in modern day. Girls like this Fashionista are evidence of the current success of seventies style!