STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Updated Uniformity

From elementary to high school and all other grades in between you may have been forced to wear a uniform to school. To any Fashionista getting dressed in the same old plaid skirt, itchy knee-highs and a collared button-down polo is not a fun way of expressing your own unique and personal style. That is why the updated uniform trend is a great way to incorporate your own personal style into a classic, sophisticated ensemble.

This Fashionista sported her own unique uniform-chic look by wearing a bright and bold bulls pullover sweatshirt with a light tan gored mini skirt. She finished off her look by accenting with chestnut brown boots and added a little extra color with blue socks. Overall the lengths and proportions of all her garments and her color palette combine to a fresh new take on uniform fashion.

A red plaid skater skirt is a fun, flirty silhouette of a classic pattern that will instantly update any uniform ensemble. A leather trimmed varsity jacket is another trendy way to keep it too cool for school any season. Of course you could never have a uniform look without a classic white button-down, and this one with a colorblocked collar and pocket will stand out in the masses. No matter what way you incorporate uniformity into your wardrobe, make it your own and you can’t go wrong!


Time and time again, year after consecutive year, when the leaves start to fall and winter weather rolls in we begin to see a familiar print on the streets. None other than the classic plaid print. From sweaters to coats and from flannels to pants, this timeless pattern is the perfect way to add a little wintry spirit to your outfits, no matter what style you prefer.

Plaids were prevalent in the fall 2012 runway shows, and now it is time to make it a part of your every day ensemble! This Fashionista sported the trend simply yet flawlessly by keeping it vintage. Her red, green and blue plaid is perfect for the month of December leading up to the holidays. Her white socks added an emphasis on her charming vintage booties that helped create her comfortable, cozy, chic look. Overall this outfit is everything a Fashionista dreams of when it begins to get cold outside. Who wouldn’t want to be cozy and look great at the same time!

Plaids are available everywhere, but you have to make sure you choose the right print. Plaid pants are a great piece that can be dressed up or dressed down. Every Fashionista needs a flannel shirt to throw on in a great color. A plaid skirt is another essential item that suits many styles. So if you don’t have any plaid prints, invest in them now! They will truly be an item you can wear for years upon end.


Wardrobes retire, and new styles sweep our mentalities time and time again when new fashions hit the runway. We are constantly obsessing over our next fashion investment and throwing out old styles we no longer have use for. Season after season we usually keep the classic pieces, whether it may be a simple white button-down, a prevailing blazer or our favorite trousers. But now there is something new to keep in tact with this collection of fashionable treasures, a color that screams sophistication without compromising excitement, a shade that looks good on virtually all skin tones and Fashionistas of all ages. It’s known as oxblood, but don’t let the name scare you.

Oxblood is the perfect fall color that transitions into winter extremely fluidly. It pairs well with blacks, whites, browns, greens, blues, other shades of red, as well as many other colors you may already have this season. Not to mention an all-over monochromatic maroon number is an ensemble meant to make a statement this fall and for years to come. Leather, velvet, lace and any other fabric in this color looks luxurious, opulent and elegantly fresh. You simply cannot go wrong.

Maroon hues are everywhere, online and in stores. A burgundy jacquard bomber jacket is a classic style you can wear this winter and many winters to come. An oxblood leather biker jacket is another must-have item. Maroon accessories are another way to incorporate oxblood into your wardrobe, and these two-tone platform pumps are a great item to intensify any outfit. Stylish, chic and a vital color in seasons to come, invest in oxblood now, you will not regret it.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Men’s Shirt Revisited

For several seasons now the boyfriend look has taken over as a classic fashion tendency for the current and chic fashion crowd everywhere. Suddenly looking like you rolled out of bed, looking effortless yet innovative was the new way to dress to impress. Androgynous styles and menswear inspired looks continue to sweep the runway today as this trend has become a classic statement amongst style groups of all levels.

This Fashionista caught my eye dressed impeccably from head to toe. Each aspect of her outfit inspired me from every angle. By simply wrapping a string around a large men’s shirt and rolling up the sleeves, she created a dress! Black wedge booties with laces were the perfect way to keep the masculine vibe throughout her outfit without compromising her femininity. The pop of red was the perfect color to introduce and grab the attention of anyone she passed. A simple top hat finished her look and created an ensemble that is classic, innovative, fashion forward and overall flawless.

One of the best aspects of this trend is that it can be done without spending a penny! Raid your father's, brother’s and boyfriend’s closets in search of your own DIY men’s shirt revisited. If you don’t have this luxury, luckily this trend is selling just about everywhere. A denim button-down is a simple way to add a little man into your look. A highline collar dress with a lace yoke is a great way to incorporate more femininity into a classic man style. A hunter green western shirt is another hip way to emulate menswear. When it comes to fashion, there are no rules, so be creative and let your mind stray until your own fashion fantasy is formed!


In a time where fashion is becoming sleeker, bolder and minimalistic, there is no better way to stand out on the streets than with an eye-catching graphic black and white print. Modern and edgy, yet refined and innovative, black and white graphic prints are an exciting approach to renovate your look. By using simple silhouettes and accessories, this fashion trend is one that does not have to break your budget. You will find yourself wearing these essential pieces time and time again, season after season to come. Modern influences have entered fashion with power and sovereignty and are not leaving our lifestyles anytime soon.

Strong geometric shapes are a wonderful way to make a good first impression, and that is exactly what this Fashionista did with her contrasted chevron stripe scarf. By keeping a dark ensemble of layers, she allowed her infinity scarf to steal the scene becoming a true statement piece. Electric blue booties were the perfect way to liven up her modern ensemble and leave streetwalkers gazing at her getup.

When searching for your own graphic statement piece, don’t be afraid to be bold. Fashion is all about standing out, and you should never be afraid to wear something you’ve never seen before. A silk geometric scarf is a great accessory to throw on with a coat to add a modern edge in a flash. A Cubist inspired dress is a classic statement piece that will quickly make you the center of attention anywhere. A pair of houndstooth pants is another sophisticated approach to this modern aesthetic. Black and white can do no wrong together, and it will make you stand out paramountly.


Edgy, yet approachable, trendy, yet original, polished, yet fun. What is the style taking over the streets by storm? The Nu-Goth style. Nu-Goth can simply be described as a cross between classic goth style and hipster fashion staples. The Nu-Goth approach is a great way to mix items you already have in your closet together creating a grunge, '90s mood only updated. From plaids and crosses, to leather, lace and big chunky boots, there are immeasurable approaches to achieve a Nu-Goth look.

This Fashionista achieved Nu-Goth in a simple manner, not all Nu-Goth outfits need to be an over the top theatrical costume. Her royal blue hat makes a fashion statement on its own, adding a little vintage flair to her look. Wearing all black was the perfect complement to her bold accessories, especially next to her studded creepers. This Fashionista screams attitude and exerts immense amounts of confidence in her simple, yet youthful, trendy look. She is definitely wearing the outfit, the outfit is not wearing her.

As a softer approach to typical Goth fashions, Nu-Goth pieces are not difficult to find. A studded plaid blazer is a subtle approach to this style that can either be made edgier by pairing with a pleated cross blouse, or you can simply pair it with a black maxi dress. Accessories are also an easy way to edge up your style. Round sunglasses are a fun way to inspire others with your new look. And don’t forget about the shoes! Shoes can make an outfit, like cutout chelsea boots. However you decide to incorporate Nu-Goth into your style, make it fun, fashionable, but most importantly, your own.


Time to throw away the fashion laws and regulations of fit and start experimenting in a big way, literally. Oversized is the latest trend sweeping cities everywhere. First seen on the runways of Céline, Jil Sander and many other elite designers, this trend is making its way through the fashion cycle with enormous possibilities. Whether it’s a coat, blazer or even a dress, oversized is a prodigious new way to let you play with style in a practical way. Oversized means you don’t have to worry about size labels anymore! An extra large sweater has never looked better on any frame. Oversized also means comfort, warmth and security, but most of all, style.

This Fashionista wears the trend well looking warm in an oversized printed coat. Pairing her coat with straight pants was the perfect choice to keep a slim silhouette. When wearing oversized garments, to avoid looking like a marshmallow, you should always keep one slim garment on, whether it be a bodycon skirt, tights or slim pants. This way you look chic without looking like you just rolled out of bed and left your comforter on.

Oversized is everywhere, and if you see something you like that isn’t necessarily made to be oversized, you can make it oversized by getting a larger size. A dropped shoulder sweater dress is the perfect choice to be chic and snug simultaneously. An oversized wax jacket is a great way to leave room for layers of extra warmth for the winter months rapidly approaching. Big blouses are in, too! Try a simple silhouette with details and embellishments that will be sure to stand out. The new rule of fashion is that there are no rules! As long as the silhouette is flattering and your personality shines through, you are doing things right. Be yourself and have fun experimenting with new trends, no matter how big they may be.


There are some things that just never go out of style: the little black dress, an impeccable blazer, the perfect pair of pumps. Today fashion is changing just about every time you turn your head, making it a competition of who wears the latest style first and who wore it better. Fashion has become a reckless rivalry among style icons and Fahionistas everywhere, leading the flawless, fashion-forward to one last resort: wearing what is safe, yet stylish, and overall cool. A chic ensemble that sets a certain standard of respect among the fashion elite and fashion conscious. Today a look that seems to never be out of season is the casual, indie, urban look that is achieved by so may Fashionistas simply and seamlessly.

This Fashionista achieved the free spirit, urban, indie look by sporting a fun floral shirtdress and classic vintage ankle boots. Her simple silhouette was the perfect combination for a fun print, and she updated her look by pairing her dress with an eye-catching gold belt. This Fashionista exerts confidence and coolness, characteristics every Fashionista should possess.

To create your own urban meadow look, look for both vintage and new pieces. A metal tipped collar shirtdress is a great basic to have to begin this style. A studded floral jacket is a great way to add a modern edge to a jacket with a vintage feel. Every Fashionista should own a favorite pair of boots that they can always rely on. Suede chelsea boots are a great option to have in your closet at all times. Not only wil these items make your look classic and in style any season, but it will make you exert confidence and ease as you strut down the sidewalk.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: All Black Everything

There is something about an absence of color that translates to ultra chic in the fashion industry. Wearing black from head to toe not only makes you appear sophisticated and significant, but intimidating and idolized. Black is a statement hue that many New Yorkers wear everyday to achieve a certain standard of style in a very minimalist way. On the runways of New York, London, Milan and Paris, many designers surprised the fashion world and showed collections consisting of darks for spring 2013. Black was one of the most popular of those dark hues, illustrating an exceptional influence on fashion to come.

Head to toe black is not a difficult task to accomplish, but with so many new Yorkers embracing this trend on the streets, you want to make sure your head to toe black ensemble is one that stands out. This Fashionista caught my eye with her dark get up by dressing simple and refined without jeopardizing her uniqueness and personality. Her simple sheer maxi skirt and leather jacket complemented each other perfectly, and her fun, clean-cut accessories truly made her look one to worship.

Black is usually a staple color in a garment, but push yourself to try on something out of your comfort zone to make your next black purchase an investment worth while. A black dress is always a good investment, and will transition well into the spring season. Every Fashionista should also have a black skirt  they can mix and match with their favorite pieces. A black jacket is another crucial investment piece. These are all pieces you’ll find yourself wearing season after season, time and time again. Hopefully you’ll get the recognition deserved wearing all black everything, but always remember that you wear the outfit, the outfit doesn’t wear you.


Prints have become a prominent aspect of fashion the past couple of months thanks to Prada’s monochromatic printed looks we saw a few months ago on the catwalks of Milan. Today, prints continue to take over the streets in numerous formations, colors and textures. About a year or so ago, snake prints became very popular, dispersing across pants, blazers and blouses alike. After meticulously observing the runway shows over the past few weeks for spring 2013, it is very certain to say that python prints are taking over, this time bigger, bolder and better. A python print should be in every Fashionista’s wardrobe whether it be a colored vest, as seen on the runways of Proenza Schouler, or an asymmetrical skirt displayed by Salvatore Ferragamo. Python is definitely a print to invest in.

This Fashionista added her own unique style and bold beauty into this subtle yet perilous print. The gray tone of her python blouse was the perfect complement to a pair of royal blue trousers. A skinny black belt and strappy black tap shoes tied the look together, making it a great summer to fall transitional look.

When hunting for your own snake print, keep a few things in mind: the scale of the print, the tone of the print, and what you will be pairing it with. When wearing a print, you should keep the remainder of your outfit fairly simple, as you don’t want to be read as a fashion catastrophe. Metallic snake cigarette trousers are a great way to combine trends that can be worn throughout this fall and winter, and even into next spring by simply pairing it with the appropriate color palette. A bright red snake top is a great way to add color to your python. The simple silhouette balances its boldness. For a less audacious approach to a sensational snake print, try a black leather snake print ring clutch. It is sophisticated, chic and simple in the most daring way. However you choose to sport snake print the next few seasons just remember to stay chic, and slither in style with certainty.