WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Getaway

Every Fashionista knows just how important a weekend getaway is. Not only is it a nice mental break from the heat of a summer internship, but it is also just a nice way to spend good times with great friends and forget all of your worries for a little while. Inevitably, the hardest part of every trip is packing. Even if you have every single day’s activities planned out thanks to your super organized bestie, it’s still difficult to make decisions about what you want to bring with you on your weekend trip.

This Fashionista caught my eye right away as I was walking down the beachy streets of Rehoboth, Delaware. Her outfit is perfect for a weekend getaway for so many reasons, so I couldn’t help but stare.

For starters, her printed skirt is casual, flirty, fancy and fun. This is a rare combination that I must say, she pulled off perfectly. When paired with a solid tank top, she is able to downplay the pattern and slightly dress down the look. No matter where the day takes her, she is more than ready. With a denim jacket worn on top, this Fashionista is prepared for the cooler wind gusts that the beach usually brings.

I was also impressed with how well this Fashionista accessorized her outfit. Her white platform sandals keep the beach-inspired theme very much alive; the comfortable platform is also practical for a day full of brunch and the boardwalk. I also love that this Fashionista chose to pair the ensemble with gold accessories. Her gold Michael Kors watch and gold bangles looked beautiful and didn’t bring any attention away from her skirt. Her white and gold earrings were also the perfect accessory up top.

So next time you are getting prepared to get away with your ladies, follow in the lead of this Fashionista and put together an outfit that will have everyone wishing they looked like you.

One Simple Change: If this Fashionista were to put on a blue or white crop top and ditch the denim jacket, she would have a perfect outfit to wear on a casual date with her man.

WHAT TO WEAR: Meet The Parents

As the summer sun starts to really heat up, you may find things heating up with your summer love as well. After several casual date nights and a couple of fancy dinners out on the town, it may finally be time to (gasp) meet the parents.

This Fashionista’s outfit is absolutely perfect for making her man’s parents love her just as much as he does. Despite her obvious bubbly personality and huge smile, everything else about this outfit is right on point for a dinner with his ‘rents.

A sundress in the summer is always a good choice, but even more so for this momentous occasion. The neon yellow color lets this Fashionista’s personality shine through, and with the denim jacket on top she is able to tone it down a bit so it can be worn just about anywhere.

This Fashionista paired a bunch of perfect accessories with the look that dressed it up and made it a bit more fancy (which is of course necessary for a dinner at a fancy restaurant). Her gold Michael Kors watch complements her gold bracelet nicely and the gold undertone of her white stone necklace ties everything together. I also love the pocketbook that she chose to carry. The tricolor leather looks great against the dress and her white leather and gold flat sandals play right into the look she is creating.

So next time that your Fashionisto asks you to meet his mom and dad, don’t get nervous at all. They will obviously love you and your charming attitude just as much as he does, and with the perfect outfit your first impression will have them fawning over you all night. All you have to do is follow in the lead of this week’s Fashionista and all will be right.

One Simple Change: Ditch the flats and throw on a pair of strappy white heels, leave the denim at home, and try a white cross body bag and your look will be perfect for a fancy date night alone with your lucky guy.

WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Date Night

Summer loving is definitely a blast, but sometimes getting dressed for a casual date night can be tricky.

When the cutie from home who you have been talking to on and off while you were away at school is finally courageous enough to ask you to grab a bite to eat, it can be a little scary. Trying to play it cool while still trying to look cute is sometimes a challenge, but this Fashionista caught my eye as she did just that.

As I waited for my train on the platform, I noticed this Fashionista’s adorable printed shorts out of the corner of my eye. This summer, everything printed has been totally in. Printed patterns can brighten up any outfit and add a little character and personality to every ensemble. When paired with a plain tank, the shorts are worn best. It allows admirers to focus on the centerpiece of the outfit, that being the printed pattern, and then allows you to have more options with bags and other accessories.

This Fashionista chose a beautiful gray side bag and black sandals. Perfect, if you ask me. The bag is functional, yet very cute, so it decorates the look and keeps it casual at the same time. Her shoes do the same because they are flats. They also allow for her to keep up with the fast-paced speed of the city and have something comfortable on her feet while she walks around.

So next time you’re going out casually with any lucky guy, don’t let picking an outfit be the reason you freeze up. Follow in the lead of this Fashionista, and you will have an outfit perfect for anything that the night turns into!

One Simple Change: If this Fashionista were to ditch the tank for a tight-fit crop in a similar color, and swap out the flats for a pair of wedges, she would have the perfect outfit for a night out with her girls!

WHAT TO WEAR: Shopping

Spotted on the streets of SoHo was this lovely Fashionista who was ready to shop until she dropped. Looking super cute, and super trendy may I add, this Fashionista caught my eye for a multitude of reasons.

For starters, the eloquence of her ivory, lace shirt is undeniable. Not only is it flirty, but it also puts the fun in functional. The versatility of this piece is a trait that all Fashionistas and Fashionistos cannot deny. It can be dressed up with a pair of dark jeans for night out on the town or, as noted here, it can be worn for a summer day spent shopping in the city that never sleeps.

Paired with every girl’s favorite item— black leggings, this Fashionista looked adorable yet remained more than comfortable. With a black tank underneath her top, this Fashionista gave herself the ability to have everything you could possibly need while trying clothes on in the dressing rooms of her favorite shops.

This Fashionista tied the entire look together through the use of her accessories. I love her strappy black sandals and the comfort level that they provide. I also love her use of jewelry for self expression. Her beautiful necklaces and her hand chain and rings are the perfect touch for such an outfit.

So next time you are about to head out for a day of shopping, channel this Fashionista’s look and you will be more than ready for whatever stores come your way, and even a nice dinner afterwards.

One Simple Change: If this Fashionista were to trade in her black leggings for a pair of dark denim jeans and pair the look with a pair of heels, she would have the perfect outfit for a hot dinner date with any lucky man!

STYLE GURU BIO: Lindsay Sperin

My name is Lindsay Sperin and I am an upcoming senior (I cannot believe I am actually saying that) at the University of Delaware where I am studying marketing and minoring in journalism. Other than my love for pizza and bad reality TV shows, I also have a passion for all things fashion.

From a young age I realized that there is absolutely nothing better than a pair of perfectly fitting jeans or a top that hits you in all the right places. Getting dressed has always been (and always will be) my favorite activity. I love putting together outfits for myself and my friends and helping people appreciate fashion the way that I do.

Clothes are a way to express yourself—they help you communicate to others without saying a word.

In three words I would describe my personal style as: eclectic, trendy and bold. I am not afraid to try new things, and despite if anyone else likes it or not, if it makes me happy I will wear it. I like to mock the looks of style icons such as Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Blake Lively and I am not embarrassed to say that I also take the ideas of people around me. However, I do think it is important to stay true to myself, and with every outfit that I put on I make sure that I am not losing sight of who I am.

This season I am all about the bold patterns and bright colors. I also love crop tops and high-waisted denim shorts.

This is my fifth semester writing with CollegeFashionista and I could not be happier. In the past I have written for the LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS column and the STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK column. However this semester I am proud to be back again writing for the WHAT TO WEAR column, as it has a special place in my heart being the first column I wrote for when I started with CollegeFashionista ago all of those semesters back.

Getting dressed appropriately for the occasion is a skill that I believe everyone should possess. It is important to be wearing the right attire for whatever the day has in store, and I love that the WHAT TO WEAR column allows me to give people ideas for different outfits for all different outings.


With the spring weather finally starting to kick into full gear, more and more college students are beginning to spend any free time that they have outside. In preparation for the summer, and in hopes of catching a few extra rays while studying for finals, college campus quads cross-country have become one of the most heavily populated areas.

While getting dressed to go sit out on the quad isn’t quite the same as getting dressed for your new summer internship, it is sill important to dress appropriately for the occasion. With that in mind, just because their might be a slight increase in the temperatures, it doesn’t mean that you can wear board shorts and a “staff” tank top from the day camp you worked at during your senior year of high school.

This Fashionista caught my eye because she was dressed impeccably for both the weather and the occasion, which is a more challenging task than one may think. Here in Delaware, while the weather certainly has started to warm up, it is still nowhere near appropriate for shorts and T-shirts.

This Fashionista’s lace cardigan is perfect for an early spring day where the temperatures are still a little chilly. The black leggings and black tank that she paired the look with are perfect because it keeps the look casual and comfortable as she sits outside with friends and writes a story for the campus newspaper. Her brown boots also match the ensemble perfectly because they break up the black and tie back to the cream color of her sweater.

So next time you get dressed to meet your friends out on the quad, remember that it’s just as important of a plan to get dressed for as anything else. Follow in the lead of this Fashionista and you will have a perfect outfit for the occasion. And don’t forget your Ray-Bans!

One Simple Change: If this Fashionista were to ditch the leggings for a pair of denim shorts and swap out her knee-high boots for a pair of low combat boots, she would have a perfect look for a backyard party this spring.

WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

After spring break, the weeks always seem to fly by when you’re back at school. There is so much that happens between coming back from spring break and the start of summer, that it becomes very easy to lose track of time. With that being said, it is around this time in the semester that Fashionistas and Fashionistos everywhere start hearing back from the internships that they applied to over winter break.

The next step in applying to an internship is the INTERVIEW process. With global competition, there are many things that Fashionistas and Fashionistos need to do to ensure that they stand out to their interviewer, and one of them is dress impeccably well.

This Fashionista caught my eye as I passed her on the way to class. She obviously stood out amongst the other students who were dressed in gym clothes and oversized sweaters. I was positive that she was going to stand out amongst whoever her competition was as well.

Her black pencil skirt is a staple item in any Fashionista’s outfit. Paired with a black fitted suit jacket, this Fashionista looked very chic. In matching her shoes and stockings to the black theme, this Fashionista knew she needed something to help make her stand out (other than her fabulous resume). In order to do so, she used a pop color to help create contrast in her outfit. Her pop color of choice was a red blouse, and she carried it through the rest of her outfit by wearing gold and red Alex and Ani bracelets. Her hair also was a focus of the outfit, and instead of wearing it straight as most Fashionistas do, she took the time to perfectly curl her hair and make it a focus of her outfit.

So as you start to hear back from all of the places you applied to this winter, keep in mind how this Fashionista dressed and you will be set for success.

One Simple Change: If this Fashionista were to swap out her pencil skirt and stockings for a dark-wash pair of jeans, she would be set for any in-class presentation that was headed her way.

WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Break

Although the winter hasn’t been kind to us this year, it seems as though the bleak, frozen days are finally coming to an end. As Fashionistas and Fashionistos everywhere begin to shed their winter skin of puffy coats and heavy socks, the slightest hint of warm weather begins to warm all of our hearts. With March 20th marking the first day of spring, that can only mean one thing for college campuses everywhere: spring break is just around the corner.

This Fashionista caught my eye as I was walking to class because of the awesome, bold color of her jeans. Red is by far my favorite color for denim, and I think this Fashionista pulled off the look flawlessly. By pairing her jeans with a slightly oversized, gray knit sweater, she managed to tone down the loud color of her jeans, while still keeping them the main focus of her outfit. By adding a white scarf to top off the look, this Fashionista pulled out the white color that is in the undertone of the sweater and managed to stay warm without a jacket.

Her black boots were the perfect shoe to bring the ensemble together and they were both comfortable and cute, which is important for any look to make it practical for any day that lies ahead. I also really liked the ring that this Fashionista wore. It was the perfect accessory for this look because it matched the white scarf and also matched the bold look that she was going for.

So as the days begin to get longer and the weather begins to get warmer and you start your spring break, keep this Fashionista’s outfit in mind because it is perfect.

One Simple Change: If this Fashionista were to swap out her red jeans for black, and ditch her boots for booties, she would be all set to give a class presentation!

WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

Fashionistas and Fashionistos everywhere can all agree that picking out an outfit to wear for class is nothing shy of a difficult task. However, when your first class begins at 8 am, the task suddenly becomes much more challenging.

Every morning when I wake up I contemplate for at least 20 minutes what I am going to where for the day ahead of me. As I lay in bed and wish that I could hit the snooze button one last time, I think about everything that I have to do and everyone that I will possibly run into throughout the course of the day. I also take into consideration the temperature so that way I know that I will always be prepared.

While I am lucky enough to not start classes until a more feasible time, I do know that some Fashionistas and Fashionistos have much earlier classes, and that most of the time when these trendsetters leave their apartments or dorms in the morning they aren’t coming back until dinner, so they, even more so than most, have to carefully consider what they are going to wear for the day.

This Fashionista caught my eye one early morning when I was on my way to an appointment. When I asked her to describe her outfit to me, she chose the word “functional,” and I could not agree more. This outfit is both functional and trendy- two ideal descriptors for an outfit that was put together before 8 am.

Her liquid black leggings are what first caught my eye. They make the outfit more interesting, yet still are subtle enough to keep it pretty basic. Paired with a light purple knit sweater and a black tank underneath, this outfit is perfect for just about any list of activities that this Fashionista could possibly have in store for the day.

This Fashionista also uses accessories to keep her look personal. Her silver-studded combat boots are a favorite of mine, and I also love her white watch. Both of these items capture her personality.

So next time you have an early morning class and want to be comfy, follow in the lead of this Fashionista to put together a look that is not only comfortable, but trendy and functional as well.

One Simple Change: If this Fashionista were to be getting ready to go on a casual date with any lucky Fashionisto, she could swap out her leggings for a pair of jeans.

WHAT TO WEAR: Shopping

Every Fashionista and Fashionisto has one thing in common. No matter their favorite brand, their favorite color or their favorite denim wash, every fashion-enthusiast loves to go shopping.

Picking out an outfit to wear shopping can sometimes be a difficult task because you never know what the day will have in store for you. Sometimes it’s easy and you go to the store knowing exactly what you are there to look for, but other times when you don’t know what you are looking for, getting dressed for the day can be a bit more difficult.

This Fashionista caught my eye because her outfit was perfect for any day of shopping. Not only did she look cute and comfortable, her outfit was also very functional for trying on a multitude of clothes.

For starters, her basic skinny jean is a staple item in every closet, as well as a solid base to try on almost any top. Her lavender sweater is perfect for trying on pants because it hits her perfectly and isn’t so long that she won’t be able to see how things are fitting her. Under the sweater this Fashionista wore a white cami that is another essential piece. By wearing a cami, this Fashionista is able to try on cardigans and other shirts that may need something underneath. Her brown combat boots are a nice accessory that tie this outfit together as well as give her comfort as she walks around from store to store all day long.

So next time you are getting ready for a day of shopping, follow in the footsteps of this week’s Fashionista and put together a look that is both functional and trendy (that way you will be ready for anything the day has in store).

One Simple Change: If this Fashionista were to swap out the jeans for a pair of black trousers and slip on a pair of ballet slippers, she would have a perfect look for any class presentation.