STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Electric Kool-Aid Fashion Test

All across the District, Fashionistas have been highlighting their summer color palates with shocks of neon. From the runway of Miu Miu to the racks of Current/Elliott, bright separates and neon detailing have infiltrated all facets of fashion world. Whether you want to rock a bold fluorescent accessory or a shocking pink neon blouse, this look is bound to make everyone’s style glow (literally!)

I came across this stylish student enjoying the nice day in Anniversary Park. Amongst the backdrop of lush green foliage and the simple wooden benches, the Fashionista and her highlighter pink shirt were pretty hard to miss! Her bright pink J. Crew shirt made her deep tan from spring break pop, and its billowy silhouette was perfect for the warm yet breezy day. She paired her electric blouse with a cool pair of MINKPINK high-waisted slashed cutoffs. I love this combination because the light wash of the denim is striking against the vibrant top, yet does not diminish the intensiveness of the neon. The distressing on the front of the shorts also works to break up the vivid coloring, overall keeping this look fun and tasteful. When trying this trend, it is important to balance the colors in the outfit to keep the ensemble out of “walking highlighter” territory. The goal is to look cute for school, not to be seen from space! She finished off the look with Persol shades, Marc by Marc Jacobs flats, a Foley+Corinna bag, and Chan Luu jewelry.

Want to shine in this fluorescent look? Luckily, a lot of contemporary brands incorporated neon into their summer collections, giving you plenty to choose from. For ladies that want to club in color, Naven offers neon dresses, miniskirts, and awesome blazers. The ONE by Naven line also incorporates neon into colorblock chiffon tops. If you love denim, the J Brand/Christopher Kane collaboration will fill all of your neon needs. TEXTILE Elizabeth and James also introduced neon denim into their summer line. American Apparel sells neon variations of almost all of their women’s merchandise, and TOPSHOP offers a plethora of neon attire in fun silhouettes and fabrics. For budget-friendly brights,try Free People or ASOS.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Life in Technicolor

Spring is without a doubt my favorite season to dress for.  Itchy wool sweaters are replaced with breezy tops, boot-suffocated pedicures are liberated with sandals, and dark apparel is hit with a kaleidoscopic spectrum of colors. There is no better way to celebrate this spring awakening than dressing to complement the blooming flowers and lively atmosphere. Fashionistas take note, and start making your own rainbow connection!

I found this Fashionista enjoying the warm weather under a cherry blossom tree behind her sorority dorm. My attention was immediately averted from the foliage and drawn to her watercolor inspired Madewell dress. The dress is great because even though there are so many rich hues incorporated into the piece, the individual shades of the color palette still look harmonious mixed together. The oversized Madewell chambray shirt complements the dress well by bringing out the lighter blue and magenta colors in the dress. The work shirt also adds a funky edge to the look and dresses the chiffon dress down to make it more of a daytime outfit. She polished off her ensemble with magenta Ray-Ban wayfarers, silver glitter TOMS, and a custom monogram necklace.

Ready to rock your true colors? Luckily, colorful clothing- is a highlight of the season and in high supply.  Urban Outfitters just came out with a kaleidoscope dress collection that contains a wide selection of styles and hues. If you want to bring some bright into the night, Topshop and Parker both stock great dresses that are perfect for going out. For the trendy bohemian, Gypsy05 and Young, Fabulous & Broke offer psychedelic tie-dye dresses in both min and maxi dress styles. If you want to score some rainbow brites without breaking the bank, ASOS and Motel sell a ton of bright frocks at affordable prices.


The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the cherry blossoms are blooming: spring is finally here! And what better way to celebrate the turn of the seasons (and flaunt your tan from spring break) than by showing a little leg? This season’s apparel is all about the pleats, which is great news for D.C. Fashionistas. Bouncy pleated mini skirts are perfect for any day-to-night activity and a longer, sophisticated pleated skirt is a great addition to a trendy-yet-conservative internship look. Pay close attention, ladies, because these pleats cannot be beat!

I spotted this Fashionista in Kogan Plaza, where she was sipping her iced latte and enjoying the nice weather with her friends. I immediately took notice of her adorable skirt and how it swished and flowed as she walked, perfectly capturing the essence of the light and breezy day. She paired her Lilly Wright floral skirt with a basic black knit top from Anne Taylor and a matching black blazer from H&M. The black allows the skirt’s sheer grey undertones and the detailing of the yellow and purple floral pattern stand out. Her vintage skinny belt adds polish to the look and defines her waste line, thereby achieving that classic D.C. trendy sophistication. Metallic Sperry Top-Siders and a gold bangle finish off this sensational look.

Feeling incomplete without some pleats? Thankfully, pleated skirts have been incorporated into tons of spring lines to suit everyone’s fashion needs. Classic prep Mecca Madewell has always been a haven for these stylish skirts, which they offer in mini and midi lengths. For the eclectic Fashionista, Topshop has an abundance of options to incorporate into any personal style or occasion. If you’re shopping for daytime pleats, Free People and Aqua stock skirts in fun colors and airy summer fabrics. To score a skirt to go out at night in, Naven’s bubble skirts are perfect. NASTY GAL also has tons of nighttime options including my personal favorite, the high-low chiffon skirt.


This season has been defined by bright colors and bold prints, and D.C. Fashionistas are taking note. Monotone apparel has been replaced by funky stripes, vivid florals and dotted graphics that pop with vintage flare. It's out with the drab and in with the fab and the trendsetters of GW are showing their spots. Everyone else, take note!

I found this lovely lady cutting through the GW medical school square on her way to Starbucks. I was immediately drawn to the intense color contrast of her outfit. She paired her spotted silk MINKPINK shirt and scarlet twill Rich and Skinny pants. These two pieces complement each other perfectly because they both stand out on their own but still create cohesiveness in the ensemble. The black and white offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to pairing with other vivid shades, while the fun dotted print breaks up the rest of the outfit’s solid hues. This versatility makes the spotted top fantastic to pair with this spring’s brightly colored pants and shorts. The outfit is perfected by the way this Fashionista loosely tucked the blouse into her pants, thereby highlighting the distinctive silhouettes of each piece. She added a Michael Stars skinny belt to polish the look. Repetto Ballet Flats and an Autumn Cashmere cardigan top off the ensemble.

Find yourself drawn to this trend hot spot? If so, you’re in luck! Polka dots are one of the must-have looks of the season, so there are plenty of choices. If you are looking for versatile dots similar to this featured Fashionista, Equipment Femme and J.Crew blouses will be great additions to your spring wardrobe. If your tastes are closer to the girly, vintage look, both ModCloth and Marc by Marc Jacobs will have plenty of options you will be sure to love. If you sport edgy apparel and love rocking unique pieces, State & Lake stocks beautiful dotted dresses and NASTY GAL has tons of dotted frocks at money-savvy prices. Current/Elliott also just came out with an awesome pair of green polka dotted pants that are sure to be spot on!


From cowboys in the Wild West to the celebrities gracing the pages of US Weekly, denim and chambray have always been an integral part of American fashion culture. In recent seasons, the chambray shirt has become a staple piece in a Fashionisto’s closet. Better lasso one quick boys, because chambray is here to stay!

I spotted this Fashionisto enjoying a sunny pre-spring day in University Yard. While the bright green United Colors of Benneton chinos were the first thing to catch my eye, my attention was almost immediately redirected to the Fashionisto’s artful layering, all centered around the deep wash, H&M chambray shirt. He paired his handsome top with a heather grey cardigan from Urban Outfitters. This sweater-shirt pairing is ideal because the airy, light grey of the cardigan is a great color contrast to the deep blue of the shirt, thereby making both pieces stand out on their own. As opposed to an oxford shirt, the chambray is perfect because it keeps the outfit relaxed for a versatile, casual-chic class outfit. The shirt also balances standing out on its own while still letting the other components of the look shine too. Tucking his shirt into his chinos with a square buckle belt from Filene’s Basement is a nice touch and polishes the overall look of the ensemble. He tops off his look with Sperry Top-Siders.

Looking to dabble in this trend? Lucky for you, there are many chambray options. For a one-of-a-kind, worn-in chambray, hit up your favorite vintage store! Places like Buffalo Exchange always have great options. For those who love the classics, original denim brand, Levi’s, or cowboy favorite, Wrangler, always have great jean shirts. J. Crew carries a variety of chambray shirts in a multitude of washes all year round. If you are an avid online shopper, ASOS gives you endless choices by stocking button-ups from a wide array of designers. Diesel or Bleu De Paname make dapper chambray shirts and are perfect for those who are willing to break the bank a little.


With an unseasonably warm climate encompassing D.C., GW Fashionistas have been taking advantage of this prelude to spring by debuting current resort collections around campus. The sun is shining and bold, vibrant prints are radiating just as brightly. So throw on your most vivid, psychedelic apparel, grab your Starbucks iced latte, hit the great outdoors (of University Yard) and show off your best pre-spring fashions!

I found this color-savvy Fashionista cutting through University Yard on her way to class. I immediately noticed her flashy, kaleidoscopic ensemble. Her Diane Von Furstenberg silk blouse is perfect because its background color is a versatile matte black hue that lets the neon pink and electric blue hues hold the spotlight of the ensemble. This balance of color keeps the shirt unique-chic rather than appearing excessively variegated and migraine-inducing. There is a fine line between a statement top and a clashing mix-and-match of flashy colors. She tucked her top into a pair of trendy flared Joe’s Jeans and a neutral Madewell belt, adding a ’70s feel to the outfit. She rocked Jeffery Campbell wedges to optimize the draping of the denim and airy blouse. She accessorized the outfit with kate spade jewelry, Michael Kors purse and Chanel shades.

Want to shock your wardrobe with an electric feel? Luckily, many different designers have put their own spin on this all-encompassing trend. If you are willing to splurge and have a soft spot for fine silk, distinguished brand, Equipment Femme, is one of the forerunners of the trend and designs tunics in all bright colors and prints. For a fun, off-the-shoulder variation, both Boulee and Chelsea Flower make the tops in different styles. Emerson Thorpe also offers colorful blouses in a cold-shoulder style. If bright shades and artful draping are more up your alley, contemporary designers Parker and Rory Beca will suit your silky style. For the more price-conscious Fashionista, NASTY GAL, Topshop and J.Crew all stock airy blouses in fun dyes and patterns.


If Kate Middleton has taught us anything, it’s that you don’t need to be born a royal in order have princess-worthy style. She achieved worldwide recognition in the fashion community for her style, which reflects both the regal sophistication of her current royal title and the casual flare of her commoner upbringing. She mixes high and low brands to create versatile outfits that are modern yet classic for every occasion. All in all, she is the new poster girl for the modern prep. Whether attending polo matches, vacationing in the English countryside or hitting the streets of London, this preppy princess knows how to win in equestrian style.

I came across this Fashionista walking through the GW Medical School plaza on her way to the metro. I was instantly impressed with her outfit because it had both preppy and contemporary components. All too often do I see people in D.C. whose idea of preppy is mixing as many pastel pieces are physically possible into one outfit. This Fashionista’s ensemble was an exciting breath of fresh air. She wore her Ralph Lauren Black Label Jodhpur leggings with a Ralph Lauren Blue Label polo blazer. The suede patches on the pants elude to both classic riding-wear and the current trend of accented twill bottoms, while the classic navy blazer is dressed up by the gold buttons and regal crest. The lighter blue pinstripe oxford by the New York & Co. breaks up the monotony of the navy pants and jacket combination.  She brightened up her look with a timeless preppy Hermès Scarf. This true prep found an alternative to the classic side-knot and styled the scarf loosely, thereby keeping the accessory from appearing stiff. She completed her look with Steve Madden riding boots, a George Simonton Couture cape and Juicy Couture sunglasses.

Looking to prep up your wardrobe? Luckily there are plenty of retail outfitters ready and willing to help! Rugby sells preppy-casual jodhpur leggings like the ones worn by the featured Fashionista. For an edgier take on this equestrian staple, Shopbop stocks riding pants from 3.1 Phillip Lim and rag & bone/JEAN. J Brand also made a version of the pant in this season’s hottest fabric, luxe twill. For the classic prep blazer, Brooks Brothers, J.Crew or Madewell offer jackets in a variety of traditional cuts and colors for every season. If you are looking for a dressier, edgy alternative, alice+olivia is great. To complete the outfit with a handsome scarf, Diane von Furstenberg and Juicy Couture fashion scarves in a wide range of preppy prints and bright hues. When shopping for a more downtown rocker look, the timeless Alexander McQueen skull scarves are perfect.


With a brand new year comes brand new fashions, and 2012 is no exception. However, drooling over recently released resort collections amidst the frigid DC temperatures can be kind of depressing. While everyone loves their cozy knits, the DC fashion community has been yearning for a way to spice up their winter wardrobe without catching pneumonia. Fear not freezing Fashionistas! There are plenty of unique sweater styles that will cure anybody’s winter fashion lull.

I spotted this fierce Fashionista walking her adorable dog around University Yard. I was immediately impressed with her easygoing yet chic ensemble. Her knit LF sweater is versatile in this season’s contemporary oatmeal hue, yet the chunky cutouts on the sleeves make this outfit an instant hit! The tastefully clean cutouts make the knit radical instead of ratty, and the perfect amount of cutouts keep the top from looking like a 2010 rocker-trend repeat. She pairs her swanky sweater with dark J Brand skinny jeans and a pair of fierce Jeffery Campbell for LF wedge booties. She accessorizes her look with a Gucci bag and a one-of-a-kind dapper Chihuahua dog.

Looking to cut out your repetitive sweater styles? Luckily, there are many different places that sell unique knits at a variety of price points. Contemporary brand LNA has a few different cutout styles in a variety of basic colors. Online trend hub Nastygal offers a ton of different cutout tops and leotards that appeal to anybody’s taste in clothing. Nordstrom stocks a few different designer sweaters with trendy asymmetrical hems and subtle open shoulders. Urban Outfitters and Asos carry a plethora of different cutout tops at great prices. Emerson Thorpe also designs different tops and sweater dresses with perforation and open shoulders.


With the onset of weird weather patterns, these unpredictable, 20 degree fluctuations have left D.C. Fashionistas in a state of clothing confusion. How does one know what to wear when the day could change from being sunny and in the 50s to raining and chilly? Instead of waiting for Mother Nature to make up her mind, stylish students are rocking one of winter’s biggest trends, faux fur vests, as the pinnacle of adaptable wardrobes. Whether paired with cotton T-shirt or a dress, this versatile vest is the Fashionista’s best fur-iend for the winter/spring transition!

I stumbled upon this Fashionista enjoying a brisk sunny day in University Yard. I immediately took notice of her stunning crème Pete & Greta faux fur vest. This vest is great because its open front and asymmetrical cut gives the vest a more deconstructed, casual look and allows her to show off her shirt and accessories underneath. The snap in front of the vest is a good feature because it leaves her the option to bundle up when it gets a little colder or make the outfit more structured for nighttime wear. The ivory color of the vest is looks especially stunning contrasted with her dark striped Michael Stars top. Her look is finished off with Michael Kors jeggings, Aldo boots and Ray-Ban rounded Wayfarers.

Think this outfit is fur-tastic? Thankfully a lot of different designers included faux fur vests in part of their winter collections, leaving tons of furry options! Brands Juicy Couture and Topshop carry some great dressier vests in a variety of colors and styles, while trendsetting label Haute Hippie offers some funkier versions for the more edgy Fashionista. *NYC Boutique and BB Dakota are awesome brands to look at for cute vests that are reasonably priced. For those who are willing to make an investment in this attire, BSABLE or Wyler have designed beautiful fur vests in a unique array of hues.

CollegeFashionista X Ann Taylor Advertorial: Day to Night-GWU

Slogans say it all: Something happens here. As a George Washington University student, you are expected to embody this mantra inside and outside the classroom. And when changing the world in big ways, any Fashionista knows you have to dress the part. That’s why I am so excited for the CollegeFashionista and Ann Taylor collaboration. As the contemporary closet for the ultimate versatile Fashionista, Ann Taylor offers the perfect apparel for a girl who is savvy in the office and stylish out on the town. Between my business classes, internship, and a busy spring social calendar, its great to know I can rock a great day-to-night look with minimal hassle!

For a chic daytime look I can wear from my classes to my internship, I chose to wear sizzling hot, chili pepper-red Curvy Denim Skinny Jeans with a Ribbed Mock Neck Sweater. Both pieces are great because they look structured and put together for the workplace while still being comfortable enough to wear when studying in the library or lounging in Starbucks for a coffee break. The oatmeal hue of the sweater and fiery red of the pants are also two of the season’s hottest colors, making the garments must haves! The Large Tassel Tote is a perfect hybrid. It can work as a school bag for carrying around pencils and notebooks and a polished handbag for running errands around the district. And of course no winter outfit is complete without a sleek pair of Petra Buckled Booties. Comfortable yet chic, these booties are a perfect shoe for grabbing lunch, heading to class, or just walking around campus on a brisk January day.

10 seconds of a wardrobe change can transform this outfit from daytime chic to nighttime fabulous. I swapped the sweater for a Satin 3/4 Sleeve Top and layered it with a Compact Doubleweave Trench Jacket. The jacket complements my Petra Buckled Booties and pulls together all of the other pieces to make it a statement look. To add a bit more glamour, I threw on a Geometric Stone Statement Necklace that quickly dresses up the Satin 3/4 Sleeve Top, making the entire ensemble perfect for going out with my friends. The Curvy Denim Skinny Pants transitioned flawlessly from day to night acting as a comfort piece for daywear and as a sexier item for the evening.

Now for all you Fashionistas who didn't think taking a look from day to night was possible, I proved you wrong! Find inspiration in my wardrobe for your own unique morning to night ensemble.