Why Interning in a New City Alone Is So Important

Every college student knows the stressful feeling of searching for a summer internship. From revamping your resume to perfecting your cover letter, to finding a listing for a potential employer that you like, the entire process requires hard work, determination, and a ton of faith in yourself.

 PHOTO: Jordyn Wissert

Then, you finally get an interview which leads to the wonderful moment when you open the email that has a job offer in it.  However, now you have to figure out housing and roommates if your internship is somewhere other than your hometown.

Working in the journalism industry, especially in the fashion or beauty side, it is more likely than not that your internship won’t be right next door to your university or hometown.

This exact process is what happened to me this summer and, fortunately, I was able to spend my summer interning about 500 miles away in New York City. However, I moved there and started working at my internship, despite only knowing two other people in the entire city.

Besides moving to college two years ago, I had never really left home without a family member or friend by my side, so starting over in the biggest city in America for a summer was something that terrified and excited me since I confirmed my trip February of last year.

I can’t say it wasn’t hard or that I didn’t get lonely at times, but I can say the creativity, the fast paced work life, the scenery, and the incredible amount of opportunity in New York overshadowed a lot of the little bad moments with a ton of experiences that have shaped who I am today.

 PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

One of my favorite aspects was seeing the incredible fashion, obviously. The trendy summer slides, statement earrings, off-the-shoulder tops, and everything in between made it hard for me to think about returning to normal suburban life.

Going into this internship, I wanted to reassure myself that living in New York City was the path I wanted to go down post-graduation. So I made a conscious effort to push my own social boundaries and talk to other interns and experience the city itself, whether it was with one of the two people I knew or alone.

This mindset allowed me to really dive into my internship and focus on being the best public relations intern I could be. It was really interesting how much work excited me and how little distractions I had when all that was required of me was going to work and experiencing New York.

Overall, I left New York knowing that the work culture there was exactly what I wanted, that the city was what made me feel so inspired, and that public relations fascinated me. Having the opportunity to experience New York in this way made me understand how important it is for a young professional to push themselves outside of their comfort zone, and take the opportunities that force them to grow and gain confidence.

Have you had a life-changing experience like this? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Additional photo by Jordyn Wissert.

How to Keep Cool in the Office

As summer progresses, the days get sunnier and the temperatures get hotter. What almost always goes hand-in-hand with this process is the struggle to figure out what to wear to your internship or job when the temperature is pushing upwards of 90 degrees.

You know you can’t go for the cute spaghetti strap dress and sandals like you want to, but you don’t want to sweat through your thought-out outfit five seconds after walking outside. So, what do you do?

You buy a jumpsuit, of course.

This Fashionista is the perfect example of how to keep yourself cool while still looking cool for work. Her look is the perfect amount of trendy, classy, cool, and seasonal. When you look at her outfit, it’s far from the skimpy looks most people have in mind when they think of summer clothing.

The jumpsuit is incredibly flattering and the chambray can be paired with any and everything. She chose to pair it with a tan Tory Burch crossbody, as well as some tan slides and gold hoops. All come together to form a neutral summer look, without being boring.

Having the pants of the jumpsuit fall just above the ankle not only keeps her cool but keeps her on-trend with the cropped hemline. Since the straps of the jumpsuit are a little thicker, this makes it a perfect choice for the office. Not to mention you can stay cool while lunching in the park, but can still throw on a cute sweater or jacket when you re-enter the frozen tundra that is an office space in the summertime.

One of the best parts about this office-friendly look is how versatile it is. You can take it from office to brunch, from summer to winter all with the addition or subtraction of a few key accessories. Plus, it requires little to no effort to pull this look together in the morning when you’re trying to remember your keys, coffee, purse, and lunch, all while attempting to put together a great outfit.

A nine-to-five may be draining sometimes, but don’t let picking out your outfit be a part of that. Keep it simple and always remember there’s a way to stay cute and classy without roasting in the New York summer heat.

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Sunday Brunch With a Side of Pink

Since coming to New York City, I’ve learned a handful of things: there is truly never a dull moment, not a day goes by where I don’t hear at least seven ambulances, and Sunday brunch is a universal love language among all of New York City.

It’s the perfect activity to end the weekend and start the week. City folks love brunching with their friends and treating themselves to that decadent French toast they’ve been thinking about. Of course, this being New York City, brunch is never simply just brunch.

A lot of thought goes into the outfit selection each and every Sunday morning, and there is always going to be someone in your brunch group that wants to make a photoshoot the post-brunch activity of choice.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of brunching with some fellow NYC interns from Chapel Hill and this Fashionista’s outfit stood out to me as the perfect go-to look for any brunch occasion. It’s simple, trendy, casual, and it’s full of personality. Not to mention the incredible pink restaurant two doors down from our brunch location helped pull the entire look together.

Great job, Peitro Nolito, you sure know how to attract every fashion-forward, millennial Instagrammer in the city.

The button-front denim skirt is a classic choice and can be paired with almost any top. She kept it cool with a plain chiffon, off-white top and then spiced it up with a cool layered necklace that her mother made (added points for originality, of course).

One thing she said to me as we headed toward the subway was that she rushed out the door and didn’t have time to pick cuter socks. I completely disagreed with this statement and think the pure white socks peeking out of the shiny black oxfords add the perfect amount of cute and quirky to this look. Sure, she could’ve found ruffled pink ones to add a pop of color, but the blatant simplicity and boldness of the stark white socks make the look just different enough to stand out from your average denim skirt ensemble.

The final touch to this outfit was the structured yellow vintage purse. Yellow is having a major moment in fashion right now and she used that moment to make this bag shine just as bright as the sun. It completely stood out, as every other color in her look was a neutral tone that could be paired with anything. The purse immediately captures your attention and looked even more fantastic when paired with the adorable Tumblr pink hearts on the door.

So, for your next brunch outing, take notes from this Fashionista and let some personality shine through by making a classic look have the right amount of different elements. One thing that also helps is not limiting the fun Sunday activities to just consuming massive amounts of good food, but go find a pink wall to take some killer photos in front of too.

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STYLE GURU STYLE: The Evolution of Personal Style

As this school year came to a close, a lot of things hit me that made me think about how I’ve gotten to the point I’m at today. From school to work to fashion, a lot in my life has changed and has come together to make me little more myself than I was at the start of my sophomore year.

A lot of what draws me into the fashion industry is the idea that fashion and personal style contribute so much to who a person is. Whether they’re edgy, trendy, feminine, contemporary, minimalist, or any and everything in between, learning your personal style speaks a lot to your confidence and understanding things that make you, you.

I chose to highlight this fun, flirty, printed tunic paired with classic peep-toed espadrille wedges because it exhibits how my style has evolved throughout the past few years. The tunic is extremely easy to dress up or down and pair with minimal jewelry if you’re going for a more casual look, or pair with chunky accessories to tie together the boho-feminine vibe it exudes.

The touch of pink adds the perfect amount of girly feel to the black and gray tones, making it so the tunic is flirty and sophisticated all in one. I love that the lighter gray of the wedges stands out against some of the other tones in the tunic so the entire look wasn’t matchy-matchy. Pairing it with classic silver hoops is a go-to staple of mine that you simply can’t go wrong with. They add the right amount of metallic pop and let the tunic be the stand out piece of the look.

As my own love for fashion has evolved, so has my personal style. This look exemplifies the feminine and structured minimalist looks I’ve come to learn I love. One of the best parts of fashion is experimenting with so many new styles and trends and not limiting yourself to what you can wear, but another fantastic aspect of it is when it comes together to help you find out what you love. For me, that’s prints, pink, feminine dresses, minimalist pieces, and so much more.

So, as time moves forward and as every Fashionista gets older, don’t hold back when learning about what your personal style is and be sure to try so many different looks in order to figure it out. Fashion is supposed to make everyone feel special, one-of-a-kind, and beautiful in the clothes they put on; don’t let that feeling get lost in an effort to try and dress how you think fashion is “supposed to look.”


Not every outfit can or will be the most amazing, trend-setting look of the year. I’ve learned that sometimes, when you get to the point that you realize this, texture and patterns are the go-to solution to get any Fashionista out of a fashion rut.

This Fashionista is one of my best friends and never fails to turn a minimalist look into something interesting by mixing and matching textures and patterns, balancing out loose and tight and high and low with many different aspects of her look.

The textured, gray top not only gives the look a refined, classy element, but the shape works perfectly with the ruffled edges of the patterned shorts. Another great element of this Fashionista’s look is the fact that the gray top stands alone in its color; no other part of the outfit has that shade of gray, making the look less “by-the-book” or “matchy-matchy.”

Pulling in a major trend by pairing the top and shorts with knee-high black boots also gives this Fashionista a cool girl vibe. The texture of the boots is different from any other texture in the look, making it so each piece contributes its own individual aspect to the overall outfit. Not to mention the fact that the top is more conservative and the shorts are flirty, the boots aren’t overwhelming and they don’t undermine the classy element of this Fashionista’s style.

Another important detail of this outfit is the decision to not include a lot of statement jewelry. This Fashionista’s boots are the statement, and the pattern peeking out from her shorts under the textured top speak to her taste and don’t require a lot of jewelry to make it an outfit worth noting.

The color scheme in general is also another aspect of this look that ties it all together without needing statement pieces that undermine the subtle details. It’s not a pallet you see every day, yet it works extremely well. It’s muted, modern, minimalist, and catches the eye right away. The details of this outfit are what balance it out so well, with nothing being repeated or overdone throughout the whole look.

This look is what I believe to be a perfect example of focusing on the details of the clothes to make an outfit interesting. So, the next time you’re staring at your closet without the slightest clue of what to wear, move on to the details and try to mix it up by making each piece of your look have a different texture or pattern. Play with the color scheme and shapes of the pieces you’re wearing, keeping in mind that every piece should maintain an overall balance.

My favorite motto within fashion is that less really is more. Fashion really is all in the details, especially when you’re a college student who is forever thinking you have nothing to wear.

WHAT TO WEAR: Game Day Blues

When you’re a student at UNC-Chapel Hill, you’re taught that classes are always harder than they seem, that basketball is fun even if you hate sports, and that there are two kinds of blue—Carolina Blue and the blue that comes from eight miles down the road and is forbidden anywhere on campus.

You’re also taught that Carolina-Duke game days are sacred and are basically city-wide holidays. So, naturally, the next thing you think of is what you should wear to fully show your school spirit while still looking fabulous, of course.

This Fashionista showed off a game day outfit that consisted of more than the classic Michael Jordan jersey and athletic leggings.

She paired a cute, knit, Carolina blue sweater with a classic pair of dark skinny jeans, booties with a cut-out to show off the feminine blue socks and tied the look together with a chunky plaid scarf to give it a little pop of color. Her marble earrings broke the consistent color theme and added some subtle texture to the look, in addition to her clean and cool silver rings.

Everything about this Fashionista’s look is on-target as far as game day outfits go, but gives the otherwise athletic-wear-based day a fashionable twist. Not to mention she is adorable with her double buns. Choosing to finish off the look with a statement hairstyle like this one is the perfect way to stand out in the stands and cheer on your favorite team on game day.

The next time you’re faced with game day outfit blues, take style cues from this Fashionista and think outside the box. Utilize the pieces in your wardrobe that are representative of your school, but that aren’t just the classic oversize T-shirt and add in subtle accessories that will add that extra element.

As always, stay fashionable and go Heels!

STYLE ADVICE: Make Denim on Denim Interesting

Something that’s been trending for quite some time has been denim on denim, and no, I’m not talking about the catastrophic combination that was seen on Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. I’m talking about mixing washes, adding patchwork, or experimenting with the rips and tears to add detail.

It’s a trend that can be done very right, or, as we’ve all witnessed, be done very wrong. One thing I’ve noticed in stores and on various street style looks that revolve around denim is that people are starting to get creative with it. The denim skirt has come back from the grave to give everyone’s closet a classic touch of the ’90s grunge and make a look a little more fun and exciting and designers are going all the way with making jeans fun again by adding various elements to take the wardrobe staple to the ultimate level. Denim is officially becoming an interesting style element.

I loved this look because it embodies everything a denim look should embody. It’s got color, depth, fun patchwork details, a little fringe, and of course a great touch of pink. This Fashionista truly made a simple idea of denim-on-denim come to life with every aspect of the outfit. Every piece of the look exhibits a different vibe, yet all balance out accordingly, making the denim look interesting.

The two different tones of the denim are the number one starting place when trying to achieve this look. The great detailing on her shirt and the fit give the top an artistic vibe to balance out the classic nature of the skirt. The layered chokers add an icy, metallic level and match the ’90s vibe of the outfit perfectly. One of my favorite details of this outfit was the shoes. No other part of the outfit has anything pink in it, making the shoes stand out. The urban high-top style of the shoes contrasts the feminine pink polka-dot socks that are peaking out.

So, the next time you’re feeling the urge to wear all your denim at once, take a cue from this look and don’t leave out any of the details. Make sure your denim look has various, contrasting elements to ensure no one is comparing you to Britney Spears.

STYLE GURU BIO: Lindsey Hoover

Hi guys! I’m Lindsey, and I’m a sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This is my first semester as a Style Guru. I’m currently a public relations and advertising major in the School of Media and Journalism. I was born in Voorhees, New Jersey, a small town right outside of Philadelphia, and moved to Asheville, North Carolina when I was in the fourth grade. I love and appreciate my small town roots so much, but I’m obsessed with cities and hopefully will get to experience living in New York post-graduation.

My style has definitely evolved over the years as I’ve grown up and moved around. It went from classic preppy to strictly minimalist. I definitely like to experiment with all types of styles and I love to draw inspiration from anything I can. I think it’s so interesting that you don’t have to stick to one type of look or style every day. Anyone can dress however they want no matter how much it varies day-to-day. I think this is important for college students to do as we attempt to nail down what truly does work best for our own personalities.

The look I chose to show here definitely exemplifies my more minimalistic taste. I paired a fun, baby blue mini skirt with a classic, fitted, black turtleneck. The gray and white speckled moto jacket style sweater added a touch of urban-chic to the look, and the flared edges of the jacket gave the look some dimension. To finish off the look, I threw on some black booties to tie together the overall minimalistic appeal. Balancing out multiple black aspects with a touch of color through the skirt and necklace is one of my favorite style methods.

Going from small town to small town to college town has taught me a lot about my personal style and fashion in general. It’s extremely easy to get lost in the social norms of fashion within a small town, but it’s extremely important to remember what aspects of fashion make you happy and make you stand out. This semester I’m so excited to fully dive in and see all that my college has to offer as far as street style goes and to see what makes each girl stand out within the confines of college fashion boundaries.