Class of 2013: Lindy

The stereotype for college students is that you’re going to go to school, fly threw some really easy courses, have some crazy late nights, meet amazing people and then graduate four years later with the daunting search for experience looming over your head. While the majority of this was true, one thing that I managed to tackle at the beginning of my college career was finding a life changing internship… and CollegeFashionista was just that!

When I came into East Carolina University I wasn’t yet a Fashion Merchandising major. I was stuck on Film Editing and Media Production and I thought my mind was made. After a couple mundane courses and the realization that making it in Hollywood was extremely slim, I took my love of fashion and adopted it as my future career. I reached out to any connection I could find, did some intense online searches and finally interviewed with the oh-so-fashionable Amy Levin for a spot as an ECU Style Guru. This one little step in my fashion adventure changed my life and opened many doors with A Blonde Ambition Fashion Blog, Charlotte STYLE Magazine, SUCCARA and every other internship I’ve been able to acquire. Not only did it set in stone the fact that I had switched to the right major, but also it clarified my love of writing, blogging and anything involving trends and street style.

Whether it was my starting STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK posts or the difficult LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS pieces that took very long hours to find, these weekly write ups gave me a chance to share my knowledge of the industry and show off my peer’s outfit choices. It gave East Carolina University a title that it probably had never received before: fashionable. After writing a post a week for a semester or two, and meeting Amy face-to-face for the first time on a trip to The Big Apple, I was offered the opportunity to work on the CollegeFashionista Tumblr site as a Social Media Intern. I fell in love with Tumblr and blogging and knew I wanted to continue involving myself in this part of the company. Through creating a wonderful, personal relationship with the “head-honcho” and keeping up with my contributions, I then added on the task of updating the CFashionitaUK Twitter handle on top of my assistance with Tumblr. My love of social media grew and I knew that it was this online side of fashion that I really had a knack for. Sooner of later my colleagues and leaders saw how intense my adoration for CollegeFashionista really was and asked me to write about East Carolina University for their partnership with US Today Educate. This chance was amazing and sincerely highlighted why I love working for this company so much. Who doesn’t enjoy plugging in with friends and followers on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and other social media networks, every day of the week? CollegeFashionista has an amazing knack for connecting with their readers and this was something I was able to experience first hand!

My May 2013 graduation date seems to have snuck up on me faster than I ever imagined. With all of this experience under my belt and a jam-packed resume being sent out to countless job opportunities, my future is still unknown. It’s an empty draft saved on the backend of Tumblr or a blank Tweet lined up on the underside of Twitter. My past experiences are many and my future plans are so vast I can’t even begin to see the other side. The dreams I have of moving to New York City are further ingrained in my mind with every sip of a Starbucks latte or scroll through The Sartorialist blog. All I know for certain is that CollegeFashionista opened some doors for me that I know I wouldn’t have managed unlock on my own. They gave me a chance to become a part of one of the biggest industries in the world. They took me as one of their own, helped me grow as a writer, as a trendsetter and as a person and truly influenced every part of my fashion career. So it’s to CollegeFashionista that I will toss my cap in the air on May 10th. For all your help and all your love I will always be appreciative!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Denim, Infinity And Beyond

Well, East Carolina University students, it’s been an amazing ride. From my very first CollegeFashionista Style Guru Bio, to my constant updating of Let’s Hear It For The Boys columns and all the way to my recent Style Advice Of The Week Posts, not only have I grown as a writer with this internship but the students I’ve been taking pictures of and writing about have developed into extraordinary Fashionistas right along with me.

No matter if it was bright red converses or a baggy striped sweater, as my first year of college multiplied into four, the fashion that hung inside the closets of my fellow Pirates transformed from unsure to secure and stylish. This Fashionista, dressed perfectly appropriate in her winter best, knew just how to combine casual clothes with popular trends. One trend that we all have come to know and love this season is an infinity scarf. This easily accessible accessory can take an outfit from drab to fab in the blink of an eye. You can find them at a variety of prices, like this cozy Target find, and an even wider variety of colors and styles. If you want to bundle up warmly for a cold snowy day or dress down with a light weight design for those surprise sun-soakers, this type of scarf should be your number one choice.  

While the scarf is definitely a major looker, I also truly adore the denim vest worn in this outfit. This hardcore, rebellious ensemble add-on can be slipped over a casual button-down or topped upon a flirty dress. It’s edgy enough to look faultless with leather leggings or delightful with a chiffon skirt. Denim vests are this years retro must have and they are just as affordable as they are up-to-the-minute.

There isn’t one aspect of this look that I wouldn’t yearn to copy. The velvet slide-on boots, the fit’s just right jeans or the fringy bangs… it all just seems too cute to be true. So as I part, remaining a team member on Twitter and Tumblr of course, I leave you with this final look; one that I would wear myself, and that will hopefully inspire my peers to get out and recreate.


Oh Fashionistas…Do you hear what I hear? Scarf weather is here! This beloved look used to only be spotted in winter, but it seems that recently it has become a year round trend. Wear a scarf with a tank top and shorts or bundled up in jeans and a cable knit. Whether it’s a lightweight pashmina or a cuddly wool infinity scarf, this go-to accessory is an extremely simple way to add some color to any season’s ensemble.

With finals at our feet, the main concern of college students is comfort. This stylish student, an amazingly talented editorial intern for CollegeFashionista, was sporting a casual ensemble topped with chic periwinkle pashmina to complete her study day get-up. Lighter hues are always appropriate when wearing relaxed clothes while studying on campus. In a hot and stuffy library, cool tones calm you down and maintain your stress. Not only that, but keeping it cozy with baggy cardigans will keep you from getting uncomfortable when sitting for long periods of time.

One thing that I truly loved about this look was its minimalism. Black skinny jeans are the perfect way to look fashionable without appearing over bearing. If you don’t have a pair of these that are breathable and final cramming appropriate, leggings will definitely suffice. To add a little more funk and flare, try out some ripped or studded duds like these from NASTY GAL. Juxtapose them against a bright red Coach scarf and some high-top sneakers and you’re comfortable and on trend.

So when you're trying to think of a fun and afforable item to add to your Christmas list, be sure to scarf it down. This accessory will definitely have you in the haute holiday spirit!


Red is the beloved color of the holiday season. It’s vibrant, elegant and lovely on women of any shape, size or skin-tone. Have you seen Emma Stone or Taylor Swift? They have fair skin and they rock this style like they’re paid to. Okay, well maybe they are…but technically that’s not the point. One of the most epic clothing combinations this season is red and black. Juxtaposing a pop of red on a black background is a glamorous gesture that even the Givenchy collection participated in this season. Whether you’re combining sleek black skinny jeans with a red peplum top or a monochromatic black ensemble with a red messenger bag, this coupling is a simple step towards rivaling the runway while walking through your college campus.

One thing that we Fashionistas need to remember when trying to imitate this trend is balance. Balance is a key aspect of any design. One never wants to bombard an ensemble by adding too much of both colors. An asymmetrical balance of hues makes the look appear effortless and easy on the eyes. One of my favorite looks for winter is a pair of black tights worn underneath an exciting red bodycon skirt or fitted gown. This style is perfect for holiday parties or a date night with your potential New Years fling. Wearing black tights with black shoes can slim down and elongate your legs and topping it off with red will leave your new interest anxious for a midnight kiss.

If you’re looking for an uncomplicated look, try adding red with your accessories or beauty trends. Red nails, lips or oversized glasses are adorable and modern bursts of color that will take an all black outfit to the next level. Take a tip from Isabael Marant and pair those black skinny jeans with some out-of-this-world wedge sneakers. These red kicks can be combined with a white V-neck shirt for a casual look that still has a fierce edge. So don’t be afraid to take a style tip from the holiday trimmings. Stand out like those twinkle lights and twist some metaphorical tinsel into that wardrobe of yours. This trend will definitely kick-start fashionable festivity.


Polka-dots are a retro trend that has been revamped and sent back to center stage. Large spots, small dots, itty bitty polka-dot patterns; no matter how they are designed and stitched onto your apparel, this trend is flawless. While they may seem overbearing to those of you who aren’t up with the funky finds, don’t turn them down just yet. Spotted blouses, tops, dresses and accessories can transform an outfit into a feminine ensemble that no one can refuse.  CollegeFashionista loves patterns for any season to add some additional oomph. One trend that I’m obsessed with is a patterned blazer, and this curly-haired, stylish student I spotted walking to class was wearing one perfectly.

Combining a crisp polka-dot blazer with sleek skinny jeans, adorable purple flats like these colored pairs from Urban Outfitters and a simple gray tunic helped this Fashionista leave her dorm in an oh-so-trendy ensemble. The classic look that we see here is ideal for a cozy day on campus where your mind is focused on your studies slightly more than it has been all semester. Blazers, whether with dots or not, act as an amazing piece of outwear as well as a top trend. We’ve spotted spots on fashion icons like Alexis Bledel and Rachel Bilson, as well as our First Lady, Michelle Obama. If they are wearing them, then why shouldn’t you? This work wear style may come across as uptight and too professional, but combine it with the right items and it can be perfect for women and men of any shape or size. The main aspect that I love is how the blazers tailoring makes one's body appear curvy and girly, while the polka-dots bring in added feminine flair.


Houndstooth is always a go-to pattern for winter. With the way it stands out juxtaposed against red and orange fall leaves or crisp white snow, it’s sure to stop busy students in their tracks. The day I spotted this Fashionista walking through campus wearing an ensemble that looked warm, inviting and ideal for cloudy days, I knew I had to catch a picture of her. After chasing her down and getting a closer look, I immediately fell in love with the simplicity of her houndstooth coat and cold weather accessories.

The major aspect of this outfit that jumped out at me was the flawless outerwear. Like I discussed in an earlier post, houndstooth is a versatile print that can take any look to the next level. Marc by Marc Jacobs and L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani are just two of the many designer collections that showcased houndstooth trends for fall 2012. This neutral pattern comes in handy when it comes to matching your already vibrant wardrobe. It’s adaptable vibe makes it look amazing paired with almost every hue. Royal blues, cherry reds, Kelly greens or bright violets are just a few of the colors that I would couple with this print in a heartbeat. Houndstooth isn’t a print that can only be worn with like colors, take risks and spice it up. Adding other shades is easy and appropriate.

On top of her lovely coat, the winter ornaments added to her ensemble were just as trendy. Beanie hats keep you toasty for brisk weather while adding some texture and detail to your ensemble. Topshop and Forever 21 stock snowy weather wear that you can pair with any look. Infinity scarves, fingerless gloves and snug beanies are outfit assistants that keep you cozy and comfortable. So next time the cold weather comes out and you’re not staying in, take some tips from this on-point Fashionista. Look haute in houndstooth and add even more flare with winter accessories. Your look is sure to by a snowy day success.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Feelin’ Plaid Flannel

Plaid is easy to love…especially when it’s flannel. Flannel, made of carded wool for all my textile majors out there, is an especially inviting fabric that traps in warmth through its soft make up. With its cozy, classic nature, this plaid flannel pattern is positively perfect for fall and winter wear. Whether it’s threaded into a Vineyard Vines button-down worn by a Fashionisto or stitched into a skater skirt donned by a fierce Fashionista, this timeless print can be found on college students all over the world.

The plaid that I spotted on this handsome peer of mine is a continuous favorite. Red, white and blue are three colors that seem practically made for this print. While to some it may seem naive to only stock these patriotic hues, the good thing about this color palette is that it can be worn with a variety of looks. Whether it’s with navy Polo pants and boat shoes like he’s rocking in this picture, or faded skinny jeans for the ladies, nationalistic colors are a “neutral” that can be coupled with multiple looks. Think this design is created only in American colors? Think again. Plaid can be found in a variety of hues with twists of orange stripes, like this American Eagle Outfitters top, and splashes of emerald green; all ideal for the warmth of flannel.

One of my favorite ways to wear this style is to play up the “all American” façade. Large, oversized glasses are a perfect accessory for men or women. Not only do they look adorable with a button-down and leopard loafers, but slip on your flannel, throw your wavy locks up into a messy bun and these glasses will be the finishing touch.

So next time you want a warm piece to pull on for class, try something made up of plaid flannel. This pattern will surely keep you pleasant, impressive and patriotic.


Many people are scared of bold colors and overwhelming prints. With patterns showcasing their ferocity on unsuspecting clothing items, it can be a lot to handle. “Me? Wear that? Nice joke” scoff the style stoppers. Well, look who’s laughing now. This fashionable female was wearing an ensemble made up of vibrant red pants, chocolate oxfords and wavy black locks juxtaposed against an intricately striped plum top and navy blazer. Fashionistas from Atlantic-Pacific, Kendi Everyday and Blushing Ambition fashion blogs are just a few icons that rock bold colors, subtle or valiant prints and daring detail on almost every ensemble. Want the look? You’re in luck.

Red skinny pants like the ones shown in this shot can be found on countless men and women around any college campus. Not only do they add some spice to a so-so outfit, but also they are versatile and casual. My favorite pair of colored denim comes from Urban Outfitters where you can find them in high or mid-rise. Either style is on trend! They stretch, but stay fit to your body long enough for those rushed walks to and from class. Who doesn’t love a cozy pair of jeans that add a pop of color? Whether burgundy, like I mentioned on a previous post of mine, blue or mustard yellow, these duds are definite show stoppers.

Furthermore, the hunt for a striped top is one of those tasks that almost seems too easy to attack. Always be sure the lengthening lines are going in the right direction. Vertical stripes can make curvy Fashionistas look wider than they actually are. Look for horizontal stripes to elongate your silhouette and keep the eye drawn upwards toward your smiling face or new hairstyle. Although the stripes rules are strict, the call on colors is anything but. Look for striped tops in hues from black and white to orange and pink. Any coupling is sure to impress your peers.

Prints are posh, colors are cool and combining the two is an unambiguous “do!”


Don’t underestimate the power of patterns. Daring designs can make or break any ensemble. They can boost your style by adding fun flair, or pull it down by acting overbearing and cluttered in comparison to your other duds. In this case-scenario patterns are a plus. While I may be the only part of the pair you hear from on CollegeFashionista, my twin has some style parallel to that of the most fashionable Fashionistas. Not only does she share her expertise with the students at Appalachian State, but she also gives some tips to students who read Her Campus. My trendy twin’s look is one that we all wish we could imitate.

This ensemble is casual, comfortable and easy to re-create. The one aspect of this look that stands out to me this most is the intricate pattern on her flannel top. Flannel button-down shirts are perfect for fall and winter because they keep you warm and on trend. Who doesn't love to snuggle up in a cozy shirt and boots? Let your inner lumber-jack loose! Urban Outfitters stocks flannel shirts that come in a variety of patterns such as houndstooth, plaid and western style like the one pictured. A wide variety of flannel tops can be worn dressed down with Topshop gray skinny jeans and caramel boots, like this Steve Madden pair, or dressed up with a leather skirt, black tights and wedge booties. 

Is the flannel not warm enough for you? Throw on a motorcycle jacket to add some rocker edge. This punk and posh piece can be worn over floral dresses and tops for a girly look or alongside jeans for a cute laid-back style.

Want to add another pop of color to your ensemble? Why not throw on a envelope messanger bag. Zara, Forever 21 and Aldo Accessories have tiny messanger bags that are spacious enough to hold your keys and wallet, but small enough to not weigh you down while you walk around campus.


This Fashionista is tiny. You can obviously see it in this shot of her on the city streets of The Big Apple. With her little arms and little legs, her tiny, subtle sense of Teen Vogue fashion is quite apparent.

While in New York City for Teen Vogue Fashion University, the trends that surrounded the young adults in the city were overwhelming. Everyone’s personality shone through in looks composed of pink sparkles, grunge glamour and outfits mirroring ensembles one sees in the most popular magazines. Stepping off the planes of La Guardia Airport and JFK, the style took over Times Square in a frenzy of fashion.

One thing that made this Fashionista stand out to other students attending the event was her coupling of boho style with a preppy winter coat. If you peak underneath her large jacket, you can see the mixing and matching of sea blues with stripes and intricate floral print. This haphazard haute look is ideal for fall weather and autumn leaves. Wearing darker hued jackets over feminine dresses is a simplistic way to transform your wardrobe from fall to winter. Don’t just stick to hippie flair or prepster poise; combine the two fads for a juxtaposing façade. Who doesn’t love a little awkward fashion? That doesn’t mean it’s wrong, it just means you’re comfortable enough to embrace your own personality. Winter coats, stocked in stores such as Madewell, Zara and Topshop, are warm, cozy and extremely versatile when planning any ensemble.

Another aspect that I adore about this Fashionistas look is the over the knee socks. This accessory shows a little skin while still keeping you bundled up for the busy city streets. Wear thigh high socks with shorts and booties or underneath a high-waist skirt and grandpa cardigan. This outlook may seem foreign to some, but when executed in the correct manner it can be out of this world.