How to Use a Planner to Stay Organized

Do you already feel overwhelmed during syllabus week? I have been there. The first weeks of the fall semester are some of the most hectic—finding your classes, adjusting to your new roommate, sorority recruitment, and the first of many game days can consume your time. A planner is a helpful tool to manage your time and make time for all the fun stuff college has to offer. Here are a few tips that I’ve learned to help you avoid feeling like you’re drowning.

1—Buy a planner and actually use it. Before the first week of school, I like to pull up my schedule and write in all of my classes on the days that I have them. Once you get a syllabus for a class, it is easy to fill in all the important dates. I then check the two most important online resources college students have: your school email and the online site your professors use to post homework (Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, etc.). These are the two sites you need to check daily. I like to check prior to classes beginning also to see if teachers sent an email regarding assignments to get done for the first day or changes in textbooks. Write all due dates and exams in your planner.

2—Check your planner daily. Before starting homework, I like to look at my planner to see what I need to get done for the next day and also assignments I can get ahead on. Once an assignment is finished, cross it off! You will feel so accomplished each time you complete an assignment (or are just one hour closer to being able to binge-watch shows on Netflix). It is also a good idea to add any work shifts, social events, or appointments to keep them on your radar.

3—Make your planner fun. Use colored pens, highlighters, stickers, or washi tape. These will help highlight important due dates and make you feel like you have your life a little more together.

You do not want to be unprepared like Elle Woods on her first day of law school because you weren’t aware of an assignment. Getting a head start on your planner will help you prevent that type of humiliation (and stress)!

What are your favorite ways to stay organized during the school year? Let us know in the comments below!

How to Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans for Your Body Type

Shopping for jeans can be a serious struggle. With so many different brands, cuts, and washes, it’s a daunting task to search for the pair that is perfect for your body. Jeans are not one size fits all, and denim can also be expensive. But trust me when I say the $200 pair of jeans that make you cringe when you look at the price tag is actually going to be worth every penny when you find your perfect fit.

Premium denim is made to not stretch out. What you see in the fitting room is what you get after the twentieth wear, unlike that cheaper brand. With the help of some of my friends at work, I was able to compare how the same pair of jeans can look completely different on each different body type.

Meet Sadie. She is thin, petite, and wears a size 23 or 24. She struggles to find jeans that fit because many stores do not carry a size 23. She is still in the search for her perfect pair, but she recommends trying J-Brand. One tip she has for the shorter girl is to try a high-waisted jean because it will elongate your body and make you appear taller! Be patient when looking for your perfect pair. Allow enough time in the store to try on a lot of styles and brands, and get a feel for what you like or dislike.

Meet Lyn. She is curvy and short. Lyn is the perfect example of how all denim sizing is not the same as she ranges from a size 30 to 32. She likes to stay clear of jeans because they tend to bunch up around the ankles. To battle this issue, you can either roll your jeans at the bottom or get the pants hemmed. Don’t be afraid of alterations. A simple hemming of the bottom or alteration of the waist can make a world of difference. Stores like Nordstrom offer complimentary hemming on full price jeans, so take advantage of it.

Meet Allie. She is a size 24 or 25. She loves her curves and smaller waist, but it definitely makes jean shopping a struggle. Having a bigger butt and athletic build makes it challenging to find a pair that fits in all the right places. Her go-to jeans are from AG because of how comfy they are. Focus on the fit, not the size. Every brand runs a little different and will fit differently depending on how much stretch they offer. You might need to size up or size down.

Meet Nicole. Being six feet tall and wide in the thigh, she struggles to find a full-length pair of jeans. Paige Denim is her go-to pair of jeans because they are high-waisted and offer a lot of stretch to work with her curves.

What are your favorite styles or brands of denim for your body type? Let us know in the comments below!

Espadrilles: The Must-Have Shoe of the Summer

There is one summer shoe that is perfect for everyone. Yes, I really do mean everyone. Espadrilles are summer’s must-have shoe. But wait, what are espadrilles? Espadrilles are the iconic canvas or leather shoes that have a woven esparto rope sole. This gives them a Mediterranean beach vacation look. The multiple styles of espadrilles such as the classic slip-ons, mules, wedges, sneakers, or lace-ups, make it the shoe for everyone.

My favorite espadrilles are from Soludos, a brand that uses their travels as inspiration for their shoes. Their Instagram feed gives me a serious case of wanderlust! What I love about the Soludos brand is the price. These shoes will not break the bank. They appeal to Fashionistas because they allow you to express yourself with different patterns, colors, and styles. Every Fashionista should have at least one pair of espadrilles ready for that summer getaway. Even if you’re on a staycation, you will feel like you are walking the streets of St. Tropez in your espadrilles.

For an easy summer look, I paired French Bulldog embroidered Soludos Slip-ons with distressed Rag & Bone jeans and a white ruffle-sleeved Current Elliot T-shirt that I tucked in my jeans. This simple outfit allowed my shoes to be the statement piece.

Espadrilles are awesome because you can dress them up or down. This makes them a great shoe for wherever your summer adventures take you. Imagine these shoes with a simple linen sheath dress. Any classic look can be made young and fresh by these flirty shoes!

Where will you be wearing your espadrilles this summer? Let us know in the comments below!