Living in the Midwest means being extremely dependent on the weather, which is why for most Chicagoans the weather channel is the first step to a successful daily style routine. Recently, Chicago has been hit by a very late summer heat wave, and it’s been all about blue skies and airy styling tricks. 

This week’s Fashionista rocked a great pair of silk pants with a slit on the sides, keeping her cool while looking put together and on trend with fall’s finest. The simple white shirt makes sure that the pants get all the attention they deserve, while the sandals, the belt and the leather bag are simple details that finish off the look.

This look is great for this time of year because all of the pieces are transition pieces. The pants are long, yet easily wearable in warmer weather due to the slits on both sides of the legs. In case it gets colder, all you need to do is throw on a cardigan and you are good to go. As for the shoes, a great shoe for the fall is definitely the loafer (I know I have said this before), either a simple flat one or one with a heel. If you’d like to give this look a little more edge, simply add a great platform shoe, for example a cutout wedge or a Mary Jane à la Lady Gaga.

Although most college students have to survive on a rather limited budget, investing in a great pair of silk pants (possibly with a unique print) is a simple way to freshen up your fall wardrobe. You can easily pair the pants with all of your “old” basics and create completely new outfits. Add a blazer and maybe some chunky, golden jewelry for an effortless yet glamorous look to take you through the nights…the options are truly endless!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Mustard Perfection

This week's Fashionisto has not only taught me a lot about personal style, but also that I need to start working out more often as I literally had to chase him down the street in order to get a picture of his great style!

Everything he’s wearing works perfectly together, starting with the dim, mustard quilted jacket with the corduroy collar and the corduroy elbow patches right to the classic leather loafers, the tie and the bowler hat — this outfit screams perfection. A look like this could easily look too pulled together…not in this case though. This week’s Fashionisto wore the outfit with such confidence and ease that everyone around him looked kind of sloppy (including me!)

This is a great fall look, and definitely school appropriate. Not everyone dares to rock a tie, but once you know how to wear it, it is a simple detail that will immediately make you look professional and, as in this case, very stylish.

Loafers are the must-have shoes of the fall, and if you are looking for a new variation of it, take a look at Topshop’s new take on the loafer — a lot simpler than the original one, but just as much of a statement shoe.

The mustard quilted jacket, available at Topman, reminds me of a country style Ralph Lauren jacket and is a great piece to dress up a simple white T-shirt and give it some personality. And, of course, mustard is one of the great colors of the fall.

Hint: Last but not least, we all know that a hat is not only a great accessory, but also a great way to hide your hair on a typical “bad hair day.” What’s important with hats is that you find the right one for you. There are many variations out there — the fedora is a classic, or now that winter is approaching fur hats and beanies are making their way back into our closets. For the Fashionistas, I advise getting a big floppy felt hat, which is an extremely popular item this season and a great combination of casual and elegant!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Comfortable Chic

The problem many college students have with fashion is that it simply takes too much time… or at least that's what many think. We have to get up early to finish our papers, stay up late to review for quizzes and during the day we are basically just rushing around trying to make it to class on time. Most of us even have to juggle a job or two while in college just to afford the rent. So it's not surprising that when your schedule is this packed, something has to suffer, and the thing that suffers first is almost always the time we spent on getting dressed.

This week's Fashionista found a great way to look chic and fashionable while staying what can only be described as extremely comfortable! She paired a pair of leggings with a simple long sleeve sweater and added a thick-knitted oversized cardigan to keep her warm and comfy. To finish off her simple outfit she added a pop of color with her infinity scarf and her cute caramel oxfords

Also, notice how she added personality to her outfit by wearing her hair in a topknot. It looks extremely chic and is also very practical, seeing as now she won't have to bother with any bangs or loose hairs flying in her face while she is working. The nerdy glasses are also a great piece and really give her look individuality.

Next time you are running late, just throw on a cute oversized cardigan to keep you warm, top it off with a cute scarf, pull your hair back for a fresh and chic look and voila! You're good to go in less than 10 minutes.


Knitwear has been around since before the 1920s. It was Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel herself who made knitwear fashionable, after designing the costumes for Diaghilev's ballet Le Train Bleu. The costumes were hand-knitted, rather daring, bathing suits and made knitwear famous. Ever since then, knit comes around at least once a year during fall, because it's not only comfortable but also keeps you deliciously warm during the cold months.

This week's Fashionista took advantage of those facts and stayed warm in her blue knitted dress. While knit is easily associated with roughness and bulkiness, this dress gives her a very feminine look by accentuating her figure with smart tucks along the bustline.

In order to give the dress some personality, this Fashionista added a pair of cool combat boots and a pink infinity scarf to brighten up her day. Also notice how her nails match her dress — whether intentional or not, definitely a cute little detail! 

Another idea to brighten up this look is to wear the dress with a pair of great tights. The newly opened Topshop in Chicago has great ones that won't hurt your budget too much. A bright pair of loafers or sky-high ankle boots would definitely be another way to personalize a simple knit dress like this one. The options are endless, so get yourself a simple knit dress and have fun mixing it up all fall/winter long!


Fall has come to Chicago, and with it came the ever-changing weather. One day it's hot and sunny, the next it's almost unbearably cold and windy. That kind of weather makes it really hard to get dressed in the morning, because even if the sun is out at 8 A.M. it might look like the end of the world is near a couple hours later. That's why people from Chicago need to know how to dress smart — it's practically part of the basic survival skills out here!

This Fashionisto simply rolled up his burgundy pants and his striped shirt to get a little more air. Also, take a look at his shoes. Shoes such as TOMS (or similar styles) are great for fall, because while being completely closed, they are still airy enough in case it gets warmer outside. Plus, let's face it, they are a great addition to every art student's closet! They are low key yet immediately give you the often craved hipster edge. Besides the shoes, the color of this trendsetter's pants is a great choice for fall. Burgundy is fall's bright red, and adds a little drama to every outfit.

Choose items made out of great fabrics, and you will be able to wear the pieces throughout many seasons, seeing as burgundy comes back to trend every fall.


School is just around the corner and with the many books, the long library hours and the short coffee breaks comes the preppy look. This season the most important part of the preppy look is the collar.

Already earlier this year we got to see many different variations of the collar, from Peter Pan collars to Puritan collars… we have seen it all. Now that we have gotten somewhat used to the buttoned-up look, it is time to explore how far you can go with it.  While exploring, keep in mind that you never want to look too preppy. You always need to have at least one piece that isn't preppy, because otherwise your look can easily appear boring and everything except new and exciting. Take a hint from the runway fashion, and combine preppy basics with an edgy metalic collar or a great statement shoe (think Jeffrey Campbell). 

This Fashionista here did everything right. She kept everything preppy, but added a cool touch with her aviator sunglasses. The collar and the oxfords are very preppy and go hand in hand with her adorable brown schoolbag. The blue knit is just warm enough to get through the “Windy City” fall and the skirt finishes off the preppy look, while being short enough to keep the look young and exciting.

Besides being an adorbale daytime fall look, the preppy style can also easily be transformed into a somewhat sexier evening look. Just add heels, a blazer and some jewelry, such as a chunky bracelet. You could also simply exchange the blue knit with a transparant blouse (with a great collar, of course!) and you have yourself the perfect evening look for this fall.

Style Guru Bio: Lisa Gut

My name is Lisa Gut and I am currently a junior at Columbia College Chicago majoring in Journalism and Fashion Management.

I was born in Germany, and lived there until the age of 12. Then, I moved to the Netherlands where I spent seven years attending the European School of Bergen. After graduating high school, I moved to Chicago to become a Fashion Journalist. Since then, I have changed my idea of a dream job several times, currently hoping to set foot in the fashion event scene. 

For me, fashion is more than superficiality — fashion is about the attitude you have, the way you move, the way you are. Throughout travelling the world and moving to different countries, I have learned that it doesn't matter where you are or what kind of money you make — you can still have great sense of style.

Throughout my internship at CollegeFashionista I hope to be able to capture unique styles inspired by everyday life and to learn something new about fashion from each person I photograph. Everyone has a differerent take and a different way of interpreting a new style, and that is what inspires me the most about fashion and the people who care about it. Go crazy, get inspired, because that's what fashion is about!