Think Skincare and Makeup Are 2 Separate Things? Think Again.

Loving makeup is nothing new, but as time goes on we as a society have become more conscious of what our skin doesn’t like. Over time, makeup can make you feel more oily and dry based on your skin type and even cause more breakouts.

Here’s the good part: we don’t have to sacrifice makeup for skincare! Shocking, right? But here’s the thing; there are healthy ways to take care of our skin while still having an everyday makeup routine.


PHOTO: Lex Kelly

Keeping Clean

First, never sleep in your makeup. Giving your skin a good scrub at the end of the day is always a good idea. Our skin is our body’s largest organ, and it deserves some time to breathe. A great way to refresh your face at night is to use an all-natural cleanser, like Glossier’s Milky Jelly Cleanser. This brand specifically goes by the phrase, “Skincare first. Makeup second,” so they are super credible in their intentions when it comes to healthy skin. Another great way to leave your face feeling extra fresh is doing a fun face mask. I’m a big fan of Yes To’s face masks. The ingredients check out, and they offer so many great options in their products.

Makeup That Helps

Another tip in taking care of your skin is to try to use the best makeup for it. You’re essentially feeding your skin, and just like food, some things are healthier to digest than others. This is why some beauty products leave you feeling oily while others don’t phase your skin after removal at all. Glossier carries an array of awesome products, all putting skincare first. I feel safe using these products, and you totally should, too. Glossier isn’t the only brand that cares about your skin’s health, of course. Some brands carried by Sephora that also value being all-natural are BITE Beauty, RMS, Lilah B., Antonym, and my personal favorite, Milk Makeup. Some of these natural products I would highlight are the Holographic Stick and Cooling Water by Milk Makeup and the Certified Organic Baked Blush by Antonym.

See? It’s easier to take care of your skin than you probably thought. Beauty companies aren’t out to hurt our skin; in fact, many want to help us! Just be cautious of what products you’re using, and stick to a skincare routine that works for you.

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Additional photos by Lex Kelly.

Tips to Slay an Affordable Beach Trip

During the heat-swept days of summer, there is one thing on all of our land-locked minds: a beach trip! Everybody loves a getaway to the beach. There is almost nothing better than tanning with your girls, drinking photo-worthy pina coladas, and splashing around in that brand new bikini. All of this sounds great, but then we remember the price tag attached to making it a perfect, trendy escape that you can plaster all over social media as the weekend of your summer. The price tag doesn’t need to be as big of a worry as you think. I am here to provide with my holy grail of money-saving tips on how to slay your beach trip on a budget.

1—The swimsuit craze. The first thing on all of our minds is what swimsuit we want to be seen in, photographed in, and posted in. Bathing suits can cost a fortune, but they don’t have to. This chic bikini I’m sporting was a total steal from Target. I have seen look-a-likes tagged for hundreds of dollars, and the difference is barely noticeable! I love this bathing suit, and didn’t have to break a sweat buying it. You can easily score an affordable bathing suit from any prime retailer if you just keep an eye out and shop smart.

2—How to really cover up. Another worry of beach goers is what to wear as a cover-up. My number one tip for cover-ups is not to spend a lot of money on something you are only wearing to walk to and from the beach. You will be taking it off upon arriving and leaving. Remember that. Truly, my favorite things to wear as cover-ups are band T-Shirts or fun tanks, like the one I’m wearing. Affordable and easy to find, and you don’t have to worry about getting them sandy or wet. No brainer, right?

3—Beachy street style. Going to the beach to tan and swim in the ocean isn’t the only thing we do on beach trips, though. We also hit the town, and we need trendy, chic outfits to do it in style. One of my favorite new trends are off-the-shoulder tops. I got this cute red one for the Fourth of July, but it’s a piece I’ll be wearing and re-wearing for a while. Also, let’s talk about how underrated white shorts are. I believe white shorts are especially relevant, and can be totally affordable. My go-to bag is a crossbody small enough for just my phone, wallet, and lipstick. The necessities are all here, ladies, and for a good price.

That’s a wrap. As you can see, it is totally easy to slay a beach trip on a budget. Just look at how I did! Finally, these tips are now yours for the taking. I can’t wait to see how you take advantage of them.

Remember to make sure you tag @CFashionista in all of your beach looks so we can see you slay. Be sure to comment your favorite beach trends below!

Styling for Dynamic Duos

Hitting the town with your best friend is always the best way to spend a day, but have you ever showed up, photo-ready, and realize you totally clash? Photos are a must when you’re with your bestie, looking cute, out and about. The greatest way to ensure your photos turn out as glam as possible is to embody your individual styles while also complementing each other well. Styling is important to be a truly dynamic duo.

Color Coordination

I’m not saying you have to perfectly match your friend, but for complementing purposes, you are going to want to make sure your outfits do not clash color wise. A wacky color combo can throw off any picture. Styling yourselves together is fun and will save you from a bombing Instagram. Your muted tone outfit may fit your photo feed, but the bright pink maxi dress your BFF didn’t warn you she was sporting may not quite be what you pictured for your theme. Creating a cohesive color theme for your day out will be pleasing to the eye of strangers on the street and your followers on the screen.

Stay True to Your Style

Never dress in a style that isn’t your own. Being a dynamic duo does not mean you have the same style. In fact, both of you embracing your own individual styles and cohesively making them look amazing together is way more impressive. As you can see, my Fashionista friend and I here are super cohesive, but still emulate our own individual styles. My Fashionista friend works her signature black denim, unique shoes, and edgy accessories, while I complement her with my softer style, trendy shoes, and lace accents. We follow the color coordination rule in all black and even down to the cognac-colored shoes. While being cohesive, we still work our own styles.

Stay True, Period

Don’t be fake in photos. Be natural, real, and authentic. You and your best friend don’t need to post up like people you aren’t. Wear clothes you both love. Go places you actually enjoy. Take pictures posing however you are comfortable together. Stepping out of your comfort zone is healthy, but never step out of you are. People will love your friendship as much as you do if you show it off how it is. Let your style speak for you, and always keep it 100 from your outfit to your smile.

Just be yourself. You and your bestie are such a great pair for reasons beyond how you look. It can never hurt to spruce yourselves up for a fun day, though. Remember to avoid clashing colors by coordinating, never changing your style to fit someone else’s, and staying true to who you are through and through. Go out there and show the world how cool of a dynamic duo you and your best friend truly are.

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How to Dress for Success

Summer is finally here, which means pool parties, road trips, brunch with the gals, and… internships. Scoring a summer internship is exciting stuff, but it is so easy to get overly caught up in what to wear to real-life workplace. Don’t fret—right here is your guide to dress for success by effortlessly putting together a simple-yet-stylish business-casual look.

A Guide to Business-Casual

Let’s start with the basics: what even is business-casual? Think just business. The word “casual” is there as a buffer to lessen the harsh sound of the word “business,” but definitely think business. A lot of the time we’re just students trying to scrape by in the classroom, but learning how to dress for the office is a vital life skill. Knowing how to dress business-casual is needed for interviews, event attire, and future careers after this summer learning experience.

Dissecting the Outfit

First, get your hands on a pair of dress pants you are going to be comfortable in because these are going to be your go-to internship bottoms. Blue jeans are fun, but don’t always qualify here. Dress pants are the way to go, and just look at how cute they are on this Fashionista! Don’t be afraid, you can rock ’em too.

If you were thinking of going with a nice skirt, totally go for it, but just make sure it is an appropriate length. The last thing you want is to get dress-coded by your supervisor because your skirt is too short. That is why dress pants are the perfect go-to. Next, go and find yourself a bunch of stylish blouses. These are perfect for the workplace, and they can be cute for outside the office too. Stocking up and getting many different styles is going to be your best bet, so you can create a plethora of fashionable outfits to wear to your internship.

Don’t stress over shoes.

A pair of nude, chunky heels like this fashionista is wearing are perfect. We are loving the ankle straps and neutral color which keeps them appropriate for the work environment. Going off of that, make sure your heels are not too high. If you would wear them to the club, they are probably NOT meant for the office. Think more professional. A fun pair of flats can absolutely work too.

A great bonus to this look is the Fashionista’s functional handbag. She can carry all her extra necessities and look fabulous while doing it. Now that is how you achieve success!

I hope this inspired your internship-look brainstorming. Comment what you love most about this Fashionista’s look, and then show us your own on Instagram so we can tell you what we love about it! Tag us at @CFashionista. Dress for success and slay your internships, ladies!


Trendy color schemes are sweeping the fashion world. Be careful; you do not want to get lost in the whirlwind of occasional color splashes and monochromatic pallets. You need to stand firm in the trendy tornado and see what is really worth paying attention to here. I am here to tell you about the biggest color trend on the market right now, so you can see clearly in the panic of deciding what colors to stock up on this season.

The question at hand is, what is the new black? For the past few years, it has been black. Everybody has been rocking all black outfits, but the dark ages are coming to an end. Although black is a fantastic basic, a new color scheme is on the rise: pale.

Yes, that’s correct, you heard me—pale colors are coming in hot and heavy. My personal faves are pale blue and millennial pink, but the pale pallet entails so many options more for you to work with. Pale hues are super great to style also. You can pair white as the monochromatic splash to keep the pastels from overpowering the outfit. Since we are so used to wearing all black all the time, do not be afraid to ease into this trend by slowly just adding touches of pale shade here and there until you are comfy with it.

Check out my outfit here. This iridescent bomber jacket is my new favorite for the season. It is light weight and so eye-catching. I paired it with a simple white cropped shirt, just to complement it and keep the bomber the center piece. I am always looking for an opportunity to work gray jeans, and now is the time. Gray jeans paired with pale colors creates such a nice look. I finished this outfit off with my favorite pair of taupe heeled booties. I am such a sucker for heeled booties, let me tell you, you can never go wrong with them. You better believe I am going to repeating this outfit all season.

Although we all love looking powerful and aesthetically pleasing in black, it is time to make some room in your closet for pale colors! Spring is here, summer is approaching, and pale pallets will be everywhere. Get ahead of the game and when you are online shopping browsing the color choices, maybe take a risk and instead of going with safe choice black, check that pale yellow box and watch your style soar. I promise you will be looking posh in pale this season.

WHAT TO WEAR: Girl’s Day Out

GNO is a widespread term, accepted on all social media platforms as a hashtag and statement. But what about GDO? Yeah, that’s right: girl’s day out. Girls do not just hit the town on the night; girls also love strutting their stuff during the daytime. Girls do so much more than living it up when it is dark at the bars or even at classy dinner restaurants. Girls live it up in the light. Girls take the day like no other. Whether it’s brunch or morning coffee, girls do it right. And in fashion.

Take a look at this Fashionista! She masters keeping it cool and stylish, while not shaming her friends with over doing it during the daytime hours. This Fashionista is living it up just like any other; showing off her fashionable style and charisma through her clothes. For starters, fashion does change day to night. The day calls for different criteria than nightly activities demand. This Fashionista pulls off the perfect girls’ day out look without a flinch.

Let’s start with her bandana. These neck bandanas are super in right now, and check out that color choice. A complementary pale pink to go along with her stunning blue boyfriend jeans. The black shirt is a basic for any time: day or night. To be honest, this look kills all hours. Her sunnies prove that she is out and about in the daylight, though. This look is perfect for that casual brunch with your girls when you still want to dress to impress without over doing it. Believe me, it’s a very hard balance to achieve. This Fashionista manages to pull it off effortlessly, and with that we should all follow in her footsteps.

Brunch on, ladies!

BEAUTY BAR: From Day to Night

So often with fashion we focus on clothes, shoes, and accessories. All of these things matter and are absolutely vital to fashion, but beauty products are a huge part of the fashion world, and we shouldn’t ever brush over that. Makeup can accentuate an entire look. Not only do beauty products help us polish our Fashionista persona, but they also add another layer to style entirely.

This Fashionista shows us how to use makeup in the most effortlessly beautiful way. What I love about her look is how her makeup can go from day to night with ease. Anyone can dress this beauty look up or down on the flip of a dime. It works for brunch with the girls, afternoon class, and then a night out on the town! Her smokey eye is completely constructed from her go-to eyeshadow palette. She accentuates her eyes even more with false eyelashes, which is always a fun option.

This Fashionista used CC Cream paired with pressed foundation powder to give her the perfect amount of effortless coverage. She incorporated blush and bronzer to give her face dimension and color. Her lips are perfected by glossing them over with a natural, moisturizing lip balm. Overall this beauty look is not too heavy, but still highly dimensional.

Anyone can achieve this look by stocking up on the basics: eyeshadow, foundation, and bronzer. With some fun touches like falsies and highlighter, the look goes from day to night. Through the beauty bar, we get to love on our beautiful faces, making them cohesively become apart of our look, and showing them off to the world in a new way whenever we want!

STYLE ADVICE: Live in Layers

With the cross over between winter and spring approaching, the weather can be as crazy as our day-to-day schedules.

In the morning, we have brisk and chilly walks to class. In the afternoon, there’s sunny and warm study sessions in the quad. At night, it’s all about fast and freezing walks from building to building, and you sure are toasty once inside. The most fashionable way to tackle a fast-paced lifestyle combined with bipolar weather patterns is by living in layers.

It is simple, stylish, and it works! Layering is the go-to way to look like you put tons of effort into an outfit. It adds complexity, different textures and styles, and there’s more for the eye to look at. Overall, it seamlessly creates an entire look effortlessly.

This Fashionista pulls off layering with her super fab slip dress over a black long sleeve T-shirt. To add even more variety, she threw on a jean jacket that she can wear on, take off, wear over her shoulders, or tie around her waist. There are several options of how to shake up her outfit just on a whim. Another layer is her cute tights that give more texture and fun style to this Fashionista’s ensemble. The entire look is complex with its multitude of spunky layers.

Layering can help a person easily transform their look throughout the day, help an outfit look more put together, and keep an outfit fresh and interesting. This Fashionista shows off this idea brilliantly and beautifully. Take her advice and live in layers!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Repeat the Past

Fashion has always been something that is constantly changing. One year, fringe is everywhere! Then another year, people are starting to put feathers in their hair. Year after year, decade to decade, fashion can be seen as progressing, changing, and adapting to the new standings of society. With the constant ebb and flow of trends and what is considered cool in the style world, how is anyone supposed to keep up? Well, don’t overthink it because you do not always have to be wearing the current trends. It is perfectly okay and even encouraged to look back to the past for fun styles that may not be taking over the fashion industry at the moment.

This Fashionista pulls off this idea effortlessly by incorporating trends from the past into her outfit. The decade her outfit pulls from is the 1970s, but this look is truly timeless. It is simple details like the neutral colored tie dye T-shirt, dark wash flared jeans, and pointed toe boots that create a simplistic, hip version of a classic ’70s-inspired look. This look is tied together with the cool, dark colors and a clean finish which connects to the theme of pulling from past trends.

It is so interesting to look back in time to see what styles used to be all the rage, and how to make them your own and work in today’s fashion world. Thrift stores are a super fun and affordable way to shop for vintage pieces. This Fashionista even scored her T-shirt from searching through the racks while thrifting. Keeping this style tip in mind: shake up your style norms and connect yourself to retro fashion.


Hello lovely people, I am Liv Graul. I am a sophomore at Belmont University in Nashville and am absolutely loving it. I have lived in Nashville since I was 10-years-old and when time came around to chose where to venture off to college, I chose to stay in the city that I love. I see a lot of myself in the city of Nashville because it is filled with diversity, authenticity, southern charm, and a lot of spunk. My style shows off these aspects of my personality, and makes me feel perfectly fit when roaming the urban streets and trendy corners of wonderful Nash.

Although Belmont is a school known for music and I do have a deep love for music, my career path is not musically inclined. Nonetheless, I started off my journey at Belmont as an English major. I’m not yet sure on what I wanted to pursue as a career but I have a passion for writing. After a year as an English major, it was not the right fit yet my passion for writing still thrived, and I found a major that fit me perfectly: corporate communications. This new path I am embarking on at Belmont makes me excited for the future because I am utilizing my strength in communication.

Fashion has always been a huge part of my life. Since I was just a little girl, I have always found joy in putting together outfits and styling myself as well as others. Whether window shopping through a row of boutiques or doing makeup for fun, I love creating looks. I believe the finished product of a put together look is so uniquely beautiful across the board. The form of expression and creation put into people’s style is truly remarkable, and I love getting to work with it as a Style Guru.

I enjoy pale colors, minimalistic styles, trendy details, and affordable fashion. The trends in this outfit that I have been in love with recently are the over-the-knee boots, shirts with keyholes, and tassels like the one on my purse. I swiped this pair of shoes from Molly Green for a super amazing price, and they quickly have risen to one of my favorite pairs of shoes I own. I think light wash ripped jeans always work. Pale blue and pink are my favorite colors so I decided to represent them both! I felt like $1 million sporting this look and most importantly, I felt like myself.

I believe the most important thing in fashion is to be yourself. Trends are fun, but I do not think anyone should give into a trend that does not fit their style just because it is popular. Fashion is all about self-expression, and sometimes people get lost in the fads. Always stick to what you love—you can never go wrong there!