CollegeFashionista X Aerie: Spring Break City Guide on Cancun

Spring Break is about leaving those gruesome textbooks and leggings for sun, fun, and bikinis. In my opinion there is no better destination for all of that than Cancun, Mexico. It’s one of my favorite vacation spots, so if you’re headed down there this Spring Break or in the near future I have some great tips for you. We have teamed up with Aerie to showcase the best looks for Cancun.


A trendy outfit isn’t really necessary for catching rays and roaming the area, but just know something effortless and chic will do. Be sure to bring your favorite swimwear for catching rays and those dips in the ocean. My suit of choice is the Maddie Bikini by Aerie. It has the perfect dose of sexy, because of the comfy push-up bra style (including support) plus perfectly feminine with the cute ruffle detail and the bright colors are just so great. Aerie not only has the perfect bathing suit options, but they also have great cover-ups, shorts, and tops that make dressing effortlessly chic just as easy as throwing your hair in a top-knot. Some of my picks for the beach are the embroidered cover up and the Lacey Boxer and when site seeing the lace tube top and the lace boxer. Seeing that you’ll be in sandals or barefoot a variety of shoe options aren’t really necessary, but I’d definitely suggest some espadrilles or boat shoes for site seeing and a pair of wedges for your nights out.


Although Mexico isn’t one of the known fashion capitals in the world, what it lacks in fashionable clothing it makes up for in unique finds. Cancun is one of the best places to stock up on unique pieces, jewelry and baubles. It’s one of my favorite places to shop for one of a kind jewels and some of the best pieces in my collection have been purchased there. Market 28 is the go-to spot for that. It’s meant to resemble a Mexican village and such a rad place to discover those unique handcrafted pieces. One of my favorite buys from Cancun were a pair of huaraches, which are hand woven leather sandals. They’ve become a staple in my summer wardrobe and one of the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever purchased. If you’re missing the luxury shops like those in the States Luxury Avenue is like a mini Rodeo Drive/5th Avenue, but if I were you I’d opt for those one of a kind Mexican shops—there is definitely more to score.


Fashion and Shopping are definitely entertainment in itself, but there are so many historic sites and adventures to tour. Besides sailing, snorkeling, hiking and trekking I highly encourage learning about the Mayan Culture and History in Cancun. There is so much history and legendary landmarks to see and learn about, so be sure to check out Tulum, the Mayan Temples and Puerto Morelos.


When traveling south of the boarder trying authentic Mexican food is requisite. It’s like going to California and seeing the Hollywood sign or visiting Disneyland – you have too. A few of my favorite places are Jugo de Limon, a seafood joint, so be sure to order the ceviche with extra lemon, Paloma Bonita is a fine dining Mexican restaurant and must for enchiladas and margaritas and Sushi Itto for the freshest most amazing sushi you’ve ever tasted.

If the sun and gorgeous beaches haven’t sold you I hope the rich history, amazing food and great shopping will. Have a blast and don’t forget your sunblock and sunnies.

Spring Break is a momentous week in every college student’s year. Whether you’re traveling to the ends of the world, living it up on the beach, catching up on your fashion homework or tucked inside sleeping, we want to see! Tweet us a photo that represents your spring break using the hashtag #collegefashionistaSB. Our favorite image will win a gift card to Aerie.


For those that don't live on the East Coast, a Fashionista rocking a classic prep look is a rare breed and lo and behold I actually found one on campus the other day. West Coast Fashionistas are known for their effortless bohemian and surfer girl chic look, which is a look I absolutely love because it's an instant resolution to when I'm feeling a bit lackadaisical on what to wear.

In my opinion, a classic prep look can take a first impression a lot farther than a super cool and chill look that a bohemian can do. A classic prep look can be the perfect alternative to when a lackadaisical fashion mindset ensues, which is why I decided to dedicate this week's STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK post to achieving the classic prep look on such days, or for those interested in a more refined look.

Growing up in a classic prep look simply means Ralph Lauren Polo shirts, and I remember in  junior high there was such a craze for them. I'm guilty of sporting the look with a popped collar and even double layering bright colored polos for an individualized look, but little did I know, there are so many pieces that can emulate a classic prep look besides the classic polo shirt.

The first piece I suggest is a dress shirt like this Fashionista is wearing. No, they're not just for the Fashionistos. They can easily be worn by Fashionistas too. They're definitely my go-to for a more tailored look, which I'll pair with dress pants or even waxed denim. Another piece that can help you achieve a classic prep look is white denim. They instantly add freshness to a look, which is probably due to the fact that they induce a Hamptons beach-chic vibe. Another piece that can helps you achieve a classic prep look are ballerina flats; although this Fashionista opted for some brown sandals, which are definitely classic prep, ballerina flats tend to be the epitome of a preppy look. As for accessories, do as this Fashionista did and opt for some pearls.

These are just a few tips on a how to achieve a classic prep look like this Fashionista, and there are so many other variations too. So for more inspiration, check out this week's trend board. 

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Keep It High and Cropped

My go-to outfit as of late, whether it is dressing for a casual day or a night out, has been a cropped top and high-waist shorts. I'm petite, so I can definitely appreciate an outfit that creates an illusion that I'm taller than the 5'1 height I am. Such an outfit combination isn't common on my campus, so when I saw this Fashionista, I was pretty excited to dedicate this week's STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK to keeping your shorts high-waist and your top cropped, which is something I tend to rock on the regular. 

Denim cut-off shorts have become a staple in every Fashionista's closet. I'm definitely a fan, but another alternative to that staple are high-waist dark denim shorts like this Fashionista is wearing. Cut-offs instantly create a laid-back California cool look, but I think a high-waist cuffed pair like the ones shown are a great alternative to have, since they can instantly create a more tailored and pulled together look, which in my opinion more appropriate for campus.

As for crop tops, I think every Fashionista should have one. They work for me because I'm petite, but this tall Fashionista proves they work for those lucky Fashionistas blessed with height. They've not only become a cool fashion statement, but they're perfect to keep cool on warm days and instantly help create an individualized and relaxed look too.

The aspects I think make this Fashionista's outfit even cooler are her lace tights and combat boots, which prove the versatility of such a combination.

As I mentioned before, high-waist shorts and a cropped top are a great option for a night too; there are a variety of dressy short options from linen to wool-crepe and even silk, which will look great with a black chiffon, silk or sequin crop top, but don't forget to add a great pair of heels and some chich accessories too.


As the spring semester winds down, dressing in your most fashionable self has probably been taking the back burner. So I've decided to dedicate this week's STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK to remind you that lack of sleep due to all-night study sessions or celebratory festivities doesn't have to stop you from dressing well.

If your maxed out with school, then your probably maxed on what to wear, so I propose the maxi skirt to be the perfect option when you want a comfortable look that will save you from committing any fashion faux pas under such circumstances; just like this Fashionista.

I caught this Fashionista heading to the library during finals week and I love how chic and pulled together the look is, which made her stand out amongst the students bumming around in sweat pants and leggings. Comfort doesn't have to look lazy, and being fashionable can be comfortable too, so a maxi skirt is the perfect hybrid of try.

There are a variety of options available from floor length, mullet shaped and ankle length just like this Fashionista is wearing. You can pair it with a simple T-shirt, jean jacket and scarf like this Fashionista did, or rock it with a tank and crop top. I'm all about layering because although spring may be in full swing, the air conditioning in class or the library brings a chill factor and there is nothing more annoying than being cold in class.

So, remember if you're maxed out with fashion, opt for a maxi skirt because it will instantly help you create a look that is comfortable and chic.


I feel like I'm dedicating this week's STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK post to information that is customary to the male species, but then there are those that don’t cease to surprise me by wearing ill-fitting suits or lack appropriate business attire when needed and necessary, which I've noticed most males on my campus fall privy to. What amazes me is when I meet guys that find business attire embarrassing or uncustomary, which is absurd? News flash: a well fitting suit or proper business attire can do wonders for you.


From a female’s perspective, there is nothing more attractive than a guy wearing a suit. It adds so much more appeal and intrigue to how driven or motivated he is. Yes, we've all grown up to never judge someone by their appearance, but if other females are like myself, then a suit or proper business attire is so much more appealing, and this Fashionisto inspired that thought. 


The suits or business attire being worn on campus have reminded me of rental tuxes that are very prom-esque, especially with an outrageously bright tie, which is not Fashionisto worthy. Although this Fashionisto isn't wearing an entire suit, his slacks are perfectly tailored (not too baggy) and I like his mix of a blue gingham dress shirt paired with a larger gingham print green silk tie, proving you don't exactly need an entire suit to look business appropriate, but this a necessary option to have in your closet. 


What works is a well-tailored/fitted suit. If a skinny-fit suit isn't your style, just make sure it's well tailored, meaning the pants aren't baggy and the sleeves aren't too long. Having a suit should be customary; I mean maybe my standards are high and it's a norm in my family (my brother has been donning a suit since he was three years old and now he's 23), but trust my advice that it is necessary. The great part about a suit is how universal it is. Whether it's black or blue, your options are truly endless when it comes to pairing your suit with a dress shirt or tie. There are so many options that can easily help you create a pulled-together look.


And if you are unsure about branching out and purchasing a suit, I think you should at least purchase a well-tailored slack like this Fashionisto and buy and nice dress shirt and tie. It's baby steps, but learning how to suit up is really the best style advice I can give any male.


Don't forget the proper dress shoe adds even more appeal, so be conscious of your dress shoe purchases too.  


Yes, I'm aware that spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner, and I am also well aware that I titled this week's STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK “Bring Out The Knits,” but I'm not referring to the knit scarves and wool/cashmere sweaters you've put away until fall rolls around again — I'm talking about rocking crochet.

California sunshine has been out, making pants a no go as the semester winds down because keeping cool is a must and not really feasible while trekking across campus. This forces us to choose breathable fabrics and this Fashionista is the perfect example of that.

This Fashionista popped out instantly because of her red dress, and I liked that it was a lot different from the floral print so commonly seen on and off campus. Once I got a bit closer, I noticed the entire dress was crocheted and instantly fell in love. It's such a unique and individualized dress on its own because of the color, but really such a chic way to keep cool without being too revealing or common. Crochet can be revealing, but I liked the way this Fashionista chose a cotton bodycon dress to wear underneath to make the dress wearable for campus. I loved the edgy vibe it had with the black dress peeping through the crochet holes and how she accented it with silver accessories and black gladiator-esque/rocker leather sandals.

This Fashionista inspired my quest to find anything and everything crochet. When the sun graces us with its presence, find an alternative and chic way to dress that helps you stand out from the pastel and floral prints that are keeping everyone else cool. There are a variety of cute crochet options like crochet accented denim shorts, tanks, dresses, sweaters (for those warm-cool nights, of course), crop tops, tube tops, skirts and even bathing suits. So, be sure to choose one or maybe all to create adorable looks that keep you cool as you finish off the semester and to also keep you cool in the summertime.


When it comes to guy's fashion, I feel like there are two extremes: guys that follow the latest fashion trends and style advice or guys that don't care too much about what they're wearing and opt for what is comfortable and clean. When I saw this Fashionisto, I was reminded about those differences. I was intrigued by his ability to balance an outfit that is a bit fashionable but comfortable, thus inspiring my advice for this week about finding a balance when it comes to fashion.

Fashionistos, some days you have classes back to back plus work and maybe even an internship on top of that, so dressing for what your day entails is custom. But even when your day isn't too busy, dressing your best should be custom as well. I'm not saying a suit with loafers should be worn on the regular, although that would be fabulous, but finding a balance between comfortable clothes and clothes that are a bit tailored or fashion-forward should be quintessential; just like this Fashionisto.

This Fashionisto is great example of how to find a balance between comfortable and fashionable. The comfort aspect to this outfit is obviously his jersey, but rocking them in a fashionable way has a lot to do with his great pair of dark denim.

A great pair of denim will work wonders to any Fashionistos wardrobe; either as the perfect piece of clothing to give a comfortable look a more fashion appeal, or to make a fashionable outfit more casual. Another aspect that brings some trends and fashion-forwardness to his look are his high-top sneakers. It's not really common to see Fashionistos on campus rocking a unique pair of sneakers, like his red, white and black Addidas, but they rock. Unique sneakers are another staple that can instantly help you create balanced look too, so don’t forget the possibilities of creating a balanced look are truly endless.

Some pieces to help you achieve such a look are non-graphic T-shirts, khaki pants, a dressy sweater or even a denim jacket, plus, the denim and sneakers I mentioned. So, fellow Fashionistos or soon-to-be Fashionistos, finding a balance between comfortable and fashionable is a great piece of advice. You should definitely be aware of that now, and especially by the time you graduate because they're is nothing more appealing than a guy that puts effort into his outfits — from a female's perspective, but even more so from professional perspective, too.


College is the best time to stop whatever shyness or insecurities you have about rocking certain colors, prints or styles because it is the best time to experiment with fashion and let your personal style evolve.

What I find to be fashionable and chic is when a Fashionista/o wears what they like and doesn't take what is and isn't in style seriously. That may sound vague, but I really appreciate a Fashionista/o who isn't afraid to mix and match or wear what everyone isn't wearing, as well as who embraces their individuality, personality and uniqueness.

This Fashionista is the perfect example of that. She is the poster child (at my college) of rocking a style that speaks volumes about her personality. Each outfit represents her uniqueness and always gives off such a cofident vibe that is rare these days. I'm really fond of how über unique and chic her style is, and she is the only person I've seen on campus that can mix neon colors and prints in the most fly way. Also, she has a way of letting the smallest details hold their own in her outfit — like her distressed denim shorts, bandana, orange sunglasses and purple headphones.

I want this week's advice to remind you that college is the best time to embrace fashion and to stop being insecure about not looking fabulous. I guarantee when you wear what makes you feel confident, your outfit will be fabulous and people will want to rep what you're wearing too. College is the time to experiment and embrace your individuality, so do it because your college years are going to fly by in flash — trust me, mine will be done on May 11.

So, don't forget, being fashionable is embracing who you are, your body type, your favorite color and experimenting with different styles, because that will help you develop your own personal style and there really isn't anything more fashionable and chic than you just being you!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Budget Friendly Pieces

This week is all about embracing trends in a chic and budget friendly way just like this Fashionista did.

Back in high school I felt like there was always an extra $20 that could be spent frivolously on the latest trends, but these days that extra $20 tends to be spent on necessary school supplies, technology malfunctions, grabbing lunch on the go and then when the weekend arrives, it is spent on going out.

If you're familiar with my STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK column, then you're well aware that when it comes to fashion, I’m all about a great bargain and buying pieces that are universal, which means they have the ability to be worn during the spring and summer months, and then can easily be worn during the fall and winter months with a few added layers.

So, what I’m trying to get at is that our priorities on when and where to spend any extra cash has changed and it’s most noticeable when it comes to our attire. Each week I try to make sure my weekly advice shares ways to prevent that. Sometimes we can’t afford the trends we covet, but that doesn't mean we can't look fashionable, which is exactly what this Fashionista exemplified. Her look was trendy and chic, but most importantly, it was budget friendly too.

If you've been wanting to embrace the spring trends, the most simple and budget friendly way to do so is with color. Rather than opting for a great floral/tropical print pant or a pastel motorcycle jacket that we've seen bloggers wearing, opting for basic pieces in the same color palette is another great alternative to embracing spring trends. There are some beautiful pastel colors and bright colors that have been used in some amazing pieces, so opting for a simple T-shirt in the same color range will guarantee an outfit to be fresh and spring ready. The versatility with a classic T-shirt in a color that pops is endless. The yellow T-shirt this Fashionista is wearing is not only great with jeans, but it can easily be paired with shorts or a skirt; it constantly makes outfits feel new and fresh, and when the colder seasons roll around, the T-shirt will look chic over a long sleeved shirt topped with an anorak. She shared with me her T-shirt was the brand Splendid, but she bought it at her local Buffalo Exchange for ten dollars rather than the $45 retail price — talk about a bargain.

If you're a college student on a budget like myself, then I want to remind you to spend your money on pieces that can be worn 200+ times without getting boring or old and if we follow trends exactly, then it can  prevent that from happening. Sometimes it's more beneficial to buy what is budget friendly and what can easily be worn throughout the year rather than one season.


Spring has sprung, which means it’s time for Fashionistas to move their favorite “summer dresses” to the front of their wardrobe so they can be worn just like this Fashionista.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of denim cut-off shorts and high-waisted shorts when it’s warm, but sometimes it is a lot easier to pick out a dress and get on with your day rather than wasting time picking out which shirt, tank or blouse you're going to pair your shorts with.

Opting for a summer dress, in my opinion, is the easiest and most simple way to create a chic and effortless look. I love a refined and feminine look for school, and a summer dress can instantly help you achieve that look. Another great aspect to share about summer dresses are their versatility. They’re great options for warm days on campus, a perfect option for brunch or shopping with friends and ideal as a coverup for pool and beach days, too.

So, next time the warm sun graces you with its presence, just opt for a summer dress and enjoy the rays.