As summer winds down, Fashionistas move into that nebulous area of transitional dressing for fall. Trends seen on fall runways earlier this year begin to hit the stores and will soon infiltrate campus and the layers start increasing. In Athens, Georgia, the infamous southern heat will keep layers at a minimum for a couple of months, but you can still embrace the trends of the season like this Fashionista.

Traditionally a spring or summer print, floral patterns have no boundaries this year. Florals set against dark or neutral backgrounds were seen at alice + olivia, J.Crew and Carolina Herrera, just to name a few. Calla also sent several flower bedecked pieces down the runway in pastel colors like lavender and mint.

The variety of florals that were showcased at the fall/winter fashion weeks prove there are several options for styling your fall floral pieces. Choose a skirt or pant in a dark color with a bold floral print and pair with a top in a coordinating color. Adversely, juxtapose an edgy leather jacket with a floral piece in an unexpected color for fall like lemon yellow. Or take a cue from this Fashionista. Go for a double dose of floral print using two different prints and contrasting colors like her stark black and white pairing. The lightweight silky fabric of both the shirt and pants also makes this an ideal late summer ensemble. Simple sandals and a braid crown add easy and relaxed touches to the otherwise busy outfit.

As you begin planning your fall wardrobe, transition your summer pieces by opting for fall trends in lightweight fabrics like this Fashionista did. Once fall is in full swing, simply layer up.


Last summer, I reported on the high-low skirt trend. At the time, I wondered how long this trend would last. I wasn’t sure that it had staying power. This summer, I was proved wrong. In one day, I witnessed Fashionistas across campus donning asymmetrical hemlines. One graduating Fashionista wore a long, red high-low dress to add a bold, diagonal line of color to her black ceremonial robe. Another grabbed a quick lunch at a local pub wearing a vibrant green high-low skirt with a white tank.

For a casual afternoon downtown, this Fashionista chose a softly patterned, dusty blue high-low dress. Paired with comfy sandals and a boho satchel, this look is the ultimate last minute summer go-to outfit. Capable of looking put together yet approachable at the same time, a high-low dress can be appropriate for any given situation. A unique element of this Fashionista’s dress that isn’t seen on all high-low pieces is a subtle wrap at the front. Coupled with a braided belt, this gives the dress a layered look that adds visual interest and a few curves.

In his fall 2013 collection, FLOTUS favorite Jason Wu incorporated multiple hemlines with a daring red top that is sheared short in the front and gives way to a billowing train in the back. Bring this kind of sartorial drama to your campus with a flouncy and studded high-low dress from Urban Outfitters. Be on trend by pairing the dress with a pair of skinny jeans to get a similar look to Jason Wu’s fall collection. To emulate this Fashionista and her wrapped look, go for this wrap dress from Nordstrom and add a belt of your choice.


The phrase “Mellow yellow” has never really made sense to me. Sure, it rhymes, but it doesn’t quite pinpoint the feeling of the color yellow. Other, more accurate words that come to my mind are: vibrant, playful, effervescent, intense, sparkling and vivacious. While  “Playful yellow” doesn’t make for a great advertising campaign to sell millions of sodas, it does describe how you will feel in a bold yellow dress like this Fashionista’s.

For a mid-morning coffee run, this Fashionista chose a bright yellow sundress with even more colorful sandals. Balancing the profusion of rainbow colors, she opted for a small navy Longchamp Le Pliage tote. With a sheer lace overlay that will keep you cool and the bold, in-your-face color, this dress will get you through the last few glorious weeks of summer and all of the music festivals, barbecues and back to school parties.

Yellow can be a tricky color to buy as it doesn’t play well with all complexions. However, that problem is easily solved. If you have a dark and sun-kissed skin tone, a neon yellow like this Fashionista wore will show off your summer tan. Having a skin tone that to my dismay stays pale all year long, I have discovered that a darker shade of yellow looks more flattering — think more of a mustard yellow rather than a bright lemony shade.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect yellow hue, slide on a pair of multicolored sandals and grab a neutral bag for all of your summer essentials. Transition this look into a campus ready outfit with a denim jacket or lightweight blazer. With such an eye-catching hue, expect your day to be anything but mellow.


This year has seen a plethora of odes to the ’90s: crop tops, utilitarian overalls, grungy plaid and layered denim just to name a few. I have loved this resurrection of ’90s trends since I lived them the first time around. However, I have also found myself dipping further back through the decades for style inspiration lately, namely, the ’50s. With classic silhouettes, glamorous designs and fashion icons that continue to influence designers today, the ’50s has incredible staying power. One of the vestiges of this decade that has found its way to present day street style is the fit and flare dress.

Form fitting at the top, the dress flares at the waist creating an hourglass shape that is reminiscent of the silhouettes of the ’50s. This Fashionista put a modern spin on this classic dress shape with a whimsical bird pattern and fun, vibrant colors. Making the prim dress a more casual outfit for a coffee run, she donned a pair of rugged lace-up boots and slouchy socks, effectively melding the timelessness of the ’50s and the aforementioned grungy and alternative ’90s. A leather tote provided ample space for a laptop and books without sacrificing style.

While the fit and flare dress has a distinct and classic style, there is no shortage of prints, patterns and colors for any personality or personal style. Lengths vary as well. A mini style like the one this Fashionista wore pulls the style into the twenty-first century while a longer hemline more closely emulates the original version. For the classic lovers out there, try a fit and flare dress in a solid color. With a pair of flats or wedges, you’ll have a wonderfully easy and timeless summer ensemble. To prevent your outfit from looking costume-y, forgo the pearls and opt for a bold statement necklace instead.

If you prefer this Fashionista’s style, look for a printed fit and flare dress and accessorize with your trusty, worn-in combat boots or canvas sneakers. The contrasting mixture of a structured dress and casual accessories is a good formula for a summer outfit that can take you from class to a concert.


Everyone loves a classic duo: peanut butter and jelly, Batman and Robin, Bonnie and Clyde — really, the list could go on forever. Similarly, there are some situations that usually come with a sartorial counterpart. Music lovers jam out to alternative bands wearing flower crowns or denim cut-offs, the Kentucky Derby is not complete without a fabulous and over the top feathered hat and an interviewee usually gains a bit of confidence with a smartly cut blazer. This Fashionista demonstrated yet another wonderful pairing by choosing a floral skirt for a Sunday brunch ensemble.

Set against a white background, this floral skirt is fresh, youthful and ideal for a summer brunch. She paired the breezy skirt with a casual, cotton tank and sandals for a relaxed look while a long pearl necklace also added a fun touch of sophistication. A floral print easily updates a classic silhouette and refreshes those basic pieces like a tank top or denim skinnies. On those summer days when I’m not sure what to wear, I usually reach for an easy floral maxi for a casual afternoon or an abstractly flowered pencil skirt for work.

The bright and flowing design of a floral print is obviously eye-catching and the vibrant colors will serve as an instant pick-me-up. This Fashionista’s flirty skirt style is an effortless summer staple as the clear and bold print paired with a neutral yet stark white background will serve her well from brunch to picnics and barbecues. For a more daring take on the floral trend, try a digitally printed maxi skirt or a vivid citron tropical pencil skirt. Whatever summer event you have planned this week, a floral skirt will pair wonderfully.


A quick scroll of my Facebook news feed shows several variations of “Rain, rain go away.” Throughout the past weeks, the south has been caught in a never-ending cycle of brief bursts of sunshine and interminable periods of rain. With such dismal and humid weather, choosing an outfit becomes a serious challenge. And let’s not even talk about the hair situation.

This Fashionista, however, nailed the perfect summer look for a rainy day. A pair of colorful shorts kept the gray skies away and the vibrant color ensured she made a bold sartorial statement. A dash of playful hot pink on her wrist also brightened her outfit. A simple form-fitting cotton black top was the perfect complement to the shorts. Too many layers or a less breathable fabric would have made for an uncomfortable and heavy ensemble.

Vividly colored shorts run the gamut from chic and tailored like this Fashionista’s, to relaxed and grungy like the Sailor Short from Urban Outfitters. Another summer fan favorite is a printed short. Featuring both bold colors and patterns, these shorts will effectively contrast the cloudy weather. For a summery and fun print, turn to the queen of color herself, Lilly Pulitzer. The Callahan Short has a classic fit and comes in eight punchy, beachy patterns that will make you feel as if you are on vacation even if you are walking through a sodden campus.

Accessorize with a sturdy pair of ankle boots and a metallic belt. The rough look of the boots will pull double duty, allowing you to splash through puddles while toning down the sweet look of a tailored pair of chinos. When the rain finally gets the Facebook message and goes away, swap out the boots for a pair of gladiator sandals.


During the summer, stylish aspirations can dwindle. The oppressive heat, a more active lifestyle and just an overall more relaxed attitude cause many people to opt for comfort over style. However, I’m of the “Have my cake and eat it too” camp. While layering and certain fabrics are out of the question, a few pieces like a breezy maxi dress or this Fashionista’s high-waist shorts deliver a reprieve from the heat while remaining true to your stylish roots.

This Fashionista kept her outfit simple and relaxed as she headed to campus with a soft, gray T-shirt and a pair of distressed high-waist denim shorts. This casual look is perfect for a long, summer day on campus or running errands as the breathable nature of the cotton fabrics will ensure that you don’t overheat. To add a bit of a glitzy edge to her ensemble, this Fashionista opted for small touches of gold. Delicately layered gold charm necklaces, gold sandals and a bold, metallic bag large enough for all of the day’s essentials contributes a subtle sense of glamour.

The high-waist silhouette of the shorts automatically polishes the look, whether the shorts are slightly distressed and grungy or feminine and floral. For a pair similar to this Fashionista’s, Urban Outfitters has a wide selection of high-waist denim cut-offs — bonus points if they are acid-washed or colored denim. Complete the look with a basic T-shirt in your favorite color and a few dainty, metallic accessories. For a summer night out on the town, trade in the denim for a fierce pair of high-waist leopard print shorts.

With a vast range of high-waist styles, from sporty to elegant, this effortless look should be your summer go-to trend.


Every morning we wake up and face our closets, contemplating what to wear and what we want to say about ourselves. Do we go for the grungy cut-offs to say “I’m feeling laid back today” or a chic blazer to say “I am a powerful person; take me seriously”? There’s a reason why bold accessories and clothes are called statement pieces. They send loud and clear messages about who we are and even how we are feeling on a particular day.

This Fashionista’s gutsy choice of pants conveyed a fearless vibe and made quite the sartorial statement. Paired with a simple, but sassy T-shirt and metallic sandals, these pants take center stage. With such an intricately and boldly patterned pieces, it’s important to keep other aspects of the outfit low-key and simple. However, if you want to add even more panache to your getup, opt for a daring silhouette like a peplum top or edgy details like a spiked bracelet or chunky heels.

To get this Fashionista’s look, begin with a pair of pants sporting your favorite pattern. From bright, summery florals to ladylike polka-dots, brands across the board are offering a plethora of print options. For those a bit hesitant to fully embrace this trned, try a demurely patterned pair like these lounge pants from Urban Outfitters. The pattern blends in with the background, adding only a subtle note of pizzazz. Patterned shorts are also a great option for those long, hot summer days.

Complete the ensemble with a neutral top, strappy sandals and a small bag. Experiment with patterns and vibrant prints to make a statement with your wardrobe this summer.



In an ideal world, I would be typing this post from the beaches of Mexico, sipping a frozen, fruity drink and listening to the waves roll in. Unfortunately, I am not living in that world and I will be spending my summer in Athens, Georgia (a great place, but it’s severely lacking a beach). This Fashionista, however, didn’t let location prevent her from wearing a festive ensemble and looking beach-ready.

Aztec prints have been having their moment for a while now, but the trend is still going strong. With strong geometric shapes, bold black outlines and usually a plethora of vibrant colors, this print works as a great statement piece. This Fashionista opted for a Aztec print bedecked maxi skirt. The simple cut of the skirt emitted a relaxed vibe and kept the pattern from overwhelming the outfit.

Generally, with a pattern this busy, most Fashionistas tend to keep other outfit components simple. This daring Fashionista, however, added another dose of print with an equally colorful Aztec printed tote. With similar color schemes, the skirt and bag complement one another and make an even greater visual impact. For a smaller dose of this trend, try a pair of simple pair of shorts with a subdued Aztec print or denim cutoffs with Aztec patchwork.

Balancing the multitude of prints, she chose a simple, white tank top, which lets the printed maxi and bold tote take center stage. With such vivid colors and unique shapes, it is best to pair Aztec prints with basic, neutral pieces like a loose-fitting white T-shirt for a bright, beachy look a la this Fashionista. Or choose a black top to accentuate the black lines of the skirt and slightly tone down the print. I stress the word slightly because this print will not be tamed so easily (no Miley Cyrus pun intended here). Her jewelry, likewise, is effortless with just a light silver touch on the wrist and neck.

If you’re lucky enough to celebrate the summer on a tropical beach, make sure to pack Aztec prints for an easy and fun seaside look. If travel plans look bleak and you’re remaining landlocked, bring the beaches of Mexico to you with a fabulous printed maxi (and the frozen drink of your choice).


As Fashionistas/os, every morning we face our closets with determination, mentally concocting the perfect outfit that will turn heads and convey your personality and style to the world. However, it is often tempting to stay within a sartorial comfort zone and simply reach for the tried and tested jeans and favorite shirt. Do yourself a favor, and don’t. Take a chance and opt for a statement piece like this Fashionista’s vibrant red pants.

With a relaxed fit and a cropped hem, this lightweight pair of pants is perfect for a breezy summer day. This Fashionista admitted that she initially wasn’t sure about her outfit choice, thinking that the color may be too bold for a casual Friday. Her decision to wear them anyway was a smart one as the daring color adds a jolt of personality that would be lacking had she chosen a pair of jeans or a neutral colored pant. Balancing the intense color, she opted for neutral accessories like a nude pair of flats and a brown leather messenger bag. Her pale blue button-down features a subtle pattern of thin, vertical stripes that simultaneously elongates the torso and draws even more attention to the bright pants.

If you are unsure about your style choices, take a cue from this Fashionista. Mellow a vividly hued pant like this J.Crew capri pant with a softly colored top. For those daring, fashionable souls, go for a top in a complementary color or patterned blouse. Choosing a pattern with a similar color scheme as the pants will make the outfit cohesive. Complete the outfit with a nude-colored flat and little to no accessories.

Take a few risks with your style this summer and flaunt pieces you may be unsure about. The many compliments you will undoubtedly receive will be worth the risk.