This will be my last hello to all of you Fashionistas and Fashionistos. This thought initially made me extremely sad — and it still kind of does, but then I realized that I get to continue writing the STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK column for the University of Georgia for the next three months. So that’s a silver lining to the whole growing up and graduating situation I currently find myself facing. Working with CollegeFashionista and documenting the awesome style of UGA students has been an amazing experience and I’m not looking forward to it ending.

Photographing street style (or style stalking, as I jokingly refer to it) has inexpressibly influenced my perception of fashion and, by extension, my personal style. While I worship the fashionable pages of Vogue, ELLE and Nylon as much as the next Style Guru, I have developed a deep appreciation of the subtle nuances of personal style even more during the course of my internship with CollegeFashionista. Style at UGA runs the gamut from hipster-cool to polished-chic. I examine this broad spectrum of fashion every week so it’s no surprise that it has affected my own style.

I have a difficult time pinning down my style with any one particular descriptor. I always have and probably always will because I love combining different pieces together to create a unique, unexpected outfit. As a child, my grandmother helped me sew some of my own outfits — the most memorable two being a black-and-white checkered mod dress and a green velvet gown Scarlett O’Hara would have been jealous of. (Disclaimer: The latter was a costume, I swear.) Now, I love to incorporate vintage pieces and redesign some of my clothes. This way, I have unique, meaningful clothing that no one else will have, creating my own eclectic, personal style.

My typical summer uniform usually consists of a maxi dress and sandals. Depending on my schedule for the day, I may top off the dress with a chambray button-down to make the dress more office appropriate as I spend my afternoons working in public relations for the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government. Between my internships as a Style Guru and Editorial Intern with CollegeFashionista, my work at City Hall, class and attempting to maintain a social life, I always look for pieces that can work double (or triple and quadruple) duty. This maxi dress and chambray shirt combo is always a great solution for me.

For more style advice, stay tuned this summer! I look forward to bringing you the best of the Athens, Georgia fashion scene.


As a student and lifelong fan of the University of Georgia, I learned at an early age that red and black is the ultimate color combination. Combinations like purple and yellow and blue and orange (both colors of fellow SEC schools and rivals) were taboo because, in the SEC, school spirit is everything. But when it comes to style, nothing is off limits — especially complementary colors. Complementary colors are colors that oppose one another on the color wheel; so for example, red and green, yellow and purple and blue and orange.

This Fashionisto made a simple outfit extraordinary with a complementary color combination that stood out on a dreary, rainy day. As the colors are exact opposites, pairing them together makes each hue seem more intense. When coupling two opposing colors, choose a darker shade of one of the colors in order to prevent clashing. This Fashionisto opted for a mustard yellow cardigan, which offsets the purple checked button-down much better than a sunshine yellow would have. He kept the rest of his outfit simple and understated with dark wash jeans and a pair of Clarks Desert Boots, perfectly balancing the bright tops.

Recreate this outfit with any complementary color combination. For a vibrant look similar to this Fashionisto’s, choose a deep, regal purple and dark yellow. For a toned-down, yet still striking option, layer an orange button-down with a lightweight, navy jacket. Follow this Fashionisto’s example, and find one piece that is patterned like this purple houndstooth button-down or this orange palm tree bedecked top to provide details and break up the monotony of two solid colors.

Take a risk and try out new color combinations. While I will always love my school’s colors, these complementary hues will definitely be in my closet rotation this spring.


Finals are winding down for most of us, and our thoughts are beginning to turn to summer vacation — or at least mine are. The thought of finally being able to relax is powering me through the last few papers and portfolios. While I’ll take a pedicure or simply a nap on the couch at this point, my primary daydream involves a tropical island breeze, a wide expanse of blinding white sand, crashing waves and a pleasantly blistering sun. The thought of escaping academia for this tropical paradise has crossed my mind many times over the past week. So it’s no wonder that this Fashionista immediately caught my attention with her bold Prabal Gurung tropical print.

This Prabal Gurung for Target Dress features the First Date print, an almost abstract compilation of bold colors and large flowers. Black panels streamline the dress and emphasize the bright print. Her black sandals, also Prabal Gurung for Target, are the perfect complement to any sartorial situation, whether you are trekking to the library or dancing across a beach.

This Fashionista roughs the dress up a bit with a vintage denim jacket that belonged to her mom in the ‘90s, giving the girly dress a grungy vibe perfectly in tune with the finals atmosphere on campus. A black blazer would add a professional edge for any final presentations.

If you’re lucky, you can catch this exact dress on sale on Target’s website, as the line is no longer in most stores. If you missed the epic collaboration between Prabal Gurung and Target, then there are still several options that will infuse a dash of tropical splendor in your last few days on campus. Another fashion collaboration I’ve had my eye on is the Man Repeller and PJK. The pieces are youthful, fun and just everything you should expect from Leandra Medine. The Just Saying Dress features large green fronds and bright pink hibiscus flowers. Wearing this dress would be the next best thing to actually being in a tropical paradise. For a more budget-friendly option, Forever 21 has several tropical options with my favorite being this palm tree adorned maxi dress.

The light at the end of the tunnel after finals may not be a light at all, but a glimpse of an amazing sunset on a warm beach. Be prepared for summer vacation with a vibrant tropical print.


Everyone loves a classic. Black and white sitcoms such as I Love Lucy and The Andy Griffith Show still garner a large television audience through their many reruns, and old movies like Casablanca, The Bicycle Thief and Sunset Boulevard never go out of style. There’s a reason why these black and white masterpieces have staying power; they combine drama, sophistication and glamour in a visual and theatrical collaboration that never fails to thrill. The sartorial combination of a deep onyx and blinding white similarly creates this aura of refinement and brilliance.

Spring 2013 runways cemented the eye-catching union of black and white as a top trend for this season. Ranging from bold and graphic like this lightweight spring coat to soft and ladylike like this Fashionista’s top, this trend can be acclimated to any Fashionista/o’s wardrobe — whether your go-to style is rocker punk or understated chic. The combination of these two neutrals is anything but neutral. The starkly contrasting hues create a vibrant look with no need for pops of color; unless you want to be even bolder with a daring swipe of red lipstick.

This Fashionista constructed her ensemble with a black and white patterned top and high-waisted black pants. Perfectly composed for an afternoon of networking, her two-toned outfit emits a polished, yet trendy and fun impression. For a fashionable take on business casual, follow this Fashionista’s example and opt for a black and white patterned blouse with a pair of high-waisted skinnies. Or create your own stylish interpretation of this trend with a solid white top to make the contrast even more pronounced. Either way this classic color duo will leave a lasting impression.


Throughout history, writers have given us couples that do not seemingly work well, but by the conclusion of the play or book you are compelled to rethink your philosophy of love and romance. Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde, and Elizabeth and Darcy are couples who despite their many problems have withstood the test of time as quintessential examples of true love. The obstacles faced by these lovers — whether warring families or social expectations — make the couples that much [better] as illustrations of love and encourages reconsideration of romance. The same goes for fashion.

Seeing an outfit composed of pieces that technically should not go together (should being a relative term) always makes me stop and reconsider my definition of fashion just as these couples have changed my outlook on love, for better or worse. There is something about clashing pieces that feels so right, it can’t be wrong. This Fashionista proves my theory of contrasting patterns. Her multi-printed dress boasts a floral skirt and a polka-dot strewn top. These two opposing patterns are tied together with a background of black that allows the pastel flowers to pop. To further mesh the two designs, she opts for a structured denim jacket, which adds texture and remains neutral.

Continuing to be a study in contrast, her edgy black combat boots are topped off with neon laces and a sweet pink heart brooch decorates her jacket lapel. These little details boost the ensemble past a simple sundress and jacket combo and create a getup that is eye-catching and thought-provoking. Mixing patterns and incongruous wardrobe pieces creates endless possibilities.

To get this Fashionista’s look, pair a mixed patterned dress with a classic denim jacket. It is such an easy outfit concept that can be rendered in many different ways, allowing you to showcase your personality and style. Add various accessories to ramp up the contrast, letting the details range the gamut — from sweet like these heart stud earrings and a flower crown to daring like these combat boots and a spiked bracelet.

If this outfit is anything to go by, I think it’s true what they say: opposites attract.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Black Velvet If You Please

As a fabric, velvet is luxurious and decadent. Any piece of clothing constructed out of this lush material has an air of lovely excess that is on par with some of my other favorite indulgences — namely, chocolate and a great pedicure. In the 1990s, amidst the massive wave of grungy plaids and denim cut-offs, velvet also had its moment, lending a dash of glamour to the generally scruffy decade. Princess Diana herself favored the elegance of velvet and her many ball gowns of the material are prime examples of the power exuded from a swath of velvet.

Obviously, ball gowns aren’t suitable for campus and the bulky, oversized cuts favored in the ‘90s make the fabric seem dated. To pull velvet into the 21st century, opt for a modern silhouette like this Fashionista. Her skinny emerald leggings give velvet a contemporary twist that refreshes the material. An abstractly printed and cropped top pairs nicely with the rich color of the leggings while a loose denim jacket effectively balances out the tight cut of the pants and pulls the outfit together. Keeping the accessories simple with a denim jacket and classic pair of loafers prevents the outfit from becoming overwhelming and keeps the focus on the vibrant and plush leggings.

Wearing leggings, especially ones as vivid as this Fashionista’s pair, is all about balance. Follow her example and choose jewel tones like a midnight blue velvet from ROMWE or a burgundy pair of cutout garter velvet leggings. The cutouts coupled with an attached garter add extreme edge to the leggings. A loose button-down or a top and jacket combo is your best bet to counterbalance the skinny fit of the leggings.

Embrace your ‘90s self (again) by putting your own take on a pair of wild velvet leggings. This Fashionista demonstrates that just a few simple pieces can tame this crazy trend.


Most Fashionistas, including myself, often look to classic movies and glamorous Hollywood darlings as fashion inspiration. In my book, one fashionable actress stands above the rest — Audrey Hepburn. The classic silhouettes, memorable dresses and easy accessories she favored on and off the camera have ensured her status as a fashion icon for decades. One of my favorite cinematic moments is the desperate search for Cat at the end of Breakfast at Tiffany’s that results in a wonderfully romantic scene with George Peppard. Stumbling through New York, in the rain no less, Audrey Hepburn looks impeccable in a belted Burberry trench coat.

Similarly, this Fashionista conveyed an air of effortless chicness as she strode through campus on her way to class. Her belted trench coat took center stage, allowing just a peek of a striped dress. To rev up the style of the neutral, knee-length coat, she opted for bold accessories in the form of a pair of striking tangerine platform heels, floral-rimmed sunglasses and a sturdy leather backpack. Combining multiple textures adds dimension to the lightweight coat.

To emulate this Fashionista’s look, simply pair a neutral trench coat with your choice of statement accessories. I would opt for a pair of heeled booties, a large tote and a pair of circle shades. Because a trench coat typically ends just below the knee, the cut can be unflattering. Pairing heels with this look will elongate the legs and prevent the coat from looking unattractive.

If you prefer to make a louder statement with your outerwear, there are several options that will amaze. Burberry Prorsum’s metallic trench coats are not for the timid as their reflective colors will undoubtedly draw attention. The Valentino Studded PVC Trenchcoat has a high price point, but if there was ever a reason to splurge, this is it. Its clear PVC protects against the elements and shows off your outfit unlike an opaque coat while the studded trim adds a fearless edge to this classic silhouette. With these styles, keep the accessories minimal as the coat speaks for itself.

I can’t promise an iconic moment in the rain, but a trench coat will definitely add a bit of glamour to your outfit and possibly your day.


The southern states are known for being warm escapes from the blizzards the northern regions fight on a regular basis each winter. And for a while, this taken for granted pattern held true. (Breaking out my sandals, dresses and sleeveless tops during Spring Break was bliss.) However, Georgia is suffering along with everyone else lately. Now officially in the spring season, I didn’t expect to have to pull my peacoats from the depths of my closet so soon – or see threats of snow in March. But, I digress.

The oscillating weather forces Fashionistas to get creative, incorporating winter stapes in their wardrobe when they would rather just wear maxi dresses and sandals. When I came across this Fashionista, she was pleasantly surprised and stated that she didn’t put too much effort into her outfit, proving that keeping it simple can still make a huge impact. Her almost monotone outfit consisting of a mid-length navy peacoat and dark wash denim jeans creates a casual-chic collegiate look. A pop of a white collar beneath her coat adds visual interest and brightens her face and outfit on what was a dreary day.

The unifying element (and my favorite of her ensemble) is her leather loafer and sock combo. Combining both fashion and function, the loafers and socks provide texture and warmth. While the temperatures dip below freezing, pair your loafers with coordinating socks like this Fashionista, but once sunny days arrive, shed the socks and layers and opt for a sweet floral sundress or keep the cropped pants but add a relaxed tank.

With the ability to effortlessly blend with a casual or dressy look, loafers are a wonderful transitional shoe. Featuring bold colors, tassels, prints or studs, everyone can find a style that fits their personality. These ASOS velvet loafers are the perfect mixture of decadence and comfort while the kate spade new york ‘cabara’ loafer features a shape and tassels similar to the Fashionista’s traditional pair. Last, but not least, Gucci celebrates the sixtieth anniversary of its iconic horsebit loafer this year. So, if you’re willing to splurge, pick one of the brightly colored or patterned renditions of the classic footwear. This timeless shoe will undoubtedly become a favorite.


With spring upon us, it’s just a natural instinct now to reach for the pastels and florals when you’re getting ready for the day. After months of donning layer after layer of black and other dark neutrals, University of Georgia Fashionistas are beginning to embrace brights once again. The biting wind and slightly chilly temps, however, require us to craft a delicate balance between breezy florals and practical layers.

This Fashionista hit all the right notes with her A-line, flower-embellished skirt and wispy layers. A lightweight navy parka, cream scarf and gray cropped, waffle sweater pick up the neutral tones of her colorful skirt. This is an outfit for the transition into warmer weather, so Liz opted for a bright teal bag purchased at a local boutique, fittingly named Teal Couture. This vivid pop of color balances the dark neutrals and draws attention to the similar teal hue splashed across her skirt. Toning down the sweetness of the small floral print, her otherwise ladylike bag features aggressive hardware in the form of large studs and exposed zippers.

Until warm weather is here to stay, mix fun florals with your wintry pieces for a seamless transition into a new season. This peplum top from NASTY GAL sports a bold floral print and would pair wonderfully with black high-waisted skinnies. For a less conspicuous dash of brightness, opt for this floral backpack. The leather trim and black background will balance out the vibrant print. As the temperatures slowly begin to rise, shed those layers for a sleeveless floral top or a floral sundress. Florals for spring may not be groundbreaking (sorry, Miranda Priestly) but they are definitely a hallmark of the season!


As a lover of fashion and shopping in general, I strongly identify with Isla Fisher’s character in the 2009 romantic comedy Confessions of a Shopaholic. It is definitely hard to say no to those fierce ankle booties, a sparkling statement necklace or a fantastic sale. I draw the line at massive amounts of credit card debt, though. One of Isla Fisher’s trademark pieces in the movie was a breezy, green scarf, earning her the not-so-creative, but memorable epithet of “Girl with the Green Scarf.” This Fashionista’s vivid green scarf certainly ensured that she stood out from the crowd on campus as well.

The rest of her outfit was equally exceptional. Pantone chose emerald as 2013’s color of the year and Sarah incorporated the color into her outfit, flawlessly balancing darker winter colors with brighter pieces. Black combat boots and a chain-adorned black bag anchored the lighter pieces, making them more appropriate for the cool, windy weather of early spring.

Sarah’s emerald skinnies are from Red Dress Boutique, a local and online store filled with feminine pieces that are perfect for spring. The rest of her pieces are from a plethora of places, carefully collected and assembled to complement one another.  The combination of high and low-end pieces create a casually upscale outfit that doesn’t try too hard. Sarah says she prefers to mix and match pieces from different places to create her own style.

While it is nearly impossible to capture the feeling of someone else’s style, Sarah did dish on some of her pieces so that you can recreate this standout look. Begin with a classic striped tee and white blazer to contrast the deep green pants. Her bag is a lucky find from TJMaxx, but kate spade new york has a similar tote, complete with chained straps and a signature bow. Complete the look with a few key accessories: a chunky, yet elegant statement necklace from LOFT, a Michael Kors watch and Ray-ban aviators.

Emerald was chosen as the color of the year for a reason; it adds a sense of youth and vivacity to any outfit. Play around with different shades of the green hue and even mix them as this Fashionista does. Your classmates will be green with envy (sorry, I had to).