Ever since Yves Saint Laurent dared to dress women in tuxedoes, women's clothing inspired by menswear has become a dominant style of dressing. The most intriguing outfits often balance on the fine line between what is truly masculine and feminine. This Fashionista shows exactly how to achieve that balance with a smart and strong look.

The essence of her outfit is easily shown in her beauty elements. A slicked back hairdo is severe and tough, but mixed with a red lip and dangling crystal earrings it becomes a bold and powerful feminine look. Wearing red lipstick during the day has never been on my “do not” list, and I love that this Fashionista feels the same way. To look the most daytime appropriate with lipstick, opt for a lighter or brighter hue and save deep reds for the evening. As for earrings, search online for unique handmade pieces! I recently came across some beautiful handmade pieces like these on Etsy that definitely save on the price tag!

Moving on to the rest of the ensemble, it's not hard to imagine this look came straight from the closet of Rihanna, or another tough femme musician. A well-structured black leather jacket is a great investment piece to last through many seasons to come. I love that this jacket has strong shoulders and wide lapels, making it even tougher in silhouette. Underneath the jacket, be sure to pair it off with a delicate or classic top. This classic blouse keeps the look tailored and sharp, but also doesn't go over-the-top making her jacket look like a costume. To further push the look, try getting a mens jacket, like these from ASOS. While this look can be worn with plain basic pants, why not take a note from this Fashionista and push the rocker look? These leopard-print pants instantly bring a cool aspect to the outfit, and the slim fit gives good proportion the jacket up top. To emphasize a feminine look, especially during this coming season, get your hands on a pair of floral pants! Some of my favorite printed pants are from Forever 21 and ASOS.

To finish off the entire look, pick a shoe that truly ties the look together. Whether it's a manly oxford, or a strappy feminine wedge, the results of this look are daring and simply chic for the day!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Monochromatic And Metallic

Although “monochromatic and metallic” may sound like a mouthful, it is a very simple look to achieve. This Fashionista embodies the perfect daytime style for anyone in Savannah year round.

For starters, a flattering maxi dress is an easy wardrobe essential. Maxi dresses take very minimal effort to style, as there is no fussing with matching tops and bottoms! Maxi dresses are perfect for day-to-night wear, and can be worn modestly (while still looking incredibly chic). This Fashionista's teal pick has a flattering fold over top, and a thick strap that works well for many body types. A great rule of thumb for maxi dresses is to make sure the length of the dress just skims the floor when worn with shoes. Any shorter or longer and the dress length can become awkward. If your dress is too long, or you have to hop over puddles, knotting the fabric in the front has quickly become a solution and trend. My favorite maxi this season is this Mara Hoffman for Free People dress, which falls mid-calf, or this ASOS asymmetrical number.

As for accessorizing, I love that this Fashionista stuck to monochromatic shades. Choosing jewelry in similar hues, or even matching (without being too matchy-matchy) is always a great way to make your outfit look cohesive. As for the bag and sandals, metallic is the way to go. A splash of gold or silver adds a futuristic and fashion-forward edge to any outfit. To replicate her look, choose one of Michael Kors' metallic monogram satchels and a great pair of strappy metallic sandals.


When I spotted this Fashionista, I was quickly drawn to her chic, pulled back braid and casual appearance. And that's when it hit me…this looks like something Katniss Everdeen would wear! (For those who missed the reference, I highly suggest picking up a copy of The Hunger Games!) Known in the novel for her signature braided locks, this look is becoming more and more popular for girls everywhere. A loose, quick braid worn across the head, like a crown, is a very effective way of pulling back whispy pieces. This braided crown look also makes a ponytail infinitely more glamorous. For more formal occassions, try updating your hair into this  braided ponytail version.

To get the rest of this laid back and effortless look, stick to the basics. A pair of wide leg linen trousers is a great investment for many summers, because they can be worn in almost any circumstance. Not only this, linen pants are extremely breathable, making them ideal for students here in Savannah's heat.

To top off a classic pair of pants, a beautiful blouse is essential. Denim and chambray shirts for summer have a great Americana vibe to them, and look great with anything from shorts, to skirts, and can even be dressed up for a summer job. Zara and ASOS are the places to go for classic pieces and new trends, such as this Fashionista's peter pan collar.

Finally, take one last queue from Katniss and put a little hint of red lipstick into your ensemble. After all, a good story always needs a fashionable heroine!



When searching for Savannah’s most stylish students to feature, it’s no surprise that I would run into Sarah Humphries, a former Style Guru! Sarah’s unique sense of fashion is exactly what makes being at an art school the perfect platform for new trends.

Sarah’s crochet dress is a great summer piece for a Fashionista who isn’t into pastels and florals. While lightweight, it is also perfect for layering throughout the year and can be worn from day to night, or even as a beach cover-up. By layering it with a bra and skirt she takes an evening, sexy look and makes it edgy and daytime appropriate. To get this look, opt for a lightweight crochet or sheer blouse, and then layer it with a pretty piece of lingerie. To stay on trend, try something bright and neon or dainty and floral. For unique knits and do-it-yourself kits, I highly suggest the trendy knitwear from Wool and the Gang.

Another great way to make your summer wardrobe slightly more edgy is with a new, bold hair color. This Fashionista's light pink hair instantly adds a cool factor to any outfit, but is still very sophisticated. Mixed with her dark lipstick and heavy footwear, it is a great light accent to her whole overall look. For Fashionistas who aren't ready to dye so boldly, a few colored highlights are the perfect way to go. More and more, celebrities and style icons are highlighting the under layers of hair with bold purples, blues, and pinks. Look to Katy Perry's ever-changing and chic hairstyles for color inspiration that is always bold and beautiful!

This summer, don't be afraid to keep an edge to your look. Getting dressed for the heat doesn't have to mean sacrificing your favorite pieces. Try lightweight layers and lingerie for daytime wear, and spice up your hair with some color!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Art of Casual Dressing

College students everywhere, myself included, often fall into the habit of throwing on clothing and running out the door. Unfortunately, this typically ends up in a sad display of oversized sweatpants and flip flops, a Fashionista’s nightmare!

This Fashionisto shows, however, that there is an art to dressing casually. I instantly spotted his smart analogous color scheme while crossing the street and was drawn to how great the mixing and matching worked together. Sticking to similar colors in different shades, this look has a great variety that still retains its comfort. For the Fashionistos out there wanting to replicate this look, Topman offers a great variety of bold shorts and unique pieces. Ladies, don’t let the guys have all the fun! Try out these matching shorts from J.Crew.

When mixing bold colors, remember to keep it simple in design. A plain, solid T-shirt in a saturated color is the perfect accent to keep the look unified.

To top off the color palette, try a loose jersey scarf like these from American Apparel. Jersey scarves are incredibly comfortable, and make a T-shirt look instantly fashionable. If you are feeling crafty, make one of these great scarf options to spice up your look!

Finally, throw the rest of your look together with some simple headwear. For the sports lovers or trendy Fashionistos out there, baseball caps are the perfect option. For the Fashionistas, a head wrap or scarf is the perfect way to tie hair up quickly and still look put together.

Mix and match saturated colors to revamp your basics. It will take your “just rolled out of bed” look and make it completely fashionable.


This spring's most popular colors look just like the flavors at an ice cream shop! Pastels in shades of mint, coral and lilac are popping up everywhere and have taken over the market for this season.

This Fashionista is right on trend in a sheer mint blouse. Mint is a great color trend to incorporate into an existing wardrobe without having to invest a fortune. It pairs well with white, denim and other saturated colors, making it easy to mix and match. With a new popular demand, more and more pieces are becoming available at different price points. Whether you want to splurge on Tibi, or save with ASOS , be sure to try out this great new shade. If you can't get enough mint, try a clutch, nail polish (essie's Mint Candy Apple is a personal favorite), or small minty accessories.

This Fashionista's outfit has a certain laid-back chic that is ideal for summer. Her linen shorts are a great piece to own, as they are breathable enough for hot days, and classic enough to last for years! Mixed with some key jet-set accessories, this look is ready for summer vacation!

Her Louis Vuitton Speedy is the ideal bag for the girl-on-the-go. As far as bag investments go, this is a great purchase as it can be dressed up or down and carried for a lifetime.  For those looking for a great budget-friendly alternative, this Forever 21 satchel fits the bill.

Finally, nothing says summer quite like a chic straw hat. Wide brim hats and fedoras are my two favorite choices for sunny day accessorizing. They are effortlessly chic, and can be found for very low prices. Target offers a great range of straw hats and minty pieces, so you can pick up all of your summer essentials in one stop!

Take on the challenge of introducing a new color into your wardrobe this week. It is a great way to get more adventurous and inch towards your summer vacation!


For many, the arrival of spring and summer mean one thing, music festivals. The popularity of outdoor music festivals is nothing new, but has heavily influenced a subculture of dress and lifestyle. This Fashionista shows a perfect summer concert look that is also great for class.

There are two key accessories to this look that instantly give her a “rock star” look, her Ray-Ban sunglasses and Converse sneakers. These two staples have become a Fashionista's best friend for classic and casual cool for many years. To update the look, try a new style of Converse! I personally love these white low-tops with added embellishments.

As for the rest of her ensemble, she kept the look simple by pairing bold black and white. High waist shorts give a retro and trendy appearance that goes well with her classic accessories. ModCloth is a great place to shop for vintage inspired shorts, as well as cute short rompers.

To finish off the look, she wears long beaded earrings and flowing mess-free hair, giving her an easy-going overall appearance. The key to rock star dressing is not looking overly primped and polished, but slightly (intentionally) messy. For long hair, try a loose long braid, or secure natural locks with just a touch of product.

Everyday can take main stage with a few tips from this Fashionista's star outfit.


It's that time of year when you're itching to break out your summer clothing, but still need to dress for breezy days. This Fashionista shows exactly how to transition from spring to summer with bold pants and neutrals. Bright colors are most commonly reserved for summer, so these pants are a great way to start off the warm weather season, even when it is still chilly. Bold patterns are one of my favorite trends right now, especially when mixed. Take queues from these Diane von Furstenberg pants and go for punchy patterns.

Another great way to get this look is with a quick do-it-yourself project! Take a pair of plain linen pants and a foam stamp or stencil. Using fabric paint, alternate stamping the pattern all over with bright colors. If you're a girl who can't get enough of summer prints, Lilly Pulitzer is an absolute must for quirky and original prints!

Pulling off prints can seem overwhelming, so when in doubt, always go for neutrals. This Fashionista's chic white bow top is just as playful as her pants, without the bold color. A nude pair of shoes and bag are any Fashionista's essentials, but especially for summer dressing.

Finally, top off your summer looks with the best accessory, sunglasses. Sunglasses are so important for daily wear and make a great statement. I love these printed Forever 21 Wayfarers to complete the whole look.

Play around with bold prints, and enjoy the warm season ahead!


Ever since country stars like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood took the stage in boots and chic dresses, girls can't seem to get enough of the look. This Fashionista was no exception, looking ready to rock out in her off the shoulder dress and boots!

This look is perfect for the weekend and a day out on the town. Try pairing the boots with a lightweight printed dress for day; floral printed sundresses are always right for summer. Also, tribal prints are popping up everywhere and can look perfectly country.

For the lower half, invest in a perfect pair of boots. Buying quality leather boots is a great investment because you can wear them in almost every season, and they will rarely go out of style. Frye is a personal favorite, for looks, comfort and quality.

To accessorize this look, only a few extra pieces are needed. Pile up the bracelets, like this Fashionista's bangles. Replicate some of the newest trends in runway jewelry with unique thrift store finds. A mix of found vintage and designer jewelry always makes an outfit look one-of-a-kind!

Finally, take queues from your favorite country star's wavy hairstyle! Easy going curls and waves seem to be the biggest hit for this look. Perhaps it's the easy-going, yet sexy appeal that they give off, but you can't go wrong with some loose waves. If your hair has natural wavy tendencies, try a beach hair spray. A spray will help give a tousled look that is effortlessly beautiful. If your hair needs a little extra help, add a few curls using a wide barrel curling iron. Gently comb through with your fingers to keep curls from looking perfectly placed.

Even if you live in a city, you can get in touch with your inner country girl this season. Rock out in boots and a sundress, and let your inner star out!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Life in Technicolor

Color, color, color! It keeps popping up in new ways and making a beautiful, bold statement. This Fashionista has a clear talent for mixing color and accessorizing.

Let's start with the pants. Red pants have consistently been one of the biggest trends here on campus, so I was excited to see how she translated this trend into a bold tailored pant. Cropped pants are not only comfortable for spring weather, but also incredibly flattering when paired with flats. ASOS features a great variety of bold and statement trousers that can be worn from spring break into the new semester. With the boldness of the pants, her delicate flats are a perfect companion. Opt for a slim shoe in a neutral color to keep the look sophisticated. J.Crew consistently offers some of the cutest ballet flats, or go for a signature Tory Burch Reva flat.

To top off the whole color palette, this Fashionista gets bolder with a graphic striped scarf. I love that she isn't afraid of mixing a wide range of saturated colors. To achieve this look, avoid wearing too many distracting patterns along with bright colors. By mixing a print with two bold solids, it keeps the outfit from being too over-the-top. A great way to change up an outfit is to have an attention-getting piece like this that can be worn over and over in new ways. For inspiration, I look to all these bright neon pieces from NET-A-PORTER.

Finally, some classic accessories tie the whole look back together. A Fashionista's best friends are the items that can be worn forever and never go out of style. For this Fashionista, her neutral Tory Burch bag and David Yurman bangles can be worn with absolutely any outfit, and keep her looking polished throughout the spring break!