The Must-Have Summer Item That Will Have You Baring It All

Okay, maybe not baring it all, but just enough. Are you like me and need a super easy spring and summer style to help you pull off your cute jeans, skirts, or favorite heels?

The ultra trendy off-the-shoulder silhouette is flying off the racks at all of your favorite retailers everywhere. If you are like and enjoy people watching, one of the many popular looks I am sure you have seen is the super cute and flirty off-the-shoulder silhouettes.

It is the hottest look that has been incorporated into everything from blouses, dresses, rompers, bridal, and even swimwear. The variations of this sexy and sophisticated look are virtually endless.

Many Fashionistas turn to this option as a basic or staple for their everyday campus look or for a fun night out in the city. The best feature about this trend is that the majority of women find the silhouette very flattering. Like so many, Fashionistas have problem areas, too! With this trendy design, you can keep the focus of the eyes toward your face and shoulders and away from lower body problem areas especially if that is something you struggle with.

As seen on the runway, the off-the-shoulder trend can range from high fashion to street style simply by the way the look is styled.

In these looks, you see the effortless Fashionista on campus rocking her American Eagle Outfitters bright blue off-the-shoulder blouse, vintage distressed flare denim with a tan floppy hat, a beaded necklace, and chunky bracelets. This particular style she has is one of the many variations to this trend. Notice the off-the-shoulder illusion yet there is still material located in the neckline of the blouse. This is an awesome option for those that love the look but don’t quite want to commit to the full off-the-shoulder trend.

Make sure to head into your local American Eagle Outfitters or H&M so you, too, can bare your shoulders during the hot summer months. You will be no less than a super trendsetter.

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Everyday Summer Beauty Routine

Do you struggle with perfecting your makeup routine?  Does your makeup look great until you walk out the door, and melt as soon as you are in the sun? What about your curls, do they fall as soon as you let off the curling wand? If you or someone you know can relate to these everyday struggles, keep reading to discover a few easy tips to maintain flawless makeup and hair every day. Hair and makeup are an added accessory to any casual or stylish look. The possibilities with beauty are endless, and depending on the lighting you can create a day-to-night makeup and hair look with these easy tips and tricks.


1—Cleanse. Start your look off with a fresh clean face. A clean face before and after makeup is essential to controlling clogged pores and breakouts.

2—Moisturize. Your skin needs moisture to maintain a hydrated, youthful, and glowy appearance. Using a moisturizer also aids in the application of the next step.

3—Prime. Another key to minimal pore clogging is using a makeup primer. A primer creates a smooth even barrier between your makeup and skin. Applying primer assures makeup doesn’t settle into fine lines and large pores.

4—Foundation. The key to a flawless foundation is knowing your skin. The most common skin types are normal, dry, oily, and combination. If you have oily skin, an oil-free makeup is best to use. If you have dry skin, a foundation with added moisture is a great option.

5—Contour. You have probably seen a million Instagram videos of Fashionistas giving tutorials on this technique. To achieve a contoured look, the easiest item to use is a contour stick. This product is usually packaged in a double-sided tube with the lightest color being the highlighter and the darkest being the contour. The key to this technique is highlighting the features that are most flattering to you and contouring those features you want to chisel.

6—Shadows and powder. The choice of eyeshadows are endless, a universal beauty on every skin tone is a bronze or glowy shadow. Sticking to a bronze eyeshadow ensures your look can look great day and night. Using translucent powders is also a must when trying to achieve long-wearing makeup. Powder keeps your makeup smooth and in place.

7—Set. Setting your makeup with a setting spray is essential to keeping your makeup melt-proof.


1—Cleanse. Start your hair routine off with clean hair to eliminate oils and dirt that mask it. If you have no time for washing, a super convenient alternative is a dry shampoo. Much like a hair spray, dry shampoo works best when sprayed at the roots and distributed down.

2—Dry and style. Blow dry on a low setting to protect hair from as much heat damage as possible. Using a heat protectant spray is an added plus to maintaining healthy heat styles as well. After your drying is complete, spray hair with a light hold hair spray prior to curling. Use a 1-inch barrel wand or curling iron to take 1-inch sections of hair around the barrel.

3—Set. Spray hair with your favorite hair spray and you are one step closer to being fabulous all day!

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