The Only 4 Shoes You Need This Summer

It’s summer and it feels like if we’re not working, we’re trying to have as much fun as we can before school starts again. This means brunching, going into nature, attending concerts, and days at the beach. This also means that you’re going to need the perfect pair of shoes for each adventure that you’ll go on. As we all know, good shoes take you to good places. I’m sure we all own a ton of shoes, but I’m going to tell you the four shoes that are absolute must-haves for this summer.

1—Espadrilles. This pair of shoes is non-negotiable! They are the perfect summer shoe for every outfit. That summery dress or pair of linen pants will look amazing with these shoes. They’re super versatile and you can get them into so many different types. You could get wedges if you’re dressing up or mules if you’re dressing down. My pair is from Target’s DV line but you can get a similar pair from KAANAS here.

2—Cute flip flops. This one seems like a no-brainer but you wouldn’t believe the amount of worn out and ugly flip flops I see at the beach. Flip flops are cheap and you can get so many different cute ones. Throw on some vintage shorts and an old T-shirt with them and you’re ready for a great beach day! Mine are from Forever 21 but you can get an even cuter pair from Havaianas here.

3—Worn out Converse. Adventures and concerts are the best in the summer, but they can definitely ruin your shoes. All of that dirt is the worst and can make a cute pair of shoes ugly. That’s why you should have a pair of beaten up shoes for these days! My Converse Chuck Taylors are not clean anymore and that is why they’re perfect for wearing to Lollapalooza or Warped Tour.

4—Embroidered shoes. Embroidered shoes are absolutely my favorite trend of 2017. There are so many different types of shoes to pick from. Personally, my favorite is the embroidered mule because of the extremely popular Gucci shoes. However, not everyone can afford those, which is why we are blessed with similar shoes from Forever 21. These shoes will also step up for your Instagram when you take a photo with a cute floor. What’s not to love about that?

I can’t wait to see how you incorporate these essential shoes into your summer looks. Make sure to show us how this post inspired your outfit and share with us on social media by tagging @Cfashionista!

BEAUTY BAR: Glitter Glow

Personally, I’m not a beauty guru. I don’t even wear makeup. However, I am able to recognize an amazing beauty look when I see one. So, when I saw this Fashionista wearing glitter with her otherwise casual look, I had to find out her tips and tricks for the look.

Glitter was the biggest makeup trend at Coachella this year. However, there are ways to rock this trend without shelling out hundreds of dollars for a music festival. This Fashionista proves that. She incorporates this glitter highlight into an everyday look for any college girl/guy.

I asked this Fashionista all about her process of doing her makeup for this look. First, do your normal face makeup. Second, do a normal highlight. Third, where you normally would do your highlight, use lash or glitter glue to attach the glitter to your skin. Fourth, use cosmetic grade glitter for your eyes and face. This Fashionista does not recommend using glitter from a craft store because it could be painful to remove. It would be okay to use it on your skin but definitely not your eyes. You’re finished and ready to go take on the world with your glitter glow look.

Besides her glitter highlight, this Fashionista has other interesting components of her makeup look. She has an interesting look for her eyes with lighter eyeshadow colors, like matte yellow, shimmer yellow, and a deep matte hot pink color on her lower lash line from the Morphe 35B Palette. Then she mixed in a shimmer pink from the BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette with that pink from the Morphe Palette to create the eye look. For a palette with a wide range of colors, try the Make Up For Ever Artist Palette Volume 3. Finally, she tied it together with a darker shade from Wet N Wild’s MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick. For a similar liquid matte lipstick, try this BareMinerals GEN NUDE. This Fashionista says she purposefully contrasts a darker lip with a lighter eye look when doing her makeup.

In order to let her beauty look be the main focus of her entire outfit, this Fashionista decided to go with a more neutral look. She paired her thrifted skirt with a black cami from Forever 21. Keeping her accessories tame, she went with all black pieces: sunglasses from Francesca’s, a thrifted purse, and hi-top shoes from Forever 21.

One thing is for sure, even with an average cute outfit, this Fashionista manages to stand out with her glitter highlight look. If you’re looking for a new makeup look to spice up your everyday beauty routine, try to add some glitter and rock it with confidence.

STYLE GURU STYLE: But First, Coffee

As a college student, going to cute local coffee shops has become my thing for two reasons. One is out of pure necessity of needing caffeine in me to function. Two is because I can relax and get some work done in a cute and comfortable place.

My schedule is packed tight between work, being a research assistant, keeping up with my New Year’s resolutions (yes, I am one of those people that actually attempt to follow through), volunteering, being treasurer of a club, and somehow trying to fit in sleep and a social life. So, most days, I prefer to dress comfortably but put together so I can be ready to go from one commitment to the next.

For me, while I love to dress up on certain days, I usually pair either jeans or leggings with a T-shirt most days since I ride my bike to school and work, and dressing up just isn’t functional for that.

My style is casual but edgy. So for my featured outfit, I paired my Neck Deep band T-shirt with my favorite customized Levi’s denim jacket. I love this jacket because Florida is really weird in the spring. It can be super chilly in the morning and then hot in the afternoon. So having a jacket to layer with is perfect. Featured on my jacket are all patches and pins that I personally picked out. For example, I have a cup of coffee (what a shock) with the state of Minnesota on it that I got from a Caribou Coffee back home, a pin of the logo of my school, the University of South Florida, and a Tampa Bay Lightning pin. I also have a patch of my Hogwarts house crest, Hufflepuff. I feel that these small touches give my otherwise plain jacket a personal touch and many times they have even been conversation starters.

I paired my top and jacket with a plain black pair of Lululemon leggings and a white pair of low-top Converse. To finish the look, I have my small canvas bag from Baggu, which holds all of my essential items like my water bottle, a pair of headphones, and my Fujifilm Instax camera.

Don’t be afraid to dress down. You can be comfortable and still look cute. Whether you’re heading to your local coffee shop to get work done like me or heading to one of your own personal commitments, I’m sure your inner Fashionista/Fashionisto will shine through whatever you choose to wear.


Denim jackets are now back in style and can be purchased everywhere from H&M to Target, but those who follow punk fashion have been rocking this look forever. This Fashionisto chose to pair his Levi’s jacket with a matching pair of black Levi’s jeans for that denim on denim look. A vintage hardcore band T-shirt from the ’80s peeks out from underneath the jacket and fits perfectly with his vibe. This Fashionisto says that most of his wardrobe consists of band shirts, which makes sense because they are definitely a must-have in anyone’s closet and they are an easy and comfortable choice.

This Fashionisto makes his outfit unique with the accessories that he chose. Starting from the top, his style shines even through his choice of frames. He is wearing a pair of clear framed Warby Parker glasses that make him stand out from the crowd of usual black framed glasses. Next, he pins some buttons on his jacket that he got to support a local band and his friend’s digital zine. Not only are these buttons much more interesting than having nothing on his jacket, they show that he supports things that are important to him. Finally, this Fashionisto’s final touch to his outfit is a pair of worn in Doc Marten boots. These shoes have become very trendy in recent years but are a must have staple for any person that admires punk fashion.

The best part about this Fashionisto’s outfit is that it is completely unisex—any Fashionista that feels inspired by his outfit can rock the same look! All you need is a pair of jeans, a denim jacket, a band T-shirt, and a pair of boots. This look will definitely make you stand out from the everyday campus trends. Don’t forget to add your own details to make this outfit special.

WHAT TO WEAR: Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Winter is here whether we like it or not. While some days are somewhat sunny with temperatures in the 30s and 40s, other days can drop into the negatives. While we may not want to get out of our pj’s and get dressed for class, some of us do get dressed up anyways for the sake of fashion. Having to walk to class in the cold every day can be a drag and may deter some people from dressing cute, but it doesn’t stop this Fashionista from looking her best for class.

Why does this Fashionista choose to dress stylish even when it’s cold outside? She said it’s because it’s easy to dress up a cute sweater and that she feels better and more confident when she looks nice for class. To this Fashionista, the most important part of any outfit is the accessories, which is why she said every college student should have multiple cute winter hats. When it comes to any winter outfit, she says that investing in a versatile and warm winter jacket is a must for all college students living in the colder states.

On this day, this Fashionista chose a fun patterned skirt with black tights and paired it with a warm sweater. To avoid a simple black and white outfit, she chose a vibrant colored jacket to throw over the top, adding some color to her outfit. Finally, this Fashionista chose some basic black boots, her favorite jewelry, a pom hat, and a cute purse to top off the look. This Fashionista says that while she could choose to let the weather stop her from wearing a cute outfit, she chooses to dress up instead. There are so many creative outfits that can be paired with a warm sweater, so there’s absolutely no reason to let the cold weather prevent you from dressing how you want to!


Hey Fashionistas and Fashionistos! This is my first semester with CollegeFashionista which means this is my first STYLE GURU BIO! I’m looking forward to my spring semester as an intern and can’t wait to see what all my fellow Style Gurus come up with for their articles.

My name is Lora Bishop and I am a sophomore at the University of South Florida in the sunny and beautiful Tampa, Florida. I have a major in psychology and minors in economics and leadership. While my career goals aren’t necessarily fashion orientated, I love clothes and creative writing. When at school I love to go explore all of the different coffee shops in the Tampa Bay area, go to the beach, or spend the day pretending I’m a wizard at Universal Studios in Orlando (I’m an annual pass holder). I’m so excited to share the looks of different Fashionistas and Fashionistos from my campus to you all.

My personal style is very casual and I tend to keep it trendy. For example, in my outfit I’m wearing a button-front faux-suede skirt with a black shirt with embroidery. However, I keep my outfit more casual and laid back by pairing in with a pair of black slip-on Vans and a tote bag from American Apparel. To add a final touch to my look, I put on a gold double horn necklace, though most days I completely forget to accessorize with my busy schedule. Normally I wouldn’t wear tights with this look when I’m at school in Florida, but I’m currently at home in Minnesota for winter break, so the tights were a must.

My goal for this next semester is to explore more with my personal style and try new trends that I may not normally think are for me. I’m hoping to gain some inspiration while I’m walking around campus looking for Fashionistas and Fashionistos to shoot for my articles. Let’s make this semester #RAD!