How to Enjoy Summer Explorations in the Windy City

For a student in Minnesota, summer is a long-awaited dream amongst the chilly, never-ending winter, especially when you call another city home. It is officially summer, and I am back in my favorite city that I am lucky to call home, Chicago. What better way to celebrate being back than exploring little uncongested areas where the food is amazing, and there is always time for a photo op.

Chicago is the perfect city for a college student to explore. All you need is a good pair of comfortable shoes, your favorite pair of jeans, a comfy sweater, and the perfect rain jacket in case of unexpected rain, and you are ready to begin! A hidden gem I recommend is the Fulton Market area. Not only is it quieter, being outer city bounds, but the charm it encompasses is a blogger’s dream! Adorable tucked away alleyways with twinkling lights and rustic cafes with soothing music await you in this up-and-coming village.

In need of a study space with a cup of tea or a hearty lunch on china patterned plates? Walk along Randolph Street, and you’ll run into The Allis Soho House. Their dinning space is filled with gorgeous wooden tables and an array of couches for you to lounge in while enjoying a light, but filling meal. Their upstairs bar takes my breath away. Gorgeous chandeliers hang above it, twinkling off the bottles that line the walls. The atmosphere’s aesthetic is the perfect combination of new age determination and old soul love.

After devouring an amazing kale salad and turkey sandwich, I found it only natural to want to treat myself to something sweet! What better way than with a sugary donut glazed with salted caramel. Thank you, Bombobar! This adorable doughnut shop has a walk-up window where you may order anything from sugary doughnuts to frothy drinks drizzled and topped with a sweet-lover’s dream. It took the all in me not to order a second. I definitely recommend a bomboloni for your first visit.

Once you’ve filled your stomach up, more adventures await. Just strolling around the village, you’ll find the perfect wall to snap a few pictures for your Instagram feed or swipe through Snapchat for that perfect geo-filter. The city is just awaiting your visit to start a new adventure.

Be sure to comment your favorite places to explore during the summer below. Until next month, keep on adventuring!

WHAT TO WEAR: Sandwiches and Skyways

April showers bring May flowers, and May flowers mean summer is around the corner. For most universities, students are finished by the first week of May. The only way to celebrate summer freedom? Treating yourself to lunch at an Instagram-perfect café in the city! While the University of St. Thomas still has one week to go, I headed back home for a quick family weekend. Near Loyola University of Chicago, this Fashionista was rocking the perfect spring to summer transition look of basic essentials.

She started off her look with a perfect pair of ripped black jeans. The fit on these jeans hugs her curves and elongates her legs. For a top, she opted for a wrap, white blouse with a peek-a-boo black bralette underneath. Oh si parfait! This Fashionista then layered the look with an oversize jean jacket—my favorite spring trend! Since it was still a bit on the chilly side, especially near Lake Michigan, this Fashionista opted for suede black booties to keep her feet warm and give her an extra boost of height.

Lastly, we can’t forget about accessories! With the sun shining down, these circular, tortoise sunglasses are the perfect eye-catching piece. She then stuck to gold with her Alex and Ani bracelets, Geneva watch, and c-z diamond earrings.

Overall, this look is perfect to throw on and grab lunch with the girls to celebrate the end of finals and the beginning of summer! To create an edgier vibe, you can opt in for a leather jacket and leather booties.

This semester has been a blast. Thank you for checking in, and I hope to be writing for CollegeFashionista again very soon!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Combating Snow During Spring

Just when we thought we were done with winter, snow starts falling from the sky. However, in Minnesota, you should be expecting this until April at least. Oh the struggle to brighten your closet with the arrival of spring clothes only to dig through for a heavy jacket and a pair of snow boots. However, there are still ways to bring in subtle spring vibes while staying warm and cozy in winter threads.

To combat this snowy week before spring break, this Fashionista opted for a sweater that provides warmth and a little show of skin to keep the hopes of spring alive. Underneath, she chose to peak her halter lace bralette out to add a tinge of lavender to this outfit. She then chose a pair of black leggings that would tuck in perfectly to a pair of taupe riding boots. Although riding boots are a more fall staple, this taupe color is light enough to be incorporated into a colder spring day or until the snow melts.

For her makeup, this Fashionista chose to add a light lavender eyeliner on top, matching her bralette. Then she swiped on a few coats of mascara and a pair of stud diamond earrings. She had a simple, natural look that still leaves a pop with the lavender eyeliner.

This simple look is perfect to look adorable and comfortable midweek as the snow continues to fall. Add a coffee mug full of hot chocolate and marshmallows for a perfect accessory worth rocking.

Be sure to check in with me next month, where hopefully the has snow melted and spring is in full bloom.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Fashionistas Who Brunch

February brings hearts, candy, and lots of love with the arrival of Valentine’s Day. However, for those single ladies out there, Galentine’s Day is the real holiday to celebrate. This holiday was coined by Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation, one of my favorite feminist characters on television. For this year’s Galentine’s Day, a few of my friends, single and in a relationship, decided to head to a local breakfast spot near campus for brunch and lots of laughs. Can you say never-ending mimosas?

To celebrate this joyous holiday, I decided to stick to basics with a few pops along the way. I made sure to grab my favorite high-waisted black jeans. Hello smaller waist line! I stuck with a sleeveless high-necked crew top that is a perfect basic. To layer this outfit, I chose my favorite sweater snatched in Rome this January. I splurged big time on this sweater, but each euro was worth it. It keeps me warm and is just too adorable! As a lover of heels, it took all my strength not to grab a pair before heading out the door. Instead I chose these adorable black flats that are surprisingly comfortable! I love the pointed toe, perfect to dress up or dress down. Jewelry wise, I stuck to my favorite Kendra Scott necklace, simple diamond earrings, my Tiffany bracelet, and my crisscross diamond ring. I stuck my signature circular sunglasses on top of my head to keep my hair back and grabbed my oversize purse—complete with a pom-pom of course!

Thank you for checking in on me and my style! I hope you check in again next month to see what style is around the St. Thomas campus.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Comfy and Chic Meet Chicago

It is fabulous to be back again for my second semester as a Style Guru. I thought I would start off with a look that is both too adorable and too comfy for words.

This Fashionista is a Chicago girl that is always on the go. Whether it is running to class across campus or being on the hunt for the most Instagram-worthy coffee shop, she needs an outfit that will work for both. She chose to start off with these adorable ripped black jeans from Nordstrom. The material is skinny enough to flatter her legs while still being comfortable enough to spend the whole day in. This Fashionista layered her jeans with this Talbots turtleneck, perfect for the chilly days spent by Lake Michigan. When she was styled for this day, the weather had permitted for a thinner jacket. Therefore, she chose this adorable black and white flannel vest to layer over the turtleneck. This way she stayed both chic and warm while walking around the city.

To complete this look, our Fashionista chose to layer on the jewelry. Her go-to accessory are Alex and Ani gold bracelets. Her favorite? The shamrock charmed one to complete her Irish heritage. She also added a gold watch that complemented well with her bracelets. Lastly, this Fashionista chose to wear wedge black booties. Not only does this emphasize the length of her legs, but she also will not have sore feet from walking around: the perfect solution to staying fashionable and comfy.

I hope you enjoyed this piece and stay up to date on my page monthly!


Ciao Fashionistas! I am so excited to start my second semester as a Style Guru. Last semester was incredibly fabulous and I cannot wait to step up my game for this semester. I am Lucy, a junior studying public relations at the University of St. Thomas. When I am not working at J. Crew, you can catch me in my cheer uniform at athletic events or roaming around the Twin Cities in search of adventure.

Over the years, my style has always been one following the trends. I grew up idolizing the designers that graced the pages of Vogue and Elle. Although I spent most of my school days in a catholic school uniform, I am finally trying to go for more bold trends; especially now as I write this from Rome.

I am currently taking a month in Naples, Rome, and Florence to study abroad. I have already bought too much for my bank account to handle. Be prepared for European style coming your way this spring semester.

For my Style Guru Bio, I decided to photograph my pre-boarding outfit to head back to Minnesota before studying abroad (I am from Chicago and a proud Blackhawks fan, I might add). I wanted to stay comfy while wearing the heaviest pieces I could to avoid over packing my luggage. I chose to stick with a basic pair of Lululemon leggings and these adorable Sperry rain boots I received for Christmas. This oversized sweater was a comfy find from Target, perfect for flying. I topped it off with another adorable Target find; this jade green vest lined with fur to keep you warm and fashionable. Lastly, I added a monogram necklace and my signature Tiffany bracelet and crisscross ring to finish off the look.

I hope you enjoy my page and stay connected with me!

STYLE ADVICE: Poinsettia Red

For my final post of the semester, I focused on this rad Fashionista who was getting ready for a holiday party with a few friends before the end of finals. By taking a trip to my closet, she added a few statement pieces to finish off her look. To stay warm while looking chic, she chose a thick knit poncho. Underneath, I helped her choose a layering piece that would pop. Together, we chose a white flowy tank that pops out of the bottom ever so slightly. With the poncho being a short cut, the layer underneath plays with dimensions, making this Fashionista’s torso appear longer.

Since it is below freezing most days in Minnesota, this Fashionista stuck to a wool-lined pair of leggings. These kept her warm while not taking away from the poncho and tank on top. Along with the cold weather comes the snow. Instead of wearing snow boots that could clash the entire look, this Fashionista opted for warm fuzzy socks and a tall pair of brown leather riding points.

To complete the whole look, this Fashionista curled her hair and added a pair of statement earrings to frame her face. A quick swipe of a darker maroon lipstick to pop on her lips and she was ready for a night on the town with her girlfriends.

I have so enjoyed being a Style Guru this fall semester! I hope you check my page out next semester when I return then. Happy holidays!


The holiday season is approaching, and it’s bringing the cold weather with it. For Fashionistas, this means piling on the warm layers to complete their fabulous looks. However, there is still time to get away with a few layers that will still keep you warm. Currently, I am obsessed with this look. All my friends could back me up when I say I have worn this to a few too many occasions already. It is a simple outfit to put together but is totally adorable. Plus, who doesn’t love fall florals?

I started out my outfit with this boho dress that is surprisingly made of a thicker material. I decided to wear a halter lace bralette underneath to give the dress a pop without taking away from the crossed lace neckline. Since the weather is getting colder, I decided to layer underneath with black wool tights to keep my legs warm when walking outside. The heel boots I am wearing are my absolute favorite pair. Not only do I grow three inches when I put them on, but the leather is the perfect way to dress up an outfit. Finally, I put in my signature diamond earrings and a red headband Blair Waldorf would approve of. The overall look is simple and chic, perfect for a midweek get together or a late night dinner.

To complete this look when it becomes even colder, I would recommend throwing on a beige jacket to offset all the black. I currently have a faux fur coat stored in my closet begging to be worn. Once the temperature drops a bit more, you can guarantee I will be throwing it over this outfit.

Be sure to check in with me next month for a more winter friendly outfit perfect for the holidays!


In Minnesota, you never know what the weather may bring. This week alone I have seen students wearing shorts one morning and winter coats the next. More importantly, students are trying to stay comfortable as midterms approach.

This Fashionista, a sophomore here at St. Thomas, knows how to stay comfortably chic while balancing all her classes. Leggings are a closet stable when preparing for a long day of lectures and study sessions. Sticking to a black pair, this Fashionista is able to build off in any direction she pleases. Shuffling through her closet, she found a lightweight graphic T-shirt that perfectly describes her outlook on the day. In case the weather were to cool down, she threw on a thicker denim button-down. The button-down gives her warmth without covering up the graphics of her shirt. With the cooler weather, keeping your feet warm is essential. Our Fashionista chose a light multicolored wool pair to have peeping out of her gray lace-up booties, which are both comfortable and too adorable! When it came to fixing her hair, this Fashionista chose a look that keeps her hair out of her face while dressing up her look. She chose to braid from the top down the side of her head and pin the rest back in a loose bun. Finally, she finished off her look with a simple pair of diamond earrings and a sweetheart necklace.

Overall, this Fashionista is ready for classes and midterms while remaining comfortable and chic. Each small detail ties in together perfectly to complete her entire look. Be sure to check in with me next month for another perfect fall look!

WHAT TO WEAR: Sheer Perfection

Back to school comes with the awkward transitioning weather between summer and fall. Cool mornings turn into humid afternoons here in Minnesota. With this unpredictable weather comes the struggle to find an outfit that will work for both your morning and afternoon classes without have to change in between.

This Fashionista, a junior here at the University of St. Thomas, has found the perfect outfit to keep her cool and stylish throughout the day. She started out by finding the ideal skinny fit jeans to compliment her long legs. Thrifting through her closet, she found the perfect fall button-down to pair with her jeans. The button-down is sheer, allowing her to comfortably walk around campus without being stifled in a thicker material—not to mention the maroon color and square pattern of the shirt is perfect for the fall season. This Fashionista chose to wear suede wedge booties in black. As a veteran wedge wearer, I am completely obsessed with the pair she chose to sport. To complete her look, she chose to lighten her accessories. Picking a simple pair of black dangling earrings, she looks chic and put together before heading to class. Overall, this Fashionista has found a way to stay comfortable all day without worrying about what the weather may bring.

To keep you comfortable while sporting a fall fashion wardrobe, I have a few more suggestions. For tops, try sleeveless turtlenecks. They give you enough coverage while being able to still flaunt your summer tan. If it is cooler, just throw on an open faced knit sweater or an oversized jean jacket. As for pants, I would take the opportunity to switch up the color. Try a black pair of jeans or opt for more of a fall color such as mustard or maroon. If the weather permits, try a fall pattern dress with an oversized jean jacket. With a fitted dress, the jean jacket adds a layer while minimizing your waist size. These are just a few of my suggestions to get you through this transitioning period into fall weather. Be sure to check in with me next month for another fabulous look!