STYLE ADVICE: An Ivy Classic

The month of may only means one thing for college students: finals. It’s a bittersweet time of year; school is coming to a close, seniors are graduating, and summer is coming. To end my semester I decided to have a “stay-cation.” I’ve always wondered what other universities are like on a daily basis, especially when it comes to their style. So I took a trip up the 1 train to Columbia University.

Jumping around from party schools, to art schools, to fashion schools, I didn’t know what to  to expect from an Ivy League school. I arrived on one of the first few warm days in New York and the lawn was filled with students laying on the grass studying, socializing, or napping. While exploring the beautiful campus, I came across a Fashionisto whose classic and minimalist look reminded me that some things never go out of style.

This Fashionisto wore his confidence just as well as his outfit. His clean and sophisticated look shows he likes to be put together as well as comfortable. Every man should invest in a well fitted polo shirt. They can easily be dressed up or down and come in all types of fabrics. He chose a jersey knit, which is perfect for the summer heat as well as being comfortable enough to study in. The brown leather loafers are a statement item as well as a classic one. Pairing what is usually a dressy shoe with a casual outfit makes for a versatile campus look, whether its going to class or grabbing dinner on the weekends. Time management is a must for college students, so having a watch serves dual purposes in completing this Fashionisto’s look.

Investing in timeless pieces for you closet are essential for building a wardrobe and filling it with things you’ll actually want to wear. You can never go wrong with a simple outfit, but don’t be afraid to your own personal style.



Street style in New York is one of a kind. The sidewalk acts as the city’s runway for all fashion girls. Whether it’s trying out a new trend or taking bold risks with their own style, NYC girls own the streets. With the millions of people you see every day there is never a lack of inspiration. As fast-paced as the city is, there is always time to notice the small details around you. A pair of shoes, a statement earring, a sign in the window? The possibilities are endless. This Fashionista is no different in owning her street style and confidently mixed and match patterns, prints, and textures. The key to making this look cohesive is to start with a blank canvas. You can never go wrong with a plain white T-shirt and jeans, but why stop there?

Practicality in the city is a must have staple in every Fashionistas closet. You never know what you made need throughout the day and you always need your walking (or running) shoes. The simple camo T-shirt tied around her waist adds dimension and versatility, an outfit easily transitioned from day to night. This fashion student that’s always on-the-go needs her backpack to be stylish, yet functional. Carrying a tote bag is a great way to fit everything you need in one place, whether she’s going to the library, getting coffee, or meeting up with friends for a night out.

To show her own style, this Fashionista upgraded her plain white T-shirt with some shine. This sequin star top is trendy, fun and still simple for everyday wear. She paired it with her favorite pair of black jeans and black booties. Now, to compliment her top she accessorizes with more bling. This Fashionista adds a chain choker for a subtle, yet ’90s grungy look. My favorite part of the this whole outfit is her diamond studded statement earrings. This trend has shown it will be huge for 2017 and this Fashionista has shown that it can be worked into everyday style. They’re subtly hidden behind her mermaid hair, but adds just enough shine to brighten up her face. Many of these pieces are from college girl friendly budget shops like Forever 21 and H&M.

No matter your style, or where you are you can always rely on accessories to excite any outfit. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution you can always change up your hair color or wear a bold red lip. In a city that with eight million people its hard to stand out, but this Fashionista caught my eye. The best accessory you can have is confidence, a smile and being true to your style.

BEAUTY BAR: Skin is In

The newest trend in makeup is looking like you’re not wearing any makeup at all. Unfortunately, this trend takes a lot more effort than rolling out of bed. Living in New York City you’re constantly out in the sun, pollution and smoke. These harming environmental factors can take a toll on your skin. This Fashionista makes sure she preps her skin before her putting on her make up. Skin care is the first step in any makeup routine.

She starts this process at night with an application of Glossier’s Super Pure. It’s a light weight serum that calms redness and break-out prone skin, so she can wake up in the morning with a clean slate. Whether is a late night out or an early morning class, Glossier’s Super Glow serum can brighten your skin no matter how much sleep you got. A vital step in any college girl’s routine. Next, might be the most important product on this Fashionista’s shelf, sunscreen. Yes, you need sunscreen even in the winter. A zinc oxide sunscreen is a great solution because its light weighty and as an added bonus zinc is a natural acne fighter. In order to keep your skin hydrated, she keeps Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray with aloe and rose water with her wherever she goes. It hydrates her skin, leaving a matte finish and calming redness.

Her make up routine is as easy as it is beautiful. She starts with NYX Total Control drop foundation that matches her skin tone, so her face looks even and natural. The key to this look is enhancing your natural skin tone and texture. To give her that dewy Kendall Jenner glow she swears by Glossier’s Haloscope. It glides on for an easy application and gives just the right amount of shine. Lastly, she swipes on Revlon’s Super Lustrous lipstick in Toast of New York for a pop of color. (How appropriate.)

Stress breakouts are nothing new to college students. To fight pesky blackheads, whiteheads and anything in between, this Fashionista uses Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion for immediate relief. It’s the messiah of all spot treatments. Once a week she indulges in Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty. It’s a pure clay based mask with essential oils to soothe, moisturize and give that extra deep clean feeling.

Now that wasn’t so hard was it? If a college girl can do it, so can you. This fashion it-girl pairs this season’s trendiest pieces to go with her new natural, fresh faced look. To fight the New York cold she bundles up in a vintage jean jacket and light wash frayed jeans. Her smile is her best accessory, but I couldn’t help but notice her fire red nails and stylish, yet versatile Zara bag.

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STYLE ADVICE: Petite Problems

Whether you are genetically blessed to play basketball or be a gymnast, height determines a lot in life. But it shouldn’t determine your style. College is all about embracing yourself and loving your body, but sometimes you want to look taller in situations. Especially, when all your friends are 5’7” and wear heels. It seems like height is something what we want, but can’t have. Those on the petite side may want a few inches and those on the taller side may want less. Here are some ways this Fashionista looks taller with the clothes she has in her closet

Wear heels: This may seem like the obvious answer, but giving yourself a few extra inches can make for a very slimming look, and quite literally add height. Heels aren’t practical for everyday wear around campus, so go with a pointed toe shoe to lengthen that leg. This Fashionista chose a chunky-heeled black bootie. It’s not too high and it’s not too short; it can be dressed up or down and basically the perfect compromise.

#All(insert color here)everything: Sticking to a monochromatic color scheme is one of the most effect tricks to looking long and lean. This creates the illusion of a vertical line and a seamless silhouette. Head-to-toe black is always a chic option and it has a slimming effect, which never hurts either. This Fashionista has dark hair- which can put off a grunge vibe when wearing all black, so to brighten up her look she added a beige V-neck bodysuit.

High-waisted bottoms are your friend. High-waisted jeans are one of my favorite trends that came back in style because they accentuate your waist and your curves in all the right places. By wearing a pair of high-waisted jeans, you make the lower half of your body look longer, making you look taller in return. To pull off this look: add a fitted shirt you can tuck in, a crop top or a body suit that shows your waist off!

Say yes to V-necks: Trick people into drawing attention up toward your face by wearing dresses and T-shirts with a deep V-neck. This makes your torso look longer, so keep that in mind when shopping!

This Fashionista doesn’t let the hurdle of being 5’1” stop her from keeping up with the latest trends around campus!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Winter White Isn’t a Faux Pas

Who said you can’t wear white after Labor Day? I don’t like to let the seasons dictate what I can wear. Yes, you probably shouldn’t wear flip flops with snow on the ground, but why not try to make your clothes work year-round?

Since the weather has decided to give us all four seasons in a week, the line deciding what’s appropriate for the season seems to be blurred. The bone chilling cold and gloomy clouds don’t have to have you dressing in all black (although, I’m a fan of this color scheme). I’m not saying to go out in your summer linen pants and lace dresses, but adding winter textures and colors can make any white look ready for the snow.

Faux fur has been labeled a huge trend of 2016 and will carry over into 2017, especially to stay warm this winter. I paired this furry camel statement jacket with the basics, so it looks effortless and casual no matter the season. There’s something about being surrounded by fur that makes you feel like a million bucks. This jacket hangs like a sweater rather than a fitted coat, which gives me the ability to dress it up or down. Pairing my head-to-toe white outfit with neutrals like black, navy or grey adds a fresh take without making it look summery. The key to this look is simplicity.

Designer T-shirts will continue to be wardrobe staple for the new year, but a college girl ballin’ on a budget may not have $200 to spend. My love for T-shirts and designers led me to Tradesy, a website to buy and sell discounted designer fashion—perfect for any Fashionista. I styled my Carrie Bradshaw inspired graphic T-shirt with white denim , a twist on a classic combo. A great way to break up a “vanilla” look is to pair it with textures like fur and an edgy black shoe. Celebrity approved, I styled my jacket off the shoulder to add some drama and make it Instagram worthy. Lastly, to accessorize, I added my classic cocktail ring trademark and a stain remover pen in my back pocket (that last accessory may be just for me).

All white doesn’t have to be a daunting trend, brighten up your street style this winter! Stay warm Fashionistas.



STYLE GURU BIO: Madison Calogerakis

Hi guys! My name is Madison Calogerakis. I’m a sophomore studying media arts and design with a concentration in journalism at James Madison University. I’m so thrilled to be writing for CollegeFashionista and showing my passion for something that has been such a big part of my life. Coming to college I thought I wanted to be a doctor, but I soon realized I would have to wear scrubs everyday instead of getting blisters in six inch heels that would be totally worth it. That’s not the real reason I changed my major, but it was a deciding factor in my career path. Fashion is not only an expression, but a challenge for me to be creative and think ahead of the trend.

This bio will not be about my style, because I don’t have a certain style. Just like a trend and a season, my style comes and goes. In high school I was a walking J.Crew catalog, now I wear mostly black and vintage clothing. Which makes me a firm believer in affordable fashion. My closet would be empty without Forever 21, T.J. Maxx, and local vintage stores. Sometimes I want to drop everything and change my wardrobe, but who has the money for that? Buying cheaper, trendier pieces makes for less remorse when you throw it out and say “why did I ever wear this?” Or in some cases you’ll be thankful your mom kept her acid wash jeans, platform shoes and leather skirt because all trends come full circle, right?

My latest kick has been athletic-inspired pieces and with an edgy or sophisticated twist. For this look I was inspired by the “walk of shame,” but without the regret and the crusty mascara from the night before. I paired a rust colored, oversized sweatshirt with black suede over-the-knee boots. (I got this sweatshirt in the men’s section!) Being 5’7″ and finding a sweatshirt long enough to make a dress was a challenge, so I put a basic black tank dress underneath just in case the wind caught me right. To give the outfit some pop, I added my favorite turquoise cocktail ring that I stole from my mom (oops). For a final touch, I went with my green snakeskin clutch that was a steal at Marshall’s.

I hope you all enjoy this look and I encourage you to take risks with your outfits!! If you want to show me some love, go follow my social media. I’d love to see what you’re wearing and keep in touch with you!