If I had one tip for the future, accessories would be it. There is nothing easier and more fashionable than pairing a plain canvas such as a white T-shirt or solid-colored dress with a statement necklace or printed scarf. What accessories you chose are almost as important as getting dressed at all.

In this case accessories are essential. The Fashionista’s sunglasses, bag and necklace give her on-trend maxi dress the flare it needs. I spotted her sunglasses that resemble the Prada Minimal Baroque, fit for a diva. The round shape is a nice aesthetic change from the traditional rectangle. Taking us back to '60s go-go style, these shades give her a mod vibe. Moving down to her neck, her necklace catches the passerby’s eye. Sometimes all it takes is a little burst of color for an outfit to go from boring to chic. Her teardrop turquoise necklace popping against the coral is the perfect touch against solid color. Wearing her Michael Kors bag on one shoulder, she looks ready to go with all her things fashionably accessible. Rebbeca Minkoff has become iconic for her bags, all of which I am madly in love with. It is easy to take her bags from day to night proving to be both classy and cool.

From sunglasses to sandals, an outfit is completed by the little things. If anything, these little touches make it easier for us to pull together our very own unique but simple style. I am excited to see more summer looks such as this, taking advantage of the plethora of accessories available to Fashionistas/os.


Memorial Day is quickly approaching and our whites are, not so patiently, waiting to be worn. This day marks the official beginning of summer vacation and, in association, celebration and barbeques galore. It is the day when our worries consist of what hotdog to pick off the grill and where the best place is toput our face in the sun. However, I am sure, most of us have rescued our whites from the back of our closets and have been secretly wearing them before the official date (label us rebels, if you must).

This stylish Gettysburgian, guilty as charged, was caught in her last few hours on campus. She wears a three-quarter sleeve eyelet dress. This dress is great because it can be worn by itself with simple additions, which she does here with a Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra necklace. This Fashionista also keeps it casual for her trip back home with black Tory Burch sandals. This is the type of outfit that can be dressed up with colored wedges. Combine this season trends by wearing neon accessories or a patterned scarf.

While browsing on TOPSHOP I stumbled upon two amazing rompers that are perfect for summer; the crochet curve pocket, day playsuit (relates to this Fashionista’s easy outfit) and a fun and fancy laced back playsuit, perfect for a night out. They speak for themselves, giving a classy and confident vibe. If you still want to look into some summer white’s, check on Refinery29’s summer must-haves. While our tans fade, as will seasonal trends, white always remains (until Labor Day, of course).


STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Lace — Classical to Contemporary

“I consider lace to be one of the prettiest imitations ever made of the fantasy of nature; lace always evokes for me those incomparable designs which the branches and leaves of trees embroider across the sky, and I do not think that any invention of the human spirit could have a more graceful or precise origin.” — Coco Chanel, April 29, 1939.

It is no surprise that season after season lace is consistently featured on catwalks from New York to Paris. We saw black laced party dresses taking over fashion in the fall and we are now seeing a rainbow of colors for spring and summer. Lace, having a reputation for being ladylike is now seen being combined with everything from leather to denim. It gives off a romantic feel and provides a charming touch without being overly girly or suggestive.

Looking like an advertisement straight out of Free People, this week's Fashionista is wearing this spring's sweetest trend. She wears a classic combination: an off white top with a with a pink ruffled skirt. Her outfit is both elegant and fun, taking a ladylike trend and making it à la mode. She adds pops of color with printed sandals and beaded bracelets.

This trend is one for every woman. It has come a long way over the years and, with its evolution and adaptation to today's fashion, shows no signs of stopping in seasons to come.


Now that summer is slowly, but surely, approaching, it is time for us to start thinking about more sun and less coverage. This Fashionista taking advantage of the weather is dressed in a light patterned tank with a pair of white short shorts. From the front this Fashionista’s outfit looks like any other short shorts and tank combo. Yet, As she turns around her outfit becomes so much more than just a hot day’s “go-to.” The hi-low hem and low back on her tank make appear to be a flowing sun dress, thus, creating a two-in-one look. Her top takes a casual blasè look and gives it an, “ooh!” reaction. In my opinion, there are few things more aesthetically appealing than a simple front with an unexpected appearance in the back. I love the risks that designers are taking with plunging necklines/backs. However, the part I admire most about her outfit is the white Converse. After my focus followed the flow of her hem my gaze landed on these bright playful sneakers. They pull the hem and drop back down a notch or two, taking the look back to an everyday outfit. I also want to point out how she is not overwhelmed by accessories. Her simple necklace and natural hair pair perfectly with her statement tank. 

Despite the fact that this Fashionista has legs for miles this is a look everyone should try these upcoming months by the beach. Looking ahead to the Forth of July, both please the family and spice up the night with this red striped dress from Reformed by the Reformation Williams.


STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Stand Under My Umbrella-ella-ella.

Rainy days got you down? Pick yourself up with a printed umbrella.

Bottom line, umbrellas are extremely underrated. Yes, they can be annoying to carry around and complicated to wrap back up, then there is the rule about never opening it up inside!  Plus, you can never get them closed up on the first try. All in all, they seem to be more complicated than they should be. However, I’m here to argue that this negative connotation needs to be changed. I don’t know about you, but the hood on my North Face rain coat just doesn’t cut it anymore. Embarrassingly, I may have even resorted to running from building to building on campus.

When I saw this Fashionista I noticed her umbrella right away. Besides the fact that it matches her teal colored denim perfectly, it has my favorite colors! I will admit that the paisley pattern from Vera Bradley caught my attention and put an instant smile on my face. 

Everyone knows the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” Instead of dreading the rain, take advantage of the change in weather and open up an umbrella to brighten up your day. They come in a million different styles and patterns. Why wait for May when you can have flowers in April with a print umbrella? Because they come in small sizes, they are easy to take along with you and then put it in your bag when you’re done. This way, every time we see a rain cloud we don’t have to automatically whip out the legging, boots and windbreaker rain gear (guilty as charged).

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: How To Look Fabulous For Less.

Let’s face it, we are broke college students. We may get an expensive gift here or there from our parents on Christmas or birthdays, but ultimately our relationship with designer-wear usually starts and ends with a page in a magazine. However, luckily for us, the Copyright Laws that are associated with that of, well, anything else, do not apply to the world of fashion. There is no such thing as a patent when it comes to clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. That is why it is possible for designers to literally copy a design from the runway. That is where brands such as LuLu's and ASOS come in. They are so amazing (for us) because we are able to get designer look-a-likes for a tenth of the price.

Today’s Fashionista looks like a million bucks in this simple cut out sleeve maxi-dress. Though she told me to keep a secret, this stunning dress is from Forever 21. She tops it off, literally, with an effortless pony tail that thin-haired girls like me envy. The yellow frog detail in her statement necklace from J.Crew pops against the coral dress, capturing the eye of passerby. Her overall look can be captured in one word: “fabu-less.” It is proof that it is not always necessary to over-spend on a brand name. Instead, take a few more minutes to do some research and online-shopping. Who knows, maybe you will have some money to actually eat this week!

Today, it seems the only reason to buy the actual designer clothing is quality. When it comes down to it there are not many other reasons besides “The Name.” If you would like to see more about this, watch Johanna Blakley, the director and director of reserach at the Norman Lear Center and entertainment connoisseur, talk about pluses and minuses of Copyright Laws in this video.


As every Fashionista/o should know by now pastels are the “in” colors to wear this season. Showing up on everything from denim to hair color, they have become essential to any wardrobe, male and female. This week I want to shine some light on all the frat stars out there. I gotta hand it to you guys for one thing: you gentlemen certainly know how to work the pastels. When it comes to style, the handsome men of Gettysburg College are no exception. Whether it be pink seersucker or just plain colored slacks, they never disappoint.

This golden-haired Fashionisto was spotted wearing his light Easter colors with a smile on his face. Although dressed up for a special occasion, he serves as a prime example of how any guy should wear their pastels proud. His robin’s egg blue pants are combined with an orange elephant printed Vineyard Vines tie and complete with a pair of trusty boat shoes. The only thing this Fashionisto is missing is some Ray-Bans hanging around his neck.

Preppy style is a thing of the past, present and future. However, if madras pants just are not for you, try a more laid-back surfer vibe. For ideas, check out Gant by Michael Bastian from his spring 2012 collection.

Oh, and ladies, watch what you say about this Fashionisto, he’s my little cousin!


We can thank Burberry for originally designing one of the most popular trends this spring season, the trench. Although, has the trench really ever been out of style? It all began with American soldiers in World War I and has since been redesigned and embraced as a necessity in high fashion. Throughout the years, it has been worn by masters of disguise with a pair of sunglasses or women of seduction with nothing underneath.

This Fashionista was spotted wearing a simple beige trench from H&M with a floral-print V-neck T-shirt. This is a perfect example of how a light jacket is an easy way to take an outfit from cute to classy. It adds a little something to an outfit. To take a casual outfit a step further, try a bold color or style. As a sucker for little details, I have a weak spot for patterned or printed lining. Layer and roll the sleeves with a striped or solid long sleeve shirt and get the perfect amount of that “something.”

If this has not already encouraged a sudden case of wishful thinking be sure to check out the Burberry, Godfather of all trenches, website. Caution: be prepared for almost instantaneous depression and unexplainable longing. I now know the feeling of missing something I never had.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Let it Flow! Let it Flow!

This season, the free-spirited sister to the printed denim trend is the silky loose trouser. This pant provides in a one-two punch the best aspects of comfort and style. If you’re like me and are not quite ready for shorts just yet, these light and breezy pants will keep you cool and still give you time to hit the gym and get those toned legs for summer.

This Fashionista works the floral “flowies” with ease. By picking up colors of the print with a bright pink blouse, complete with girly ruffles, her outfit caught my eye immediately. Simple platform heels give her overall look an extra groovy vibe while still looking sassy and polished. Topped with au natural blonde waves, this Fashionista’s look is one that should be incorporated into all of our wardrobes ASAP.

It is no surprise that my favorite store, BCBG, has a plethora of options for us Fashionistas to acquire inspiration from. A printed pant paired with either flats or platforms can be transitioned from office to a night out or from a casual barbeque to a fancy dinner. Wearing pajama-like pants may be a tad controversial, but when picking a pattern be smart and don’t confuse fashion with sleep attire. Warning: no matter how cute they may be, wear Hello Kitty pajamas in public and reap the consequences.


This time of the year begins that awkward moment when we are deciding if we need a jacket to go outside or not. Going home on spring break this past week I found myself in a dilemma as to which outfit toppers go back to school or get put into the winter closet. After a half hour of taking off and putting back I finally decided on neither. Call me foolish, but I’m putting out there in the world what I want back and that is skipping the April showers and heading straight to May flowers.

This Fashionista was spotted in front of the iconic Elizabeth Arden red door on 5th Ave this past weekend. She is intelligently dressed for the unpredictable NYC weather that day which was misty and humid. The cute girlish bob she is sporting suits her face perfectly and she may be the only person I’ve seen that can still make side bangs look like they were on the newest cover of Elle. Keeping it relatively simple, she lets her jacket do all the talking. Because she is wearing a blue hue it stands as an easy transition jacket between seasons. By combining a printed cross body bag, light-weight infinity scarf and glitzy flats, she is walking the streets of New York looking casual and comfortable without substituting her style.

Who knew that the tourists us New Yorkers love and hate could relax our serious “I need to be somewhere in the fastest time possible even though I have a good amount of time to get there” faces, with just a smile? Just so long as they don’t stop directly in front of me mid walk, I’m good.