You are on the beach. It’s hot and sun is shining down so bright your favorite summer shades just are not going to cut it. You figure your face is burning and you fear you are getting the dreaded “Rudolph nose” so you turn to your favorite summer accessory, the floppy hat. Just as practical as it is stylish, this style prevents premature wrinkles/ burns while hiding wild beach hair.

Even though this week’s Fashionista was not headed to the beach, she took advantage of a sunny day to bust out her favorite floppy hat on her way to an outdoor brunch. Adding some pattern to her look, the hat is a great, unexpected accessory to spice up her outfit. The black and white stripes in the hat match with her black Urban Outfitters crop top and light peach maxi skirt, creating a cohesive look. The floppy hat and round sunglasses also add a vintage ‘60s feel to the ensemble, which is always fun to incorporate. Her colorful yellow bag is actually a vintage hand me down! The overall look is a great mix of today’s trends and vintage pieces.

Hats like this can be bought at tons of different retailers. This hat from NASTY GAL is neutral, but its silver accents make it more formal than just a beach accessory. This steal from Target is more casual and appropriate for the beach. Also, if you are feeling bold enough, you can wear this trend into the fall with a touch of suede. Check out this one from Free People!

Spotted: Lanvin’s fall 2011 ready-to-wear collection features models in suede floppy hats.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Live Life on the Wedge

Summer is a great time to let your hair down, get relaxed and dress casual. Wearing wedges are a great way to dress up any look without over-doing it. While still maintaining the comfortable style of summer, you can add sass and style to a simple white jean and tank top. Whether you are walking on the boardwalk or at an outdoor barbeque, wedges incorporate a formal look without leaving you teetering in heels.

This week’s Fashionista wore her wedges to an outdoor graduation party. The neutral leather wedges look great with her electric blue dress and vibrant orange Anthropologie necklace. An awesome thing about wedges is that you can get a really great pair without emptying out your piggy bank.  This Fashionista’s wedges were a steal from Target for less than forty dollars.  These wedges are a little high, but this MICHAEL Michael Kors pair from Piperlime still gives the look of a wedge without adding too many inches to your stature. Shoes in general are a unique way to add a punch of color to your look like this sea foam green pair of wedges from Steve Madden.

If you find yourself falling in love with the wedge style over the summer- not to worry! This great trend translates into the fall and winter months. Many styles like this pair from LuLu’s go great with a pair of tights and a dress or you can keep things casual by pairing them with dark wash jeans and a nice top.

Spotted: Donna Karan’s 2013 fall ready-to-wear collection features models wearing wedged booties.


Not just for festival flower children and rock stars anymore, the fringe trend has been popping up everywhere this summer. From handbags to beaded necklaces to sandals, the former hippie trend is now very fashion-forward. A great way to make an outfit more fun and whimsical, fringe is perfect for any summer look.

This week’s Fashionista featured the fringe trend in her look perfectly. Wearing a sleek black tank and cream crochet shorts, the outfit is not too overwhelming with her colorful rainbow beaded necklace. Heading to an outdoor concert, the outfit was cool and comfortable, but the fringe detail in the necklace gave the outfit that edge it needed. Light blue sandals and black leather cross-body bag with a small fringe detail tie everything together. Something to keep in mind about this style is that too much could be a bad thing. Make sure you do not overdo the fringe look because you could end up looking like a walking mop.

You can dive into the fringe trend without breaking the bank. This affordable bracelet from incorporates a very small fringe detail for those just experimenting with the trend. If you want a bolder look, try this gold chain necklace from Shopbop. To take this style past just jewelry, check out my personal favorite line of purses this season, Rebecca Minkoff’s M.A.C. bags. They are casual, but still stylish, and have long leather fringe tied to the zippers.

Spotted: Versace’s spring 2013 ready-to-wear featured long fringe necklaces with the bohemian-chic collection.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Getting Carry-ed Away

In the summer time, it is not uncommon to jump from place to place. And by that I mean go from the beach, to the pool, to dinner with friends. One way that can make these many transitions easier is by incorporating a large carryall into your everyday look. Just as stylish as a purse, the carryall is much more functional for those hot summer months. Big enough to carry a towel and an extra pair of clothes, an oversized tote is an accessory readers should not be without!

This week’s Fashionista was at the pool earlier that day, and made a quick change for dinner. Her floral Lily Pulitzer carryall held her bathing suit from earlier, makeup bag and other girly necessities for a night out. A great thing about this tote is that it could be worn with Nike shorts and a tee for errands or with white jeans and a cute top (like this Fashionista) for a more dressed up look. She ties her look together with a large gold Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, Jack Rogers metallic gold sandals and a small initial gold necklace. The gold accents neutralize the many colors in the bag making her look vibrant, but not too much.

From Target to Nordstrom, large carryalls can be found everywhere. This colorful one from Forever 21 is great and under 20 dollars! But if you have a bigger budget, check out this cool transparent Marc by Marc Jacobs tote. This is perfect for the pool or beach because it is 100 percent waterproof.

 Spotted: Christian Dior‘s spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection showed models with large totes.


Pocahontas was always one of my favorite Disney movies. Despite the great storyline of adventure and romance, the Native American culture and particularly their fashion has always stood out to me. Even though they only used their way of dress for function and not necessarily to make a style statement, their designs are still duplicated today.

Jewelry is a main arena where tribal details run wild. Necklaces, bracelets and rings of sunset hues and rugged turquoise are huge staples in today’s fashion. This week’s Fashionista demonstrates this style perfectly with her vibrant statement necklace. She easily brightened up her little black dress by pairing it with the stunning sunset-inspired necklace from Nicole Richie’s entire House of Harlow line features this sunburst design. The Fashionista’s Tory Burch bag’s gold emblem matches the gold in the necklace as well. Finishing everything off with simple black leather sandals, she really created a great nighttime summer look!

It is really very easy to dive into this trend. Many stores and designers sell tribal items that won’t make you break the bank! Websites like NASTY GAL sell affordable turquoise rings and offer a modern twist on an old style. If you are looking to incorporate the Native American trend into your wardrobe, one of my favorite brands, Wildfox, sells cute tank tops with popular tribal designs. I hope readers will embrace this trend this summer! ]

Spotted: Donna Karan went tribal for her spring 2012 ready-to-wear collection.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Something Old, Something New

Being a young adult in the 2010s, I constantly find myself taking style advice from the past generations. Whether it be ‘90s –inspired high-waisted shorts, ‘80s neon accents or ‘60s maxi skirts, borrowing trends from past generations is always fun and keeps our style classic yet eclectic. The fashion world has an obsession with all things vintage; old couture collections are on display each year at the Metropolitan Museum of Art like pieces of artwork for all to see. Vintage pieces are unique, rare and prized possessions for those of us lucky enough to have some.

The saying “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure” rings true with the vintage trend. While I would never really call Prada trash, this Fashionista’s silver wedges were a great hand-me-down from her aunt. From an early 1990s spring collection, these Prada wedges are a great accessory for any summer look. Their silver hue makes them able to be worn with virtually any color. This Fashionista chose to wear black jeans and a white peplum top with the wedges. The basic black and white further accents the shiny silver shoes. A similar open-toed style wedge can be found on Nordstrom’s website.

To achieve a vintage look without waiting for hand-me-downs or searching your local Goodwill for hours, many stores sell designer vintage clothing and accessories for great prices. Websites like NASTY GAL sell real vintage looks like this ‘60s bell-sleeve blouse. A site called Gypsy Warrior has an entire vintage accessories section, where vintage bags in great condition can be purchased. I encourage readers to take a step back into the past and embrace the vintage trend.

Spotted: Chanel’s 2013 resort collection rewinds deep into the past with Marie Antoinette-inspired dresses.



Red. Through the decades, this color has always been hot within the fashion world. Whether it is a red statement lip, a beautiful red Oscar de la Renta gown or the ever-coveted Christian Louboutin pumps fit with a trademark red sole, the color is always current and provocative, yet classic. Incorporating this vibrant hue into your everyday outfit is simple and will always be in style.

I caught up with this Fashionista at a country club banquet dinner and her look inspired me to “see red.” Her comfortable and casual black maxi dress is perfect for those sometimes-brisk summer nights, but her fiery Marc by Marc Jacobs cross-body bag is what drew my eye. Much like a “cherry bomb” this bag is an explosion of color against the dark summer dress. Its style makes it practical, but the color makes it stylish and bold. This bag is such a great buy because it’s multi-seasonal and is a perfect way to brighten up any outfit. The cross-body bag can be worn with jeans and a white tee to the mall or with a nice BCBGMAXAZRIA dress to an event.

This Fashionista’s other accessories are what she describes as her “everyday jewelry.” Her dainty gold necklace keeps with the simple look of the maxi dress. A fun, summer look is seen in her woven bracelet set. Everything is tied together with a beautiful and classic Michele watch.

I would encourage everyone this summer to add a little heat into your style and incorporate red as much as possible. Don’t just save your red accessories for July 4th!

Spotted: Alexander McQueen’s 2013 spring collection features various pops of red amid the otherwise neutral hues of the clothing.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Right in the Metal

Summertime is always the best time of year to bust out your best brights, whether they are jeans, a tank or a fun maxi. Vibrant colors are a must during those sunny months. A great way to complement these hues is to accessorize with various metals. Metallic accessories not only go with everything, but they can transition into any season. Your favorite metallic satchel can be just as perfect in the summer as it was in the winter.

This Fashionista paired these two trends together perfectly for Sunday brunch with some friends. Metal jewelry is also a great way to make an outfit more edgy. If this Fashionista had paired anything other than mixed metals with her look, it could all have been too much with her colorful outfit.

She described her watch and bracelet combo as an everyday accessory, reaffirming the versatility of metals. If this Michael Kors watch is too pricey for you, the juniors’ department of Nordstrom makes great watches in gold, silver and rose gold hues. Her chain bracelet complements her watch perfectly. A similar style can be found at J.Crew. Accenting the bold white detail in her tank, her white stone necklace linked with small gold chains is simple, yet it makes a statement.

Another accessory this Fashionista incorporated into her look is a preppy summer staple: Jack Rogers sandals. Her pair goes along with the metallic theme, glimmering in a shiny gold hue. Between her sunny brights and shiny metallics, this Fashionista has the perfect vibrant look for any hot summer day.

SpottedLouis Vuitton’s 2012 spring ready-to-wear collection wowed with bright pastels and metallic silver heels.


Amid the hot Baltimore sun, many of my friends started off their days working at their various jobs and internships, using summer as a time to get a head start in the never-ending search for the perfect job. Still quite young and inexperienced in the working world, some struggled fitting into the dress requirement of “business casual,” trying their best not to dress completely boring.

One friend in particular inspired me for this week’s post. In my eyes, she perfectly fit the mold of business casual, while still including her young, hip flare. While neutral ensembles are usually preferred in the workplace, this Fashionista allows her accessories to brighten up what would have been a standard intern look.

Neon, no longer just a product of ‘80s workout videos, has made a huge comeback in fashion this year. Being one of spring and summer’s hottest trends, neon has been used by the likes of big design houses in their couture collections as well as affordable retailers like Forever 21. This Fashionista chose a very popular triangular design necklace in a fun neon pink hue to add an edge to her simple cream button-down. In addition, her bright bracelet set provided even more neon color to her look. Fit with a functional Marc by Marc Jacobs cross-body bag, this Fashionista is a success in the fashion world as well as the intern world!

 Spotted: Christian Dior’s resort 2014 collection brightens up runways with their pops of neon in bags, scarves, bandeaus and various other accessories.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Simple Statement Chic

While visiting some friends in Richmond, Virginia, I was looking for a place to scout out the Fashionistas/os in this unfamiliar city. I found myself strolling through the cute and quaint streets of Carytown. Amid various boutiques, restaurants and record stores, I couldn’t help but notice all the eclectic and hipster styles that surrounded me. Everyone seemed to have their own specific style identity and with the help of accessories, they were able to spice up any outfit, making a T-shirt and jeans a bold fashion statement.

One Fashionista in particular stood out to me. Confidently walking out of a new pizza restaurant called Mellow Mushroom, fellow Style Guru, Riley Alexander, was the epitome of simple chic. Not only did I want her outfit and jewelry all for myself, I knew she was a perfect choice for my premiere CollegeFashionista ACCESSORIES REPORT.

Her simple ensemble of gray tank and white jeans is cute, but could be possibly too simple without her House of Harlow 1960 shell statement necklace. The sunburst design of the necklace has been replicated and “knocked-off” by many other retailers and has become an iconic design in rings, earrings and even handbags. This Fashionista is lucky to have an original from Nicole Richie’s fabulous accessories line. The hues of the abalone shell bring out the subtle colors of her ensemble. With the help of her edgy homemade bracelet set, she has captured an all-around perfect summer look that is easy for anyone to replicate!

Spotted: Chloé made big strides with minimalistic jewelry in her spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection.