CLASS OF 2014: Maggie

It seems surreal that my four years as an undergrad have come to an end. I keep trying to figure out how the time passed so quickly, but I come up short. To be honest, I didn’t start loving college until my junior year. After transferring to the University at Albany after my freshman year, it took me a while to settle into life on this big campus. I switched majors a few times, unsure of what I wanted to do until I finally said enough is enough and became a music major. Music has always been my passion and it seemed like a no-brainer to declare it as my main study. I paired it with a communications major and focused my motivation on a career in the music industry.

Once sophomore year ended, I applied for a CollegeFashionista internship and was so thrilled to be accepted. I started writing the fall semester of my junior year and have been writing ever since. I loved the insight I gained while writing for CollegeFashionista; I would have never realized what a unique student body is at UAlbany. We have a very diverse student population and in turn, a huge variety of fashions and styles. Finishing my fifth semester with CollegeFashionista is bittersweet because while I will miss it so much, I feel confident to take the skills it has taught me into the real world.

Over the summer of 2013, I had a killer internship with Republic Records in New York that made me realize how determined I am to work in the music business. Now as a recent grad, I am applying to any and every job I can find at record labels, recording studios and publishing companies. It is absolutely terrifying to not have a plan, but I am incredibly excited to see where this next chapter of life takes me!


Wow, it is absolutely unreal that this year has come to an end. After a spring filled with mostly snow, we were lucky to have a few beautiful last weeks in May filled with flowers and sunshine. As May continues into June, I can’t wait to see even more flowy skirts, delicate dresses, beachy sandals and bright shorts in this warm weather. But what accessory could possibly match any type of outfit in any color? The answer is simple: a black bag.

As any Fashionista knows, black never goes out of style. It matches anything and everything and can elevate an outfit from ordinary to chic as can be. This week’s Fashionista rocks a gorgeous black leather bag that pops against her neutral outfit. Wearing a soft blue sweatshirt, dark jeans and simple flip flops, this bag is the center of attention. I love the stitching detail and deep brown handles. A black leather tote bag like this is perfect for any occasion: class, work, shopping or just about anything.

Don’t worry about spending a ton of money on a black tote bag, either. There are inexpensive alternatives that will look amazing with anything you wear, like this option by Nine West. So, let’s get back to basics and rock a classic black bag like the Fashionista’s we are!

Spotted: The Jasmin Shokrian fall 2014 ready-to-wear runway show featured models carrying amazing shoulder bags in beautiful black leather. Matched with navy blue oversized pants and a black tank, she proves that a black bag can take an outfit to another fashion level.


As we head toward mid-May, the weather is finally reflecting the month. Flowers are blooming, green is everywhere and spring fashion is in full swing! I am so excited to be seeing skirts, shorts, maxi dresses and sandals all over campus, accessorized with bright bags, bracelets and scarves. And lately, I have been noticing a more subtle accessory that can really make an outfit pop: headbands!

This week’s Fashionista rocks an adorable cream colored headband that is the stand out accessory of her ensemble. I love the crochet detail that adds a delicate vibe to her look. In addition to her headband, she wears a classic Victoria’s Secret PINK hoodie in a lilac purple with a heather gray top underneath. On bottom she rocks a classic pair of leggings and gorgeous Tory Burch sandals. The simplicity of her ensemble allows for her headband to pop and creates a simple yet chic look.

When rocking your own headbands, try a variety of styles. Perhaps a silky headscarf is more your style! Or, pair a delicate dress with a crotcheted headband to convey a breezy look. You could even wear a simple athletic headband to add some spunk to your workout outfit. No matter how you rock a headband, you will be a standout in the crowd!

Spotted: The Marc by Marc Jacobs fall 2014 ready-to-wear runway show featured simple fabric headbands to match their high fashion ensembles, illustrating that even the slightest hint of a hair accessory can elevate an outfit to be edgy and elegant.


April showers supposedly bring May flowers; however, the past week for upstate New York has been filled with rain shower after rain shower. While students are dressing for the warmer temperatures, it can be difficult to coordinate shoes and accessories with such gloomy weather. Well wonder no more, because this week’s Fashionista perfectly illustrates how to accessorize on rainy days: with bursts of color!

It was this Fashionista’s bright red scarf and teal shoes that caught my attention as she walked by on campus. Nothing is better to offset a dreary day on UAlbany’s infamous gray campus than accessories in bold hues. I love how her red scarf is the main focus of the ensemble, paired with her neutral beige sweater and classic black leather jacket. On bottom, her unique teal oxford flats pop against a light wash blue jean.

When accessorizing this spring, whether there is sun or rain, remember to make your accessories stand out. You can rock this style in the daytime like this week’s Fashionista, or try it at night with a neon pair of wedges that will definitely be the center of attention. Experiment with color in something as large as your handbag, or start off smaller and wear a brightly colored bracelet or earrings. As long as you’re accessorizing with bursts of color, you can’t go wrong.

Spotted: A bold red scarf similar to this week’s Fashionista’s was worn in the Max Mara fall runway show in 2006, proving that pops of color will never go out of style.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Wonderful World of Wristlets

With less than a month left of the spring semester, I’ve noticed students running around frantically from classes to activities. As finals are creeping up closer with each day, our lives are only getting busier and more hectic. For these stressful times, we need an item that’s easy to grab in our wardrobe; something that contains everything important we need including our keys, money and cards. This week’s Fashionista models the perfect solution: a wristlet!

She rocks a classic Vera Bradley wristlet in a beautiful green and blue pattern. I love how her wristlet pops against the neutral tones of her ensemble. On top, she wears a simple black and white striped shirt underneath a sleek black leather jacket. On bottom, a pair of blue jeans and black combat boots keeps her outfit classic and the focus on her gorgeous wristlet.

When searching for your own wristlet, I would suggest looking for one of two options. First, find a black leather wristlet to match with any ensemble, casual or formal. This timeless piece will last you for years and never go out of style. For your second option, a bright and bold wristlet like this week’s Fashionista is perfect for adding an unexpected pop to your outfit. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong wearing an adorable wristlet!

Spotted: The Tory Burch fall 2014 ready-to-wear runway show featured a variety of small bags in solid colors and a variety of patterns. Whether you rock a wristlet or a small purse, you will be organized in style.


The sun is shining, temperatures are in the 50s and 60s and birds are chirping; that can only mean one thing. Spring is here! After a brutal winter of boots, puffy jackets and gloves I am so thrilled to be seeing flats, skirts and dresses worn among fellow students. Perhaps my favorite spring trend I’ve been seeing is the use of bright colored accessories. Nothing says spring has sprung better than a burst of color in an outfit.

This week’s Fashionista does just this by carrying an adorable Steve Madden shoulder bag in bright pink. I love how the pink is the only noticeable color in her ensemble to draw all the attention to her bag. Whether worn over the shoulder or on the arm, this bag provides a pop of color that captures anyone’s eye as they walk by. To complete her look she rocks a sleek leather jacket with stud details, a black and white striped blouse and sunglasses. On bottom she wears a simple pair of blue jeans and nude flats to keep the rest of her ensemble neutral so the bag can pop.

When shopping for your bright burst of color this season, consider a pink bag. It’s very bold but so high fashion when worn in an understated way like this week’s Fashionista. If pink’s not your thing, perhaps try a softer mint or sky blue color. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong adding a burst of color to your ensemble!

Spotted: The 3.1 Philip Lim fall 2014 ready-to-wear runway show featured a variety of bags in different shades of eye-popping colors.


This past week was wonderful with temperatures finally reaching the 40’s and 50’s. I saw an array of dresses, skirts, shorts and even a few pairs of sandals. However, I was keeping my eyes peeled for perhaps my favorite trend this spring, transition pieces. When the weather is sunny but not too warm the perfect accessory should help push your outfit from feeling like winter to spring.

I think my favorite accessory to do just that is a hat. Hats are so versatile and can be worn in a million different ways. Not to mention that they can help transition an entire outfit from one season to the next. This week’s Fashionisto is an excellent example of how a hat kept his outfit from becoming out of season. His blue beanie was a gentle reminder that we are not fully into summer weather and flip flops quite yet; instead it’s time to lighten our wardrobe with cooler pieces while still incorporating select winter pieces.

The same can be said for the transition from summer into fall. I love seeing a straw fedora stylishly paired with a knitted sweater and corduroys. Wearing unexpected pieces from a different season is a subtle yet fashionable way to make a flawless move from fall to spring or spring to fall. This spring, don’t be afraid to throw in a summer hat or fall pair of boots as you prepare for a high fashion season!

Spotted: The 2010 Christian Dior ready-to-wear runway show featured a variety of hats that could be paired with many different outfits for an easy transition into the new season.


Now that spring has officially begun, I have had my eyes peeled for any signs of spring accessories as I walk around campus. I’m so excited that I’m beginning to see bright neons and pastels, as well as lighter jackets and boat shoes. Perhaps one of the most obvious signs of spring is a light scarf, worn not in fear of the cold but as an adorable and bold accessory.

This week’s Fashionisto is a great example of how to smoothly transition from winter to spring. He takes a gray plaid scarf that could be worn in winter and makes it appropriate for the warmer weather. By wearing it loosely and unknotted around his neck he creates a casual vibe as he walks from class to class. In the spring weather, practically any scarf worn in this manner can be perfect for an outfit. To complete this look he wears a black peacoat over a bright blue hoodie. On bottom he rocks a classic pair of khaki pants and deep brown leather boat shoes. I love how he keeps the rest of his ensemble simple, allowing for the transitional scarf to stand out.

When experimenting with scarves in the spring, remember to try a variety of colors, patterns and textures. A patterned scarf with a differently patterned sweater can be quite a statement in the beautiful spring weather. Or, let the scarf be the center of attention like this week’s Fashionisto. However you decide to rock it, just know that warmer weather is on its way as we spring into scarves!

Spotted: In the Diane Von Furstenberg spring 2014 ready-to-wear show, there were a variety of scarf-inspired pieces, such as flowy dresses and light skirts. Give these looks a try by being inspired by your own scarves.


As we arrive back at school from our spring breaks, it’s quite obvious that every student has a severe case of spring fever. In only 40 degree weather I’m already seeing shorts, sandals and even sundresses. Thankfully, there is a much more practical way to add some spring style to your look and that is by rocking bags and backpacks in bold and bright patterns.

I was dragging myself across campus, shivering in the cold when this week’s Fashionista caught my eye with her printed Vera Bradley backpack. I love Vera Bradley patterns in the spring because they are so gorgeous and come in a variety of color pallets. She keeps the attention on her bright backpack by wearing a simple black jacket, blue jeans and neutral tan boots.

Incorporating bold pattern into your accessories is pretty easy this season as so many designers are featuring beautiful prints in their bags and backpacks. Don’t be afraid to mix and match; try pairing a patterned tote with a printed scarf or jacket. Or, take a page from this week’s Fashionista’s book and let the printed backpack be the center of the ensemble by wearing neutral pieces. However you decide to rock your patterned bag or backpack, do it soon; we need some bright and flirty accessories to cure our spring fever!

Spotted: Dolce&Gabbana’s spring 2014 ready-to-wear runway show featured a variety of bags in a wide array of prints and patterns to work with any ensemble. My favorite is an amazing purse with a painting-like print and red outline.


ACCESSORIES REPORT: I’m Walking On Sunshine

It’s hard to believe we are already in mid-March and about to head into spring. It doesn’t seem possible that winter is on its way out but I’m here to tell you that warmer weather is on its way. And what accessory is a necessity as the sun shines down on all you Fashionistas? Sunglasses, of course!

I was immediately drawn to this week’s Fashionista because she is such a chic reminder of the upcoming spring season in her bold sunglasses. I love the shape and size of her sunglasses, especially on her narrow face. Don’t be afraid to rock those huge sunglasses on any face shape; they make anyone instantly look high fashion. The bright coral color of her sweater only further reminds us of the warm weather that’s around the corner and her Army green jacket is the perfect transition outwear between seasons. She completes her ensemble with dark blue jeans and black boots, keeping the attention on her amazing sunglasses.

When shopping for a killer pair of eyewear this season, don’t be afraid to get creative. There are so many fantastic shapes and colors to experiment with and you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a gorgeous pair perfect for any occasion. Be bold and rock those sunglasses with confidence and you’ll be walking on sunshine!

Spotted: Sunglasses have been a staple on the runway for many years. Giorgio Armani featured a variety of inspired designs in his spring 2010 ready-to-wear show.