ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Following Waves

It’s early spring time in Minnesota and its familiar sights are returning to Carleton. There are more people outside, Frisbees are being thrown to eager hands, and delicate flowers are forming on the trees and swaying ever so slightly in the sometimes chill breezes. This diaphanous feeling present around campus is mirrored all over in the wardrobes and makeup choices of Carleton Fashionistas as they are reach for lighter dresses and less makeup. Even their hair has begun to reflect the softening of the weather as many prefer natural waves and curls to sleeker straightened styles.

This week’s Fashionista is no exception to this phenomenon. Her cute patterned dress cinches at the waist but then falls out into a flowy A-line. Her sweater is open and mirrors the cascading effect of her dress as it too flows outward and creates a looser silhouette. These pieces coupled with non-black tights and caramel colored ankle boots indicate that this Fashionista is ready for the warmer weather, but is still wary of the cooler aspects of a Minnesota spring.

Her hair, much like her dress and sweater, is looser and falls gracefully onto her shoulders. The bounce of its curls responds to the gentle winds and dances to and fro as though it has a life of its own.

For those Fashionistas born with curls all they need to achieve a look like this is to add a touch of anti-frizz serum on wet hair and head out the door. For others, like myself, more planning and execution is necessary. To attain these waves, try a large-barrel curling iron and then a holding spray. Or for those Fashionistas opposed to excess heat on their hair, magnetic rollers may make you look like your grandma over night but like a superstar in the day time.



Ombré hair is a trend that seems unwilling to quit. From its first appearances in early 2010 until now, the dip-dye trend has only increased in popularity and appearance as Fashionistas around the world attempt the daring do. Whether the ombré involves neon colors against a bleach blonde base, or lighter ends for the brunettes and raven-headed, this is a hair color trend that can be both universal and unique.

This week’s Fashionista has a slight ombré that is striking without being distracting. Her multi-toned hair lies in curls upon her shoulders ensuring that the navy of her dress highlights the tonal difference. In addition to the subtler brown tones of her edges there are streaks of blonde underneath that indicate that this Fashionista is very capable of taking risks, while also fitting in with the general color scheme of the majority of her hair.

The first step when considering an ombré hair coloring is to first decide which look you are attempting. This means, of course, taking into consideration your current hair color because for those with darker hair bleach will likely be necessary. After procuring your hair color of choice be mindful of the dying instructions while also keeping in mind that your ends need the most exposure to the treatment not your roots. After washing the dye out of your locks, deep conditioning is a great way to lock in moisture.


Doesn’t it always feel like finals time at Carleton? With three terms instead of the usual semester situation, we have the misfortune of going through the madness of intense test taking, not twice, but three times during the year. Add this to the often equally as stressful midterm season and that means that in the span of a 30 week academic year, we are in test mode for at least six weeks (but often more). That is 20 percent of our time on campus being devoted to studying and stressing about some form of academic evaluation. With all this time spent under these stressful conditions it is no wonder that Carls everywhere are exhibiting certain coping behaviors. Whether it is working in the same study nook for the duration of finals or indulging in a particular study diet, many students have become united in some form of comforting behavior.

The most interesting thing that I’ve seen recently however is what I have dubbed the study bun. Tired of having to sweep the hair out of their eyes as they pour themselves into their studies, many Fashionistas on campus have opted for a classic up-do as the perfect scholarly style and this week’s Fashionista is no exception. Her fresh face reads as bright and inviting rather than plain. Her weather-appropriate spring jacket is not only functional, but its hunter green tone also creates a nice contrast with the rose tones in her strawberry blonde hair — which is the pièce de résistance. The tightly wound knot lends a sense of control to what is most likely a very stressful day.

To achieve a bun that will last throughout the day it is best to start with hair that has some texture. For some, this isn’t an issue, but for those with sleeker hair you may want to hold off on washing your locks for a day and then hitting it with some dry shampoo before you proceed. For the perfect bun, a hair donut is a fine companion, but if you prefer having a messier look then just winding your hair around itself and then fastening it with some bobby pins will work well too.

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Pink And Gray To Brighten Days

Though the days may be dreary, there are many ways to brighten one's outlook. For some, spending time in well-lit areas will do the trick, while others prefer to adopt a sunny disposition in order to replace the truant sun. This Fashionista’s cure for overcast days is a two fold: first, embrace the wintry color palette. Though she is wearing two different gray pieces, by choosing different shades of the color this Fashionista avoids being monotonous. The patterning of her skirt adds an extra dash of difference as it stands out not only in relation to her opaque black tights and her rich cobalt denim jacket but also against the tedious backdrop of the cloudy sky.

The second part of this Fashionista’s solution is to incorporate a pop of color. Her hot pink lipstick is impossible to ignore especially on a day as dull as today. On its own, this daring lip color conveys the sense of boldness and intensity that has been lacking during these gray days but when paired with the more understated colors of her ensemble, her lipstick choice shows the restraint and subtlety of a true Fashionista.

For those who are ready to take a risk when choosing their next lip color the most important thing to keep in mind is your skin tone. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a vibrant shade only to learn the hard way that what looks daring in the tube looks dreadful on your lips. A pink like this Fashionista's may not work on all skin tones and may result in some unfortunate color matching, but if you’re willing to do the work at the makeup counter you can find a shade that is more appropriate for you.

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Sleek and Stunning

This week’s Fashionista is giving the phrase winter blues a whole new meaning. The baby blue of her tunic when paired with the darker navy of her jacket creates contrast whilst also giving her look a sense of unity. These two strong blues work well with the more neutral tones of her gray tights and beige slouch boots. These complementary colors create an ensemble that is appropriate for the chilly weather as she keeps warm in her cool tones. The darker blue of her jacket also highlights the warm tones in her face while the lighter blue draws attention to her eyes by making them pop.

The cool nature of her color palette is reflected in the style and cut of this Fashionista’s hair as well. Her pixie cut already lends a lot of style to this Fashionista’s look. By choosing to style this popular cut in a sleek way, however, this Fashionista elevates the pixie from being just adorable to being stylish. The natural wave of her hair also creates an aesthetic that is unique to this Fashionista. Though her style resembles the finger waves that we associate with the 1920s, the faint curls are a more time appropriate alternative.

For those Fashionistas who are seeking a similar style, the question becomes which of the many hair products can you use to create a sleek do? There are many options and although some hairdressers or fashion editors swear by one type of product, it’s difficult to say which will ensure the best result for your hair type. For some a styling cream will do the job but at times a gel is the only real option.


Though it may be a tad premature, the sudden influx of sunny days in Minnesota has created a general longing in me for spring and all the newness that accompanies it. A new season, new wardrobe, new activities and even new hairstyles are all within our grasp. While many hold off, however, until the final thaw to try new things, there are a few Fashionistas on campus who are too eager to wait. These happy few satiate their craving for new things while also subtly adhering to classic ideas with innovative styles such as the fishtail braid. 

Though this Fashionista’s look is firmly rooted in the chilly present, there are elements of her style that speak to warmer weather that is hopefully soon to come. Her striped sweater contains warm patterning along the shoulders that adds a twist to the simple style staple. Her boots are both rugged and stylish, making it easy to transition from the occasional spots of ice on campus to the puddles that are soon to form in their place. It is her hair, however, that initially caught my eye. To the uninformed, her fishtail braid, though adorable, may not read as a harbinger of the impending spring season. It wasn’t until she admitted that this was one of the few times she had tried the fishtail that it became clear that this popular derivative of the classic braid was something fresh and exciting to her.

The fishtail braid, though initially difficult to create, is a worthwhile hair trend to try. It takes something simple and universal, the braid, and updates it to something stylish and new. There are many online tutorials concerning this tricky twist; the best tip I can offer is to be patient during the first few attempts.


Simplicity in style and beauty can take many forms. To some it means choosing to face the day sans makeup, while to others simplicity manifests itself in wearing a ponytail in favor of a more elaborate hairdo. To many Fashionistas. it may be hard to believe that simplicity can be associated with a facial piercing. This Fashionista’s look, however, would turn these style skeptics into true believers.

There are many elements of this Fashionista’s look that are both beautiful and unique. The mixture of the muted tones of her boots, pants, and jacket create contrast amongst one another, whilst also staying within a uncomplicated color scheme. The dark black of her jacket and her pixie hair cut serve to frame her face and highlight her milky flawless skin.

The aspect of her look that most caught my eye, however, is her lip piercing. The simple silver barbell is prominently displayed at the center of her bottom lip. Rather than detracting from her natural beauty, however, this particular piercing only accentuates the soft rosy coloring of her lips and and their delicate shaping. Although some would believe that this is an edgy piercing, it’s placement and presence only succeeds in highlighting a subtle but beautiful feature. 

To achieve this Fashionista’s fresh-faced look, one only need a solid water-based moisturizer. But the most important tip I can offer when considering a piercing is to make sure you think it through. Whether it be just a simple ear lobe piercing or something slightly more risque, please be sure to do your due diligence when choosing your piercer and your jewelery.



ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Dye, Dye, My Darling

The Minnesota landscape has been looking a bit bleak lately. The light dustings of snow we’ve been receiving as of late have failed to create the winter wonderland to which we’ve become accustomed to but have instead produced a disappointing display of white and gray. This humdrum aesthetic has in turn led to a new found appreciation for the little pops of color that we encounter daily. Whether it be the deep yellow brilliance of the evening sun or the bright crimson of an exposed fire hydrant, color has become as necessary to our well-being as water. And with this current winter dreariness, we’ve all become somewhat dehydrated.

Thankfully there are people like this week’s Fashionista, whose dedication to color is certain to cure what ails us. Her hunter green duffel coat is a fantastic alternative to the more common black and gray, but her hair is what truly caught my eye. Her scarlet locks contrast nicely with the green of her jacket but a color choice like this can hold it’s own without any added help. Her choice of this deep red with strands of bright yellows are the perfect mix of daring and demure. It makes a statement without distracting from the many other aspects of what makes her look so cool.

For those who are considering a hair color change there are many approaches to mimicking this Fashionista’s tinted tresses. If you’re too timid for an at home experience then there is no shame in going to your local salon and letting a professional handle the job. Those who are a bit more daring should still seek advice from a hair care professional, then purchase a well-tested dye kit such as Garnier Fructisse Ultra Color or Revlon Color Silk. The most important thing to keep in mind when considering a hair change, especially one that involved bleaching your follicles, it to condition your hair. Deep conditioners like Neutrogena’s Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask are perfect for hair recovery after a dye job.



ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Beauty and the Beard

To most people, a man’s beard may not seem like the most appropriate topic for a hair and beauty column. Perhaps it seems too rough or hyper-masculine to stand beside posts about lip-liner and soft curls. Proper beard maintenance, however, can at times be as grueling and intricate for men as applying liquid liner is for women. And now that Minnesota’s weather is finally dipping beneath the double digits there is a noticeable rise in the amount of scruffy gentleman around campus. This established correlation between cold weather and men’s facial hair sometimes creates beards that are less than aesthetically pleasing, but because of this Fashionisto’s whisker dedication his beard fits not only his face but his style.

To those intrepid Fashionistos who are joining the ranks of the bearded, the most important tip I can offer is to remember to trim. Invest in a solid trimmer such as the Wahl Groomsman Beard and be sure to adjust the clippers to the appropriate setting in order to avoid uneven patches. Keeping your beard nice and soft is also encouraged and beard conditioners such as the Wild Man Beard Conditioner will do so beautifully. It may seem a little strange initially, but you must remember that just like the hair on your head needs moisture, so does the hair on your face.

Style Guru Bio: Makini Allwood

I am currently a senior English and Studio Art double major at Carleton College. My main artistic focus has been black and white film photography, but I am now experimenting with the new and exciting field of artistic digital photography. My focus in English is a little less exact, but I have always loved reading and writing and I hope to incorporate these passions with whatever I do in the future. This is my second term as a Style Guru and I'm very excited to work once more within the CollegeFashionista family.

Those who know me well, have accepted that I have what some would call an obsession with my hair. They understand that this means that swimming is not often my preferred activity and that whenever I say I have to “quickly do my hair” this often means I’m going to be at least an hour late. What they may not understand, however, is why I’m so fascinated with my raven tresses. Much like every other aspect of style I believe that hair, skin and even nails are ways in which we can express our individuality. And after a term of chronicling the fashion and accessory trends at Carleton, I now understand that what makes us stylish isn’t always our apparel.

This is why I’m thrilled to be focusing this term on the unique hair and beauty trends that are popular on campus. Be sure to follow me this term as I learn from my peers new and exciting ways to be all about the beauty.