An accessory is interesting if and only if it falls under one of these three categories: it’s incredibly beautiful, it has a lot of personality or it is technological. Now, tech gear is, now more than ever, a fashionable item. From Tory Burch fitness bracelets to Google Glass, designed by Diane von Furstenberg, how can you not love and embrace digital accessories? This Fashionista is a classic example of a tech gear worshiper. She wears over-ear headphones, which are vintage and modern at the same time.

Speaking of which, have you noticed how more and more Fashionistas are succumbing to the bulky and comfortable style of large headphones? The unmistakable small and white ones from Apple seem to be loosing their popularity. Recently, Dolce&Gabbana showed a-m-a-z-i-n-g headphones in its fall 2015 show. Osklen, a Brazilian brand, also showed over-ear headphones in their runway show for São Paulo Fashion Week in fall 2015. Meanwhile, Chanel launched a digital collaboration with Monster Headphones last year.

Another great thing about wearing maxi accessories, like over-ear headphones, is that they are able to transform your outfit. This Fashionista seems cool and laid back with her pair of headphones. If she was not wearing them, the outfit would still look fashionable, but not as urban and interesting.

How To: Besides being fashion-forward, large headphones are comfortable and, of course, necessary for listening to music in public. Therefore, since they are used on a daily basis, my tip is to invest in different colors and shapes, as you would with cellphone cases and watches.


A concert is one of the few times someone can pretty much wear anything he/she feels like. A crowd full of fans is like one big person; no one will pay attention if you look like a flower child, a goth or a cowboy. It is not that everyone magically becomes tolerant, but simply: Beyoncé is on stage. Nonetheless, it is important to keep in mind that a concert look has to have the same amount of comfort as style.

This collegiate could not have done a better job in illustrating my words. Her T-shirt, for one, has just the right mix of style and comfort. While the front is basic, the cutout back is edgy and, as a bonus, very breezy—that is important to keep in mind if the show is outdoors. Moving on, her pants are basic and comfortable, so if she has to sit on the grass, for instance, it would be fine. Also, her plaid shirt wrapped around her waist serves two roles: while it adds personality to her look it also doubles as an emergency sweater. Her shoes are ideal, since nothing beats Converse when it comes to comfort and style. Lastly, a show is the perfect opportunity to test your skills in makeup. Try heavier eyeliner or dark lips, like this Fashionista did. Hey, why not even dye your hair like hers?

One Simple Change: If the weather forecast shows rain, opt for rain boots instead of sneakers. I am a sole believer that shoes do not have to match an outfit. Also, instead of holding on to a plaid shirt, bring a hoodie to avoid drizzle on your head and consequently frizzy hair. On the other hand, if the climate is hot and sticky with a bright blue sky, wear something even more practical, like jean shorts. Just make sure your sweater or plaid shirt is big enough to sit on—no one likes to feel grass on their skin for hours.


STYLE GURU STYLE: Embracing Fast Fashion

Before fashion became a subject of study for me, I thought you needed money to look good. Silly me and my virgin years of fast fashion. The second I embraced Zara and Forever 21, to be that specific, my life and sense of style were completely renewed. If you look around, people have been purchasing more and more cheap clothing, be that because of the economy or just a change of course. The bottom line is that fast fashion is here to stay. It is no wonder so many brands and style icons have partnered with H&M, such as Karl Lagerfeld, Robert Cavalli and even Beyoncé.

Did you catch the Topshop Unique fall 2015 runway show? The front row of the audience had as many A-listers as any couture label would. Alexa Chung, Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne were just a few of the celebrities present. Dovetailing off of that, my entire outfit is fast fashion, except for the navy blue J.Crew T-shirt. The jacket is Forever 21 and skirt and sandals are Zara. I was not kidding about my love for those two brands.

You can tell by the lack of pattern and print in the outfit that my style is classic. I also like to prioritize comfort, especially for work, as was the case for this outfit. Low platform sandals are a go-to staple and a long skirt is an overall safe bet. Furthermore, the jacket played a key role in giving some edge to an otherwise very girly look.

Get My Look: 1. A biker jacket. 2. A midi skirt. 3. A pair of comfortable platform sandals.


I would trade summer for spring any day. If you are not at the beach 24/7, there is no fun in bearing the heat. Spring, on the other hand, is just the right mix of hot and cold for anything you have planned—except the beach. Since choosing the climate is not an option, I have learned to cope with the given circumstances. With that said, this Fashionista is exhibit A of what someone who has styled dresses like they’re styled in the summer: a trendy dress and sneakers. I am obsessed with people who wear dresses and sneakers. To me, it is the coolest thing.

Now, analyzing her dress specifically, clothes inspired by basketball uniforms have been in fashion for a while. Since the ’90s, they have come and gone quite a few times. Most recently, Tom Ford showed jersey dresses in his fall 2014 ready-to-wear collection. Tommy Hilfiger also invested in the trend for his brand’s spring 2014 runway show.

A simple way you can change this look is by trading in her sneakers for running shoes, preferably a colorful or neon pair. That way her outfit would look even sportier. Also, how good would this look with knee-high socks and a maxi necklace? Another option is to tie a plaid shirt around her waist, put on combat boots and a nice pair of Ray-Ban wayfarers. Lastly, to make it more club material, opt for high heels and a small cross-body purse.

What is YOUR STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like wearing jersey dresses during the day for any occasion. At night, I switch into crop tops and high-waisted bottoms.”


To consider denim as couture is unexpected. Jean Paul Gaultier took that leap in his spring/summer 2015 couture runway show in Paris. Even though mixing jean shorts with high end fashion could be considered vintage rather than groundbreaking, Gaultier still ignored the status quo in couture. I don’t know about you, but that is the kind of fashion moment I like the most.

When I saw this Fashionista on the streets on a Sunday afternoon, I thought about how black tights and black shoes are so unexpected to wear in broad daylight, especially when it is summer. Granted, her look is not as big of a fashion leap as Gaultier’s clothes, but for street style, it is still pretty daring. Could you tell if she was in a bar or club a few moments ago, or had just left her house to go shopping? Not really. That is the beauty. There is no way of telling where she was off to. So by wearing this denim dress and tights, she is questioning what is normal. Who said black tights, black shoes and black sunglasses are not suited for brunch? Who is to say the look is not appropriate for watching a soccer game?

With that said, what other looks would defy the normal way to wear tights? This Fashionista could have used a sequin, over-the-knee skirt with a Beatles T-shirt and kept her Ray-Ban shades on for a cool finish. Another option is to wear a short jumpsuit, still showing off her tights. To keep it “bold,” why not opt for a plaid pattern? Take this week to break boundaries on what is normal!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I wear tights day and night. Another look I pair black tights with is a white T-shirt and denim shorts. I like how it makes the outfit edgy and also disguises my legs.”


Whether you are leaving your parents’ house to move into a dorm or graduating from college to start an independent life, a new wardrobe is in order. Of course, you will not start from zero, but a checklist of specific items of clothing is more than necessary. In any girl’s closet there should be: a pair of jeans, blazer, white T-shirt, tennis shoes, trench coat, black pumps and I have taken the liberty of adding a knee-length vest.

This Fashionista is what made me obsess over the not-so-obvious fashion staple. A vest is not something I would normally invest in, but I have now learned that it can make a world of a difference in an outfit. Sort of like a trench coat, the possibilities of mixing clothes with a knee-length vest are near infinite. This collegiate opted to make her black dress casual chic by adding the beige vest, but she could have easily worn the staple with shorts and a tank top. The result would be just as trendy.

Another detail that drew my attention was color of the vest. Wearing something beige is like using a blank canvas. Anything will look good with this color. The easiest way to prove this point is by mixing beige with black, a contrasting tone that also adds a factor of class to the outfit. Nonetheless, a gray, white or navy blue vest would also look great, since they are all basic colors. Remember, classic tones are the starting point of a basic wardrobe.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I wear this vest with other pieces of clothing, as well, such as jeans and a tucked in shirt.”

WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

I asked a friend the other day why she wore so many accessories. She responded that she grew up in a hot city where the sticky climate prevented her from wearing anything other than basic, breezy clothes. The solution to her fashion dilemma was to invest in accessories. Lesson learned. Every time I see myself with no options other than to wear a white shirt and basic pants, like this Fashionista, accessories come to mind. While I am at it, why not try wearing something creative, like a coral necklace?

Chic and interesting, accessories that imitate coral have become a fashion staple in the last years. Come to think of it, Valentino’s fall 2013 couture collection showed clutches with coral handles, along with gowns that had coral prints. But if were really looking for inspiration, Francesca Romana Diana and Virzi + De Luca are two Brazilian accessory brands that created to-die-for coral collections last year.

Enough said: this Fashionista’s look is the quintessential outfit to wear to work on a hot summer day. You could not ask for anything better. The look is basic, elegant and by all means appropriate for the office. This proves that you do not need a lot of details to keep and outfit interesting. Sometimes all you need is a statement accessory and voilà!

One Simple Change: If it is winter where you are, add a long navy blue trench coat to this Fashionista’s outfit. You can never go wrong with classic colors. Take it from someone who wears basic outfits 24/7.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bearing The Heat In Style

Since it is summer in Brazil, my post is all about hot weather. I am the kind of person that only likes warm temperatures when I am on vacation, preferably somewhere that has a beach. Otherwise, I am happy with cold climates. It does not have to snow or anything, but I should definitely feel the need to carry a sweater. I find this to be a shared opinion between Fashionistas. I mean, which would you rather: Wear a trench coat that makes you warm and stylish, or a skirt that sticks to your sweaty body, making you look skimpy or highlighting your imperfections?

Nonetheless, since every rule has an exception, this Fashionista is the “but” to my cold climate theory. In nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit, she was able to pull off a stylish outfit. I was so obsessed with her look that I even crossed the street sprinting, afraid I would not be able to photograph her. The floral dress she had on was from Farm, the same brand of the dress I was wearing in one of my STYLE GURU STYLE articles! (this one). What I like about this Fashionista is that the one piece hugs her stomach, but has a loose top. The combination of the details are very slimming. Plus, the pleated bottom gives the dress an elegant touch.

Her accessories also played an important role. I loved how she used aviator sunglasses, a classic model that I hold near and dear. She also opted for a neutral purse and espadrilles, leaving all the attention to her dress. Perfect!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “This floral dress could be used day or night. It goes with any kind of shoe: high heels, flats, combat boots…However, if you choose to wear the outfit at night, trade in the shoulder bag for a clutch.”

STYLE GURU STYLE: Journalist Attire

Sometimes I really enjoy dressing like a typical journalist: plain shirt and jeans. No fuss, no overthinking, just the unofficial uniform this profession holds dear. Do not get me wrong, I like and admire a nice outfit as much as the next girl, but there are days that I just want be plain. Besides, it is not like I live a Downton Abbey lifestyle where I have three maids to iron, fold and plan my outfit. Actually, I am very far from the glamorous treatment of the English earls. I share an apartment and I do my own laundry, so it is safe to say that I barely explore my limits as far as mixing and matching clothes goes.

A little disappointing, yes, but so are many things, like first episode of the third season of The Newsroom. So boring. But back to fashion! If there is one thing I have learned in my never ending attempts to look great with minimal effort, it is how far one piece of clothing can go. A simple sweater can do magic for an outfit, believe it or not. I have received many compliments on this floral cardigan, for example, so I can say from experience it works!

Of course, not only cardigans can give your outfit an upgrade. Kimonos are incredible as well. Plus if you like trends, a lot of celebrities are wearing them. Also, if you’ve noticed, my pants are ripped. Just barely, but they are. This touch may not seem like much, but it gives the overall look a young and modern vibe. Actually, with that denim element, I could even trade the sweater for a graphic T-shirt.

Get my look: 1. A plain Jane shirt. 2. Ripped jeans. 3. The magical element that is the floral cardigan.

STYLE GURU BIO: Manuela Almeida

Two years and eight months is how long I have been a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. During this time I have written directly from Brazil, from the campus of Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC) in Rio de Janeiro and now from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi in São Paulo. Two years and one month is the time span I have been a fashion reporter for Joyce Pascowitch in São Paulo—a job that I only snagged because I learned I loved fashion through working with CollegeFashionista. Three years and a six months is the total time I have been a college student. Now I face the final step in earning a bachelor’s degree in Journalism—my thesis. This means that in six months I will be an alum and no longer a Style Guru. Wow.

Since it is my last semester as an intern for CollegeFashionista, I have complied a list of the main things I have learned: 1. Street style is where true fashion is found. In fact, a lot of designers study what common people wear in order to create collections. 2. You do not need a lot of money to be fashionable. 3. College students all around the world dress the same. 4. No matter how simple an outfit, a look tells a story. 5. College is the perfect time to experience different styles of clothes and discover your true fashion identity. There will be no more listening to what your parents tell you to wear or what your hometown friends expect. Just do your own thing.

In my saga of discovering what outfits I love most and what kind of style is authentically my own, I have, as these pictures point out, discovered that I am a basic kind of girl. In essence: I like clothes that do not go out of style. As you have noticed, my shirt is black and white, my skirt is brown and my shoes and tights are black. I almost never wear accessories, but when I do it is usually jewelry and typically discrete. Do not get me wrong, I love colorful, bold and neon fashion…but only to write about and admire from a distance.