For most, there are few times of the year that generates more sadness than the start of school. You know the drill. Summer days spent idly laying by a pool or simply searching for the best frozen yogurt place in town are now filled with scheduling, packing and organizing. Embrace these fleeting days of summer, by stepping out in a floral themed accessory. After all, soon we will trade in our light summer dresses for dark layers and though the change can sometimes be a welcome one, there is something to be said for taking it all in, one last time.

This Fashionista pulls her whole look together with her seasonal floral scarf. She transforms a basic, everyday look consisting of cut-off shorts and a white, sleeveless tee into a statement-making outfit with the fun print. Although she incorporates the summer shade in a different manner, I love the way that Aimee Song styles her floral print, both dressing it up with a skirt and adding the mirrored effect with her sunglasses. When compared side by side with this Fashionista’s chic ensemble, it is hard to deny the power of a basic white tee to bring out the vibrant nature of the floral pattern.

With the start of school looming in the very near future, there is typically a sense of urgency involved with finding the perfect tote bag to store all of your class essentials during the day. Relish these last summer days that can be spent in a minimalist way, with a simple but chic cross-body bag. This Fashionista’s olive toned bag ensures that it will easily spillover into fall. For those cooler months, pair the bag with a chic sweatshirt, some denim and booties.

Spotted: The timeless Diane von Furstenberg proves that patterned scarves are not just for the summer lovers, but also appropriate for the coming months with her fall 2013 ready-to-wear collection.


Sometimes, less is more. Now, color coordinating your accessories has never been more timely and often pulls an outfit together in unseemly ways. With summer quickly fading away, embrace bright geometric patterns paired with reliable neutrals to ease the pain of losing the season where prints can go wild. Muted accessories are the perfect accompaniment to a visual masterpiece.

The oversized, slouchy clutch is this season’s it accessory. Not only is it an aesthetic gem, but it holds much practical value as well. Big enough in personality to make a statement while being able to hold all of your everyday essentials. This Fashionista’s slate-toned clutch is ideal for transitioning from summer to fall. A solid, muted clutch can go a long way and will quickly become your go-to for all kinds of occasions. It is both the perfect daytime accessory and nighttime companion. However, the reflection of color across this Fashionista’s outfit is what really drives the effect of the clutch, home. From her wrist wear to her bag and sandals, this Fashionista maintains a neutral theme throughout her accessories, which allows the fun pattern in her shirt to pop. For moving into fall, consider adding a little blush colored clutch. The natural tone will make any attempt to move towards layered outfits seem effortless.

Finally, her white, cropped boyfriend jeans and oversized Wayfarers are the perfect way to cap off summer and her outfit. Although white is gradually moving into the year-round fashion vernacular, it simply does not look the same underneath an oversized sweater as it does a kaleidoscope shirt such as this Fashionista’s. Her wayfarers ensure that whether she is headed to a last-minute summer barbecue or maybe even an unexpected Sunday brunch, she is still embracing all that summer has to offer.

Spotted: Proenza Shoulder, known for their handbags, incorporates splashes of neutral into their resort 2014 looks.


The power of a boot is often underestimated. They really are the perfect transition piece. As we slowly and begrudgingly begin to trade in our cotton sundresses for light, knit sweaters, keep the booty in mind as the perfect transition piece. This Fashionista owns her ankle boots and proves that even in the midst of intense summer heat waves, there is always room for making a fashion statement. With fall right around the corner, it is hard to deny the practicality in investing in a short boot. They deserve a place on the shelf year-round.

While this Fashionista’s boots may make us think of a time where the temperatures are cooler and the leaves are changing colors, her tropical-themed shorts ensure that the look stays grounded in summer. The palm print is one of this season’s finest of-the-moment trends. While the boots look fabulous paired with shorts, they are equally as chic when thrown on with a paisley sundress. With booties, oftentimes the more wear and tear that they have, the better. Turn to this adorable metallic booty if you need even more help transitioning between the seasons.

This look, with its statement shorts and daring boots coupled with a white, breezy top, is perfect for closing days of summer spent at an outdoor concert or perusing the aisles of the local farmer’s market. Trade in the pattern for detailed denim cutoffs, like this fashion and beauty maven, to achieve a similar, daring look.

At the same time, this Fashionista’s purple, studded cross-body bag offers an accent of color and adds a further element of edge to her outfit. The bright hue of the bag accentuates the playful shorts and works well with the short boots. With the prospect of enjoying the rest of summer plans, it is sometimes easy to forgo a bag for storing your essentials in your pocket. However, the distinct character and punch of having something slung over your shoulder truly makes the outfit complete. While the rest of your summer days fade away, remember to keep it short and sweet.

Spotted: For some of the most fashion-forward ways to style your summer booties, check out rag & bone’s resort 2014 collection.


Stacking bracelets is the quintessential summer trend. However, knowing what will look good together and what will be over the top can be difficult. It is important to keep an arsenal of bracelets of varying metals and sizes. If you feel stuck, this tutorial from WhoWhatWear is extremely helpful for figuring out what works and what doesn’t. This Fashionista opts for the more feminine look by mixing delicate gold pieces with animal print and light pastels while keeping it bold with the cuff look. However, you can also go the friendship bracelet route or even in the way of edginess.

Green and leopard are a natural pairing, so this Fashionista’s outfit seems to flow together seamlessly while her black bag neutralizes the look. Her lace tank keeps the outfit light and perfect for the daytime. As much as it is difficult to admit, the start of school is right around the corner and this Fashionista’s outfit would be great to throw on for class. To move the outfit to more of evening wear, keep a similar shirt with the same bracelet stacks on the arms and dress it up with a pair of silk shorts.

The trends of our childhood, the Baby-Gs and the friendship bracelets, are back. Well, sort of. Trade in the Baby-Gs for a gold watch and you are solid. It seems like yesterday when we would stack arms mile high with personalized, thread creations. Whether you are laying on the beach or out to lunch with friends, stack your bracelet treasures and continue to keep it personal. When people ask what is on your arm, you will have a story to tell for at least one of them. Whether the story beckons sentiment or laughter, it is always nice to wear a little emotion on your sleeve.

Spotted: Versace’s 2014 resort collection takes the look to the seashore. Check out the collection for beach inspired looks.


Less is more: this truth has been tested throughout time. Now more than ever, the sleek and minimalist look is in. As fashion continues to encourage us to be ourselves, bold accessories help us stand apart in a crowd. From tailored separates to lengthened hemlines, the possibilities for a polished look are endless. This Fashionista makes a statement with her gold collar necklace. The caged effect of the necklace creates a poised yet daring haute rebel.

Dressed down with a gray, jersey dress, this Fashionista achieves the perfect day look. Pair the same necklace with a crisp white button-down and black, leather shorts to grab a late bite to eat. The gray dress serves as a great canvas for adding elements of flare to the rest of her outfit. Her jean vest is right on trend and her sandals add a simple but fun pop of color. To change up the same look, make the dress floor-length with this simple, gray maxi.

This Tory Burch gold collar is both simple and elegant at the same time. The necklace possesses a regal element that beckons a Cleopatra comparison and that is encapsulated also in her gold hoop earrings. If you are aiming for a more casual look, snap the same necklace beneath the collar of a dip-dyed chambray shirt to achieve something that is both unique and chic.

This Fashionista’s whole look is swept together with the top knot on her head. Those with ample amounts of hair are oft hesitant to pull our manes away in one motion. However, any painstaking amount of time spent situating this bun on top of your head is worth it in the long run.

Spotted: Check out Chanel’s 2014 resort collection, which combined elegant collars with many black and white ensembles, for more outfit inspiration.


Summer is a time for exploring new things: that food truck festival one of your friends told you about or the live band that you have never heard before. As summer calls for an adventurous spirit, don’t forget about statement-making neckwear.

Mint is the color of the summer. This Fashionista pairs her statement necklace perfectly with her coral top in a color combination that is always a hit. For summer, cobalt blue teamed with metallic or the classic black and white are always killer combinations. Currently, I am in love with the way that the bright turquoise and neon pink work together in this fun aqua bib.

Even more so, investing in one statement necklace can transform a wardrobe you feel that you have looked at a million times into a completely new look. The pieces are on the pricey side of things, but they are worth every penny because no matter what time of day it is you will earn back your money spent in envious stares. This Fashionista accomplishes just that and cools down her look with white jeans. With the statement necklace and the wedges, this Fashionista is ready to hit the town. To achieve more of a daytime look, throw on the the same top and necklace with distressed denim shorts and neutral sandals.

Spotted: For ideas on how to incorporate statement pieces into cool white wardrobes, like this Fashionista, check out Givenchy’s 2014 resort collection.


The joys of being a jet-setter do not always come easily. The task of planning outfits, when faced with summer travels, can be arduous. Knowing what is appropriate at your destination and battling potential weather issues is never painless. Whether you are wandering the canals of Venice or touring Versailles, having an arsenal of outfits and accessories ready for any occasion is completely necessary. A satchel is the perfect companion to any day filled with blissful, foreign adventures.

This Fashionista adds a pop of color to her deep-neutral outfit with this Cambridge satchel. Not only is her bag right on trend, but it is also great for storing all of your summer voyage essentials. The buckles secure the bag and with that hopefully your wallet and passport too. Keep it bold with the royal blue, like this Fashionista does, but also feel free to take it even brighter with a neon one or stay pretty with one of these pastels. Personalize it with a monogram and there will be no mistaking, amongst your fellow travelers, whose satchel is whose.

The rest of this Fashionista’s outfit flows together from head to toe in a layering of neutrals. The black, high-waisted shorts maintain the polished look and pull in the colors nicely from her eye-catching, leopard blouse. Her necklace, with its heavy braiding and bronze tones, takes the look to the next level of chic and emits an ultra-feminine feel. Dressed up with wedges, this outfit can also work for most nighttime festivities.

For those of us who dream about returning to playful schooldays where there was a designated snack time and scheduled recess, this bag can take you way back while pushing you fashion forward at the same time. From overalls to friendship bracelets, old school is making a comeback, but if we were to give ourselves a reality check here, these bags are really too cool for school.

Spotted: Check out Chris Benz’s spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection to see how he incorporated the look on the runway.


The statement sandal is having a moment. The proof is walking down the runways, plastered in magazines and even spotted in the streets. The time when shoes were meant solely to protect your feet from harm is gone. Now, iconic American designers such as Tory Burch and Jimmy Choo, known for their simplicity, have embraced the embellishments with their 2013 spring collections, amping up their designs with studs and even fringe. We are all familiar with the timeless adage of walking a mile in someone else’s shoes but now more than ever, those shoes come in multiple flavors and have taken center stage in many Fashionistas’ outfits.

Although investing in a pair of simple sandals is always appropriate, take the chance this summer to embrace the bold, whatever that means for you. This season, I am particularly enjoying the attack of the python trend and also sandals with powerful hardware. We can all admit that there are very few things that are more befitting for showing off a fresh pedicure during the summertime than a great pair of open-toed sandals.

This Fashionista keeps it simple on top with a billowy, white blouse and a pair of ripped, cutoff shorts that together let her feet do all of the talking. Her black gladiator sandals combine two of the season’s hottest trends: metallic and leopard print. The nature of the sandal gives her outfit a sense of controlled drama and is perfect for a summer day with endless possibilities.

Aviators and stacked bracelets are the ideal complement to her statement sandals. This Fashionista mixes her metals by stacking delicate, silver bracelets on her wrist that offer a nice contrast to the gold in her sandals.

If you are nervous about attracting attention to your feet, try sticking to a basic, metallic sandal or simplified animal print. For those of you who are like me and are currently dreaming about drifting away in a boat off the coast of Greece, continue to dream with me in these. For now, while your world travels might be at bay, stay chic in sandals that have character while fantasizing about faraway places.

Spotted: In his spring 2013 collection, 3.1 Phillip Lim combined bold prints and metallic in the form of a sandal.


The phrase “school is out,” is one that has maintained the same connotation throughout time. Maybe you are still taking classes and you have scored that impressive internship, but either way, you cannot deny that summer is in the air. It is the feeling that the possibilities for adventure are endless as are opportunities to expand your fashion palette. From a spontaneous shopping trip to simply taking a stroll in the park, having looks that you can throw together quickly has never been more pertinent and statement accessories can help you get the job done.

This Fashionista expertly accessorizes her strapless, black maxi with a multitude of necklaces of different colors and lengths. This look brings her solid dress to life and adds a punch of color to what would otherwise be a sleek, monochromatic outfit. Black weaves in and out of her outfit. From her black handbag to her Ray-Bans and black necklace and even the black detailing in her leopard sandals, the monochromatic background truly allows the green in her necklace to pop.

The beauty of the maxi is that it is a piece that can be styled a countless number of ways. To achieve this look, go casual with a long, black frock. The simplicity of black, when used as the base for any outfit, accomplishes the goal of making a statement and looking put together at the same time. Pairing the dress with a simple cross-body bag and minimalist sandals keeps the look light and airy.

Now for the necklaces. Layering jewelry is an art form in that it sometimes takes a painstaking amount of time to decide what to pair together, and yet you need to make the look seem effortless at the same time. Start with your staple necklace that you wear everyday, maybe one that shows your initials or even your home state and build from there. I also love the simplicity of this bar necklace that can both stand by itself and be matched with many others. When layering, combining edgy and feminine pieces always works. Don’t be afraid to be bold. In addition to green, turquoise and coral are great complements to any black outfit. Choosing necklaces that are solid in color is absolutely key in avoiding hectic style and maintaining a polished look. For the final touch, add a delicate necklace with a small gemstone that keeps the look down to earth.

The most important thing about jewelry is that it gives you the chance to make your style your own. Yet, deciding on what jewelry to wear is sometimes the most challenging part of putting an outfit together. Stick to what you know you like and feel comfortable in but be daring at the same time. Whether you are surrounded by people at a music festival or wandering alone on a tropical island, the baubles you are wearing can make you stand out, no matter the location.

Spotted: In her fall 2013 collection, Isabel Marant features several delicate necklaces that would be perfect for layering.

STYLE GURU BIO: Margaret Viator

My name is Margaret Viator and I am a junior at Georgetown University, majoring in Government and minoring in Journalism. This summer, I am new to the CollegeFashionista team and I am extremely excited to immerse myself in all of the facets of being a Style Guru.

There was once a time when I dreaded going to the mall. Today, I wish that was my problem because I simply can’t seem to stay away. Admittedly, one of my favorite parts of the day is standing in front of my closet, puzzled over what I am going to wear. My roommate and I seem to constantly have the same conversation: I typically gasp and throw my hands in the air because I am sick of all of my clothes, she says the same about hers and then both of us manage to throw something together at the last minute. This is what I love about fashion, that it isn’t just a way to dress your body but a way to dress who you are.

I am thrilled to be writing for the CollegeFashionista team this summer. At Georgetown, I have written for the student newspaper and other publications, but I look forward to embracing fashion as my sole focus. This summer I will be writing, capturing and cataloguing great fashion sense that I find on the streets of my hometown New Orleans. When I am not tracking down fashionable New Orleanians, I will be exercising my government and writing muscles by interning at a local think tank and gearing up to study abroad in the fall.

On almost any day of the week, you can typically find me in something that is cheetah print, leather or glittery. My friends like to make fun of me because I own too much of each, but I always find myself gravitating towards them stylistically. My goal for the summer is to embrace new styles, while keeping the old and hopefully not spending all of my money online shopping.

Like all the fashion obsessed, I smile every time I come across an Olivia Palermo outfit I have never seen before, or when someone asks me where I got that dress that I found after hours of scouring the racks at Forever 21. For us Fashionistas, these little moments are the ones that count and I am looking forward to sharing them all with you!