One summer trend that never seems to get old is the mixing and matching of bold summer prints and hues. This Fashionista opts for a tribal printed tunic, incorporating bold colors that inspire a bohemian vibe.  She pairs the tunic with a pair of sleek Michael Kors gold wedges and a beaded gold necklace from Anthropologie.  To finish off the look, she wears a classic brown leather belt.  One great thing about tunics in the summer time is that they can also be paired with a pair of white, straight leg jeans.  

Name: Joy Curtis

Year: Junior

Major: Anthropology and International Studies 

College Fashionista: What inspires your everyday style?

JC: I love bold prints in the summer time.  I have spent too many seasons buying black and neutrals so this summer I've been mostly inspired by patterns and colorful tribal prints. 

CF: Where do you look for fashion advice and ideas?

JC: I frequently check my favorite store websites and favorite blogs such as The Sartorialist and Cupcakes and Cashmere.  I also look for inspiration in magazines and from the people around me.  

CF: If you could have any celebrity’s wardrobe, whose would it be?

JC: Although it may be a cliché, Sarah Jessica Parker.

How To: I cannot stress enough how versatile white jeans are in the spring and summer time. They are a seasonal staple, and every Fashionista should have a go-to pair. Stark white jeans should be paired with a contrasting top full of bold and vibrant summer colors. A tribal printed tunic or colorful top is perfect for this time of year. If you want a more subtle solid color, check out this tunic by Joie.  For a bold solid color, this fuchsia silk tunic is ideal and classic. For a great pattern, try this batwing sleeve silk top. Throw on your favorite pair of wedges and statement necklace to dress up the look and make it complete.



Throughout the furious winter season, a prevalent trend seen all over college campuses was the creative use of military themed pieces, particularly in jackets, coats, and skinny pants.  This Fashionista opts for a lighter use of the trend seen in her vest by Sanctuary.  Underneath the fitted vest, she wears a nautical themed, boat neck shirt with dazzling sequins dispersed on the sides.  This Fashionista successfully takes a trend seen in the past and updates it by making it more accommodating to the current spring season and adding her own twist underneath.   

Name: Jordan Keller

Year: Senior

Major: Communications

College Fashionista: Who is your style icon?

Jordan Keller: Both Rachel Bilson and Diane Kruger.  They are both timeless yet edgy and up to date.  They dress according to what their style is and how they want to look which is hard to come by. 

CF:  What is your favorite spring item?

JK: Although '70s themed trends were seen a lot last season, I still adore the era exaggerated into style and trends.  

CF:  If you had a million dollars to spend on one designer, who would it be?

JK: I have to pick two: Proenza Schouler and Chloé.  Both are so perfect, I can't just pick one.

How To: Coming into summer, try to incorporate a military theme in light pieces such as shorts.  Check out these shorts by Hudson or these by Posted on Categories UncategorizedTags , , , , , Leave a comment on FASHIONISTA SPOTLIGHT: Jordan Keller


After weeks of dreary rain and cloudy weather, Fashionistas/os are pleased to find the weather in Nashville finally turning over a new leaf.  With the sun shining, this Fashionista wears a striped Free People skirt with a sexy slit down the side. The slit makes this piece perfect for transitioning from day to night.  For daytime, she adds a simple black tank and an olive beaded necklace.  Long skirts are perfect for this time of year and are a great alternative to maxi dresses for the summer season.  I approached this Fashionista to ask her a few questions:

 Name: Sloane Potter

Year: Sophomore

Major: Secondary Education

College Fashionista: What inspires your everyday style?

Sloane Potter:  I love taking fashion from previous eras and making it my own.  Long skirts were seen a lot throughout the '60s.  It's great to take an old trend from years ago and turn it into something modern and current to today's fashion.  

CF:  In three words, how would you describe your style?

SP:  Trendy, modern, and colorful.  

CF: If you had a million dollars, what designer would you spend it on and why?

SP: My answer definitely depends what kind of mood I am in but right now I would say Chloé.  See by Chloé specifically has really youthful designs and wonderful handbags and accessories.  

How To: The most important element of this outfit is the maxi skirt.  Find a skirt that you love, whether solid or patterned; it is important to find one that suits you and what you already have in your closet.  For a white maxi skirt that is perfect for lounging at the beach, check out this one by Free People.  For daytime wear, throw a tank top underneath the skirt that will elongate and show off your body.  Add a chunky statement necklace to finish the look, and you'll be all set!


This week's Fashionista steals the spotlight by taking a classic look and making it her own. Her shirt, a striped, sleeveless button down is a prep classic.  The lace on the front and down the sides makes it trendy and distinct.  Longer shirts can have a tendency to swallow a Fashionista's body, but to counteract this, this Fashionista wears skinny jeans and edgy snakeskin wedges.  To learn more about her everyday style, I approached her with a few questions:

Name: Lauren Stanley

Year: Sophomore

Major: Public Policy

College Fashionista: What is your favorite spring accessory?

Lauren Stanley:  I love how high platform wedges are the new “it” shoe. I always like to wear shoes that give me a little extra height when I go out, and I have found that most heels kill my feet by the end of the night. Wedges are great because not only are they fashionable, but also they are much more comfortable.

CF:  What inspires your daily style?

LS:  Although I wouldn’t label myself as having a specific fashion style, I am always drawn to bright colors, strong prints, and beaded patterns. Most pieces in my wardrobe come from boutiques in my hometown and in Nashville. I love boutiques because you can discover new brands that you may never have seen in the larger department stores

CF:  Who are your style icons?

LS:   I don’t necessarily have any style icons. I just buy what catches in my eye in stores. I’m a big believer in maintaining your own unique style and not just following trends. I really admire Sarah Jessica Parker because her outfits are bold yet classy.

How To:  To achieve Lauren's sophisticated yet trendy look, look for a classic piece that has a distinctive pattern, beading, or fabric on it.  Free People is a great brand that takes typical pieces and puts a spin on them, particularly in regards to lace.  With summer right around the corner, look for a shirtdress as an alternative to a blouse and jeans.  For wedges, check any where from Forever 21 to Shopbop to find a perfect pair.  Like Lauren, find a pair with an edge to them such as these.  Each one of these pieces is a summer must have and will be incredibly useful for the upcoming season.  


Skulls, chunky accessories, and loafers are all things that in my opinion, will never go out of style.  This Fashionista, spotted on her way to art history class, finds a perfect medley between edgy and feminine with her worn in skull T-shirt and red silk scarf.  I loved her black patent leather loafers; they added a perfectly smart touch to tie the outfit together.  Curious about her style and inspiration, I approached Helen with a few questions.  

Name: Helen Robinson

Year: Sophomore

Major: Art History

CollegeFashionista:  Who are your favorite designers? 

Helen Robinson: Helmut Lang, Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim, Opening Ceremony, and Elizabeth and James.

CF:  What is your favorite spring accessory?

HR: Well, aside from having a love affair with over-accessorizing with jewelry and scarves… right now my favorite accessories are loafers and my hair. Flats are starting to feel tired, so this spring I'm going to be wearing a lot of my mom's old loafers (stubbs and wonton are the best). I also love using what my momma gave me by trying new and funky hair styles to spice up my outfits. Plus it costs me no money which is great.

CF:  Who is your fashion inspiration and/or style icon?

HR: I wouldn't say I have any one specific style icon, instead I find my fashion inspiration from the people and things around me. Being an artist, I tend to seek creativity from the little things around me that seem intriguing or weird, whether it be a strange chachki or the weekly Nashville torrential downpours.

How to: To kill two birds with one stone, check out this black and rose skull scarf by Alexander McQueen.  His collection has a fantastic selection of skull inspired scarves that will add edge and spunk to any outfit.  If you want to take a brighter approach, find a scarf with bold color such as this one by Cartier. For the T-shirt, find an oversized or worn in shirt such as this one from Urban Outfitters.  They also have a great selection of loafers and oxfords that will go perfectly with the rest of the outfit to complete your edgy yet feminine look.  


As the semester begins to wind down and work continues to pile up, Fashionistas/os find themselves stressed out and pressed for time.  This Fashionista, strutting her stuff on her way to class, makes her retro cowgirl style look effortlessly simple.  Her orange and white plaid shirt tucked into high waisted jean shorts is an ideal trend for this time of year.  Accompanied by a long turquoise and gold necklace, a leather skinny belt, and topped off with brown leather boots, this Fashionista shows her cool disposition in her trendy springtime garb.  

Name:  Bailey Morledge

Year: Sophomore

Major: Human and Organizational Development

 College Fashionista: What inspired your outfit today?

Bailey Morledge:  The weather! It has been so rainy and cloudy in Nashville lately so I wanted to wear a very springy outfit today.  

CF:  Where are your favorite places to shop in Nashville?

BM: I love anywhere in Hillsboro Village- Pangea, Fire Finch, and Posh especially.  I also love the Urban Renewal line by Urban Outfitters and love the boutique called Blush.

CF:  Who is your style icon at the moment?

BM:  Ashley Olsen.  She always looks really comfortable but also incredibly chic at the same time.  I also love her and her sister's line Elizabeth and James and get a lot of trend inspiration from their label.

How To:  High waisted jean shorts should be a staple in every Fashionistas wardrobe.  Be on the look out for a quality pair of denim such as Posted on Categories FashionTags , , , , , , , , , , , , Leave a comment on FASHIONISTA SPOTLIGHT: Bailey Morledge


Just when we thought spring was just around the corner, we were hit with a wintery cold front… again.  It seems that spring and its warm weather clothing have been teasing us all along.  Despite flurries and frigid cold weather, this Fashionista resists the standard puffy North Face jacket and opts instead for a knee length, quilted ivory coat.  Although it seemed undeniably cozy, the coat was classic and the perfect finish to her ensemble.  She paired her coat with a silk, ivory tank and a gold statement necklace.  Finishing her outfit off, today's Fashionista added nude wedges to add serious style to her already impeccable look. 

 Name: Lex Ardeljan

Year: Junior

Major: Communications and Film

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite piece of spring clothing you own?

Lex Ardelejan:  My favorite spring accessory is a coral floral print J.Crew scarf and a pair of nude wedge sandals.  

CF:  What are your go-to stores to shop at in Nashville?

LA:  My Favorite stores here in Nashville are Hemline, UAL, boutique Bella, J.Crew, and Burberry.

CF: What inspires your everyday style?

LA:  I get inspiration from my favorite fashion magazines, blogs, and the weather.  It really just depends what I am in the mood for every day!

How To: To snag this smart and savvy look, search stores for a quilted coat with subtle details such as this one with an exaggerated collar.  If you want to splurge on a nice silk tank, check out this one by DKNY.  Otherwise, check stores such as Forever 21 to find a simple cotton tank to throw under nearly anything.   For a fantastic deal on a pair of wedges, check these out from Target. Look for a simple ivory or nude color.  Find these essential pieces and you'll be well on your way to achieving this look.  


Distressed denim, pastel dresses, and simple leather sandals resonate that spring time has officially arrived in Nashville.  This Fashionista, spotted after lunch, wears a flawless spring outfit on her way to class.  Her dress, pretty in dainty pink, is light and perfect for day time.  To incorporate more street style, she adds a distressed denim jacket paired with an ivory scarf.  For a finished look, she wears camel toned leather sandals, which are always appropriate for a casual spring day. Whether you're on your way to class, out to lunch, or stopping to get coffee with friends, this look is bound to impress whoever you're spotted by.  

Name: Katie Dunn

Year: Sophomore

Major: Human and Organizational Development

College Fashionista: Where do you look for fashion advice?

Katie Dunn: I subscribe to three fashion magazines and read The Sartorialist blog religiously (every day).  I also browse through the J.Crew catalog all the time to get new and fresh ideas.

CF: What is your favorite article of spring clothing in your closet?

KD:  My favorite article of clothing right now are white jeans; they are perfect for this time of year and I can wear them during the day or at night.  

CF: Who is your style icon?

KD: If I could create my own, it would be a combination of Rachel Bilson and Reese Witherspoon.  Both are so classy and always look effortlessly chic.  

How To: First, start by finding a multifaceted jacket.  Depending on your personal preference, look for a style that suits you.  Check out this dark, classic jacket that can be worn with virtually anything.  For a more inexpensive find, here is a more distressed looking jacket by Levi's.  To add more edge to your look, try incorporating a denim vest vinstead of a jacket.  It will add more flare while keeping your look fresh.  For the dress, look for a pattern, like this one by DVF that will spice up your look.  For a different look, try a solid pastel colored dress, preferably in cotton or another light material.  For the leather sandals, check out Urban Outfitters for an inexpensive, bohemian vibe.  


Although flowers are blooming all over campus, the brisk air can have a definite impact on heaviness of clothing one chooses to wear.  This Fashionista, spotted on her way to class, takes a simple plaid flannel and dresses it up with an edgy brown leather jacket by Vince.  To tie in the blue and black hues of the flannel, Avery wears a thin, trendy infinity scarf.  The scarf is light enough for a spring day and adds an additional pinch of style.  She wears classic black leggings and slouchy, brown suede boots to make her outfit complete. 

Name: Avery Carpenter 

Year: Senior

Major: Communications and English

College Fashionista: What is your favorite transition piece between winter and spring?

Avery Carpenter: I would say that my favorite transition piece would be a light-weight summer scarf. Linen scarves are perfect because they don’t add much warmth but still achieve the look I am going for.

CF: What inspired your outfit today?

AC: Definitely the weather.  Its sunny but still a little chilly outside, and I'm dying to get some last minute use out of jacket.

CF: Where do you typically look for fashion advice?

AC: Typically, I read a lot of fashion magazines and online, international blogs to get ideas to incorporate into my everyday style.

How To: Start with a simple flannel shirt.  It doesn't have to be expensive or flashy but it should incorporate a solid color palette you can reflect on in the rest of your outfit.  This inexpensive men's linen flannel is perfect for a spring day and incorporates bold color.  This plaid shirt adds a western twist and would be perfect under any jacket of choice.  For a light scarf, check out this gauze scarf found by Tilo.  Throw your favorite leather jacket on top of these essential items and you'll be well on your way to achieving this look.  


All over college campuses, Fashionistas/os are currently scrambling for internships and jobs for the summer.  This Fashionista, spotted on her way to an interview, finds the perfect match of business and casual attire.  Her patriotic red, white, and blue silk blouse is accompanied by a perfectly fitted navy blue blazer.  The blouse adds a burst of color and also a touch of spring with its flower design.  My eye was immediately drawn to the ruffle at the center of the blouse which showcases the gold buttons clad with the Tory Burch emblem as well as her dainty gold jewelry.  To make the outfit complete, Liz wears Ferragamo flats adorned with navy blues bows at the front.  This outfit is not only perfect for a business casual occasion, but also for any day in the classroom.  

Name:  Liz Garard

Major:  Gender and Women Studies and Sociology 

Year:  Sophomore

College Fashionista:  Liz, what inspired your outfit for today?

Liz Garard:  Today I have an interview for a company in Nashville so I ideally, I wanted to wear something business casual that still had a touch of flare.  

CF: What are your favorite go-to trends right now?

LG:  Lately, I have been really into florals and gold accents.  I love crisp white classics that can be mixed up with unique pieces.  

CF:  Where do you look for inspiration for your style?

LG:  I really enjoy looking at blogs such as the Blondesalad.  I also get inspiration from television and shows I watch regularly.  

How To:  To achieve this smart, business casual look, first find a classic blazer.  Stores such as J.Crew typically have a blazer year round which makes it easy to update your wardrobe.  For a springy spin on this look, check out ivory blazer by Vince.  Try pairing it with a pair of shorts and a white tee for a different look.  For the blouse, try a sleeveless silk with a funky pattern to make the outfit less serious and more trendy.  This hot pink  blouse is perfect for this season and is bound to spice up any blazer you pair it with.  Find these essential items and you will be well on your way to achieving this chic businesswoman look.