The Prep is easily the most visible trend at our very historic, collegiate campus. It’s no wonder that it probably has to do with that fact that sports rule at UT. With that come certain staples that easily identify the Prep.

Some examples are the very famous Sperry boat shoes, the Michael Kors oversized watch, the classic Ray-Ban wayfarer, a designer wristlet/backpack/messenger bag (perhaps with your initials emblazoned on it) and anything from J. Crew. If you’ve ever sported at least two of these at the same time, I have to tell you that you have a pretty preppy sense of style.

What I loved about this week’s Fashionista was the ease she portrayed in wearing the usual stiff style associated with the prep trend. She sported a bright orange top from J. Crew that flowed comfortably, and combined it with well-fitting skinny denim. Opting for a girly alternative to the boat shoe, she instead wore some brown leatherette ballet flats from H&M. My favorites were her accessories though. She toted her belongings in a juicy tangerine Kate Spade messenger-style bag and a gold and diamond-studded Michael Kors watch.

Her ease and relaxed sense of style was elevated through her accessorizing and made her overall look more refined. Take a cue from this preppy cutie and infuse your more expensive items with denim and ballet flats for a cute look that will serve you well as the semester comes to an end.

Spotted: Jump on the orange and tangerine color train because it’s here to stay for spring. Take a look at Sophie Theallet and Doo.Ri for inspiration! Check out the awesome spring Kate Spade campaign; you’ll love her bright accessories!


Slowly, your silky collection of autumn scarves is getting pushed towards the back of your closet but now thanks to this week’s Fashionista, there is some new inspiration to pluck them back into the sunlight!

I first spotted this Fashionista’s very stylish crown buried in her books and was instantly smitten with her choice of hair accessory.

I have longed for a way to incorporate my scarves into my late spring, early summer wardrobe but I always end up stuffing it back in my bag because of the sweltering heat. You can easily transition your own scarves by wrapping them around your head.

To make this look work for you, brush your bangs to the back of your head. Run a texturizing cream through your hands first and then sparingly apply it throughout your hair. Make sure the scarf you choose is shorter than your hair length and opt for one made of either a silk or chiffon. Gently wrap the scarf around your head to create your very own headband and knot it carefully. Try to pull out some hair from under your ears to make your look a little more casual.

This Fashionista kept the rest of her look very relaxed by wearing a gauzy cotton tank and ripped loose denim. She kept things sparkly by dusting a light and glittery russet eye shadow on her eyelids and golden moccasins.

Spotted: If you need more ideas on how to utilize your scarves, check out Emilio Pucci’s spring collection. Hermès also has a great collection of scarves that might be beyond our wee college budget but their site has great interactive scarf features.


I recently heard a different sort of motto floating around: more is more! While I am certainly not advocating a fashion overload, there are a number of Fashionistas willing to go beyond the dainty pink ring.

I initially received an eyeful of glimmer radiating from this Fashionista's shimmer-laden fingers. Upon closer inspection, I discovered she was wearing three rings and three bracelets all on one hand.

This Fashionista continued her hyper-accessorizing throughout her very cool ensemble by layering a bold and gold pearl necklace and an industrial silver dog-tag style necklace. She added a rose gold flower and feather clip to the side of her hair and donned two pairs of earrings on each ear.

Her outfit was a bit more demure as she opted for black leather-like leggings, a long black blazer and a black-and-white patterned top.

Her Chinese Laundry flats were strapped on at the ankle with interesting gold studs across the strap, which she mentioned were newly arrived from a recent online purchase.

By now, we have all become pretty familiar with the arm-candy technique of layering contrasting pieces of jewelry to create a unique “outfit” for your wrist and fingers. It is not so much a matter of wearing ten bracelets at a time but opt for a slight jumble of unique pieces. Your accessories will be a great conversation starter and your penchant for all things shiny will definitely give you an unlimited number of glamour points—so go ahead and sweeten it up!

Spotted: Carolina Herrera has added a plethora of bracelets to almost all her spring 2012 collection, check it out here for inspiration! Also, if you are on the hunt for affordable jewelry make sure to look at Charming Charlie’s bracelet collection and Lulu’s rings!


Watching Grease was always an experience when I was younger. I pined over Danny and Kenickie and imagined myself riding in a muscle car after school. But nothing compared to the wardrobe of bad girl Rizzo. Her clothes made me so jealous and I would constantly complain that I had been born in the wrong decade. I longed for a “Pink Ladies” jacket, a long black pencil skirt and collared shirt combo and bright red lipstick.

Imagine my surprise when I encountered this Fashionista studying outside the Union, looking very much like a modern Betty Rizzo that I so admired.

She created a sleek ensemble consisting of a basic white tee and a short but swingy black skirt that would make the Pink Ladies proud. Her patent nude ballet flats were unfussy and kept her comfortable throughout the day. Keeping things crisp and light is imperative as the temperatures around Austin begin to heat up, so remember to keep things simple to avoid a sweaty discomfort.

Her cat-eyed sunglasses and hot pink lipstick are fantastic examples of bringing in a cool kind of glamour reminiscent of sock hops and shared milkshakes. This Fashionista remarked upon her absolute love of lipstick instead of the usual ChapStick routine. Sunglasses are a must on our campus so stock-up on a variety of shapes and lens shapes for the summer!

Spotted: Funky and retro sunglasses combined with bright lipstick have taken over the spring runways, check out Anna Sui and Bebe for inspiration.


With the recent, gorgeous sunshine streaming across campus, I have been bursting at the seams for some great weather to wear my spring favorites that include my newly-thrifted collection of floral dresses and high-waisted shorts. But as usual, the Austin weather is uncooperative and our lovely sun is not nearly warm enough to don my newest wardrobe additions.

However, not everyone seems to be having this dilemma. I bumped into this Fashionista walking out of the same American Literature course and to my happy surprise, she gave me inspiration on how to easily incorporate an autumn wardrobe into a spring one rather seamlessly.

Her pale blue floral dress is very much on trend for the spring season but she added a pastel pink cardigan to keep her warm through the windy week.

The real treat lies in her accessories… all of them!

Instead of letting the pastel of her clothes fall into each other, she cinched her waist with a woven belt. Cinching is too simple for you not too try. It accentuates your curves and it gives you a heavy dose of instant glam. Try it with a colorful thin belt for a pop of color.

Her suede booties were also rather indicative of the fluctuating weather. She successfully paired slightly rugged footwear with a busier floral and colorful top.  She opted to have black socks slightly peeking out from her boots and herein lies one of my favorite accessories. Let your socks show! If you are unsure about it, try it like this Fashionista with a slight peek from ankle-high shoes.

Her bag of choice was a leatherette bag, large enough to hold her laptop, which gets extra kudos for style and functionality. Her jewelry included a rather cool watch with a digital face but with a more classic gold band.

Winter boots could really add some punch to your short dresses, so do not be timid to try it. On our tight college budgets, it is almost essential to have to combine our different seasonal wardrobes. Plus if adding some socks gives me a whole new look, I’m busting out my funky Betsey Johnson ones ASAP!

Spotted: Check out Blugirl’s spring line for pastel pink and cinching inspiration and if you want more ideas for the dress and boots combo look no further than Betsey Johnson’s latest ready-to-wear collection.


Trekking along a campus that stretches for acres and acres and acres (all 350 of them) is no easy accomplishment on our campus and is most definitely a major factor in the ensemble guys and gals throw together before class.

But wait! Before you decidedly give up and slip into those Nike shorts as you think about the sweat that will decidedly form as you walk from the RLM to the Sanchez building, there is a breezy alternative.

Welcome the pastel and crochet trend, perfect for the upcoming SXSW festivities! This Fashionista was lingering by the Tower steps looking cool and collected despite the escalating temperatures. Her white tank and cream crochet vest are a fresh way to incorporate the latest pastel sweep. Her denim shorts were unique in that they were not cut-off shorts because, come on, that look should be reserved for never. Instead, she opted for dark wash, mid-rise denim, which can help keep you looking a little more refined. To save her feet from aching miserably, this Fashionista laced up some woven sneakers with a tribal pastel print.

Her accessories were kept simple: a beige leather watch, a single floral ring and a crisp sea foam green nail polish (my favorite for spring).

So, if you’re still searching for the perfect SXSW outfits, remember to keep it simple and pile on key accessories instead! Now go enjoy your spring break in style!

Spotted: If you’re not completely ready to dawn the pastels seen on the Wes Gordon and Gap runways (but you totally should), check out OPI’s Mermaid Tears nail polish.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Enter the Free Spirit

We’ve all seen them: those self-proclaimed hipsters that look great from afar but upon closer inspection, we vaguely recognize the outfit from somewhere… but where? Then you remember the mannequin from Urban Outfitters. Now, that’s not to say Urban doesn’t carry really good, solid pieces but because of its super close proximity to campus — sometimes we can get carried away. So this week, I was yearning for some originality, some creativity, some color, but to no avail.

When suddenly, enter this Fashionista! She was that breathe of fresh air I was waiting for, which is a difficult feat considering we attend a school of 50,000 students all itching to try the latest anything. This Fashionista, however, was a grab bag of eclectic pieces. Her handbag, with its woven intricacies, had character. Whenever I see a piece like this, I know there’s history. Sure enough upon inquiry she said it had belonged to her mother. Ah, vintage!

This Fashionista’s layering skills were impressive. Toning down her colorful patterned top with a comfortable cardigan and a military-style top was fun. Cinching everything at the waist with her colorfully intertwined belt (which originally came with a pair of pants she bought, double points for multi-use), gave her look so much depth. She finished her look with some basics — slim blue jeans and camel booties.

There’s something about mixing clothes and styling them to make them your own that’s especially telling. Clothing can be an expression and this Fashionista was so genuine. Next time you pick up that lookbook, get inspired but resist the urge to purchase a head-to-toe outfit. Make a pile of clothes and grab anything, unexpected and very trendy outfits are sure to appear. I mean you want to be ahead of the game, don’t you?

Spotted: Get spring layering ideas from Rag and Bone’s latest runway or check out the cool printed bags at Big Buddha.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Asymmetrical Darling

How many times does an outfit look fabulous coming down a runway, only to be met with hesitancy and even trepidation for the on-a-tight-budget college student?

Enter the asymmetrical AND pleated skirt. What at first may seem like a contradiction will soon become a fresh way to spruce up your spring look.

This Fashionista was practically floating down the sidewalk when I spotted her along the “Drag.” The wispy trail left behind by her mellow yellow skirt was charming and striking. The shorter front allowed for a playful peek at her knees while the longer tail added an ethereal sway as she sashayed down campus.

Her shoulders were exposed by the dramatic cuts on her sleeves, on an otherwise classic buttoned-chambray top. Her clothes boasted a traditional gone artsy vibe, as if a genius designer grabbed sheers and sliced away at fabric.

Her accessories were quirky and classic all at once. Her chic leatherette and oversized clutch clashed against the pastel hues of her outfit but did so successfully, allowing for a tough-girl element to compete with her otherwise dreamy look. Her shoes, a combo of fierce leopard print and preppy oxfords, provided a spicy kick.

Overall, this Fashionista joined loose chicness and structured accessories to create a distinctive look that was all her. At the end of the day, when you kick your shoes off and tie your hair up in a messy bun, the most important thing was whether you rocked you, 100 percent wonderful, fashionable YOU.

Spotted: Experimenting with angles has been popular at Jason Wu and Jenny Packham. Check out NASTY GAL and Forever 21 for asymmetrical skirts.


Combatting the midweek blues can take a toil on your wardrobe, especially when midterms are steadily approaching and the weather is being totally uncooperative with the spring items already in your closet that are aching to be worn.

So what’s a Fashionista to do? Easy! Stay comfortable.

There’s no better remedy than the aforementioned midweek blues than snazzy shoes, bright clothing and piles of your favorite jewelry. This Fashionista is casually cozy in her slim black corduroys and bright salmon henley. Sounds about right considering the 40-degree weather in the mornings that quickly disappear in a fizzle of heat and humidity just a few hours later. Her sequined Toms sneakers, a staple on the UT campus, give a hint of playfulness and kept her feet from aching throughout her busy school day. Her headband was the first thing that caught my eye.

A gold-tinted leaf nestled in someone’s hair is not an everyday occurrence but it definitely kept in conjunction with the girlish sequins on her sneakers for an added sparkle. For more shiny attractions, her ring contained a dark stone surrounded by a tarnished-gold wrapping and design that seemed a little more grown-up. The distressed look of gold continued in the clustered necklace she wore. The charms hanging from her necklace again married a playful look of flowered and heart-shaped pendants with a more serious French flair.

Next time you’re contemplating placing comfort over looking cute, remember you don’t have to—just remember to insert something glittery and girly into your look and presto, you’re dazzling.

Spotted: If you’re still apprehensive about sparkly shoe trend, check out all the different glittery toes available first! The natural shapes of Mother Nature are also really popular (leaves, flowers, precious stones) so make sure to incorporate them into your next look. This Fashionista bought her jewelry at Forever 21 because of the affordability and allover cuteness, so take a look.


Images of sophisticates all hold an alluring similarity. They are draped in the classiest and most intriguing segment of the color palette—black. While mystery and intrigue may not be part of the average college ensemble, this Fashionista was the epitome of college campus chic. The floppy felt hat she wore was refreshing against the knitted beanies that covered most heads on campus. Truth be told, I very much welcomed this hat from the fedora that covers manyt a Fashionistas head.

It is important to note the manner in which an outfit can magically transform by topping your head with a strong dose of vintage flair. Hats, especially floppy ones, can polish your minimal getup, but with all accessories it is important to take note when adding them to your clothing. Accessories are meant to enhance and personalize your look. Remove the hat on this Fashionista and her outfit is still strong. Her basic leggings, thigh-high leather boots and silvery jewelry still very much evoke a trendy and futuristic feel. Her pin straight hair and fringed shawl are more relaxed and cozy. She successfully manages to soften the look with her felt hat, happily marrying more than one trend.

When I asked her who her favorite designer was, she said, “I love, love Rachel Zoe.” I should have known! So remember, in the same mantra as the designer’s Zoe Report, “Be Glamourous. Every day.”

Spotted: Ready to add the much needed poise we all envy on fashion magazines from the seventies? Check out the very sophisticated collections of Christian Dior and Gucci.