It’s official, finals week is upon us. Even though it’s just a few days away, your beloved winter break can seem like a mirage in the distance when you’re swamped with back to back projects, papers and exams. We’re right in the middle of finals week at Dickinson where all-nighters filled with caffeine, intense studying and occasional moments of panic and frenzy have become the norm. At all hours of the night, you can find students camped out in the library cramming for tomorrow’s organic chemistry exam or cranking out a 15 page research paper on the Argentinian Dirty War. A few days of all work and no play is enough to drive anyone into delirium. It can be easy to let your style fall by the wayside when you can barely find a moment to breathe between today’s exam and tomorrow’s paper.

I’m always impressed by the Fashionista/os on campus who manage to stay on their style game despite the lack of sleep and heightened stress levels that define finals week. Sporting an oversized gray men’s flannel, leggings, riding boots and a colorful printed scarf, this Fashionista creates a simple, comfortable and relaxed look that’s perfect for late nights spent in the library. Her scarf’s bold purple pattern pops against the neutral shades of her leggings, boots and shirt to give the outfit a colorful flare.

One Simple Change: Opt for a plaid flannel rather than a solid one over a a bold graphic T-shirt and swap the riding boots for combat boots for an edgier vibe. Finish off the look with a black beanie and you’ll be rocking the perfect concert ensemble.

WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

With the semester coming to a close and winter break just around the corner, your professors are probably piling on the exams, papers and presentations. It seems like the library has become the new hot spot on campus where you’ll find groups of students huddled around computers working on the perfect powerpoint for their presentation. The last few weeks of the semester are presentation season where you get a break from your professor’s mundane lectures and sleepy voice to hear about the projects your classmates have been working on all semester.

Giving a presentation to your entire 60 person lecture can be a daunting and nerve racking task so it’s important that you look your best to feel your best. The key to giving a great presentation is confidence and there’s no better way to boost your confidence than by wearing a killer outfit. There’s this assumption among college students that business casual means a boring gray suit or a stiff button down and pencil skirt but this Fashionisto shows us how create an A+ presentation look while staying trendy and cool.

Sporting a classic navy blazer, dark jeans, checkered dress shirt and Sperry Top Siders, he combines bold colors with classic pieces for an on trend casual cool look. His bright red bag and socks pop against his dark blazer while playing on the red and purple hues of his shirt. A cool pair of socks can be a simple and subtle statement piece to spice up any outfit. His clear plastic frames have a retro appeal that gives the finishing touch to his outfit.

One Simple Change: Swap the checkered shirt for an on trend floral print dress shirt paired with a shawl collar cardigan for a more relaxed look perfect for a date night or dinner with the family over the holiday season.


After a wild weekend there’s no better way to recharge, relax and get ready for the work week than having brunch with your girlfriends. For me, Sunday morning is all about omelets, french toast, black coffee and recapping the weekend with my favorite friends. As much as I often dread the first day of the week for its inevitable reminder of the Monday that is to come, I always look forward to that weekly brunch and gossip session. As the weather gets colder, it can be tough to pry yourself out of bed on a Sunday morning but there’s no better cure for a hangover than a good meal with good friends.

Rocking a classic Barbour jacket, cashmere sweater, colored jeans and printed flats, this Fashionista finds the perfect balance between sassy and casual cool for her brunch look. Comfortable cashmere sweaters are becoming your new best friends as the temperature starts to drop and winter starts to set in. By pairing her oversized cream sweater with a dark green jacket that balances the lighter shade of her jeans, she creates a relaxed, earthy color scheme. Her printed calf hair slippers pop against the relaxed shades of the rest of her ensemble and add a bold statement to her otherwise simple outfit.

One Simple Change: Switch the jeans for a black pencil skirt and tights, swap the slippers for a pair of classic riding necklace and add a bold, colorful statement necklace for the perfect, professional look for a presentation or interview!

WHAT TO WEAR: Out With Friends

With just a little over a month left of the semester and the school work piling up, it can be hard to find the time to take a break from the school induced stress, relax and have fun with your friends. As the semester starts drawing to a close it can seem like everyone on campus is so busy trying to catch up on their schoolwork that they forget to catch up with their friends. It’s always nice to treat yourself to some time away from your textbooks and highlighters and indulge in some good wine and gossip with your girlfriends before you part ways for winter break.

Rocking a black skater skirt, oversized sweater, bright necklace and riding boots, this Fashionista combines wardrobe staples with a statement piece for a fun, relaxed ensemble that’s perfect for hanging with friends. Pairing a comfortable, blue sweater with a black skirt and dark gray boots, she plays on darker hues to create the perfect winter color scheme. She takes her relaxed look up a notch by adding a bold chunky necklace and twisting her long hair into a trendy sock bun. A killer statement necklace and a chic hairstyle are great ways to spice up a simple outfit.

One Simple Change: If you’re looking for an edgy outfit for a night out, swap the sweater for a velvet crop top. Add a simple pair of black tights and replace the riding boots with a pair of combat boots or buckled ankle boots.

WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

After a week filled with classes, meetings and late nights in the library, there’s nothing more satisfying than walking out of your last class on Friday afternoon knowing that you have two days ahead of you to de-stress, relax and have fun. A break from the monotonous routine of the work/school week, the weekend is all about spontaneity, fun and freedom. Kicking off your Friday with a killer outfit is a great way to rejuvenate after a tough week and set the tone for a fun, wild weekend.

At 3 p.m. on a Friday afternoon campus is buzzing with Fashionista/os relaxing on the quad, discussing their weekend plans with friends and rejoicing in their happiness and relief that the weekend has finally arrived. It seems like everyone saves their trendiest and boldest outfits for their favorite day of the week. I spotted this Fashionisto heading out of his art history class and was immediately drawn to his bold color scheme. His light blue shirt and burnt orange pants pop against the dark and earthy shades of his sneakers and jacket. Sporting a classic Barbour coat, pocket T-shirt and colored jeans, his contrasting bold color scheme adds an edge to the classic cool look. I fell in love with his subtle yet killer Alexander McQueen skull ring. The light blue enameled cocktail ring keeps him on trend and adds another unique twist to his outfit that matches the spontaneous and fun nature of the weekend.

One Simple Change: Swap the sneakers for wingtip suede brogues and the T-shirt and barber coat for a dress shirt, blazer and skinny tie for a crisp and cool dressed up look.

WHAT TO WEAR: Midterms

It’s about that time of year where you’ll find most of your school posted up in the library cramming for exams or scrambling to find the last few sentences for that history paper. It seems like the entire campus has migrated to the library this week, making it near impossible to find a cozy table to do your homework. Midterm week is one of the most dreaded and longest weeks for students, second only to finals.

When you’re slammed with papers, projects and exams it’s hard enough to find the time to breathe let alone put on a killer outfit. If you’re spending your days, and probably nights, it’s easy to slip on your favorite sweatshirt, leggings and UGGs and forsake all things fashionable for comfort and ease. Although your comfiest sweatpants are always tempting, I find that I’m the most productive when I look the part. When you spend all day in sweatpants it can often feel like you left your mind in the comfort of your bed. It’s hard to have a productive study session when you look and feel like you’re still sleeping. During midterm week, you’ll want an outfit that’s simple easy and fun. The motto for dressing for midterms and surviving the exams themselves: it’s all about staying cool, calm and collected.

Sporting a patterned bubble vest, checkered dress shirt, classic cashmere sweater, dark jeans and tuxedo slippers, this Fashionista shows us just how to ace midterm week style. Layering a comfy sweater over her dress shirt, this Fashionista is prepared for the shifting temperatures. Her navy blue and gray color scheme is perfect for the colder temperatures. The sweater dresses down the dress shirt creating a polished, classic cool look that’s perfect for the library. She adds some pep to her step with a pair of sassy patterned tuxedo slippers.

One Simple Change: Swap the vest for a classic toggle coat as the weather gets colder and you’ll be in the perfect outfit to strut the streets of any city shopping or running errands.

WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

With fall in full swing and winter just around the corner, it’s time to rearrange your wardrobe for a colder climate. After a sweltering summer, the colder weather seems like a breath of fresh air. All around campus students are happily swapping their iced coffee and lemonade for warm cider and french press as well as their shorts and T-shirts for wool scarves and cashmere sweaters. Fall is my favorite season because the drop in temperature always seems to bring an entirely new energy to the campus fashion scene. As the season’s change, everyone’s scoping out their favorite blogs and sites for the latest trends and pieces to spice up their wardrobe. All around campus you’ll see students diving into deeper colors and bold prints paired with trendy beanies and scarves.

This Fashionisto is certainly stepping up his style game. Sporting an oversized wool coat, a chunky knitted scarf, light wash jeans and boat shoes – he effortlessly epitomizes classic cool. He’s dressed for the drop in temperature but doesn’t look like he’s ready to hike through Antarctica. He finds the perfect balance for the transitional season by pairing light-wash jeans with a heavier coat. His light jeans and distressed boat shoes hold onto the last bit of summer while his dark coat and bold knitted scarf are preparing for winter weather. A classic wool coat should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe because, let’s face it, there’s nothing more handsome or more sophisticated than a man in the perfect peacoat. This Fashionisto’s green knitted scarf and cuffed jeans give his outfit a trendy edge, adding the finishing touches to his timeless, relaxed look.

One Simple Change: Swap the boat shoes for dark desert boots for a casual date night look when the temperatures drop for good.

WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

Whether you spent your night hanging out with friends, partying or doing homework, prying yourself out of bed for that dreaded 8:30 a.m. class is never an easy task. Even after being back at school for a month, it’s tough to get used to that 7:45 a.m. wake up call and half-asleep walk across campus. After hitting snooze a few times, you’re usually scrambling to get your books together, throw some makeup on and make a cup of coffee without waking your sleeping roommates. When you’re in such a rush to make it to class on time, it’s hard to find the motivation to put together a killer outfit and easy to let your classroom style slip.

Rocking a maxi dress and cardigan, this Fashionista found the perfect look for her early class that’s just as comfortable as sweats and a T-shirt. Trendy and comfortable, her soft, figure skimming maxi dress is an easy and stylish piece to throw on in the morning. Pairing the dress with a simple tan cardigan, and some statement jewelry, she creates a relaxed yet polished look. The earth tones of her dress and sweater and unique pendants give off a cool, bohemian vibe. She strikes the perfect balance between style and comfort with this ensemble.

One Simple Change: Swap the maxi dress for a maxi skirt and crop top and opt for a floral kimono rather than a cardigan for another variation of this comfortable bohemian vibe. Add a floppy, wool hat to give your outfit some edge.


With with the school year in full swing and cold weather fast approaching, the quad often becomes the social center on campus. After a long day of rigorous classes and meetings, students find refuge in the grassy quad. Every afternoon students migrate to the quad to catch up with friends, toss around a frisbee or get some reading done. You’ll find tons of Fashionista/o’s sprawled out on blankets or sitting in those big, red Adirondack chairs, savoring the last sunny days before breaking out their winter wardrobe.

Dressing for early fall can be tricky. It’s too cold for sundresses and sandals yet still too warm for sweaters and boots. Sporting cropped jeans, a classic white button-down and Supergas, this Fashionista picked the perfect outfit for in between seasons. A staple in every Fashionista’s fall wardrobe, cropped jeans make a trendy transition between the seasons. The light blue, white and red color floral pattern of her and the white button down rolled to quarter sleeve create a relaxed look that treads the line between late summer and early winter. Cropped just above her ankle, the length of the jeans balances the bright color scheme and floral pattern to keep her outfit from being too summery.

Her black nail polish and the bold, 1950s-esque flowers on her pants give a unique edge to her otherwise preppy ensemble. She completes her relaxed, early fall look with a pair of classic white Superga sneakers.

One Simple Change: Swap the sneakers for oxfords and add a statement necklace for an A+ outfit to wear for a class presentation.


After spending your summer lounging in the sun and hanging out with friends, the first trip to the library is often a daunting and dreaded task. Just hearing the word “library” might be enough to send shivers down your spine. But, once your professor hands you a syllabus packed with readings, essays and exams, you realize that a daily trip to the library is inevitable. As the semester progresses, students begin to migrate to the library in masses and it often becomes a place to socialize rather one to study. Whether you’re spending hours in the quiet section writing that research paper or gossipping with your girlfriends over coffee, it’s still important to look your best and show off your style.

Dressing for the library can be tricky. It’s tempting to head to the library in your comfiest T-shirt and sweatpants but the thought of running into that cute guy from your English class sends you back into your closet to find a killer outfit that’s comfortable too. Pairing a loose, cropped t-shirt with a chiffon maxi skirt, this Fashionista finds the perfect balance between staying comfortable and stylish. Both pieces are comfortable and trendy creating a put together yet relaxed vibe. Her dark pink lip-stick makes a statement and dresses up her casual T-shirt. Her pink and turquoise skirt pop against the black, yellow and white hues of her shirt, jewelry and leather tote.

One Simple Change: Swap the relaxed top for a tight, patterned crop top for a sassy going out look. You’ll be turning heads everywhere!