Sometimes, it is better to go au naturel, as they say in France. This can be interpreted in a variety of ways, from wearing no make-up to eating bland foods. However, when discussing au naturel with you, I’m actually talking about scarves. As I have previously stated, scarves are my all-time favorite accessories because they have the ability to completely transform any outfit. When wearing a neutral toned scarf like this Fashionista, anything is possible.

Ultimately, neutral tones match anything and anything, which makes buying staple pieces in these colors a great idea. An even better idea is buying an accessory in neutral shades, since it is guaranteed that you can get a ton of use out of it. Personally, I love how this Fashionista took a darker look and brightened it up with her cream scarf. This color is a perfect resemblance of a cold, winter morning as well, which we will definitely be experiencing here in Poughkeepsie very soon. Not to mention, a scarf like this will keep you very warm on these days!

A suggestion for a chunky scarf similar to the silhouette of this Fashionista’s would be this example from Forever 21. Although a darker color, it still provides the versatility of neutral accessories. The best part is it is on sale for under $12!

Another example that provides a similar color to this Fashionista’s is from Bloomingdale’s. Being an infinity scarf, it is right on trend since these are extremely popular this season. At $58, it is a bit pricier but once again, it will get a lot of wear due to its ability to match anything.

So Fashionistas, I hope my advice on neutral scarves will keep you feeling warm and fashionable in these upcoming wintery months. Always remember to bundle up!

Spotted: Neutral scarves coming down Banana Republic's Fall 2011 Runway.


ACCESSORIES REPORT: Two is Better than One

When thinking of rings, we automatically think of engagement rings or costume jewelry. As I have said before, rings are hard to accessorize with in my opinion because they can be uncomfortable. Thus, jewelry enthusiasts often overlook them. However, a new trend in rings that is attributing to their popularity seems to be two-finger rings, or “row rings.”  It is almost as if they are a wave from the future since they are so unique looking.

Prior to approaching this Fashionista, the bling from her layered skirt struck my eye. The way that she paired it with a leather jacket gave it an edgier vibe as well. Overall, it’s the perfect look for a milder winter day.

Clearly, this Fashionista loves some bling because when looking closer, I spotted her two-finger ring, which was accented by her shiny blue nails. Contrary to my prior belief, this ring looked super comfortable as well! More importantly, it provided the finishing touch to her awesome outfit.

To try her look out, I would first try American Eagle. This ring has dainty pearl-like stones on it, which can add a classy appeal to any outfit. At only $15.50, this ring is a great buy. American Eagle is known for great sales as well, especially on accessories, so this can be a great opportunity to add some fabulous new jewelry to your collection! I must say that I have been very impressed with American Eagle’s options lately, so it is definitely worth a try.

Another option to try would be Francesca’s Colletions. This example has adorable little roses on top of it, so it is perfect for unleashing your inner girly-girl. Once again, it is a great buy at only $18.00 and Francesca’s Collections is another place that I have currently loved for jewelry.

Fashion is all about taking risks, and if you weren’t confident about wearing rings before, this is definitely a cool and unique opportunity to begin doing so. Good luck!

Spotted: Gold jewelry at Moschino's fall 2011 show.


Let’s face it. We’re college students and we’re always in a rush. Between classes, meetings, lunch dates, and gym sessions, we are always forced to carry around tons of heavy books or clothes to change into. With that being said, a college essential is the perfect oversized bag. Preferably, we would hope that our bag could match everything, and this Fashionista’s camel bag is the perfect example. It compliments the neutral tones of her outfit as well.

Speaking of her outfit, I love its combination of comfort and style. Her cable knit sweater reminds me of something worn by cute Irish men such as Gerry in P.S. I Love You, who just so happens to be a total heartthrob. Menswear is such a hot trend this season and oversized sweaters are perfect for winter as well. This Fashionista is spot on! Not to mention, her fold over combat boots are extremely popular as well. I am literally seeing them everywhere! The plaid pattern in this pair was also a huge fall and will be just as popular for winter too.

To imitate this Fashionista’s look, I suggest the always reliable Urban Outfitters. This bag comes in a variety of perfect neutral tones to match everything, as well as a bright red, which is a very popular color this season.

Another suggestion would be this Coach Bag from Nordstrom. From the Madison collection, this bag is literally perfect and comes in beautiful basic colors as well. It is a bit expensive, but with the holidays right around the corner, you could put it on your wish list. Who knows, maybe Santa will leave it under the tree for you!

Spotted: Menswear trends and oversized bags coming down Jason Wu's spring 2011 runway.


In my opinion, rings are the hardest piece of jewelry to accessorize with. Whether it be awkward fingers, or too many other jewelry options, rings seem to be overlooked. However, this Fashionista took a simpler outfit and chose a large cocktail ring as her main accessory. For a daytime look, this is definitely a big risk to take, but this Fashionista succeeded in doing so. I can say that I have a deeper appreciation for rings now, and hope that you will too!

Aside from her ring, I love this Fashionista’s bangles. Each one has a different look to it, but they all coincide very nicely. When looking closely, they even seem to match the studs on her boots. What a cool touch!

To imitate this Fashionista’s look, try the accessory boutique Charming Charlie. This ring appears to be almost identical and even has a stretchy elastic band that provides more comfort. Its silver tones would definitely add a lot of shine to darker winter pieces as well.

Along with Charming Charlie, Forever 21 is also another great affordable spot for accessories. This ring is only $4.80! The metallic tone is also fabulous for this season as well.

When researching rings, I discovered that the possibilities are truly endless. There are rings that fit three fingers, rings with animal embellishments, multi-band rings, and even rings with flower attachments. They can even be worn during the daytime as well, as this Fashionista chose to do. The misconception that cocktail rings are only for nighttime is a no longer true. So, take a risk and definitely rock some cool bling on your fingers to your next class. I bet that everyone will absolutely love it!

Spotted: Metal jewelry coming down Betsey Johnson's fall 2011 Runway.


Since tribal prints are so in this season, I was of course initially attracted to this Fashionista’s tribal print leggings. Lucky for me, I even found my own pair at Forever 21! However, when wearing them, I would have never thought to pair them with knee high socks because the print is extremely overwhelming. This Fashionista took it a major risk by adding in a neutral, cream-colored pair of knee high socks. She even let them slouch down though, adding a cooler, more relaxed feel. Tastefully done!

Typically, socks are not the most exciting items in our wardrobes. There is nothing more dreadful than receiving socks as a birthday present from your great-aunt, or the tacky holiday print socks that your mom throws in your Christmas stocking. Generally, these are definitely not considered fashionable. Yet this season, socks seem to be everywhere, knee-highs in particular. No, I am not talking about the ones you paired with your high school uniform. I’m talking about funky and fun socks, that look awesome with a pair of riding boots, or even the fringed moccasins that this Fashionista wore.

At Free People, you can purchase this awesome pair of cream-colored socks. They are actually almost identical to this Fashionista’s pair! Even though twenty dollars may seem like a lot of money for a pair of socks, it is definitely worth it because they are super comfortable and match a ton of pieces.

If you are not looking to splurge, I suggest heading to Urban Outfitters. Not only do these come in an array of colors, but also they are only $7.99. What a steal! So Fashionistas, I hope that this proved to you that socks really are not that boring and have the ability to completely transform any outfit. They will even keep your tiny toes warm all winter as well!

Spotted: Tons of knee-high socks coming down Lela Rose's runway for fall 2011



Of course, everyone’s seen the beloved film The Wizard of Oz. Nobody can think of this American classic without remembering Dorothy’s ruby red slippers. In present times, this can surprisingly be related to Gossip Girl, where Blair took the red trend to a whole new level. In one episode, she was rocking colored tights before they were even popular! Everyone watching was definitely envious of her, just like the Wicked Witch of the West felt in The Wizard of Oz many years ago.

For this fall, red is clearly everywhere! Besides pea coats, jeans, cardigans, and blouses, they are popping up all over accessories as well. This Fashionista took a bold risk by pairing them with some shorts, knit socks and lace-up boots, which are also extremely popular trends this season. Typically, people throw their shorts in the drawers after summer ends and forget about them until next summer. However, by mixing them with a pair of tights, you can wear them well into the winter months. It’s such a great feeling when certain pieces carry over to other seasons, especially expensive items like a quality pair of shorts.

A great pair of red tights can be found on the super vintage ModCloth. This pair is only $14.99, such a steal for nice tights! If you’re in the mood to splurge, check out Shopbop for tights by Commando. These are a little bit pricier at $36, but they come in neutral colors as well.

So Fashionistas, definitely try out a pair of red tights before this season is over. Your friends will be “red with envy” for sure!

Spotted: Tons of red coming down Diane von Furstenberg's runway for fall 2011.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Identical Masterpieces

Lucky for me, I got double the fun with my lovely Fashionistas this week! Yes, I spotted identical twins looking totally fabulous. One was wearing a super chic mini skirt and the other was rocking crop jeans with lace-up booties. Even though their outfits both appear to be completely different, they both decided to accessorize with layered necklaces. I wonder if this was subconscious or planned? Regardless, great minds think alike!

The first Fashionista kept her look classic with a pearl necklace. The added tassel adds a cool flare as well. By choosing this necklace with her houndstooth mini skirt, her overall look appears to be extremely girly. However, by pairing it with a graphic T-shirt and black boots, a “bad girl” edge is added as well, which is always fun!

Rocking a more sophisticated look with her cross-body bag and lace-up booties, the other Fashionista added a bohemian touch with a feather necklace. When first looking at the necklace, one would typically be drawn to the charms, yet when looking closer, the feather becomes more apparent. Whether they are in our hair or dangling from our ears and necks, feathers are everywhere this season!

To imitate these Fashionistas’ necklaces, I suggest checking-out Free People for an amazing pearl necklace. This necklace will make any outfit an instant classic. Although a bit of a splurge, I guarantee you will get a ton of use out of it! To try out the other Fashionista’s look, head to American Eagle for another great piece. This look is a lot more affordable and will add some “boho chic” to any look.

All in all, I was extremely impressed with these Fashionistas’ sense of style. Each took a bold risk and blended two trends, succeeding with flying colors. My challenge to you is try and do the same! Good luck!

Spotted: Layered necklaces coming down Cynthia Rowley's runway for spring 2011.


This fall, tutus are super chic. Being a former ballerina myself, I absolutely love this trend, they are just super girly and fun. However, I love that this Fashionista took the tutu trend to the next level by mixing it with motorcycle boots. Together, these pieces create a “good girl gone bad” image, which is always exciting!

Aside from her tutu and motorcycle boot combination, I also love how this Fashionista added earthy and neutral tones to a darker look. It relaxed the outfit while sticking to the fall color palette. Being a huge fan of scarves, I obviously loved her chunky, neutral scarf. It definitely matches a ton of pieces, while dressing it up at the same time.

A cool thing about this Fashionista’s motorcycle boots is that they are a variation of the extremely popular combat boot. They are just as edgy but it seems as if less people have caught onto the motorcycle boot trend, so this is your time to stand out!

To imitate this Fashionista’s look, I suggest trying Urbanog. These boots are extremely affordable and come in a few colors too, so there are tons of options to mix and match with your favorite outfits.

On the other hand, if you feel like splurging, check out Steve Madden. These just scream “bad girl”. A plus is that they are even on sale, so I suggest ordering them as soon as possible!

So my fellow fashion enthusiasts, when trying to create an edgier look, try rocking the motorcycle boots. If you still want to maintain your “girly girl” image, definitely pair them with a tutu. Regardless, the boots will still look awesome and keep your feet warm these next few chilly months!

Spotted: Punk tutus coming down Jean Paul Gaultier's runway for fall 2011

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Crazy for Clutches!

A major trend that I noticed coming down the runways for this past spring were snakeskin accessories. Apparently, they are even just as popular for the fall season because I spotted this Fashionista carrying a snakeskin clutch on the way to class. I’m not going to lie, I was green with envy! It definitely complimented her classic black and white look by adding a pop of color. The combination of green and black also reminded me of my favorite Broadway show, Wicked! I must also commend this Fashionista for rocking the heels on a rainy day as well, truly a bold move that worked to her advantage.

Overall, this Fashionista’s entire look was reminiscent of a plethora of this season’s trends. Nothing screams fall 2011 more than a maxi skirt and a hint of color blocking with her umbrella. The leather jacket and metallic heels don’t hurt either! Not to mention, her pink hair extension for Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a great touch as well.

To imitate her look, I suggest trying Urban Outfitters, my go-to for accessories. This clutch is only $24, a great price for something that you are guaranteed to get a ton of use out of.

If you feel like splurging on a designer piece, I recommend Michael Kors. Like this Fashionista’s green clutch, this one comes in a variety of fun colors to brighten up your darker outfits. At $178, this is designer accessory is not too expensive.

Even though reptiles are not the most attractive creatures, they sure do look great on! I hope that this leaves you feeling inspired to rock your favorite snakeskin accessories this fall.

Spotted: Snakeskin accessories coming down the Rochas runway for spring 2011


ACCESSORIES REPORT: Fun and Floral Backpacks

When I walked past this Fashionista on the way to class, I was at first drawn to her flawless outfit. Clearly, she was experimenting with this season’s menswear inspired looks, and she most definitely succeeded. By adding a spin of neutral tones, her outfit reflects a perfect fall color palette as well.

However when she turned around and walked ahead of me, I fell in love with her backpack. To sum it up, it was floral and fun! Truly, it added excitement to the more basic elements of her outfit. From observation, I believe that too many students around campus are afraid to buy a printed backpack or tote to carry their books in. Perhaps this is because they think that it may clash with their outfits. Obviously, my misconception does not to apply to this fashion dare devil! I actually ran into her again at our school’s Fashion Club meeting that night and she won the Best Dressed Contest. Bravo to her! All in all, this Fashionista is a star!

Aside from her adorable backpack, her chunky, circular scarf does not fail to please as well. To imitate her look, I suggest trying Urban Outfitters for a similar floral backpack. This particular example is not even that expensive, but backpacks are overall a great investment since they are used almost everyday. On the other hand, a bit pricier place to checkout is LeSportsac. They offer a wide variety of different patterns and sizes as well, so nobody will have the same backpack as you! Talk about being super unique. Who knows, maybe you will be setting the next trend in backpacks!

Spotted: Menswear-inspired fashion from Jason Wu's fall 2011 collection.